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The Epic Father’s Day Design Giveaway

More than 40 original designs in PNG or PSD format to rocket launch your career in Print on Demand within this exciting niche…

75 percent of consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day – an excellent POD opportunity!

For active Dads, bearded Dads, and Dads who love a Dad joke, we’ve got a design for your target group

PNG + PSD artwork files up for grabs, all absolutely free

A Design for every Dad…

We know coming up with designs can sometimes be the hardest task when launching your Print on Demand business, so we are thrilled to share with you a ton of FREE fully unique and customisable POD ready designs.

We have a huge variety of artwork for Dads who love to BBQ, active dads, bearded dads, dads who love a Dad Joke, Dads who love record collecting and much more! All ready for your expert niche targeting ahead of Father’s Day 2021.

For each design we are offering the print ready PNG file ready to upload directly into your campaign and also the Photoshop (psd) file if you’d like to personalise the design. Perhaps you want to add a Father’s name, or adapt the design in some way – the choice is yours!

We created The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day – from niche ideas to targeting, to product base costs and design examples, we’ve got it covered to make sure you can make the most out of this great Print on Demand opportunity with Moteefe.