How Much Can You Really Make With Your Merch?

How Much Can You Really Make With Your Merch?

How Much Can You Really Make With Your Merch?

Virtually millions of online entrepreneurs have been able to pay the bills and live in comfort by selling custom merchandise to an established fan base. This unique form of passive income is especially popular among the top YouTubers in the world. In fact, selling custom merch has become the primary method in which many successful YouTubers (200K – 1m+ Subscribers) are now able to financially support their channel. However, this does not come without its flaws.

In this modern age of YouTube where nearly every user is trying to make it as an influencer, demonetization is an increasing threat to income stability. There’s also the growing issue of unlicensed merch being sold by other sellers who profit off of their brand in the dark. Because of this, big-time influencers are beginning to depend more on other sources of income rather than ad revenue. So, how much can you really make by selling your merchandise?

Reaching Out to Your Followers

Once you’ve reached the status of actively influencing internet users and online social platforms, consistently building loyalty and support from your audience is fundamental for continuous success. Whether they support you or not, the online community is going to pay close attention to what you say and how you advertise your brand. Remember that your followers are generally going to love you and your content, so don’t feel bad about directly asking them to support your channel. The more support you gain from your followers and the more people you have buying your products, the more you can make with your merch.

Look at it like this: Right now, the biggest Youtuber in the world, with over 96 million subscribers, is PewDiePie. His estimated net worth in 2019 is over $20 million. How’s it possible to generate this kind of revenue from YouTube? That’s right – selling merch. PewDiePie directly states that purchasing merchandise from a channel is the best way to support it, therefore it only makes sense that you mention the same thing within your content.

You can even provide direct links that advertise your merch to your preferred e-commerce platform or a YouTube-linked store to make it a lot easier for your followers to purchase your merch. Your strategy of reaching out to your audience will affect the amount of income you make through your channel as well as your increasing status as a legitimate influencer.

So, How Much Can You Make?

Last year, a study found that YouTubers who sell custom merch can actually make up to 10 times more revenue than those who only rely on ad earnings. The numbers are actually quite revealing, to say the least. According to the statistics, it is estimated that a YouTuber that pulls in a million views per month can make around $250 – $4,000 in AdSense earnings, and anywhere in between $4,100 – $21,460 by selling merchandise. Even beginners who are only getting around 5,000 views per month can still make $1 – $20 in ads alone, and about $170 – $870 by selling custom merch. With the difference in income being this astronomical, it’s no wonder why successful YouTubers have pushed their own branded products toward their fan base. Sure, AdSense earnings will help you to make a stable income, but selling your custom merch is where the real money can be made. So, how much can you really make with your merch? With the right tools and strategies, you can make as much as you want.

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