Moteefe’s Spring Contest 2020

The Contest

The Moteefe team is very excited to announce the Moteefe Spring Contest 2020, which will kick off at 00:00 GMT on the 20th of February, and end on the 31st of May at 23:59 GMT. This contest has prizes starting at US$150 and they go all the way up to US$200,000 or a brand new Lamborghini Huracan, so it’s time to get excited. 

Tiers and Prizes

This contest is divided into ten different tiers, to reward sellers who’ve sold certain amounts of units – it starts off at 500 sold units and caps off at 100,000. When the contest is over you can decide whether to receive the physical prize or an equivalent amount in cash, according to the unit tier that you’ve reached.


Take a look at all the different prizes available to you in the table below! This table also describes how many units you have to sell per day during the Spring Contest (which lasts a total of 102 days) to reach each one of the tiers.

Spring Contest Feb 20 – May 31 GMT (102 days)
Units* Prize in cash Prize / unit Physical Prize Units sold/day
500 $150 $ 0.30 Panasonic Filter Compact Air purifier  ~ 5 units/day
1,000 $ 500 $ 0.50 Apple Watch Series 5 ~ 10 units/day
3,000 $ 2,250 $ 0.75 7-days trip to Japan for one ~ 30 units/day
5,000 $ 5,000 $ 1.00 7-days trip to the UK for one  ~ 49 units/day
10,000 $ 10,000 $ 1.00 7 days trip to the happiest country – Bhutan for two ~ 98 units/day
15,000 $ 15,000 $ 1.00 Hublot Big Bang luxury watch BLUE DIAMONDS 39 mm ~ 147 units/day
25,000 $ 37,500 $ 1.50 Isuzu car MU-X B7 1.9 MT 4×2 ~ 245 units/day
40,000 $ 60,000 $ 1.50 Mitsubishi car Pajero Sport Gasoline Premium 4×4 AT ~ 392 units/day
75,000 $ 150,000.00 $2.00 Audi Q7 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8AT ~ 735 units/day
100,000 $ 200,000.00 $ 2.00 Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 ~ 980 units/day

* This excludes all units sold in closed campaigns in case of trademark/copyright violation. All prizes will be revised for suitability in the Vietnamese market, except for the top prize.


How to pick designs that sell

If you do not have a specific niche that you wish to target with your latest campaign, there are several key events that take place between February and June which you can leverage to boost your sales! And yes, June’s events are also quite on target, as people purchase all of their items gifts in advance! 

Check out our below which dates you can use to really boost your sales this Spring: 

  • 25th of February – Mardi Gras -USA
  • 8th of March – International Women’s Day
  • 17th of March – St. Patricks Day
  • 19th of March – Fathers’ Day – Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain
  • 22nd of March – Mothers’ Day – UK and Ireland
  • 11th of April – Pets’ Day – USA
  • 12th of April – Easter
  • 1st of May – Labour Day / May Day (France)
  • 3rd of May – Mothers’ Day – Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, and Spain
  • 10th of May – Mothers’ Day – Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the USA.
  • 25th of May – Memorial Day in the USA
  • 31st of May – Mothers’ Day – France and Sweden
  • 5th of June – World Environment Day
  • 14th of June – Fathers’ Day – Austria
  • 21st of June – Fathers’ Day – Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA, and the UK

We recommend you to think of the time of the year and the markets you’ll be targeting, in order to pick the best products to really boost your sales! And don’t forget about the Custom Text feature, as personalized items are always bestsellers when it comes to key dates.


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