How to Test a New Design with Facebook Ads

How to Test a New Design with Facebook Ads

How to Test a New Design with Facebook Ads

When you have a design that you think can be a winner, you should test it out with different Facebook ads, and this is how you should do it: 

  1. background that is relevant to your niche! For instance, if you are running a design for pilots put an image of an aircraft or airport in the background. If you are selling to people that like camping, a campfire makes a fantastic backdrop.The image size should be 1200 pixels wide by 1500 pixels tall. You can also use 1200 x 1200 or 1000 x 1000.

  2. After you have the image you will need to create a new engagement campaign in Facebook ads manager. This is different from the normal conversion campaign that will be used to drive sales. You can of course get sales from an engagement campaign, but that is not the purpose of this test! We want to test the design with the audience as cheaply as possible, so that we can test multiple designs without blowing away your budget.

  3. Under the ad set tab in the new campaign, you can select the targeting that you wish to use for the advert. We suggest that you use reasonably broad targets of at least 100,000 people, preferably 500,000 and above. But don’t go too broad though, as audiences of tens of millions may produce a poor test.

  4. Set the budget for your advert at five dollars per day. Set the advert to run only on mobile devices and in Facebook’s News Feed. 
  5. Now create the advert in the ad section under your new campaign. The text can be quite simple. Here are some examples:


“Grab this for (niche name) item                                                                                                     Order here ⇒”


  1. Use the image that you have already created for the advert and now you are ready to publish the ad! After the ad has been published it will start delivering, and when the ad has spent four dollars you can check the cost of engagement. This is a fantastic metric to know whether the design is resonating with the audience!

If your cost of engagement is over $0.10 then you may want to try a different image for the advert, or even a different design. However, if you have link clicks at under one dollar so if you’ve let it spend four dollars, you should have four link clicks or more. It’s worth testing as a conversion add optimized for purchases.

If your engagement ad has a cost per engagement of under between $0.07-$0.10 check the cost per link, click again if they are under one dollar each, it may be worth testing. If you are getting link clicks for less than $0.50 which after four dollars of spend will be eight link clicks, then definitely try running a conversion ad.

If you have a cost per engagement of less than $0.07 per engagement, then you definitely want to move over to conversion adverts, especially if your link clicks are less than $0.50.

After the test is complete you can turn off the engagement ad set!

So what are you waiting for? Create new campaigns at and start testing out your ads right away!

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Facebook pixel integration guide

Facebook pixel integration guide

Facebook pixel integration guide

The Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel is not in fact a pixel at all. It is a tracking code which tracks visitors to your store or campaign, and the data is recorded by Facebook.

How to create a new Facebook pixel

  1. Go to your ‘Pixels’ tab in Events Manager.
  2. Click ‘Create a Pixel’.
  3. Read how the pixel works, then click ‘Continue’.
  4. Add your Pixel Name.
  5. Enter your website URL to check for easy set up options.
  6. Click ‘Continue’.

You can add the Facebook pixel to an individual campaign on the Moteefe seller dashboard by clicking the gear wheel that appears on the left-hand side of each campaign and then adding the code into the pop-up. You can add a Facebook pixel to each of your stores, to do this go to the stores tabclick on the gear wheel that appears on the right-hand side of each store tab and add the pixel to the pop-up. 

Once you have set up your pixel and added it to your campaign and store Facebook will record the following user events: page view, view content, add to cart and purchase.

Page view – This event is triggered when a user views a store page not a campaign page.

View content – This event is triggered when a user views a campaign page.

Add to cart – This event is triggered when a user adds a product within a campaign to the cart.

Initiate Checkout – This event is triggered when a user gets through the funnel and reaches the checkout page.

Purchase- This event is triggered when a user completes a checkout and makes a purchase. The value of the purchase is also recorded by Facebook.

The pixel also tracks the amount of time each user spends on any page that has had the pixel added to it.

Facebook Custom Audiences From Pixel Data

Each event that the pixel tracks can be used to create a custom audience on Facebook. These custom audiences can then be used in combination with Facebook advertising allowing you to retarget past visitors and customers.

You can also create Facebook lookalike audiences for each event that the Facebook pixel has recorded. These lookalike audiences can then be used in Facebook ads manager that you can drive traffic to. The larger the custom audiences are the better performing the lookalike audiences derived from them will be.

As these audiences are lookalikes of your current users no other advertiser will be able to target them directly meaning that you own the audiences.

And this is it! Quite simple right? What are you waiting for to create your Facebook Pixel and add it to your store on We’re certain this will help you boost your sales and start off 2020 in the best possible way!

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Email Marketing – Only for white label stores

Email Marketing – Only for white label stores

Email Marketing – Only for white label stores

If you are a seller with access to our white label stores, you can (and should) download your buyers’ email list, choose your favorite email marketing service (for example Campaign Monitor or Sendinblue), upload your list and start marketing to your buyers right away!

You know that these people like your products as they have already bought from you and they are very likely to buy again. Even if your list is relatively small there is no reason to not start engaging with and reselling to your audience! Normally I would suggest emailing your buyers at least once a week and preferably three times a week.

You don’t need to have beautifully designed emails with tons of pictures in them. In fact, we have found that emails with just text and links to your products/offers can outperform emails full of images.

So that your buyers know that you are going to be emailing them, try this idea:

Send an email with the headline “The 12 days of Christmas at [store name]”.

Here’s an example of some email copy you could use: 


Hey {NAME},

I’m writing to you today as I thought you might appreciate some of my most recent products [if these follow a specific theme, you should mention it here]

Check out my store here, where you can find great items to treat your loved ones with: [LINK]

You can get some of these products for yourself, or even for one of your loved ones!

We will be sending you a link to a fresh design twice a week day for the next month, so make sure you check your email and white list me so you see my emails.

Here is the first one. You can get 10% off of this amazing design for the next 48 hours: [LINK]

[Your name or a name you use for emails + store name]

P.S. I just want to take a moment to thank you for being one of my customers. You are a star and I love making products that people like you love.

Here are those links again in case you missed them:
You can find my store here [LINK]
And today’s design here [LINK]

Please feel free to use this email template, adapt it and reach out to your buyers via email! Email marketing has one of the highest, if not the highest, return on investment in comparison to other types of marketing, so don’t ignore it.

If you have a large list of buyers and if you need to, please reach out to your account manager as they will be happy to assist you.

So what are you waiting for? Start boosting the sales of the campaigns you created on by emailing your old customers! You’ll see extremely quick results and of course please let us know how it goes!

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Great White Label Store

5 Simple Steps to Create a Great White Label Store

5 Simple Steps to Create a Great White Label Store

At Moteefe you have the option to create your own while label branded store! This means you can use your own domain name and customize the store with your own header, logo and text, which will give you the opportunity to speak directly to your buyers. 

In this article we will teach you 5 simple steps to create a perfect white label store!

1. Start by selecting a domain name

This name should be relevant to your niche, something they can identify and relate with. 

2. Create a logo and header image and upload them to the store

The logo and the banner may also be connected to your niche! Just make sure you make them memorable!

3. Write an introductory paragraph

Type out a paragraph introducing your store and its main themes. It must act as a connection between you and your buyers! When you’re done put this on your stools homepage.

4. Add your products to the store 

When adding the products you’ve picked, remember not to add an overwhelming amount of products, as they should be visible and memorable!  After a while you should remove any product which hasn’t been purchased. And remember: less is more here!

5. Select products as best sellers

Best seller products on your store are highlighted, therefore people are more inclined to buy them! But you don’t want to overuse this feature, so you shouldn’t select more than 4-8 items. Click here to learn how to do it.

White label stores also allow you to have access to your buyers’ email addresses, which can be downloaded and uploaded into an email marketing platform, giving you the ability to maximize the lifetime value of each of your buyers.

If you’re not sure how to create your own White Label Store, click here to learn all the necessary steps!

Now you are all set to start driving traffic to your new white label store on Moteefe. Just head to and get started right away! 

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Moteefe’s Recommended Selling Prices

Moteefe’s Recommended Selling Prices

Moteefe’s Recommended Selling Prices

Many of you have asked us what our recommended selling prices are for our different products, therefore we have created this table which you can check anytime you’re not sure where to fix your prices.

List of Products Recommended Selling Price in USD EU’s Base Costs (VAT Included) USA’s Base Costs
Men’s T-Shirt $24.99 $8.66 $5.49
Women’s T-shirt $24.99 $9.80 $6.49
Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt $24.99 $12.92 $8.99
Unisex Hoodie $34.99 $18.29 $13.00
Premium Men’s T-shirt $29.99 $14.99 $9.49
Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt $24.99 $10.42 $7.49
Black Mug $19.99 $7.71 $4.50
Unisex Sweatshirt $29.99 $14.99 $12.00
Premium Women’s T-shirt $29.99 $15.00 $9.49
White Mug $19.99 $7.71 $4.50
Unisex T-shirt $24.99 $8.66 $5.49
Cushion (Rectangular) $29.99 $15.00 $10.99
Women’s Long Sleeved T-Shirt $24.99 $12.30 $10.49
Women’s Tank Top $24.99 $11.67 $8.99
Men’s Long Sleeved T-Shirt $24.99 $11.67 $8.99
Women’s Hoodie $34.99 $19.58 $16.50
Magic Mug $24.99 $13.55 $9.49
Kids T-Shirt $19.99 $12.08 $9.99
Towel $29.99 $14.38 $9.99
Cushion (Square) $29.99 $13.75 $9.99
Men’s Tank Top $24.99 $11.67 $8.99
Portrait Poster A3 $19.99 $9.96 $6.50
Portrait Poster A1 $29.99 $16.88 $11.00
Women’s flowy Tank Top $24.99 $16.05 $13.49
Tote Bag $29.99 $12.50 $7.50
Portrait Poster A2 $24.99 $12.17 $7.50
iPhone X Cover $14.99 $8.75 $5.99
Portrait Poster A4 $14.99 $8.38 $5.50
Medium Portrait Canvas $49.99 $30.83 $23.40
Babygrow $19.99 $12.08 $8.99

The prices on this table are in US dollars. If you wish to consult them in other currencies (Euro, British Pound or Brazilian Real), you can do so on our builder, when you edit a product while launching a new campaign. 

We also recommend you to test out selling your products for different prices and see if there’s any difference in your number of sales! Don’t forget to take into consideration our base costs and your total profit when doing these calculations. 

Just head over to and try out different retail prices to see which ones work best for you and your products!

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Discount Strategies on Moteefe

Discount Strategies on Moteefe

Discount Strategies on Moteefe

Pre-discounted prices

People everywhere are attracted to discounts and to the idea that they are making a smart purchase, and all sellers must use this mindset in their advantage! 

Moteefe has several discount features which sellers can offer their buyers! In this article we will talk about each one of them and how you can use them to allure more buyers and increase your number of sales! 

When you activate the pre-discounted price feature, your buyers will automatically see each product as if they are on sale, and therefore there’s a much higher chance they’ll buy it! 

Check out this tutorial to learn how to do it:

Upsell on add-to-cart

This feature is a bit different than the pre-discounted prices. You can choose one of the products you created with your campaign and give your buyers a discount when they add it to their carts! It’s the easiest way to increase sales!

Watch this video to learn how to activate this amazing feature:

Cross-sell in email

If your email cross-sell feature is on, the confirmation emails buyers receive after they purchase one of your products will include suggestions of other items from different campaigns of yours (from the same collection or best sellers), with a discount, which is also set by you! 

The Moteefe team created this video to show you how to use it:

Free shipping

The Free Shipping strategy is when the standard shipping cost is covered by the seller and the buyer only has to pay the price of the product itself. Sellers should note that express delivery is not available to be offered for free, and if free standard shipping is offered the buyer cannot select to have express delivery. 

To offer free shipping you just have to go to your dashboard, click on the ‘Discounts’ tab that shows on all campaigns and select free shipping. A code will be added to the end of the campaign URL. This new full URL will need to shared and clicked on by buyers to activate this type of discount. 

There are two main ways to use this discount code. You can offer free shipping to all buyers the first time they click on the campaign (you can try raising your prices to cover the cost). It can also be used as a discount for retargeting people that have clicked on the campaign before as an extra incentive to make a purchase.

Value coupon

Moteefe also offers a percentage discount up to 20% off. This can be setup in the same way and used as outlined above.

One way sellers can try to maximize profit is to offer no discount upfront to first time viewers of your campaign, then offer 5% off to all people that viewed it in the past day. Then offer 10% off to all viewers in the past 3 days and so on. Sellers can exclude people that viewed it in the past day from people that viewed it in the past 3 days in Facebook Ads Manager using Custom Audiences. 

These are all the discount strategies you can apply right away in order to increase your sales before Christmas! What are you waiting for to apply them to your campaigns at

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