Carnival 2020 – the biggest festival in Brazil is just around the corner!

Carnival 2020 – the biggest festival in Brazil is just around the corner!

Carnival 2020 – the biggest festival in Brazil is just around the corner!

Carnival is the most awaited time of the year in Brazil, and it’s just around the corner! It starts on the 21st of February, and it lasts for five days!

The streets of Brazil get full of people, music, and dancing, as millions travel from all around the world to be part of this fantastic festival! It’s also known for its Samba parades and the astonishing float cars! The most well-known celebrations take place in Rio de Janeiro, where over two million people gather this time of year. And by the way, Brazilians spell it ‘Carnaval’, not Carnival ;). 

Customized Merchandise

Well, there are several themes you can decide to adopt as your creating your carnival merch! We advise you to make your apparel colorful and catchy! Include the word ‘Carnaval’, the year 2020, samba dancers, costumes, Rio de Janeiro’s skyline… The sky is the limit!

Everyone celebrates Carnival in Brazil, from adults to tiny babies! You could even create customized onesies that babies can wear to their first Carnival ever!

And don’t forget about custom text! People can personalize your designs to fit their own Carnival experiences! You can create items where people can include their names or even the city where they are celebrating!

So what are you waiting for to launch your latest campaign at Print-on-Demand is becoming huge in Brazil, and you do not want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

3 tips to thrive this Valentine’s Day

3 tips to thrive this Valentine’s Day

3 tips to thrive this Valentine’s Day

The most romantic time of the year worldwide is of course Valentine’s Day, and it’s just over one month away! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to begin your year with Moteefe the best possible way.

Have you started to create your amazing Valentine’s campaigns? If not, here are 3 simple tips which will allow you to maximize your sales this Q1:

1. Use the custom text tool

A personalized gift is the best way to tell someone how much you care for them! Customized items are in and driving the highest numbers of sales. Our custom text tool will allow you to create the best products to offer this time of year!

You can now decide to leave blank spaces in your designs for your buyers to customize with words of their desire – you set the theme and they complete it in the way that best suits them.

There are so many ways you can use custom text on your designs! You can aim at people’s names, kinships, hobbies or even at words/adjectives used to describe someone’s sentiments towards another. The sky’s the limit – your designs just have to appeal to people’s emotions! even create customized onesies that babies can wear to their first Carnival ever!

3. Go beyond love

There is much more to Valentine’s Day than hearts, chocolate and the word ‘love’! People don’t only buy gifts for their significant others. You’ll see that people also treat their friends, their coworkers and even their pets with gifts on Valentine’s.

So don’t be afraid to be creative and invest in designing different items that target other niches, as our research has proven that this market is real!

Besides these three simple tips, we advise all of you to, as you’re creating your own designs, think of the people who will buy your products and try to put yourself in their shoes. Try to think of which products people are more likely to offer each other for Valentine’s, these are jewelry, hoodies, cushions, mugs, etc. Then we also recommend you get at least five different designs ready, so you can test them out and maximize your reach! 

Do you want to know more about Valentine’s Day at Moteefe, and especially on how to create the perfect ad which will definitely set you apart? You can’t miss out on our livestream session this week! It will be held by Flor, our Community Manager, and Thomas, our Online Marketing Specialist. Stay tuned for more information on the date and time on our Facebook group Moteefe Global and on our Google Calendar! 

Moteefe’s cut-off date for Valentine’s Day are the following: 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and create your Valentine’s Day campaigns!

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Right-hand Side Advertising on Facebook

Right-hand Side Advertising on Facebook

Right-hand Side Advertising on Facebook

Facebook desktop right columns

Did you know that Facebook’s desktop right column placement can be very effective, as you can use it to run adverts? On average, right column ads get a much lower click-through rate than news feed adverts as they have a much cheaper click per impression.

Right column ads are letterbox shaped. The advert images should be made especially for this placement and the recommended size is 1200 x 628 pixels. You will need to try and draw people’s attention over to the advert as they will be mostly concentrated on the desktop news feed, which appears next to it. So use images that are likely to catch people’s eye like bright colours, high contrasts… You should also consider testing bright borders.

Testing your adsets

Start with small budgets and test multiple advert creatives (images), at least three per ad set. After spending a few dollars check the results – you can turn off the adverts that are performing more poorly and create more images similar to the ones that are doing well. If an ad set is making sales and is in profit you can duplicate the ad set and double the budget – keep doing this with winning ad sets.

So what are you waiting for? Test out this new type of Facebook advertising to get a greater reach!

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Don’t Forget to Reply to Facebook Ad Comments

Don’t Forget to Reply to Facebook Ad Comments

Don’t Forget to Reply to Facebook Ad Comments

When running Facebook ads it is important to guarantee that the most relevant comments are shown first – this can be done in the ‘Settings’ tab on your Facebook Fan Page. This is important because you can post a link to your product in the comments! When the most relevant comments are shown first, this link will appear at the top of the comments’ section and therefore is more visible to everyone.

When somebody comments on the post, we recommend that you engage with them as soon as you can, but don’t just drop a link to your product (although this can be done sparingly). The more engagement a post has, the better it is likely to do. Replying to comments is a great way to increase this engagement and keep in touch with your buyers.

Message the people that comment on your ads

You can directly message each person that comments on a post, through a ‘message button’ which appears below the comments. It’s important however not to spam commenters so don’t just send the same message to everyone. You can personalise the message by having a few draft replies written out and change a few words each time you use them, for instance, by just adding the name of the person you are talking to.

You also don’t have to send them a link to the product in the very first message! It’s much better to try and strike up an organic conversation with them first and build a relationship. This is a very powerful technique (it gets easier the more you try it) and with great power comes great responsibility, so don’t overdo it, use your messaging channels wisely!

The first 20 minutes 

The first 20 minutes after somebody has commented are the most critical and you should try to get your replies in within this timeframe. If you are managing multiple pages or running a substantial amount of traffic or running traffic to a location where they are most likely to be commenting while you are going to be away from the computer or even asleep, then we recommend hiring a virtual assistant to perform these duties for you.

It is critical to properly train these virtual assistants and keep an eye on what they are doing until you are confident that they are the correct fit for your page and your objectives.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Facebook, make sure that the most relevant comments are shown first on your ads, post the link to your campaign and start having a more personal relationship with your buyers!

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Abandoned Cart Email’s Set-up

Abandoned Cart Email’s Set-up

Abandoned Cart Email’s Set-up

Don’t miss out on extra sales with our abandon cart emails!

How many times have you noticed that a customer has entered your store, typed in their email address, but then abandoned the page without completing the purchase?

This has happened to all of us and the best strategy by far is to retarget these customers by sending them an ‘Abandoned Cart’ email! You know that they are interested in your product (proven by the fact that they clicked on it), but perhaps they were distracted by something else and had to leave your store for some reason. But, good news, there’s a high possibility they will purchase the next time round if they are reminded of the product.

In order to do so, make sure that your campaigns are set to renew every three days. That way, on the last day of each campaign we will send a fresh ‘Abandoned Cart’ email to all of your customers who have left products waiting to be purchased in their cart.

You can set this up on your Moteefe dashboard. At the top right of each individual campaign you will find a row of small icons that you can use to update each campaign’s settings. The second button from the left is called ‘After Expiry‘. If you click on it you will be presented with a pop-up that asks you what you would like to do after the campaign has ended. On the drop-down menu, click on ‘Automatically relaunch‘ and set the duration to three days.

We will now send ‘Abandoned Cart’ emails to all of your customers who have abandoned the checkout after entering their email address. This is a fantastic form of retargeting and you should make sure that all of your campaigns are set to do this immediately!

So what are you waiting for? Go to and get your campaigns to automatically relaunch after they’ve ended – it’s an easy way to see your number of sales increase!

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Moteefe’s Retargeting Guide

Moteefe’s Retargeting Guide

Moteefe’s Retargeting Guide

This post will be focused on retargeting – if you are running Facebook ads, this is an absolutely essential part of your winning strategy! There are several ways it can be done and today we will present one of them. If you’re not doing it yet you must start ASAP, as retargeting adverts gives the highest return on ad spend!

“Previously purchased” custom audience:

To retarget people you will need to create custom audiences within Facebook. The first audience to create should include everybody that has purchased your product in the last 180 days (you can also use 60 days). To do this you will need to go to the ‘Audiences‘ tab, which is under ‘Assets’ in Facebook Business Manager (they are all in the top drop-down menu).

You must have your product’s URL, which will look like this:

You will only need to use this part to create the audience:

Make sure you have the right Facebook ad account selected in the drop-down, underneath where it says ‘Audiences‘ on the left-hand side. You can share your custom audiences between ad accounts, but each set of audiences is associated with a single account to start with. In the ‘Audiences’ tab, click on the blue button which says ‘Create a Custom Audience‘.

A pop-up will appear called ‘Create a Custom Audience‘. On this pop-up select ‘Website‘, the top option on the left-hand side. From the drop-down select which pixel you would like to use (if you have multiple pixels within the ad account). Then if you click on ‘All website visitors‘ you will be able to select ‘Purchase‘, and then set the number of days you wish to include in this audience.

Now click ‘Refine by‘, the blue link under ‘View content‘, and select the top option ‘URL/parameter‘ – you can now paste your URL into the box. In this example I would use “”. Now name your audience – it’s important to use a good naming convention so that you can easily find these later. For purchases I normally use purchase, then product name, then the amount of days, so for this it would be: Purchase Test 180“.

Now click ‘Create audience‘. Well done! You have just created a custom audience of everybody that has purchased this product in the last 180 days. Important: You can use this audience as an exclusion audience within an ad set, so that previous purchases will not view your retargeting advert.

“Previously viewed” custom audience:

Now we will make a custom audience of everybody that has viewed the product. You can create a custom audience of viewers for 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days for retargeting. Remember that even though these audiences will be quite small, they can be highly profitable! So if you are making one day audiences, your ad spend is likely to be extremely low. However you may well still make a few sales!

The process is similar to the previous one. To create this audience click on ‘Create Audience‘, then in the ‘Create a Custom Audience‘ pop-up select ‘Website‘ and insert the pixel that you are using for your campaign. Click on ‘All website visitors‘ and in the drop-down menu select ‘View content‘, then enter the amount of days you wish to use. I suggest starting with 28 days.

Now click on ‘Refine by‘, in the drop-down select ‘URL/parameter‘, and paste your URL into the box – in this example the URL is “”. Now, using your naming convention, name the audience! I use VC + product name + amount of days – so it will be “VC Test 28 days“.

Note: Facebook will say that it is populating these audiences and that it will take 2 to 3 days to do so. However you can start using them straight away!

Now, if you go back to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign, in the ad set menu ‘Custom Audiences‘, select your ‘View content 28 day audience‘. If you then click the blue exclude link underneath, then another box will appear and you can select your ‘Purchased (product name) 180 day audience‘. Facebook continuously updates these audiences.

Do not select any detailed targeting and it is best to run these adverts on all placements to begin with. You can run retargeting ads per placement for each campaign, so that would be one ad for your Instagram feed, one for the Facebook News Feed on mobile, one for the Facebook News Feed on desktop only and another for the Stories feed etc. Placements work best if you’re receiving a substantial amount of traffic and remember, you can set your budget as low as one dollar with these adverts so feel free to mix it up!

Retargeting ads that are using automatic placement should use a square image of around 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels, as Facebook now displays website conversion adverts in the News Feed with square images. Some advert accounts will allow you to select a separate image for each placement which can be helpful – if your account allows it, make a different image for each placement. Select them under the ‘Ad‘ tab.

TIP: If you create multiple custom audiences for the people that have viewed the product, you can tailor your advertising the following way:

1) Show people that have viewed it in the last day a similar or the same image used in your original advertising campaign without a discount

2) People who have viewed the product in the last three days can see a variation of the image with a 5% discount and so on…

You can try different offers with different audiences. The people who have viewed the product the longest time ago will get the biggest discount.

You can also exclude people that viewed it one day ago from the three day audience, so that they will not see the deeper discount. You do this by adding the one day into the ‘Exclude‘ section of the ad set. This is in the same place where you are excluding purchases.

Add to cart audiences:

You should also create audiences for everyone that has added the product to the cart for the last 28 days and run a separate ad set to them. This audience will be smaller than the audience of people who viewed the campaign, so adjust your budgets accordingly, especially if you break this audience down by 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, and 28 days. This is only recommended if you are getting a large amount of traffic. If not, just run it to everyone that added to cart in the last 28 days.

Other custom audiences:

With some custom audiences, Facebook allows you to target people over the last 365 days. Here’s a list of other custom audiences that you should create and run ads to now:

  • Everyone that has engaged with your Facebook page – make a separate audience for 1, 3, 7, 14, 28, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days.
  • Everyone that has engaged with your Instagram profile – make a separate audience for 1 ,3, 7, 14, 28, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days.
  • That have liked your Facebook page

Congrats, you’ve successfully set up your custom audiences for retargeting! This is a big step, as retargeting is the most effective form of advertising! If you’re running Facebook ads, it’s critical to test and to get this right.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a campaign that you’ve launched at and get your retargeting adverts going right now! Good luck and as always, let us know how it goes!

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