Moteefe’s extended Christmas cut-off dates!

Moteefe’s extended Christmas cut-off dates!

Moteefe’s extended Christmas cut-off dates!

Christmas is just around the corner and we want your buyers to have the jolliest Christmas experience with your merch, as they may buy it as presents or for themselves to wear!  The Moteefe team worked really hard to extend this year’s cut-off dates, in order for your campaigns to run for as long as possible, and to give plenty of time for your products to be purchased and delivered by the 24th of December! Check them out below:

As you can see, this year’s cut-off dates are divided into different products and geographies. The production of apparel in Germany, UK, France, Holland and the USA have the latest cut-off dates, until the 17th of December GMT with standard shipping, but until the 20th of December GMT our suppliers will continue to produce them, and with express shipping they may arrive before the 25th (it’s not guaranteed). Don’t forget, the longer your campaign runs closer to Christmas, the higher is the probability of you making more sales, and therefore generating more profit!  What are you waiting for to launch your holiday campaign at www.moteefe.comThere are only 5 weeks left until Christmas!

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How to optimize your Facebook ads’ images and descriptions

How to optimize your Facebook ads’ images and descriptions

How to optimize your Facebook ads’ images and descriptions

Facebook ads’ images

When promoting your designs on Facebook, you need to make sure that you create the best news feed ads! We’re here today to let you in on all the tips to deliver great ads, by optimizing both the descriptions and the images!

Here’s a list with important tips and tricks to create the best images for your ads:

  • To show off your design is the central goal of the ad! Make sure it’s well visible and don’t include too much text (check out the text to image ratio here)!
  • Use high resolution images
  • If your ad’s CPMs have been decreasing for a while (a fortnight or a month) try giving the image a fresh new look!
  • Use the recommended aspect ratio for each placement. See aspect ratios supported by placements.

A lot of sellers also ask us what images they should use on their Facebook ads. Well, the truth is there’s no right answer, as it will depend on who your target is and your final goal. The best strategy is A/B testing – to try out different types of images on your ads and see which one your audience engages the most with – this way you can understand which one works best, and focus on doing similar ones from then on!

Facebook ads’ descriptions

When you include the link to your Moteefe store in an ad, you have the option to add a description, which will be shown dynamically on Facebook’s news feed – it will only be shown if your ad is likely to appeal to the person seeing it (this only applies to ads using the single media ad format, and which appear on Facebook’s news feed, it does not apply to dynamic creative ads). 

This feature can help improve the performance of your ads! For example, some people are more likely to take an action, such as making a purchase, when they see the price of an item directly in an ad. Others are more likely to make a purchase when they see the price only after interacting with the ad. Facebook will decide whether or not to show your description based on what it thinks will impact each person the most, and cause them to take a meaningful action! 

As some people may not see the description at all, you should only include in it non-essential information! Put all the essential information in the headline, such as shipping information, detailed product information (type of material, product dimensions, etc), ratings, reviews, or your return policy.

Here’s some advice on how to make the best out of your descriptions: 

  • Start off by engaging with your audience: “Look amazing on Christmas’ Eve in this sweatshirt!
  • KISS – Keep it straight and simple! Use straight to the point sentences, which are easy for your buyers to understand
  • End the description with a call-to-action, convincing your audience to purchase your product!
  • Facebook also has a list of tips to create the greatest ads. Check it out here!

And here’s our final advice to guarantee your buyers always have the best ad experience while scrolling down on their Facebook’s news feed: always verify what your ads will look like for your customers, both on Desktop and Mobile, here!

What are you waiting for? Go to, launch your latest campaign and promote it on Facebook with these amazing ad tips!

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Maximize your profits with Moteefe!

Maximize your profits with Moteefe!

Maximize your profits with Moteefe!

Tier Bonus

Winter Contest

Moteefe’s Winter Contest 2019 rewards all of our sellers who reach a certain amount of sales over the course of 3 months, from September 5th until December 15th. These rewards can either be cash based or a physical prize – you choose! 

  • 1,000 units – $1,000 OR iPhone XS Max 64GB
  • 3,000 units – $3,000 OR Smart TV Sony 65 inch 4K
  • 5,000 units – $7,500 OR 10 Days trip to Europe: UK, France, Italy + Ed Sheeran Live Show Tickets
  • 10,000 units – $15,000 OR Hublot Big Bang luxury watch BLUE DIAMONDS 39 mm
  • 15,000 units – $22,500 OR Toyota Vios 2018 1.5 E MT
  • 25,000 units – $43,750 OR Mazda CX-5 2.5L AWD
  • 40,000 units – $70,000 OR Ducati Panigale V4Special
  • 75,000 units – $150,000 OR Audi Q7 2.0 TFSI Quattro 8AT t
  • 100,000 units – $200,000 OR Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2 

Mini Christmas Contest

From the 20th of October until the 1st of December, for every unit sold at a minimum retail price of 29.90 USD/EUR/GBP, we will be offering an extra $1 for every item sold in the US, and $2 for every item sold in the EU! This mini contest takes place on top of the Winter Contest, and only applies to sales made on!
To make your lives simpler, we created this table to better explain how these three initiatives can actually help you out this holiday season, and boost your normal profit (which is calculated based on our recommended selling prices and base costs) for t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, both in the EU and the USA! 

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How to Generate Free Traffic With Facebook

How to Generate Free Traffic With Facebook

How to Generate Free Traffic With Facebook

One of the best ways to increase your sales and skyrocket your profits is by generating free traffic with Facebook pages. Advertising can get pretty expensive, especially when you take upfront costs into consideration. Luckily, our team at Moteefe has put together everything you need to know on how to create an organic online following and boost your sales through free Facebook traffic and then monetise your free traffic with fantastic Facebook custom audience tool towards saving hundreds of dollars (if you are planning to advertise later on).

Here’s what you need to get started.

  • A niche-based Facebook group (a must have tool to dominate the niche).
  • A few niche-based Facebook pages (at least 3).
  • You may use a personal profile, but best practice is to represent your branded page.

Remember, you don’t have to pay a single penny to Facebook until you begin running your advertisements. However, looking forward, be sure that you have your custom audience established before you begin using paid ads and driving traffic toward your campaign page.

Optimizing Your Profile

There are a variety of ways in which you may choose to optimize your personal profile for selling. Take a look at the list below…

  1. Interact with your friends based in your niche so that they are more obligated to purchase the products you share.
  2. Make as many niche-based friends as possible.
  3. “Like” as many pages related to your niche as possible. So, that your newsfeed will be flooded with content to share.
  4. Engage with the content on those pages using your pages or profile.
  5. Like and reply to other comments within those same pages. It’s your duty to get involved to create a big fan base.
  6. Always share niche-based content from other related pages until you begin seeing more likes on your own page.

*Note* – Make sure that your Facebook username is your real name to avoid getting banned for being “fake”. There is another way you can apply is to create your brand name based profile. For example, Moteefe Zafi. Moteefe gives your full freedom to create and promote your own brand with having your own domain. You choose your profile name as Your Name+Brand Name.

Grow Your Group

Facebook groups are an excellent way to increase audience engagement with your content and solidify your community relations. In order to successfully create and maintain your groups, follow the simple steps below…

  1. Create a Group on Facebook.
  2. Give it a community-friendly name that’s different from your page name. For example: Dog Lovers Unity/ Gaming eCommerce Community/ Custom Family Merch Hangout.
  3. Add people to your group manually who have become friends with your personal profile. Before you do this, make sure that your group is already set up and professionalized with content, cover images, etc.
  4. Add a visually appealing cover photo (1,640px by 856px) (or 1.91:1 ratio).
  5. Consistently post new and interesting content to keep your audience coming back for more and share the ones they love.
  6. Consider uploading viral videos to your page to share with your audience and boost your page interaction into groups.

Promote Your Page

The last step to promote your Moteefe products for free is to set up a Facebook business page and focus on building up your niche-based audience. This is especially important considering that your page will function as the identity of your brand. Here are a few tips on how to successfully go about doing this…

  1. Give your page a unique and authentic name related to your niche. Keep in mind that it should be different than your actual group name. You should also try to steer away from the idea of self-promotion, as this can have a negative impact on your traffic.
  2. Keep your audience entertained with valuable information and interesting content.
  3. Keep posting content that results in your audience liking, commenting and sharing.
  4. Create a considerable content posting schedule. Best time to post on Facebook is your audience’s local time 9 A.M and before lunch time then after lunch time. Later on 5 P.M. local audience time. Lastly, before dinner time and bedtime. Choose wisely when to post and what to post. Give free tips, entertain and teach people about your niche with as much info as you can. To source these info, Pinterest checklist is the best source.
  5. Include a page URL within your profile bio in order to keep track of how many clicks are coming from which location.
  6. Keep a close eye on your competitors. Take a look at their language, behavior, content, and how they reply to their audience members. Use their most engaging material as inspiration for your own authentic content to share with your audience.
  7. Cross post the content using the post across the pages tool FB offers itself.
  8. Remember, Facebook can take your “reach” off from millions to zero, that is why you need to nurture multiple pages.
  9. Group is your Defenders, you cannot have control over your page reach but you can have in your group. Therefore, always keep a balance between your pages and groups.

Posting Tricks

You may use your profile to comment in page’s around but you must know you can select your pages too to post a comment anywhere you want. Here is the trick:

  1. Use your page to comment and interact in related high profile pages. A single good comment can bring you hundreds of followers and niche related followers are your real money for lifetime.
  2. Use your brand’s unique hashtags # e.g. #ZafiJewellery (which nowhere you should find in FB) while commenting and exactly the same hashtags in your product (image with link) post, so that whenever a curious niche related visitor click on the hashtag, they will see the post from you pages. As the visitor is niche related, he/she might purchase the product right away or at least “like” your page for later actions.
  3. Always try to be as informative as possible. Look for the comments where people “want to know” or “there is a lack of information”. Research the topic by asking in the Google and copy/paste or rewrite the info to comment as solution. This is the most powerful tool to make people believe your brand is a truth speaker. They will trust you, like you and finally buy from you.
  4. Try to stuff the most famous tags into your posts, so that surprise followers will itself be increasing. This is a bonus system. A few popular hashtags from 2019 statistics are as follows, #love, #happy, #cute, #fashion, #beautiful etc. But remember, do not ever put unrelated tags into your post. Facebook gets over 30 billion content each month to show in people’s newsfeed. If you are not relevant, your reach will be declining.
  5. Try to post something where people interact.

There are still many ways to maintain your page, but we’ve covered everything you need to get started. Later on, with the profit of your free traffic you can scale your business easily by advertising on Facebook. With those specific store visited Custom Audiences who visited your store in the last 180 days, you can run Ads targeting them. You can even target large amount of customers who are similar to your Custom Audiences just by using Lookalike Audience tool in a few seconds. Which saves a lot of money, time and effort.

Follow our guide above, and you’ll be well on your way to generating free traffic with Facebook.

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Facebook Ads Product Feeds

Facebook Ads Product Feeds

Facebook Ads Product Feeds

If you want to reach a broader audience or target a niche, you must be thinking about doing online advertisement – to which Facebook provides a very complete solution. However, there are various ad types for you to choose from and some related to online stores only. Now, Moteefe and Marcazo allow you to download stores and campaign data from Moteefe so you can upload it to Facebook to build ads that will boost your results, as catalogues. On your Moteefe dashboard, on the top of the page where all your campaigns are listed, you’ll find a button called “Download Catalogue”. Once you click on it, we’ll compile all data and e-mail you the file you should upload to Facebook. This may take up to 5min.

The best way to upload a catalogue on Facebook and go through the uploading flow is to take the following steps:

  • Access
  • Click “Create Catalogue”
  • On the flow, choose “E-commerce” and click “Create”
  • Once created, click “View Catalogue”, which will be empty
  • Choose “Products” from the panel on the left
  • Click “Add Products” -> “Use Data feeds” and click Next
  • Choose “Upload once” and choose your relevant file.

Once Facebook validates the file format, simply choose “Next”. You should be greeted with a list of products, the catalogue was validated. Then you have a set of tools for you to improve your ads such as setting up your catalogue, how to display the ads and even manage what products should be placed on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to scale your profits, we know online ads are an important way to reach out to your audience. With this feature, you can use Facebook Ads with your entire catalogue – We update it on a weekly basis only, at this moment; as a follow-up item we are developing now, this feed will update in 24hr periods once we complete the task – Happy selling!

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Using Pinterest To Find A Niche and Sell Your Products

Using Pinterest To Find A Niche and Sell Your Products

Using Pinterest To Find A Niche and Sell Your Products

Pinterest in a nutshell

Pinterest is arguably one of the most iconic marketing platforms on the web, and the top converting social media site for ‘top of the funnel’ advertising. Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic sources. This is mostly due to the fact that while it’s maintained its reputation of being an extremely popular channel for smaller businesses, it is also one of the most unique among other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. When it comes to using Pinterest to find a niche, you’re going to have to rethink the traditional gameplan for marketing on social media. Not to worry, because, with the support of a reliable Print-on-Demand platform like Moteefe, you’ll be well on your way to conquering your market in no time.

Before we dig deeper into finding a niche on Pinterest, it’s important for you to first understand how everything works. Pinterest is, essentially, an online scrapbook of collections that helps users find and organize internet links, images, and ideas. This is done through a series of Boards and Pins, which can be created by you and other users, or in this case, “Pinners” to categorize your feed. 

People love to use Pinterest for a number of reasons. You can use it to show off topics that you like, discover recipes and artwork, and even check out new travel locations you may want to visit. Overall, it’s a great tool to keep track of your online interests. That aside, the most valuable use of the platform that we’ll be focussing on for now is the opportunity for businesses to advertise and promote themselves to potential customers.

Finding A Niche

As of 2019, approximately 250 million people use Pinterest every month. While this may seem like a huge potential audience, we need to focus on narrowing it down to a specific niche that is the most likely to check out your store and purchase your merchandise. So, how do you use Pinterest to find a niche, exactly?

Well, keep in mind that most users are looking for and pinning topics that they themselves want to see rather than what others are interested in. This makes for a much more personalized experience on the platform. So, your goal as a marketer is ultimately to get users who seem to be interested in your brand’s style to pin the link to your merch store onto their boards. For instance, someone interested in, let’s say, modern art probably isn’t looking to pin a link that’s going to lead them to an online store full of comedic-style branded products. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t convince them to.

Let’s take a look at the statistics. A staggering 98% of Pinterest users have reported trying new things they discover on Pinterest, compared to 71% on other platforms. 93% of users have used the platform to plan for, research, or make a purchase. Basically, from a statistical standpoint, most people are looking to discover and try new things. Your online store can be among those things, especially with the help and support of a trusted POD platform like Moteefe

Among the business types that have the potential to skyrocket their results,  eCommerce ranks toward the top. This is because online stores sell and promote physical products that can be photographed and touched up to be more cosmetically appealing to users, thus increasing the odds of them pinning and saving the link.

So, how do you find a group of users to target on the platform? First, you must understand the majority of people who are actively using it. Luckily, we’ve already done the research for you. 

60% of Pinterest households have children five years old or younger

50% of Millennials use Pinterest monthly

66% of women between the ages of 25-54 are signed up on Pinterest

40% have household incomes of more than 100k annually (more spending money means an open mind to discover and purchase new products).

Pinterest has an eCommerce selling power that’s unlike any other social platform. You can use it to determine your niche and to get other people interested in your brand who normally wouldn’t be otherwise.  You have the opportunity to expand your merchandise promotion into other categories of interest so that your niche isn’t so limited. More traffic driven organically to your store means higher conversion rates, which will ultimately lead to more brand recognition and, of course, more money in your pocket.

Selling your Products

After you find your niche and launch your campaign you can also use Pinterest to promote it. Pinterest allows you to create boards, so take this opportunity to pin your products together based on their categories, and in the same pins, you can add a price tag that will take the users to your store and make a purchase. So be creative on the description of the pins and let people know they can buy your products straight from there.

When writing your descriptions make sure you use your targeted keywords to improve your SEO strategy and encourage people to visit and drive more traffic back to your store. You can share your pins on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to create more links to your products. All of this will get your SEO ranking to get higher.

People usually try to avoid pages that only market products and services, so try to give them something more than that, add more value to your account, share other content that at the same time is related to your own business. For example, if you pin one of your products with your band’s name design in a pinterest board, also pin something else related to that band or music. Maybe people who don’t know the band will hear their music, get interested and buy your products.

Get people to re-pin your items, the more re-pinned items, the more your products will be shared and get attention, driving people to your website. Offering exclusive content is a great idea to get people to re-pin your products, maybe create some contests to offer a discount, where on of the entries is to re-pin an item or the most items. When someone re-pins your posts always comment on their re-pin, take that chance to engage with the other users. Engaging with other users is very important, especially with the ones that helped you shared your items. Follow people to get some follow backs, create a good relationship with the users on the platform to get recognition and people who can help you share your pins!

To recap, find a good niche and create original products; Engage with the other users and create a relationship with them that can help you in the long run; Get your store out there, make it easy to find it by creating good descriptions and linking it everywhere, and take the relationship you created with other users to get their help sharing your pins. Get people to like you by the pins you share, let those people know you by engaging with them, get them to trust you and later buy from you!

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Where Do You Start? Moteefe.

It’s time to start promoting your merchandise and growing your brand. The easiest and by far the most effective way to start selling merch is by offering your branded products on an excellent, high-quality merchandise store – and what better place to start than Moteefe?

With Moteefe, you’ll begin by uploading your design for free. That means no upfront costs, no start-up fees, or anything of the sort. Then, you’ll select your array of products that you wish to print your design onto. Choose from our huge variety of merch that best fits the style of your brand, including apparel, canvases, and anything else that’s sure to spark the interest of your Pinterest niche!

After you’ve selected your merch, it’s time to get to business and start growing your brand. With Moteefe, you’ll be able to easily set up your personalized merch store and launch your campaign, all in a time-efficient manner.

You don’t have to put off your dreams of becoming a successful online entrepreneur any longer. Moteefe is your first step toward turning your imagination into profit. So, what are you waiting for? Upload your design for free TODAY at!

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