Product Feature – Wall Art

Product Feature – Wall Art

Product Feature – Wall Art

Have you ever entered someone’s home and noticed they do not have paintings decorating their walls? Normally it’s due to how extremely expensive it is to purchase this type of product, so people end up with naked walls. But thanks to Moteefe, this will never have to happen again!

You can now print your amazing designs onto our different types of canvases and sell them on your own Moteefe store! As there’s such a high demand for wall art, we’re certain that selling these much desired items will boost your sales!

We have different shapes of canvases available – portrait, landscape and squared- and also different sizes – small, medium and large. These start off at US$18.2 for small canvases, US$23.4 for medium sized canvases, and US$35.1 for the largest ones. As you can guess, the recommended selling prices do vary, between US$40 and US$60 depending on the size of the canvas itself, but you can for sure withdraw a very high profit from each sale! 

Moteefe’s Custom Text feature is also available on canvases, which means that your customers may edit the text on their own products before purchasing them, in different fonts and colors! People can customize canvases with their names, their own relatable inspiring sentences, or anything else which is related to them, only limited by your creativity and imagination! This feature will make people’s homes even more personal! 

Go ahead and be as creative and inspiring as possible, as these items will literally impact people’s homes! Below you can find some ideas of cool designs for you to get inspired, in order to create the coolest wall art in the market:

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Introducing Custom All-Over Print T-Shirts!

Introducing Custom All-Over Print T-Shirts!

Introducing Custom All-Over Print T-Shirts!

The Moteefe team is happy to finally announce Moteefe’s brand new Custom All-Over Print T-Shirts!

Your buyers will stand out in our new products that show off your most creative designs!

Bring your full artwork to life on a blank canvas with amazing features, including:

  • Vibrant & durable colors
  • Soft-to-the-touch feel
  • Dye sublimation
  • Complete customization

Get ready to blow your competition away with unique Print-on-Demand merchandise! Currently it’s only available in men’s sizes and styles, but we will expand our product range in the upcoming weeks. Your designs can be printed all over the comfortable, machine washable fabric, but for now they can only be produced in the EU. They will make you stand out in the crowd and boost your sales! Turn any regular t-shirt into a personalized reflection of your most intricate ideas!

Right now is the best time to jump straight into the eCommerce market, and what better way to do it than by selling a top-of-the-line product like a custom all-over print t-shirt? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! The base cost for producing these all-over-print t-shirts is $17, so if you sell them for $30 you’ll get a $13 profit out of each item sold!

Get a head start in the market with custom products that you and your buyers will love!

We can’t wait to see how our community of online entrepreneurs uses this new feature. On behalf of everyone at Moteefe, we’re excited to see all of your amazing new merchandise!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to turn your imagination into profit! Are you ready to upload your best designs for free and start customizing your all-over print t-shirts? Head over to and launch your campaign today!

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Custom Jewelry is now available on Moteefe! + Tutorial!

Custom Jewelry is now available on Moteefe! + Tutorial!

Custom Jewelry is now available on Moteefe! + Tutorial!

We’re proud to announce that from today engraved Gold and Silver Pendants and Dog Tags are now available on Moteefe! With this, we now offer the widest selection of Jewelry-on-demand products made in and shipped from Europe!  Check out these beautiful examples below…

With an expected average retail price of $25 to $30, and a base cost of only €8 (base cost selling to EU) and $9 (base cost selling to US) you can get fantastic margins with these engraved pendants and dog tags! We also offer super fast shipping to both the US and EU, so you can sell these in whatever market you want.

Why is this so exciting for our merchants? 

  • It’s a brand new product to sell (so many new ideas to test)
  • You can now target people in your existing niches with new products
  • Take these previous successful ideas and scale these concepts out on these new products
  • Explore the potential to target people looking to purchase these items as gifts
  • Also a great product for the Holiday season 

Jewelry opens up a whole new world of opportunity for customisable products, and we can’t wait to see what types of unique product options come from this. To get started it’s worth taking note of the following tutorial…

How to prepare my artworks?

Step 1 – Create New File

Once you open PhotoShop, click on a new file and add the canvas name & dimensions. For this product, you will need a square canvas of 1200x1200px. Make sure the background colour is white and hit the create button.

Step 2 – Make/Upload Design

Once you’ve created your canvas you can either start designing your creative (remember the engraved part needs to be black #000000) or just import an existing design you have available. For this tutorial, we’ll go with a preexisting design. Hit the file tab, go to open and select the file you want to upload.

Step 3 – White Background

You’ll notice in the right side of your screen a new layer appeared. In order to have the proper design for uploading, we need a white (#ffffff) or transparent background. The fastest way to change it is by using the paint bucket tool. Select the tool, choose the colour white & click on the background area in order to change it.

Step 4 – Transparent Background

In case you need a transparent background there is a really fast way of doing that with the Background Eraser Tool. Select the tool and edit its size (largest available 5000px) from the top toolbar. In the layer menu, click on the eye of the background layer in order to hide it and then click on the background with the preselected Background Eraser Tool.

Your background should have a mix of grey & white tiny squares

Step 5 – Save your file

Once you are happy with your design and you have the right specifications click on the file tab on top, go to save as and select PNG. Once you have it saved you can easily upload it into your dashboard and create unique pendants.

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