Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas are some of the most popular seasonal events that can help you massively increase your POD sales. However, it’s important to not rely on these times of year to excel in the POD industry. Having good evergreen campaigns that run 24/7 allows you to have some extra money all year long.  In the previous live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell talk about evergreen POD niches that sellers should be selling right now. 

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Some of the topics they cover include:

  • 00:20 – What is an evergreen niche?
  • 02:42 – The family niche
  • 05:07 – Zodiac and Astrology
  • 07:40 – Pets
  • 10:45 – Health & Wellness
  • 12:10 – Model Making
  • 12:44 – Arts & Crafts
  • 14:50 – Music
  • 17:15 – Professions
  • 18:50 – Religion
Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

What is an evergreen niche?

An evergreen niche is a niche that allows you to sell your Print on Demand products all year round.  Although many sellers tend to create new campaigns around holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, it’s important to have evergreen campaigns so that you can bring in revenue all year long.  Most hobbies, interests, and occupations fall under this category.

The family niche

With Mother’s Day being one of the most profitable times of year for POD sellers, it makes sense to create campaigns targeted at family members.  Birthdays are taking place year-round and family members are always in need of a custom gift.  Some relationships to consider include mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, children and more!  And don’t forget about the step and half relationships! 

Zodiac signs and Astrology

“My sun sign is Sagittarius but my rising is in Capricorn and my moon is in Gemini.”  People that are into astrology are really into astrology.  This interest has a passionate audience, making it a great niche to test all year long.  One massive benefit when pursuing this niche is the fact that it’s easy to create targeted ads since you can target based on birthdays!  

Health and Wellness

Cross fitters, bodybuilders, yoga lovers and more!  Fitness is a great niche to consider since health isn’t just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle.  Clever, relatable gym tees are a popular item worn when working out.  Be sure to take a look on Pintrest for some design inspiration if you’re struggling to come up with your own.

When you’re doing anything entrepreneurial, you have to have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.
Thomas Gentleman

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All you need is an idea. You upload your idea, you drive traffic to that idea.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.790] – Aidan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Moteefe YouTube, and this week we are talking about Evergreen POD Danishes and what to sell right now. As always, in each and every week, I’m joined by none other than Mr. Thomas Gentleman, one of our top sellers over here on a Moteefe. How are you, Thomas?

What is an evergreen niche?

[00:00:21.470] – Thomas

Yeah, I’m good. Hello, everyone. Yesterday’s topic is evergreen niches. What you can sell right now. And what can you sell right now? And you evergreen niche. And what is an evergreen niche? Well, an Evergreen niche isn’t is a niche that lasts throughout the year. A constant a constant niche. So we’ve got our big events throughout the year, Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day again in another country, Mothers’ Day, Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, lots of different Mother’s Day, Father’s Day’s numerous and everywhere big, big events that people target.

[00:00:54.830] – Thomas

Of course, Christmas. Christmas is the one coming up to Q4 with Moteefe Moteefe dot com ready for you for free account. Please do head over. Check us out. If you’ve never sold POD before, I’ve got a free Facebook ads course completely free in the description of this video. So do check it out down there and put it down to the description. It’s not just he’s not telling me to to. Duck down the description, so that’s down there.

[00:01:23.120] – Thomas

So if you never saw before, do check it out, it’s well worth it. So you’ve got seasonal big events that you can push forward and you can sell in all different types of niches for those events. So if somebody happens to be doing whatever you can that into the event. But yes, there are some issues, some things that will make sales all the way through the year. And that’s what this is about, because we’re in August, we were a little bit we’re past Mother’s Day.

[00:01:44.690] – Thomas

We’re past Father’s Day, the next really big event. You’ve got Halloween and all this stuff, but the next big event is going to be Christmas. And that’s a long way away. Nobody wants to make sales just then. So what are you going to do between now and when Christmas really starts to kick off? And, you know, you should be testing your ugly Christmas sweater designs in all niches, every niche from the 1st of September with five dollar assets on Facebook.

[00:02:08.890] – Thomas

Let’s check again my course to find out exactly how to do that. So you should be starting to begin your testing for Christmas in September, which is only four or five weeks away at this point. It’s just around the corner. Remember remember Guy Fawkes Night in September? Remember, remember? Anyway, I won’t give you the full thing, but there’s fireworks tonight in the U.K. by fireworks night. You, in fact, in November, not September, but you should you should be ramping up.

The family niche

[00:02:35.690] – Thomas

So evergreen, evergreen, evergreen. That’s what you want to concentrate on. Now, every so evergreen issues are things that last throughout the year. So a great evergreen is always the family name. They are constantly having children. I tried to tell them not to, but they do continue to have children all of the time. They get married, they get divorced, divorced, a big niche. So divorce, of course, being a marriage, being, of course, the leading cause of divorce, if you didn’t know.

[00:03:04.020] – Thomas

So they are in this niche. They’re having children, children consisting of a couple of varieties, boys and girls normally. And you can target this. You can you can monetise this. Marriages, relationships, people getting engaged, people being in love, falling in love. One doesn’t make the rational decision to be in love. That’s why it’s called falling in love. Anyway, check out the philosopher Slovo for more information on exactly that turmoil. But yes, so family name is huge.

[00:03:37.610] – Thomas

All of the relationships. So you’ve got grandparents, parents, children, brothers, sisters, aunties. There’s so many of them. Yeah, so many of them. This is why you have to buy a big turkey a Christmas to feed all of these people that you’re related to, Loosley or otherwise. So best auntie in the world, worst auntie in the world, best uncle in the world, worst uncle in the world, that kind of thing.

[00:04:01.940] – Thomas

Or bad influence, I should say worst, not worse yet

[00:04:05.750] – Aidan

Apparently. Classic that I’ve seen bandied around a lot is Okayest sister. Well it’s OK forever. And it’s funny, you know.

[00:04:16.160] – Thomas

Barely passable aunt and of course that house, P.G. Woodhouse, the probably the funniest English author of the twentieth century, reminds us that aunts aren’t gentlemen anyway. So family niche all of those things. Perennial evergreen make sales now. Lots of relationships, people having babies, new mom, new dad, new baby, new sister, new brother, new one to A.A. Auntie, new uncle, new grandparent.

[00:04:47.780] – Thomas

New Grand Mother. Grandpa, grandma is acceptable as well man. Not my thing, but some people do refer to their grandparents as nans. Regrettable as that is. Aidan give me another evergreen niche that we can dive right into in the into the doldrums of August when people are moving around. What are people up to that we can we can for

Zodiac signs and Astrology

[00:05:11.210] – Aidan

A bit of a curve. But given an unexpected one, Zodiac’s and astrology.

[00:05:17.180] – Thomas

Zodiac’s or Zodiac signs people are into Zodiac signs and this is astrology.

[00:05:23.870] – Thomas

So tarot cards, mysticism, that kind of thing is a popular a popular niche bit of as Ric Flair of WW fame or WWE fame say a bit of woo for you out there. Yes, it’s very popular. People believe passionately in these things. I don’t saying whether that’s rational or not, but it’s a great name to make sales into.

[00:05:51.110] – Aidan

So I really like about it though, is when when everyone’s reading in the back of the newspaper, the Zodiac sign, I’m an Aquarius guy, so just put it out there. It’s got a personal attachment to it’s my Zodiac sign. And I think that that really comes true when you’re doing it. It’s both. That’s my team.

[00:06:10.910] – Thomas

That’s it. So you can tie this into relationships. Imagine if you had you are my. You can have a design that and a whole store built with all the different combinations of Zodiac signs, you know this Aquarius loves this Libra. And it goes on the list goes on of all of the different types of Zodiac signs, you could even have a custom text field where you target somebody by their birthmarks. How do you do that? People have birthdays and you can target by birthday, but you target by Zodiac sign instead, and then you leave the other star sign blank.

[00:06:49.240] – Thomas

There’s a lot going on.

[00:06:51.030] – Aidan

Well, you can look into Target in my horoscope, right.

[00:06:54.090] – Thomas

But that’s the same thing.

[00:06:55.380] – Aidan

Or it may look different when you click on your suggestions.

[00:07:01.170] – Thomas

I think you can target people by having a birthday in the next 60 days or something like this. I forget the exact targeting, but there are there are various things that you can do there to try to target them. Or you could just target with the whole store of Zodiac signed designs. I think that worked well on cushions or mugs. Of course, most popular white mugs are really hot right now.

[00:07:25.590] – Thomas

I wouldn’t yes, black mugs are better in the winter. Come to them in a few months time. But white mugs right now in the summer are proving very popular. Great products, great product. The white mugs that Moteefe Moteefe dot com have got Aidan another evergreen. They should not have gone evergreen. I was going to make a joke, but I make too many as we are.

[00:07:48.330] – Aidan


[00:07:49.740] – Thomas


[00:07:51.630] – Aidan

Dogs, cats, goldfish, trout. You name it.

[00:07:54.930] – Thomas

Trout. My pet, my pet trout. My pet trout.

[00:08:00.570] – Aidan

Koi fish.

[00:08:01.800] – Thomas

You’re being a bit coy about the pet name. Yes. OK, so pets. Yes, but let’s move away from the dogs and cats are always popular. New dogs, new cats. People continue to purchase and acquire these these animals. That’s a good niche, almost like almost family niche. The way that people treat their pets either has a pet of some four legged variety that is very fond of. But let’s look beyond your standard pets.

[00:08:31.530] – Thomas

People keep all sorts of pets. So reptiles, I’ve always said you’d have to be a bit cold blooded to keep a reptile, but that’s another issue. So reptiles, snakes, frogs, iguanas, geckos, rattlesnakes, rattlesnakes, some people even keep cockroaches as pets.

[00:08:57.880] – Thomas

And these bugs, arachnids and not actually reptiles, but yes, all those pets. So it’s worth broadening your horizons to find some evergreen some evergreen pet species out there. Yeah, definitely.

[00:09:11.760] – Aidan

Well, I would say about the dog niche, though, is look into the different breeds because different people who buy it and people just get stuck with buying the same breed and just go down that route. For example, I’ve got a Boston terrier. I will get another Boston terrier. It’s people that like red sweaters and they only get Red says. And they are this truly super passionate. When you get into those breed specific dog owners, some people like this dog could a Rhodesian ridge back.

[00:09:40.410] – Aidan

Thomas, it’s huge and the people swear by them.

[00:09:44.940] – Thomas

Surely it should be a Zimbabwean ridgeback.

[00:09:50.810] – Aidan

Hey, I don’t come up with the names.

[00:09:53.360] – Thomas

OK, fair enough. Oh, well, we’re not accepting that rebrand then, so, OK, pets, pets, pets, pets are great. And horses don’t forget horses. People love a horse. They love a horse. I love owning horses. Spend a lot of money in the horse. Niche You have to have a horse. You have to have a stable. You have to have a stable boy or girl unless you do it yourself.

[00:10:13.890] – Thomas

But I recommend having a stable boy or girl to do it for you, riding around on the horses, taking care of the horses and we want to show off that they own a horse. Definitely a good one. Designs on the back of a shirt would be good for that. Similar designs to the motorbike niche where you see some designs there could transfer over to the the horse niche.

[00:10:34.700] – Aidan

With the horses you have feed them more than a dog and you have to buy them shoes.

[00:10:39.590] – Thomas

Yes, you have to feed them. You have to. Yes indeed. You have to have them. Yes. Footwear. So what else have we got and what’s on your your list of ideas. This rattle through.

Health and Wellness

[00:10:51.260] – Aidan

Health and wellbeing, a.k.a. Jean. Right. Getting fitter, getting stronger across the body, building you name it. Yoga, Pilates. You hot yoga we do in a hot room is that they do yoga.

[00:11:05.420] – Thomas

I believe they call that.

[00:11:06.200] – Aidan

Yes. Yes. Thank you. It’s a it’s a strong one and it’s people are passionate about it to the point where they change their diet to make sure they get better at it.

[00:11:15.890] – Thomas

That’s it. People have such themselves. Fitness is a good niche. Running, racing, rowing, running, jumping, cycling, cycling. Yes. Pastime. Not a sport.

[00:11:28.610] – Aidan


[00:11:29.510] – Thomas

Running, you know. Yes. In that thing that they do every four years that we won’t mention because we don’t want to mention it. But yeah, people do that. But you know, it’s not really, really a sport was it. It’s you know, it’s a pastime and activity but definitely a niche and a strong evergreen, strong evergreen. Although most people of course just signed up for a gym and they never actually turn up after a month, which is why they charge you for a twelve month membership as a minimum.

[00:11:57.470] – Thomas

So but yes, definitely good body building and all of that stuff. I don’t know. What else have we got on the amazing list of evergreen niches for ourselves, but bit a different model making model, making very passionate audiences model, making model, making a great thing because they’re already spending money in the knees to acquire the models. And definitely people are very passionate about that. It’s a good niche if you’ve never made anything yourself by hand. I do recommend drawing.

[00:12:28.730] – Thomas

It’s satisfying to see the product of your labour at the end of the day. Not that I’m into anything other than print on demand. Of course.

[00:12:39.680] – Aidan

Of course. Of course. From another one. But we’re going into the more of the pass time zone that arrives just well for you. So next of past times need could be so in so many different types. So there’s a lot of more mature people you love to sit at home. And so and we are going to be soon approaching the winter months. They’re going to be selling a lot more.

[00:13:02.470] – Thomas

I’m sewing, knitting, cross stitch, that kind of thing. Arts and crafts, shall we say, arts and crafts, not the arts and crafts movement. Google is if you don’t know, I’m not a big fan of the arts and crafts movement. I prefer Barkhouse style design. But anyway, up to you. The actual arts and crafts can be good. They will candlestick making, whatever. All very interesting carving, sculpting, pottery. Model making.

[00:13:34.170] – Speaker 2

Well, these are all these are all things that people can do all throughout the year, so they’re all accidents to target. And a lot of these people we think are thinking of, you know, I mean, even if they had thought of these designs, I bet they haven’t come to you. And you can reach out and honour our customer success managers in our Facebook group, which is linked in the description next to my Facebook ads course just down there, I was pointing furiously at the link and I will help you get these design ideas translated into other languages like German, French, Italian.

[00:14:05.670] – Aidan

So we may have the best you may have the best ever knitting design idea in the world. I’m happy to help you make that. Not only that, once you’ve conquered the United Kingdom, what you’ve conquered USA in English and we’ll get it translated into German, translated to Swedish, translated into French. And then that way you can take over all these countries.

[00:14:26.650] – Thomas

As as the one you can move through Germany, into Holland, Belgium, France, very effectively with Aidan’s help dominate dominate Europe all across the way with Aidan’s translation service, of course, they’re in the group.

[00:14:43.860] – Thomas

So definitely think about it. And have we got a couple more?

[00:14:48.090] – Aidan

We do.

[00:14:49.920] – Thomas

What have we got?


[00:14:50.960] – Aidan

Let’s let’s move on to sort of a past. No, not really. Music genres or people to pay said musical instruments. Right. Very passionate and example of big a violin. Violins go for a hell of a lot of money and very hard to hard to play. It can be pretty passionate that keeping up that.

[00:15:07.800] – Thomas

Yes. So violins or the playing of violins, classical music in instruments like. Thanks, very popular. It can be, it can be, we prefer to say violin playing, but yes, it can be called fiddling. It’s very popular. If you’ve never listened to any violin music and you want to get started. Check out anything by Paganini. Played well. Should get you going. It’s the most difficult music to play. I think of anything at all and played correctly is quite amazing to listen to.

[00:15:43.160] – Thomas

So if you’ve never listened to classical music to check out anything written by Paganini, he’s not around anymore to play himself. But apparently it was quite the thing to see him do it, although no recordings exist anyway. But yes, musical instruments to playing a musical instrument. So not only classical music, but we all know that friend that can’t wait to get out the guitar and play, you know, even though we all tried to stop him and make our excuses, as soon as he leaves the room to retrieve the instrument, harmonica’s mouth organs, as they’re sometimes known, people will play those and also genres of music.

[00:16:17.230] – Thomas

So this country music, of course, absolutely fantastic, fantastic genre of music. The Country Music niche people, you know, there’ll be T-shirts out there, this country girl, this country boy, and you can tie that in. Of course, they trademark free. You have to say trademark free. So you talk about the niche, not about individual artists, but country music itself or rock music. This this rocker, this this this roller rocking and rolling, that kind of thing will work.

[00:16:47.320] – Thomas

Well, jazz music. I’m not a fan of jazz music myself, but if you are, then I play those three types of music anyway. We won’t get into that now. All very strongly. She’s very, very strong. She’s so both the listening to and the playing of different types of music and different instruments can definitely b, b, b, b a great niche to get into.

[00:17:12.430] – Aidan

Yeah, definitely. Hone in on an instrument, hone in on a genre. Next one, professions.

[00:17:19.690] – Thomas

Professions. People tend to work all year round.

[00:17:22.690] – Aidan

Yes, they do.

[00:17:23.270] – Thomas

So they are by definition evergreen that the man, the myth, the dentist, the man, the myth, the lawyer, the man, the myth, the the women, the myth, the dentists, the women, the myth, the whatever, whatever the profession is definitely strong. The nurse, the you what you want to go for professions that people are more likely to tell you that they do in the first thirty seconds of meeting them rather than things that they might not tell you about.

[00:17:51.970] – Thomas

So people truck driving in America, United States and the US of a truck driving is a big thing. People are proud. They often are owner operators of their own rigs. I think they called them. And that that that’s that’s that’s quite a big niche. But if you’re doing something sort of mundane, like shop worker or not, that there’s anything that we shop workers, shops need workers and workers need shops. So not looking down on those professions at all, but people might not be quite as passionate to say that they work in retail as they do if they were an astronaut or a veterinarian, veterinarian or a professional.

[00:18:34.950] – Aidan

Call centre agent.

[00:18:37.250] – Thomas

Salesman. Hatmaker, candlestick maker, so, yes, professions, high, passionate professions, always good, great overdeck, great niche. Give us one more to close this out, because I think people have got the general gist of this and they’ll be able to carry this forward and find some fantastic evergreen niches for themselves now that we’ve given them this inspiration.

[00:18:58.700] – Aidan

Last one. I mean, you could potentially look at sort of religion, Christianity, maybe if you’re very passionate about it.

[00:19:05.560] – Thomas

Yes, yes, yes, Christianity in the United States, if you talk in the United States, say even Europe, quite popular, quite a popular niche, very popular, in fact, persistent evergreen probably.

[00:19:22.750] – Thomas

Yes, yes, indeed.

[00:19:24.430] – Aidan

And the one thing I wanted to talk segway into is you guys, the top sellers are the top guys that we work with Moteefe. They have they have their amazing sales performances through these mothers these days, farmer’s days. But if you look at the consistency when they’re working on these everlasting at the great niches, that’s where the real money comes from, is the consistent sales that trickle in 10 day, 20 a day, because over time these people are doubling their jobs.

[00:19:55.180] – Aidan

They could quit their jobs tomorrow because of this. That’s where the real money see people day in and day out her own in two to three to four times the money they do in their day job through consistent evergreen sales from these other niches. So that’s the one thing I wanted to really and strongly is if you find something that can last you for all year round and then you have a bit of a bump bumper Christmas, great day that we ran consistent sales where you’re really going to see the the difference in your bank balance when you check the numbers there.

[00:20:25.590] – Thomas

That’s a slow and steady build wins the race. That’s what you want to look for. You want to look for these the these types of niches. You can have multiple. Evergreen niches where you just chipping away five, 10, 15 cells die in each stage, four or five of them today a day will definitely drive your success. So to wrap it up, Evergreen niches, the niches that you can settle throughout the year, there’s lots of different ones out there.

[00:20:52.440] – Thomas

Try the family, try products like Moteefe cushion, check out Moteefe dot com. Join the Moteefe Global Group, link in the description. Join my free Facebook course, link in the description and of course, open an account at Moteefe dot com. No one print on demand platform for e-commerce where you can use such great features as custom text, where you can personalise these items, the buyers, you can have a custom textfield your buyers will be able to enter their name, what their pets name or their the name of their iguana or the whatever their auntie.

[00:21:26.210] – Thomas

If they must, if they must. And that really drives buyer engagement. So this is great ecommerce features that we give to you completely free and we have custom domain stores was a custom domain store. I hear you ask, you buy a domain name, you open a store at Moteefe and you link that domain name to your Moteefe store. Thus that store becomes my store dot com, your store, dot com, whatever you’ve chosen. So you can have branding all the way through the buyer experience.

[00:21:56.510] – Thomas

OK, Aidan, I think that brings us to the end of this evergreen.

[00:22:02.600] – Aidan

We will be back next week with another exciting installment. And so until then, take care and stay safe. Good bye, everyone.

[00:22:10.220] – Thomas

Excellent. Thanks, everyone. See you next week.

August national days for Print on Demand campaigns

August national days for Print on Demand campaigns

August national days for Print on Demand campaigns

Summer is finally here! With August on the way, there are a ton of new national days, weeks, and months to be celebrated.  There are great opportunities for Print on Demand sellers to test and launch new product lines.  Not sure what’s coming up?  Keep reading to see what new POD opportunities are on the way.

International Bacon Day, National Tell A Joke Day and International Beer Day are just a few of the crazy national day events taking place in August.  Whilst not every country across the globe celebrates these weird holidays, there will still be a group of people out there partying it up and celebrating to the fullest. The National Holiday Calendar is a great way to find new niche interests to test out on new target audiences; it shows you all of the National Days that are celebrated all year-round.  With August coming up, here’s a list of some of the most celebrated August National Days:

August national day calendar

August 1st   National Friendship Day (US)

August 4th  International Clouded Leopard Day

August 6th  International Beer Day

August 7th  Purple Heart Day

August 8th  World Cat Day

August 9th  National Book Lovers Day (US)

August 10th  World Lion Day

August 11th  World Calligraphy Day

August 12th  World Elephant Day, International Youth Day

August 13th  International Lefthanders Day

August 14th  World Lizard Day

August 15th  V-J Day (Europe)

August 16th  National Tell a Joke Day (US)

August 19th  World Photography Day, World Humanitarian Day

August 20th  World Mosquito Day

August 21st  National Senior Citizens Day (US)

August 22nd  National Be An Angel Day (US)

August 23rd  International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

August 24th  International Strange Music Day

August 25th – National Kiss and Make Up Day (US)

August 26th  National Dog Day, National Women’s Equality Day (US)

August 28th  International Bacon Day

August 30th  Summer Bank Holiday (UK)

Remember, to capitalize on these National Holiday dates, it is important to start marketing your product lines early. Market weeks, or even months in advance so your target audience has time to purchase and receive their products before these National Dates come around. Once you have decided which niche groups and upcoming events you want to target, it’s up to you to market your products to the masses.

Luckily, Moteefe has a ton of free resources available to help you succeed with your Print on Demand journey!

Be sure to watch the past live stream broadcasts available on our YouTube channel for some helpful tips and tricks about social media marketing using Facebook. Don’t forget to subscribe to Moteefe’s YouTube channel to keep up to date with our content and receive a notification every time we upload or go live.

Niche ideas for campaigns

If you need any help or inspiration about launching new products, check out our blogs on how to launch a line for German niches and Cinco de Mayo.  With Father’s Day recently behind us, you can also check out our blog post on Father’s Day design ideas for Print on Demand for more creative ideas to draw upon. 

However, if none of these recommended dates intrigue you to start your next seasonal line, check out the National Day Calendar for other random and oddly specific national holidays to get further inspiration for your next Print on Demand adventure.  You can also check out another one of our past broadcasts, The Beginner’s Guide to Niche Marketing; our blog posts have full transcripts available for those who prefer to read. However, if you prefer to watch the live stream yourself, you can check it out in the Moteefe x Marcazo Global Facebook Group our YouTube channel available below.

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team is here to help you maximize your potential with Moteefe. If you need additional support with anything ahead of your july POD campaigns, please contact our team using the details below.  Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager

Ana Sousa – Success Manager

Support in English from 09am – 1800 BST (UK)

Moteefe Live: Why Print on Demand is the best business model

Moteefe Live: Why Print on Demand is the best business model

Moteefe Live: Why Print on Demand is the best business model

Every day more and more people are turning to Print on Demand to pursue their business ventures.  Selling POD is a low-risk move with potentially high rewards.  It’s a great way to grow your business without requiring thousands of dollars as a starting investment.  In this week’s live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell discuss why selling POD is the best business model.

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Some of the topics they cover include:

  • 00:20 – Completely free to use
  • 04:15 – All you need is an idea.
  • 08:22 – What is a white label store?
  • 10:30 –

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

Completely free to use

When starting a business, there are usually a ton of start-up costs required to get the business up and running.  Entrepreneurs are expected to pay for the stock, storage, and more.  The exorbitant costs usually deter these ambitious people from launching a new business venture in the first place.  Fortunately, Moteefe eliminates those barriers.  It’s completely free to create an account on Moteefe.  We provide the stock, storage, and more.  It’s a low-risk way for new business people to launch their own product lines. 

All you need is an idea

Although there are a lot of Print on Demand products out there with detailed imagery and designs, you don’t need to be an artist to create a top-selling POD product.  In fact, a lot of winning designs are merely text-based.  Don’t let your lack of design experience hold you back from the POD industry.  To start, all you need is an idea.

What is a white label store?

“White label” refers to a fully supported product or service that is made by one company but sold by another.  In this case, the products themselves are provided by Moteefe but they are designed and being sold by sellers like you. 

White label stores give brands and individuals the power to sell their own products without dealing with the logistical administrative work like storing stock, handling the delivery processes, tracking postage and more.  Instead, it frees up the time of the seller, allowing them to focus on their creative branding and design.  To read more on creating your own white-lable store with Moteefe, check out this blog post

For those sellers excelling on, give our sister site Marcazo a try.  It’s. a great way to expand your business and target a new market. is the the most advanced Print-On-Demand platform serving the Brazilian Market. Marcazo makes it possible for creators from all around the world to effortlessly sell their creations to Brazilian buyers.

When you’re doing anything entrepreneurial, you have to have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.

Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

All you need is an idea. You upload your idea, you drive traffic to that idea.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.950] – Aidan

Hello, everyone. We’re here today to talk about POD and why it’s the best business model, the best ever. As always, I’m joined by Thomas Gentleman. Hi, Thomas, how are you?

Completely free to use

[00:00:15.090] – Thomas

I’m good, thank you, Aidan.  Yes, indeed. Today we are talking about print on demand POD print on demand with Moteefe head over and create an account is absolutely free, which is the beginning of why it’s such an amazing business model because there’s no upfront investment needed. So any other thing that you’ve had a brainwave that you were going to do this, that and the other, it’s always oh yes, but I don’t have an ice cream van or a printing press or a pair of scissors to cut here with you.

[00:00:45.090] – Thomas

There’s always an initial investment that you need, but with Moteefe, print on demand, you don’t need anything to start with at all. All you need is an email. Email address is a free the internet. OK, maybe you have to have the Internet. Free Wi-Fi options are available if you want, but basically it’s free free account, free to use completely free wi Moteefe makes money when you make money. That’s why we’re here.

[00:01:10.200] – Thomas

Aidan, one of our customer success managers and Ana shout out to and she’s in the group linked to our Facebook group down below. Please do join Moteefe Global on Facebook. They’re here to guide you towards success because when you’re successful, Moteefe is successful. So it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. So we’re not just trying to keep you there for the sake of keeping you there. We want to maximise you and your and your growth and your revenue and your profits so that you can keep being successful and really grow a sustainable long term business with Moteefe,

[00:01:43.800] – Thomas

Check it out. So print on demand. Let’s break it down, print it. And when I say the word print to you, what what do you think. Not print screen print.

[00:01:52.740] – Aidan

I think I see, I see newspapers on a real printing. I see obviously being in the role I am now, I see t shirts getting printed. I say I mean it’s also since packaging being printed. Print’s a very big thing.

[00:02:05.460] – Thomas

Basically it so print is putting the print onto an item. So we’ve got a range of amazing products at Moteefe that you can put your designs onto. We have everything from white mugs to magic mugs to cushions, t shirts, hoodies, women’s hoodies, slightly more shapely for the women T-shirts, baby sweatshirts.

[00:02:33.750] – Thomas

No, not baby sweatshirts, children’s sweatshirts. Babies don’t need a sweatshirt because they’re not in the gym that often. But we’ve got all of these amazing products. We’ve got a whole range wall, art posters, canvasses, all of these things that you can upload a design. So you have a design, you upload to design. And so this is the print stage when somebody orders. That’s when it becomes printed, that’s the demand, so the demand or does demand mean?

[00:02:59.610] – Thomas

Well, newspapers is a good example. Aidan and I could launch a new daily daily newspaper daily.

[00:03:07.630] – Aidan

Daily? Busy?

[00:03:08.370] – Thomas

Yeah, AT daily, AT Daily. Aidan Thomas Daily. And we’re going to print a million copies on the first day. We’ve got no idea if anyone is going to buy it. That’s not on demand unless you’re printing before demand.

[00:03:20.010] – Aidan

We would call it. It’s where it’s at daily. So I declare.

[00:03:24.730] – Thomas

We wouldn’t do that, but if we did do that, then no one would buy it and probably no one would buy it anyway and maybe they did buy it, maybe they don’t buy it, but we won’t know. And that’s why print on demand is the key on demand we print after the sale comes through. So you make a sale. Then we print it, you get paid out, we take it a little bit to cover our costs and keep going, keep hidden in Internet Connexions and whatever food other way.

[00:03:51.360] – Thomas

And does he has a dog. What’s your dog’s name? Larry or something?

[00:03:54.450] – Aidan

Marco. Marco, my next dog. I’m sure I remember that. I call him Larry just for this.

All you need is an idea

[00:04:00.630] – Thomas

Larry the Labrador coming soon to a live stream near you. So that’s the key to this is the printing on demand. So there’s no need to fill a shop with designs, with with t shirts, with hoodies, with all of these things. You bring your ideas, your designs, your thoughts, your inspirations. And they can be simple. We’ve seen in the past few months just simple text based designs, just.

[00:04:25.050] – Aidan

Oh, yeah.

[00:04:26.040] – Thomas

White text written now and then placed on a black or a dark blue t shirt selling tremendously. So it doesn’t you don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to be a graphic designer. You don’t have to be the next Salvador Dali or Van Gogh with his ear. They’re very simple ideas that you can take. And when somebody orders, we print it. That’s the demand phase. It goes straight to you. It goes through.

[00:04:53.790] – Thomas

It doesn’t go straight to you. It goes straight to them. That’s the other thing. You don’t have to touch it. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to go to the post office. You don’t have to do anything. You can be anywhere in the world. I used to do this from a desert island somewhere in Southeast Asia and very good. It was as well. Shout out to the coast weary crew if they’re watching.

[00:05:10.710] – Thomas

So you can be anywhere in the world. You can do this from anywhere. You don’t have to have a manufacturing facility. You have to buy a printer. All you need is an idea. You upload your idea, you drive traffic to that idea. There’s a free Facebook course. Oh, yes. I created in the in the description somewhere around this video. It could be over. It could be down below. I think on YouTube it’s down below.

[00:05:32.790] – Thomas

Aidan, where is it?

[00:05:33.660] – Aidan

Down below.

[00:05:34.650] – Thomas

Down below. Check it out again. Completely free because why why am I not charging five hundred dollars for this amazing cause or a thousand dollars one. Because we want you to be successful and to because we need you to be successful. And we believe that that Facebook cause will drive your success. So do check it out and follow the tips in there. Join the group Moteefe Global on Facebook and Aidan and Anna will drive you towards success. I’m also active in the group.

[00:06:01.740] – Thomas

Even the CEO of the company cares so much that he’s often active in the group. So that’s what our focus is. And that’s your focus should be on things that you can do without a big investment up front. You might have the next best idea for anything in the world. But if you’ve got a massive initial outlay, that’s the risk. And when you’re doing anything entrepreneurial and doing anything like this is always a bit entrepreneurial, you have to have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.

[00:06:32.300] – Thomas

If you can minimise your risk through that process, then that’s the way to do it. This is why people seek venture capital and capital investment from others people to come in and support the business so that they’re not taking on all of the risk themselves. It’s not because they want to give up half of their business or a third of their business or 20 percent of the business they’re trying to bridge the minimise the risk to themselves, get an extra get an extra money and go out and grow the business.

[00:06:58.460] – Thomas

Well, all you have to do to get extra money we print on demand is to just keep on coming up with ideas that sell and the money will grow itself. So that’s the beauty of the business model. That’s the beauty of Everything’s completely free. Aidan a few words about offering maybe. What do we offer? We have you sign up for an account at What can you do. How can you what have we got in there?

[00:07:22.280] – Aidan

It’s a good question. So first thing I wanted to mention and if is if anyone does have anything stooling them or any doubts in their head, getting the group message me right. They just have a question. What would go on there in terms of products? As we mentioned before, we’ve got a hell of a product, a lot of products. And not only that, it’s creeping ever closer to Q4. So and the hard work you put in now, the more you’re going to go out in the coming months, right?

[00:07:55.010] – Aidan

I see it. I’ve seen it for three years. Every time and every time I’ve just seen sales numbers go up and then up and then up every Q4 and every Q3 and.

What is a white label store?

[00:08:08.450] – Thomas

Indeed, indeed, so Joy Not only do we have all of these amazing products and indeed Kufor is coming, the biggest sales bonanza of the year coming soon, Christmas, massive, massive, massive holiday. But you can make money all the way through to get as evergreen issues for the family niche. All of these niches people are having birthdays all of the time, fishing, barbecuing, all of these the issues here, drinking, all of this stuff that’s going on now as we move into coming towards August and the height of the summer in the northern hemisphere, all of this stuff going on.

[00:08:43.850] – Thomas

We also offer white label stores. Why a white label stores important. What is a white label store here? You ask you can buy a domain name on any domain provider out there won’t name. But there’s many and many and many. You buy a domain name. You have you come to us at Moteefe. You can link that domain name to one of our white label stores and then you have your own domain name. It’s not forward.

[00:09:09.710] – Thomas

Slash your thing. It’s Aidan Aidan a MarcosDoggieTees.Com. And that that show your URL that you’re sorry, that’s your domain name, all of your products within that domain. So that would be that domain name forward slash your product. It’s all nested there so you can start to build a brand. People will recognise that name over time as you start to build up a little bit more of engagement and get some sales. Also, it’s important now because of the whole Facebook thing, we won’t get into it. iOs14 that the Facebook Apple was are going on. Verification that allows you to verify your domain name, your store, so that you can run advertising on wherever you’re going to run advertising to that domain name, primarily through Facebook. Facebook still the. There are other ones coming up. And we’re looking at more integrations all the time. The white heat of industry of Moteefe every day. I mean, we are slackers ablaze every day with messages and people coming up with ideas and pushing, pushing, pushing for for more for more integrations, more improvements, more products, more, more, more to support ourselves.

[00:10:18.890] – Thomas

They’re not doing this. We don’t want to add all these things because we fancy it. We are adding these things because we see true value for our users. So Moteefe We also have a sister site. We don’t talk about this much at all. Marcazo because our .com idea was International Spelling Bee Champion, 1964 eight. And how do you spell Marcazo? I can’t quite remember, but Aidan’s Aidan’s all over it.

[00:10:42.620] – Aidan

M a r c a z o

[00:10:46.250] – Thomas

.com. C o m. I know that part. Excellent. And that is our sister site active in Brazil. That’s our Brazilian sister site where you can sell in Brazil, Brazil, a country where people wear t shirts and we sell t shirts, a perfect combination, a country where it’s difficult to import things into the country. So what do we have? We have a production facility in Brazil, a website completely dedicated to that market, completely free, just like Moteefe white label stores, just like Moteefe.

[00:11:18.440] – Thomas

But the difference here, one, they speak Brazilian, Portuguese, Brazil. They speak Portuguese in Brazil, but Brazilian, Portuguese and two, it’s solely focussed on that market, so solely focussed on that market Moteefe you can sell anywhere around the world, you can even make a sale in Brazil if you want. I would recommend if you were going to do that, to use Marcazo So Marcazo is a great opportunity. And the third big thing about Marcazo and the Brazilian market is that, yes, we’ve all seen print on demand is just getting going.

[00:11:50.460] – Thomas

This is the beginning of the journey for print on demand, a new a new a new industry, a new way of producing things. And it’s still taking off with anyone that gets it now is still getting in and at the ground level, at the ground floor where we’re going to the moon with print on demand. But still a lot of designs that you would have seen sold in the United States, sold in Europe over the last few years. Those design concepts can be easily adapted to the Portuguese market, to the Brazilian market, excuse me, translated into Brazilian Portuguese redesigned and then sold afresh a new yeah in that market.

[00:12:29.070] – Aidan

Not only that, where everyone thinks, oh, I can’t do the cat niche it’s too saturated. It is a myth. It depends on the design, as we’ve discussed, we’ve seen or the the business that needs to saturate when it’s not saturated in Brazil. Yeah. So that’s good. But it’s definitely not in Brazil.

[00:12:51.110] – Thomas

That could be a t-shirt is not saturated in Brazil. And on that bombshell, on that revelation about the Brazilian market, Moteefe and because I’m achakzai .com for Brazil, that’s the summing up of this. It’s print on demand is a beautiful thing to do. It’s a wonderful business model. No upfront costs. You can get in free account. Why they Apple store completely free your own domain, start building a brand, stop building an online presence, drive traffic through Facebook, Facebook, Cats’ course in the description and now is the perfect.

[00:13:24.360] – Thomas

If you did start yesterday, start today. If you started six months ago, good luck to you. If you need any help, I’d nanana in the group, join the group. We want you to win. So yeah, there we are. Excellent. Thank you very much, Ed. And I think we’ve covered all of the bases about why POD is the premier. The wonderful.

[00:13:42.140] – Aidan

It’s the best. It’s the leanest, that’s for sure.

[00:13:44.550] – Thomas

The leanest. It is the leanest and we all like to be lean, so excellent, Aidan. Thank you, everyone out there. Thank you very much. We will be back with another exciting edition of the Live Stream next week where we will cover a secret topic that we won’t reveal yet because we haven’t thought of it quite yet. That’s how we roll, because we’re reactive.

[00:14:08.260] – Aidan

Reporting in the group, guys. And any questions, message me. Stuck for ideas, stuck for niche ideas, stuck for translations, stuck for designs message me. No excuses. Don’t be a stranger.  Message may well end up. And as always, of course.

[00:14:24.250] – Thomas

Ana’s always there. Join the group. Get good in the group with Aidan and Ana.

[00:14:28.480] – Aidan

Yeah. Thanks, guys. Thanks, Thomas and I will see you next week.

[00:14:32.870] – Thomas


Moteefe Live: How to be a POD Stoic

Moteefe Live: How to be a POD Stoic

Moteefe Live: How to be a POD Stoic

Stoicism is a philosophy of personal ethics informed by its system of logic and its views on the natural world.  Basically, it teaches people to endure pain and struggles without complaints or the display of feelings. When you are in the POD business, there can be a lot of ups and downs.  It’s important to remain calm and remember numbers in this industry tend to fluctuate.  As long as you test, you’ll find a winner.  Being a stoic is useful since getting angry and flustered can distract you from your POD goals. 

In this week’s live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell discuss how the practice of stoicism can help you succeed on your POD journey.

Some of the topics they cover include:

  • 01:25 – What is stoicism?
  • 03:45 – How do you apply stoicism in your life? 
  • 10:30 – Fun facts about Stoicism
  • 13:37 – Next steps to start practicing Stoicism

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

What is stoicism?

Stoicism is a philosophy designed to make us more resilient, virtuous and wise.  A person that is considered stoic is someone that endures pain or hardship without complaints or displaying negative emotions.  

How do you apply stoicism in your life?

The core idea of Stoicism is to recognize what you can and cannot control. If you can control something, then you’re able to influence its outcome. As soon as you realise that you’re not in control of a situation, you have to accept that as a reality.  For example, on hot sunny days, you cannot control the weather’s temperature.  What you can control are your own actions and how you react on these blazing hot days.

Fun facts about Stoicism

There are several people who are known Stoics.  Allegedly, some notable Stoics include George Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Ferriss and Bill Clinton!  The four virtues of stoicism are wisdom, justice, courage and moderation.

“You can control the frequency of designs that you test. You can control the text, the design, the nature that you’re in, the frequency you can control those things. What you can’t control is whether people buy or don’t buy.”

Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

If you can control something, then you’re in control of that. If you’re not in control of it, as soon as you realize that you’re not in control of it, you have to accept that as a reality.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.700] – Aidan

Hi. Hi, guys. Welcome to Moteefe, and we’re going to be talking about how to be a POD stoic and I’m joined by one of the best jokes and about Moteefe Thomas. Gentlemen, how are you? Thomas, thanks for joining us.

[00:00:17.000] – Thomas

Hi, Aidan. I’m good. Hello, everyone. Yes, this week we’re going to be talking about how stoicism and the stoic mindset can help you with your e-commerce, with Moteefe. Moteefe, of course, is the leading end-to-end to end POD platform for e-commerce, where you can create an account completely free. Link your custom domain, a domain that you own, have a store with your own domain name, run traffic to that domain, and then when you make a sale, we give you a percentage, a very generous percentage of that style amount.

[00:00:50.310] – Thomas

And you cash out its vast array of products with some really great features like custom text. So do check out Moteefe dot com. It’s completely free to you. So head over there right now and create an account. And we have free Facebook articles in the in the comments that will be linked and the Facebook group as well, where Aydan, one of our customer success managers, as well as Anna, is in there to help you with your POD goals and also give you a few tips on stoicism after this possibly enlightening episode least.

What is stoicism?

[00:01:27.150] – Aidan

And we will mention and what that course entails, what goes on in the group and how you start making money a little bit later on. Let’s kick it off those comments. I suppose the question begs and the question is, is what is stoicism? Where did it begin? What’s it all about?

[00:01:46.080] – Thomas

What’s the big idea? Is that what you’re saying? Well, OK, so stoicism comes out of ancient Greece. So Greek philosophy, a lot of things, philosophy wise, come out of ancient Greece, some big names there. We won’t go through them all. But stoicism is a framework for happiness. It’s centuries old, millennia old, in fact, thousands of years old coming out of Greece. And really the idea here, it’s a complicated subject with lots of nuance and lots of things in it.

[00:02:18.270] – Thomas

But really the overarching theme is that it’s a framework in which you can use to find a happier way of living, a happier way of dealing with things and and to find contentment or a degree of contentment in a world that is topsy turvy, upside down. So now we have the Internet. You can Google all sorts of things. You can type in and go and open an account and start sending POD products to anyone in the world.

[00:02:48.900] – Thomas

Or you can go to Wikipedia and find out all sorts of information about germ theory, the spice atoms, all of this stuff. Back then, they didn’t have any idea. Well, they had the beginnings of ideas, which is why ancient Greece is still talked about now. But they didn’t know about germ theory. They didn’t know why things happened. It was a world where there was war. There was this there was that disease, famine, all of these things happening around everybody, huge child mortality rates.

[00:03:20.070] – Thomas

And so they were living in incredibly uncertain times. We think we were living in uncertain times. Now, this was the most uncertain of times. So to deal with this, they came up with a concept, a way, a framework of dealing with all of the things that go on around you that you can you can use to make sense of it and also to move towards having a happier life.

How do you apply stoicism in your life?

[00:03:46.630] – Aidan

I mean, who doesn’t want a happy life right? Make sense to me.

[00:03:50.890] – Thomas

Oh, Stoics because they’re already 10.

[00:03:54.280] – Aidan

Yes, so that makes sense. Can you give me an example of of sort of a stoic methodology.

[00:04:08.990] – Thomas

So how to apply stoicism in today’s world? So really, what what we can the the core of it is to work out what you can and cannot control. So if you can control something, then you’re in control of that. If you’re not in control of it, as soon as you realise that you’re not in control of it, you have to accept that as a reality.

[00:04:31.260] – Thomas

You say, okay, I’m not in control of that. Therefore, I’m going to accept that as fine because there’s nothing that I can do about it. So, for instance, if you were quite annoyed at the sun coming up every morning, there’s no point being annoyed because there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about the sun coming up in the morning. Yes. Okay. You could buy a private jet or a boat and just keep on trying to outrun the sun for the rest of your life and stay in eternal darkness if you really wanted to.

[00:04:58.280] – Thomas

But somewhere the sun is going to come up again. So it’s out of your control. It’s very important to determine what is and is not in your control. That is really the first step. So. That that that’s the that’s the idea.

[00:05:13.530] – Aidan

So I suppose to leave then how can we apply stoicism into POD? How can we become a POD stoic and what would be the benefits of having put in that mindset?

[00:05:27.660] – Thomas

Well, so what is in your control? What is in your control is your actions and your thoughts. They are the things that you can control. So that is quite a lot already. So all of your actions and all of your thoughts are what you can control. I can’t control, although I try to control what Aidan is thinking and doing, I can’t control that he has a degree of self determination, not too much, but enough. So I can’t control him and I can’t control anything other than what I do and what I say and what I think.

[00:05:59.760] – Thomas

So it’s concentrating on on that. So once you realise that it’s what is in your power and what’s out of your power, then you can start to be happier. How do you apply this to a print on demand business with Moteefe The things that you can control are your actions so you can be determined to set aside a certain amount of time each week to come up with new design ideas. You can commit to having five, 10, 15, 20 designs made every week.

[00:06:34.920] – Thomas

If you’re a top seller in the group, please do contact Aidan because he will be able to help you with artwork. We have a service for our top sellers, which is very popular and very good. So you can you can control that. You can control the frequency of designs that you test. You can control the text, the design, the nature that you’re in, the frequency you can control those things. What you can’t control is whether people buy or don’t buy.

[00:07:03.330] – Thomas

Now, you might spend a lot of time and I have in the past coming up, you have an idea and you think this is it. This is a Lambo time. I’ve got the idea. It’s definitely going to work. And I’ve spent a long time designing it. I’ve tweaked I’ve got the colours right. I love the design. I’d wear it. I’d order five myself. I love it. You start running ads to it. No one’s interested.

[00:07:26.160] – Thomas

No one even shares it. There’s hardly any like it’s failing. What you can’t control is whether they like it or not, you like it, but that doesn’t matter if you’re a non stoic way of looking at that would be to get angry. Yeah, to try and make it work. Well, I’m going to make it work no matter what, all of the evidence says that it’s not going to work, but I think it is going to work now.

[00:07:48.500] – Thomas

The proper way to look at it is it’s not working. Move on to the next design. Don’t become married to the design. Don’t become emotional about it. Look at it in the cold, hard light of day. I thought it would work fine. It didn’t work. I did my part. I did everything correctly. Maybe you can learn from it. OK, next time I could tweak this, I could try it out. I can do this.

[00:08:09.080] – Thomas

I can do that. That stuff that you can’t control, but you can’t make somebody buy unless they unless they are prepared to buy it.

[00:08:15.350] – Aidan

Yeah. And I have I have this question from them, from sellers in the group, and they say they just need to change the their question to me. They say, Aidan, how can I sell this design, not how can I how can I make a design that sells. Right. And they get so tied up in how can I sell this instead of how can I create something that will sell? And I think that definitely rings true to a lot of new POD beginners.

[00:08:42.950] – Thomas

Absolutely. So you can control your thoughts, your actions around this. So you don’t have to be upset because that one design didn’t sell, you know, that you’re going to work or more that other people are being very successful selling POD through Moteefe. And you are going to be one of those people when you have to set yourself up for success. If you become disenfranchised, angry, upset, looking for external factors to blame, again, something that you can’t control—then you will not be happy.

[00:09:13.400] – Thomas

You will not be successful. You will not end up winning because you’re being distracted. It will reduce your motivation. Your motivation should be completely separate to the results that you’re getting, because you should know that in the end you will get there and you just have to keep on doing the right things. You learn a lot along the way. Watch the Facebook ads goes completely free link in the description, but that’s up to you. You can watch the Facebook ads.

[00:09:37.910] – Thomas

Of course you can skip it. You can take the bits that you want to hear from it, which are, you know, the bits about scaling and just move on to that and skip the bits about testing or not. Listen to the part where I say if you’re getting a very high cost per click, you should turn it off, or that you should only test one engagement at a time. And if you don’t get lots of comments and shares, then it’s not worth testing as a conversion at all.

[00:10:07.370] – Thomas

You can just plough through, say, oh yeah, that’s fine, I’ll just move straight through. That doesn’t matter. I’m sure he didn’t he didn’t mean this design. He didn’t mean me. My design is better than this. I know what I’m doing. That is how you start to make mistakes and start to become emotional and emotionally invested. You’re trying to be logical, cold, detached, detached and only concentrating on the things that you can control and you will be in life much happier.

Fun facts about Stoicism

[00:10:35.780] – Thomas

So if you do that.

[00:10:37.250] – Aidan

so it’s again, it’s put yourself in a position where you’re completely unbiased. You’ve got no bias for that design against the overweight nurse. And just some fun facts. You guys have got a small list of famous Stoics, so people are greatly influenced by stoicism. George Washington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Ferriss and Bill Clinton all influence pastors and a lot of them also. Westernism is got a lot of stoicism built into it in some way, shape or form.

[00:11:10.730] – Aidan

They came back and tell me so.

[00:11:13.160] – Thomas

So stoicism. I don’t know if you’re going to ask me a question, though, but stoicism comes out of a great was made very popular by the Romans. So there are some similarities between stoicism and Christianity. In fact, the early Christians had to frame their that their ideology, if you will, their their religion, I suppose it is rather than ideology around winning the Stoics over a stoicism was so popular in Rome at the time. Marcus Aurelius, the probably the greatest Roman Empire emperor, not my favourite one.

[00:11:51.560] – Thomas

I’m a big guy, Julius Caesar man. But, you know, he he certainly had an impact. And his book, Meditations, is something that you should read if you’re more interested. So it comes out of that. There’s a few on that list. I’m not quite sure how much of a stoic William Jefferson Clinton, the former president of the United States, a good book by Christopher Hitchens about him, the triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton, if you’re interested in learning more about the former president, but certainly it has had an impact.

[00:12:27.860] – Thomas

It still has an impact. There’s a whole way that you can live as a stoic. If you read meditation’s, there’s a lot of new books are written around. Stoicism is itself a niche you can philosophy. As a niche, you can. Run designs to various different branches of philosophy with some philosophy style names. It’s actually quite a good name to get into. We don’t see many people selling into that niche, but it’s definitely a good niche.

[00:12:54.110] – Thomas

And there’s a lot of books written more recently in there, OK, people’s interpretation of the original ideas. But really, if you go back to source, certainly Meditation’s or the Lord Russel Bertrand Russell wrote a guide to Western philosophy. Very good. Bertrand Russell, not quite as popular as he used to be and certainly not quite as popular as he should be. A conscientious objector in the First World War lived at Pembrokeshire House in South London near Kew Gardens.

[00:13:24.670] – Thomas

Very nice. It is there as well. So I. Did I cut you off with a question?

Next steps to start practicing Stoicism

[00:13:31.930] – Aidan

Yes. Well, I think you’ve answered my question when you on and your beautiful Tange in there and in knowing this and being unbiased and seeing the benefits of how it can help you, you know, not worrying about things you can’t control, what would you suggest or recommend are amazing views do next instead known as.

[00:13:54.850] – Thomas

Well, again, you’re in control of your own thoughts and your own emotions, to an extent, that’s the problem. Are you you need to be in control of your own thoughts and your own actions. Maybe the emotions can get in the way. So thoughts and actions are what you want to do and what you want to concentrate on. So if you imagine that you were playing a sport against a very talented opponent, pick any sport, life like golf ball, snooker or billiards or even those free games like darts or any any anything that you could play against somebody else.

[00:14:30.760] – Thomas

If you go into that game against an opponent that you know is better than you, you’re not going to play your best game because you’re going to be concentrating on what they’re doing or even an opponent that’s as good as your worse than you. If they start to win, you are going to start to make mistakes because you’re being distracted by what they’re doing. Really, if you concentrate on your thoughts and your actions, then you would be. Looking at your game and trying to play as well as you possibly can, given your abilities at any given time, and then you will play better because you’re only concentrating on what you’re doing and not where anybody else is doing.

[00:15:11.250] – Thomas

And that’s the same with business, with life, with relationships. You can’t control whether somebody else is obsessed with you or whether they’re going to take you to Nando’s or some other. Eatery or ask you to do so, but you can ask them and if they say no, then you can’t control that. So becoming upset about that would be natural, but under stoicism, you should accept that is fine and then move on to the next hungry compadre for your dining pleasure.

[00:15:48.340] – Aidan

So personally, in terms of bringing it to the print on demand world, you tend to design. You have no control. People love it or hate it if they hate it. And you can quickly accept that people don’t want it and move on to the next century. You focus on what you can control, which is in the end benefits your results right?

[00:16:08.200] – Thomas

Indeed, whether they whether they purchase a tremendous amount of the design or they do not is outside of your control.

[00:16:16.300] – Thomas

What is inside of your control is how you react to that, what your actions are, how you look at the numbers. There are lots of numbers. In fact, Picard’s manager or any ads platform, lots of numbers that can distract you. You can look at all sorts of stats to try and find, oh, actually, well, you see, this one had this and it had that, even though it’s not profitable and all of the sides used to search for some glimmer of hope because you are emotionally connected to it.

[00:16:43.540] – Thomas

Oh, well, actually, when you look at women thirty five to forty six in Barcelona, then it looks like they might buy some. But you look. Coldly and rationally at it, you don’t control it, what you can’t control is turning it off. Having a new design ready that you should already have, moving on to the next thing and not becoming upset about it. Whatever line of sight in your career you can’t control, whether you get promoted, a raise fired or doing any of those things, you can’t control that.

[00:17:16.250] – Thomas

But what you can control is you can turn up early to work every day. You can wear a suit and tie to work. You don’t have to wear a hoodie. You can dress smartly. You can reply with proper English. If your English isn’t great, then you can learn better English. You can use apps to improve your grammar. You can you can be a better person. You can shave every morning. You can get your hair cut.

[00:17:37.160] – Thomas

You can you can look for better employment. You can train yourself. You can do all of those things there inside of your control. So I know concentrate your efforts on those things. Then in the end, you will be much happier and more successful because you won’t be upset about the external factors and tell me, you know what else, you can control the weather.

[00:17:56.240] – Aidan

No, no. You can also control if you have a design that has shown some initial success, messaging me to help you scale that design with via translated into another language or redesigning it in those other languages. Anything you need, that is, if you can control that would definitely help you print on demand. Those get reached.

[00:18:19.610] – Thomas

Absolutely. Indeed you can.

[00:18:21.770] – Aidan

And where to find me is in the Facebook group, which you can find a link to in the description below.

[00:18:27.710] – Thomas

Absolutely. You certainly can. So joining the Facebook group is something you can control messaging and latter is something that you can control that is all within your remit, your power to control deciding, making the decision right now that you’re going to commit to print on demand with Moteefe dot com, open an account, join the group message. I didn’t say if you’ve got no idea what you think. Message, right. And so I don’t know what I’m doing.

[00:18:51.590] – Thomas

I will guide you through. I get you good. That’s what he does to get good expert.

[00:18:56.470] – Aidan

There’s people on a weekly basis to say, Aidan, I’m selling, you know, 10, 20, 30, 40, 300, 400 units per week. But I don’t know what to do next. And then I always find a flaw, a chink in the armour that they should be doing to get them back on the track to maintain or increase the sales. Just ask me. I’m there. It goes away. So please do not be a stranger, even if you’ve never sold a unit before most days.

[00:19:19.790] – Thomas

And so I don’t know why I’m doing what should I do, what should I say? Which now is everything I can to guide you right through it, pointing in the right direction to get more information and get you on the pathway to success. And I’m in the group as well. So if you want more hot tips about stoicism and how to remain objective and calm through the uncertainty that life gives you, then read a book and message me if you must go.

[00:19:41.930] – Aidan

And thank you. Tell me something that’s a bit of a different a different one.  I really enjoyed it. Very insightful. And I hope you guys enjoyed it too. I look forward to seeing you in the group and. Yeah, see you next time. Next Thursday. Take care, guys.

[00:19:57.380] – Thomas

Stay stoic. 

[00:20:00.310] – Aidan

Bye bye.

Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Moteefe Live: The best Print on Demand products to sell in Q3

Moteefe Live: The best Print on Demand products to sell in Q3

T-shirts, mugs or cushions?  What exactly are the best products to be selling during this time?  With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which products to include in your store.  Having too few options may not attract people to purchase from your store but having too many options may create an overwhelming experience for the customer.  So, what should you do?

In this week’s live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell discuss the best POD products to sell in Q3.  This is one live stream you do not want to miss.

Some of the topics they cover include: 

  • 01:45 – Niches for the summer months 
  • 03:00 – Summer products 
  • 09:05 – Scaling your designs

    Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

    Niches for the summer months

    It’s pretty warm during Q3 which makes it a great time to experiment with some summer niches.  From camping to barbecuing, there are a ton of options to choose from. Not sure what to test?  Check out our blog post, Summer campaign niche ideas for Print on Demand

    Summer products

    One product that we highly recommend including in your store this summer is fleece blankets.  It’s one product that will definitely be a popular purchase since it’s so versatile.  You can use it at night during those summer camping trips or as a blanket for picnics or beach days.  Other products you should consider include cushions, t-shirts, tank tops, and singlets.

    Scaling your designs

    If you have a design that’s showing signs of initial success, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you scale it.  We can translate your design to other languages so you can retarget your Facebook ads to areas all over the world.  If it has been thriving in one area, chances are, it will perform well in another.

    ” So designs, designs, designs, the more designs you have, the better chance that you have of finding a winning design. Now, lots of things sell, but winners are winners. You want to find things that work. If it makes them cry, it makes them buy. That’s the key to success.”

    Thomas Gentleman

    Learn more

    If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

    • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
    • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
    • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

    You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

    Contrast is important to make the design stand out—Pop.

    — Thomas Gentleman

    Full transcription

    [00:00:01.970] – Aidan

    Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s instalment, where we are going to be going through the best print on demand products to sell in Q3, especially on Moteefe, the place to sell all your goods online with no barrier to entry and no fee to pay. So how are you?

    [00:00:20.810] – Thomas

    I’m good. I did. Yes. This week’s instalment will be all about Q3. We’ve just entered the Q3 zone.

    [00:00:28.830] – Thomas

    Oh, yes. That is very rough to tell us what I said. There are there are four quarters to the year. One of them is Q3. One is Q2. One is Q1 one Q4. Now we enter Q3, the 1st of July announces Q3 and it runs all the way through to the end of September the 1st of October. And then we’ll be in Q4. So Q3, it’s right now it’s summer. We’ve got some interesting months for July, named famously after Ghias Julius Caesar, dictator of Rome, who isn’t around anymore.

    [00:01:05.780] – Thomas

    But if he was around, he would be sending POD products through Moteefe because he was a man of class. And then we have August named after his son, actually. Anyway, there’s more to life than Roman empires, but not for the next two months and then September, where the season slightly changes. So we’ve got two summer months, summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the southern hemisphere. Interesting fun fact for all of you out there.

    Niches for the summer months

    [00:01:32.240] – Thomas

    Hot. It’s very hot. So what do people like to do when it’s hot? Well, they still wear t shirts. They still wear t shirts. So t shirts are always a great stero evergreen products. Everyone, almost everyone owns a t shirt. So there’s a few out of people out there that don’t own a t shirt. But if they don’t own a t shirt, then they probably own a pillow and we sell them as well or cushion as they now.

    [00:01:55.700] – Thomas

    So we’ve got two hot months. So what are some of the issues? We’ve got all sorts of things going on. Prices are starting to open back up again. There’ll be people out trying to catch fish fishing as it’s as it’s known, people doing all sorts of outside activities. So take your summer ideas, your summer designs, your summer nature’s barbecuing. That’s a great one is in London. In England, as soon as there’s even a glimpse of sunshine, people have rush out and start to.

    [00:02:28.540] – Thomas

    Warm up the barbecue, heat up the barbecue. Light it up. So barbecuing is is big. You love barbecue, don’t you?

    [00:02:34.770] – Aidan

    I don’t think you can’t be a good barbecue.

    [00:02:37.330] – Thomas

    You can’t beat the good barbecue. Make sure that you cook properly if you are doing it. Health tips. So barbecuing is a great niche. Anything to do with summer is a great niche. T-shirtsts are always great. We have just released an interesting product for some are very interesting on those cool summer evening. So you go out, I think, you know, in the northern hemisphere, certainly in London, in England, you go out and you think, oh, it’s very warm, very warm, but the sun doesn’t set until 10 or 11 o’clock at night.

    Summer products

    [00:03:06.750] – Thomas

    And you’re out there and you start to get a little bit cooler and you’ll be the oh, well, maybe if only I had a fleece blanket in the middle of summer, then my life would be complete. So we have just released fleece blankets at the height of summer, but the smaller blankets can be used as baby blankets because they are about that size and then the next size up almost a stroller size and then the much larger fleece blanket. But a great product could be a throw, could be a blanket.

    [00:03:33.400] – Thomas

    People do use them and a great product we’ve just released. So get thinking about fleece blankets because they are certainly a great way to earn some and some money selling some products. Right now. The other products, always cushions are great. We always mention cushions, cushions, cushions, cushions, as they say. Cushions are always great. People have birthdays every day of the year. I think probably somebody has a birthday every day of the year. There must not be that.

    [00:03:58.900] – Thomas

    We’d know about that if there was one. They donated nicely. So birthdays are always good. So personalised gifts, always great cushions, fleece blankets, T-shirts, tank tops or singlets, as some people call them.

    [00:04:17.230] – Aidan

    We call it a vest and tank tops is what we got.

    [00:04:20.640] – Thomas

    Vest is normally warm inside a little bit like a string vest wraps a bit Moteefe is the kids call agressor.

    [00:04:32.140] – Thomas

    The kids, the kids call it vests. Well, we’ve got to we got to keep on trend. So vests are great. So even Hoodie’s even hoodies can set in the summer. You would be surprised what you can. So don’t be put off by what you’re trying to sell by thinking, oh, it’s too warm out so people aren’t going to aren’t going to buy the normal evergreen product. So it’s much more, again, about the design that you’re putting on it.

    [00:04:52.300] – Thomas

    So you might think fleece blankets. Oh, well, it’s a bit warm for that. No, actually, it gets cooler. People want them people at home. Some people have air conditioning. So it’s they’re all great. Everything’s a great summer product if you get the right design on it. That’s what I’m trying to say. But the the leading products are always going to be the leading products and you just have to focus in on those summery niches.

    [00:05:15.700] – Aidan

    Yeah, I just wanted to add in a blanket summer holiday, but I’m going camping this weekend and with my family, I know my mum’s going to be to fleece blankets and I’m going to be bringing one. And I know my aunt is going to be around, that’s all. Yep. So do you think about a campsite? You’ve got all those different families there and they’ll bring in four. And if they do one, this is my camping blanket or something like that, there is there will be sold.

    [00:05:43.270] – Aidan

    And if you’re in these these countries over there. But in England, I can speak for England. Soon as that sun sets, it gets cold real quick indeed.

    [00:05:51.890] – Thomas

    Aidan does indeed speak for England as the official spokesperson of England now. Yes. So it does get cold in England. Shock, horror. It also rains in England. It does get warm and we do have those long summer evening. So hoodie’s all of these things people will be carrying with them will be wearing, though. I know there are no there is not. This is a summer product. This is a winter product or the same product. So all the way through the year, of course, the colder it gets, the more people want to buy a hoodie in, the warmer it gets, the more people want to buy it.

    [00:06:21.010] – Thomas

    Vest, singlet, tank, top, whatever, whatever, whatever strikes you as the best one out of those to pick. So very importantly, all now of your buyers, every buyer, because if you’re selling on Facebook, we have a free Facebook outscores down. Check the link in the description, completely free. All of your buyers, your custom audiences are all 180 days long. So, oh, everyone that views your content. Click on add to cart crick’s initiate click through to look at the checkout and then eventually purchases.

    [00:06:55.690] – Thomas

    You will be able to retarget all the way up to Christmas, all the way up to Christmas from from now on with the 180 day custom audiences on Facebook. So these clicks are the most important ones for retargeting. So you can build up some very large audiences if you keep on pushing, keep pushing all the way through Q3 into Q4 to build those audiences up. Of course, the engagement audiences, everybody that likes comments, shares your posts, does anything like that or does any interaction on your page at all there?

    [00:07:27.980] – Thomas

    Always targetable for 365 days, but the actual the actual actions, the. View content, add to cart initiate, check our purchases, they will all be built up now and retargeted Bordeaux’s audiences for Christmas or every sale you make you can retarget people later on and double down the Moteefe.

    [00:07:50.490] – Aidan

    Is it safe to say that the more work and now the more you go out in Q4?

    [00:07:55.710] – Thomas

    It’s safe to say that if you don’t put in any work at all, you won’t get anything out. So, yes, it’s important that you remember that everything is really targets for everything is is reusable from now on in up into the huge event that is Q4. And the interesting thing about Q3 is after Q3 to Q4, so in just 90 short days, 91, maybe 90 days, depending on how you how you want to count, whether you can’t stay or not, where in Q4 and Q4 is going to be massive.

    [00:08:23.020] – Thomas

    So. If you need to POD, this is the perfect opportunity to get good Aidan will get you good and it will get you could join the group link in the description. We’re here to help. Of course, we’re always here to help. But you have got 90 days to get good for Q4. Plus, you can make a tremendous amount of sales in this period as well. If you’re so if you’re new, it’s a great time to get in and start learning, start testing, start getting used to it.

    [00:08:49.560] – Thomas

    And again, all of your agencies, you can be in Q4. If you order had, then you already know that Q3 is an excellent opportunity to keep on pushing right the way through the summer with a great design on an appropriate product put in front of the right people. It’s always going to sell. And if you’ve got anything else about Q3 that you want to drip in, I haven’t.

    Scaling your designs

    [00:09:12.210] – Aidan

    I would like to add that. And they actually give me a second. And yeah, I want to say that guys and gals out there, if you find a design that’s showing some signs of initial success, get in touch with me immediately on the Facebook group link in the description, because I’ll be more than happy to help you take over the world of that design. What I mean by that is if you need that translated into German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish to scale out into all of Europe, I’ll help you do that.

    [00:09:43.680] – Aidan

    And we or indeed, if it’s in one of those other languages into English, wherever you need, we’re here we’re here to support the idea that we’re here to support and I’m here to make sure that I do anyway. So, yes, it’s a great time to sign up. We’ve got a complete end to end POD platform ready for you. We handle all of the customer services, all of the customer support. We’ve got everything that you need, custom stores where you can link your own domain with the white label stores.

    [00:10:15.570] – Thomas

    We’ve got the complete solution right for you. No charge, no charge whatsoever. It’s completely free to use you upload your design, select the products that you want that design to appear on. Put it into the store with your own domain name. You can you can link to to to our stores and you drive the traffic. Somebody makes a sale, you make a sale and you get a percentage of that profit from the sale. And we get a small amount to cover our cost.

    [00:10:46.200] – Thomas

    So that’s the way it’s done. That’s what to do. Link in the description for a completely free Facebook ads course, it’s very good. And the group and everything you need to start or complete your POD journey. Aidan, let’s wrap it up.

    [00:11:01.650] – Aidan

    Yes. Thank you very much, guys. I look forward to seeing the Facebook group and any questions. Feel free to out myself or anything to be more than happy to have.

    [00:11:11.160] – Thomas

    Excellent. Well thank you all very much. And we will be back in two weeks time because next week Aidan is going camping Ganpati collapsing Kladno absence of motor vehicles clamping camping scrumping baseline that we can think of in a nice hotel.

    [00:11:28.620] – Thomas

    Of course that’s not camping, that’s watching people camping. That is creepy. I now know that I am. I will return in two weeks time. Thank you very much.

    [00:11:37.230] – Aidan

    Okay guys. Bye bye.

    Moteefe Live: Why Print on Demand is the best business model

    Moteefe Live: The three keys to POD: Designs, design, designs

    Moteefe Live: The three keys to POD: Designs, design, designs

    Coming up with original and relatable Print on Demand designs can be a difficult task when launching a POD business.  Although sellers want to create a design that their buyers will like, they also need to consider how these designs will look once printed on a product.  The design is the main factor in what makes a good POD product.  In this week’s live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell discuss strategies in creating a top-selling design for Print on Demand. 

    Some of the topics they cover include: 

    • 04:30 – “If it makes them cry, it makes them buy.”
    • 06:00 – Free Facebook Ads Course 
    • 06:30 – Free Design Service 
    • 09:40 – Q4 is coming!
    • 14:50 – The difference between a good seller and a great seller

    Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

    “If it make them cry, it makes them buy”

    Be sure to personalize your designs to your target audience.  It is common for people to want to buy products that personally resonate with them.  A phrase or image that relates to your audience will help boost sales.

    Free Facebook Ads Course

    Moteefe School is a free Facebook ads course that was created with the seller in mind.  The final product? An online course containing a total of 13 videos with valuable information for POD sellers of all levels.  Starting off with three introductory videos to give the viewer a basic understanding of the Print on Demand world, the course breaks down into ten specific videos revolving around campaign creation, marketing strategies, using Facebook’s Business Manager and more.

    In this program, you will learn how to:

    • Ideate, launch and market a campaign
    • Create and analyze Facebook advertisements
    • Research and  target niche markets 

    Enroll today and become an expert at Facebook ads!

    Free Design Service

    Moteefe Designs is the artwork service for POD entrepreneurs. Get your hands on 100% unique, scaleable designs to boost your print on demand sales in this exhilarating industry. 

    • Thousands of happy customers in over 30 countries
    • POD specialist designers with over 10 years of industry experience
    • Zero risk of copyright and trademark infringement
    • 100% Original design tailor-made to your ideas

    Reach out to your Success Manager to take advantage of this service. 

    The difference between a good seller and a great seller

    The difference between a good seller and a great seller is their drive and hunger for success.  A good seller will create a design and push it out to the world.  They’ll keep promoting it through Facebook Ads until it reaches success.  However, a great seller will create and test multiple designs, make adjustments and drop anything that doesn’t perform well.  Instead of being married to a few ideas, they’ll keep changing things up and only focus on the ones that do well.  Work smart, not hard.

    ” So designs, designs, designs, the more designs you have, the better chance that you have of finding a winning design. Now, lots of things sell, but winners are winners. You want to find things that work. If it makes them cry, it makes them buy. That’s the key to success.”

    Thomas Gentleman

    Learn more

    If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

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    Contrast is important to make the design stand out—Pop.

    — Thomas Gentleman

    Full transcription

    [00:00:01.520] – Speaker 1

    Good afternoon, everyone, and it’s me and Thomas here at Moteefe, yet again, another exciting installation for you all this week we’re going to talk about the three keys to POD designs. And as you see in the title, designs, designs, designs. It’s always. How are you?

    [00:00:20.210] – Speaker 2

    Hi, Aiden. Yes, thank you. Welcome, everybody to Moteefe is the number one and POD solution for e-commerce. We have multiple printing and fulfillment locations around the world. So wherever your buyers are, their orders are produced locally to them, cutting down on the environmental impact and giving a great delivery time which proves their buyer experience. We’re fully focused on your success. Aiden is one of our customer success managers alongside Anna, who you can find in the group link in the description somewhere around there.

    [00:00:52.800] – Speaker 2

    You know what they say, max up the likes, subscribe, comment. Let us know that you’re out there. So, yes, the three keys to POD are the design. Well, design, design, design. So within that you don’t overly design things, but it’s the design. Really what we’re selling is almost a digital product that we fulfil at the end. So the whole buyer experience is now digitized. Nobody’s going to the shops. We’re not boomers, are we?

    [00:01:20.120] – Speaker 2

    We can all share screens and look at each other and zoom calls and show each other things, share it online. All of the social media platforms out there have driven tremendous social engagements, but within that there’s also the opportunity to sell through those platforms. So boomers aside, this is the new era, the new era for e-commerce, like a new revolution. We’ve had the agricultural revolution. For all of you history buffs out there, we had the Aden’s one step ahead of me with the industrial revolution.

    [00:01:57.320] – Speaker 2

    Shout out to the eighteen sixties. Now we look for the digital revolution. You, me, everyone can open a free account at, upload a product, a design for a product, and that product will be printed that will be printed onto a product. And when somebody buys it, they’ll buy. Then it will be printed, then it will be delivered to them. So it’s a revolutionary new way of producing one on the demand. So print on demand.

    [00:02:32.030] – Speaker 2

    That’s what we that’s what we do and that’s what we focus on. Aidin, how would you say print on demand is different to traditional e-commerce?

    [00:02:41.510] – Speaker 1

    Well, first then there’s the first question I was going to ask you is so it’s printed on demand. So say if you didn’t want to have the stock ready to sell it, it could just magically Finnair and then you send it. That’s what would happen with you doing it, right?

    [00:02:58.010] – Speaker 2

    Absolutely. So e-commerce has been around for, you know, since the 1990s, people buying things online. But the old way of doing things was that you would be selling a product that already existed. So it was basically the same as as a shop. It’s just you were taking orders in a new way. This is a completely different way of doing things. Basically, nothing exists until the order comes in. That’s where the demand is and that’s when it’s printed.

    [00:03:21.080] – Speaker 2

    So we’re not drop shipping from another continent. There’s not a warehouse. You don’t have to rely on somebody that maybe has it doesn’t have it some stock level going down. When there’s an order, we print and deliver. And why do people order? I order because, yes, everybody loves a T-shirt. Everybody loves a hoodie, but they’re buying the design. That’s what they really buy. The t shirt, the type of t shirt. Yes, of course.

    [00:03:49.550] – Speaker 2

    We provide great quality products to be printed upon. But it’s not the people are not saying, oh, is that a this type or that type of t shirt or hoodie? No, it’s the design. They say the design, the connect with the design. They want to buy the design. That’s what they want to wear, the designs that work at the designs that speak directly to people where people can show off people a little bit like that.

    [00:04:13.790] – Speaker 2

    If you haven’t noticed how people go on about themselves. I have.

    [00:04:16.400] – Speaker 1

    I have in days he has because he’s on this with me and he has the he has the pleasure of working with me every day. And he knows that I’m passionate about it. I’m passionate about Moteefe and I’m passionate about prints on demand. And that comes across. So I might walk around with a T-shirt that says two big thumbs pointing at me saying this guy loves POD print on demand or this I’m a Moteefe kind of man, that kind of thing.

    “If it make them cry, it makes them buy”

    [00:04:41.960] – Speaker 1

    Or don’t get jealous because I crushed Q4 at Moteefe, Q4 coming nearly halfway through the year. No preparations should be ramping up. So designs, designs, designs, the more designs you have. The better chance that you have of finding a winning design now, lots of things sell, but win is a win is. Winners are winners, and you want to find things that way, and if it makes them cry, it makes them buy, that’s the key to success.

    [00:05:08.300] – Speaker 1

    You want to connect excuse me with somebody on a fundamental emotional level, connect with this sublime object of their ideology, their desire straight in what’s the most important thing to them. They want to show off to the world. So bikers, bikers, bikers, they walk around a lot of the time. Not all of them, obviously, but a lot of them in leather. You can kind of tell that somebody is a biker. It would be unusual if somebody was wearing leather trousers, a leather leather jacket, leather biker jacket and had motorbike tattoos.

    [00:05:43.210] – Speaker 1

    And yet it never was super passionate about parasailing and they’d never been on a bike before. I’m sure those individuals do exist, but basically that’s like a uniform. So, yeah, where you can show off to the world what you what your passion, your thing, what you’re what you really care about. That’s what that’s what works so you need to work on. Getting a good name or a few nations that you’re in and then building up a design library to test and you can test Supercheap Aidan, do we have a Facebook course that tells people how to test a product on Facebook, a design on a product on Facebook for as little as three to five dollars?

    Free Facebook Ads Course

    [00:06:26.180] – Speaker 1

    We do. And we do not just have at Moteefe Facebook ads because we have a free Moteefe, Facebook and scores. So if you wanted to get scripts, get Sara to go and get a main hospital going, you can find the link to that in the description below. If you’re on Facebook, it’s in the comments or just message me. And if you’re on YouTube, it’s in that description. Gambetta.

    [00:06:47.390] – Speaker 2

    Absolutely. So what else do you need? You need to sign? Well, we have a design service, its application only through Iten. Join the Facebook group, start selling at Moteefe. And once you’ve started to do well or if you’re if you an existing POD seller, we can hook you up and get get get some like get some designs going for you. We can also recommend designers that you can work with to produce your designs, super key, that you get a good design and you can spend a lot of money on designs.

    [00:07:22.460] – Speaker 2

    Don’t there’s no need to simple text designs can work. So if you’ve got some Photoshop skills or some Adobe Illustrator skills, then you can work on a design yourself. However, the best way to do this is to make lots and lots and lots of designs and then test them. Now, how many is a lot? I won’t I won’t mention their name, but a kind of a famous guy in e-commerce in America. Now in Japan, I think we know who that is, but I’m not going to shout him out here.

    [00:07:51.650] – Speaker 2

    When he first started setting, I remember an anecdote that he told me he was testing and testing and testing 20 designs, 30 designs, 40 designs. Don’t give up, didn’t give up because he knew that other people were successful at it and he knew that he just needed to find the right combination of niche. Message and design. And then it and then he’d have success and in the end, I think somewhere in this sixtieth design is an extreme example, I mentioned it, but it’s about perseverance suddenly have found a winner.

    [00:08:20.820] – Speaker 2

    That was absolutely an absolute killer. And he’s still in the POD space now. And that happened many, many years ago. So that’s the key you’ve got to test. You’ve got to get in. You’ve got to get going. You’ve got to find a designer to work with. And people are being successful. So don’t make five designs in. It doesn’t work. It works. We see it every day. Some people are lucky. They get it straightaway.

    [00:08:41.670] – Speaker 2

    First few designs myself. I was very early on, I think. Oh, well, you know, maybe the first design that I came up with made some sales. I think it almost broke even. And then I had a few hits and misses, but I was still knocking around break even in. So it might be my fifteenth or even 20th design, which then which then did really well. A Christmas ugly Christmas sweater design many, many Christmases ago.

    [00:09:11.070] – Speaker 2

    The ghost of Christmas sweater past will visit you with that design on Facebook soon. So super key that you get going now. And it’s a great time to get going because in just a few months time, Q4 is going to be here and you have the opportunity over the next quarter, Q3 of the year. If you’re not used to thinking about this as a business, then you need to because it’s important. Each quarter is different. There are four quarters in the year, hence the name quarter.

    Q4 is coming!

    [00:09:40.170] – Speaker 2

    So Q3 is coming up. You’ve got three months, July, August and September to get good. It’s important to get good or you gamers out there. I know Aiden plays games. Is it important to get good, Aiden?

    [00:09:55.080] – Speaker 1

    It’s extremely important to get good. If you don’t get good, you get go.

    [00:09:59.760] – Speaker 2

    There you go. So you’ve got three months to get good before a huge, huge opportunity, which is Q4. Now, in the time that you’re getting good, yes. You can make you can make money. There were people absolutely smashing it right now with But Q4 is the is the cherry that the the big. I was going to say Kohona Burger. And if you last night on YouTube, I did so the big the big juicy prise at the end of the year where even one, two, three, one winning design in Q4, even with only a few days to go before Christmas.

    [00:10:37.110] – Speaker 2

    So say if you’re persistent in your break even, but you keep going, you keep being persistent. Seven days before the Christmas Cut-Off dates, which will be announced towards Christmas, seven days before that, you find you hit on something that’s selling well, that’s doing well. Just within those seven days, you can make a tremendous amount of sales, a tremendous amount of sales if you’re scaling up POD with five because and I mean numbers, I’m told, I’m not going to say you’re going to make this, you’re going to make that or it’s going to happen because it’s down to you and your determination.

    [00:11:05.880] – Speaker 2

    But it is possible, even with only seven days, obviously, the earlier you get in, the better. And we can get into scouting. But it’s the design that’s the key.

    [00:11:14.580] – Speaker 1

    It’s the way I see Christmas for a lot of sellers who are selling out for the year. That’s consistent. I see Christmas as their as their yearly bonus because they’ve put all that work in and all those sellers since it comes to Christmas, they can we target all of those buyers, all those page engagements, all of those nights, shares, whatever they can, we target them and then those people are more likely to buy in. That person is literally just giving back to our budget throughout the year.

    [00:11:42.510] – Speaker 1

    And then I can’t wait.

    [00:11:44.850] – Speaker 2

    Absolutely. And guess what? In the free Facebook ads course bruta brought to you by me and Moteefe retargeting strategies all in there. How to do it, when to do it, why to do it, what to do. So it’s designed. So you need to work. You need to work on a library of designs. Ready, tested. Yes. You can test for three days or so. You can test ten designs for thirty dollars. Yeah well you get to sales within that thirty dollar test then that, that pretty much pays for the test.

    [00:12:15.690] – Speaker 2

    So very important. Designs, designs, designs, designs. The more designs you’ve got, the more you test, the more likely you are to find the winner. And one of the biggest mistakes I see people make is they’ve got something and it’s kind of silly. It sells here, it sells there. But it’s not consistent. It’s up. It’s down. It’s left. It’s right. It’s a winning day. It’s a bad day. It’s.

    [00:12:35.430] – Speaker 2

    Oh, but they’re hanging onto it. They’re hanging onto it like like a like a bad relationship. In fact, they are indeed married to that design on some level because they think, oh, maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that now that the winning designs will scream at you within a test, an engagement test, you’re looking for a huge amount of likes. Yes, but I like important. I like all sorts of things. I like item am I going to buy, I don’t know, comments and shares, comments and shares.

    [00:13:07.350] – Speaker 2

    I want to see a lot of comments and shares. And when I’m seeing comments, I want to say I need to. In my life tagging Aunty Susie, you’ve got to buy this for Uncle Bob or whatever. That’s the kind of comments that I want. I don’t want oh, it’s upside down or you haven’t drawn it. I’m not interested in comments like that. And I don’t want to see shares. And you can check the shares, see how the sharing super, super, super important.

    [00:13:30.090] – Speaker 2

    So designs are the key to this. That’s the lifeblood, the North Star, the Northern Star, because constant is be like sizeably as constant as the Northern Star. When it comes to coming with designs, you need as many designs as you can get your hands on. You need to work, find the designer if you’re going to take this seriously or work with us. If you if you were already getting sales on the platform, reach out to eight and designs, designs, designs, designs.

    [00:13:56.640] – Speaker 2

    That’s the lifeblood. Black on social media. I’m sure that some of you be aware of or watched over by machines of loving grace. Which one is that? It defines social media as you’re the product on social media. Well, because it’s without the content. The Internet wants content like this wonderful content that we’re giving you now, the Internet craving for it. And I’m sure this will go viral. It craves content. So in the same way that social media platforms crave baby photos and that kind of thing, you have to feed you have to feed the system with more and more and more designs until you find that one design.

    [00:14:38.130] – Speaker 2

    And when you find that one design this a winner, then you scale that one as hard as you can and concentrate all of your efforts on getting the most out of that. But as soon as that starts to dwindle, often nothing lasts forever. Then you’ve got other designs to switch to quickly afterwards and start testing and testing and testing again. So that’s the key. They’re the keys to POD. And what do you think about having designs?

    The difference between a good seller and a great seller

    [00:14:58.080] – Speaker 1

    I think it’s got to be done. It’s it’s it’s part and parcel. It’s the one more element you need to do to find success in parody. And the sort of examples I see with working with so many different cenizo Moteefe is the difference between a good seller and a great seller. A great seller won’t just find one design and then duplicate and scale that to the moon. They’ll find one and scale it, but they will always testing for the next one.

    [00:15:26.250] – Speaker 1

    They don’t stop. They’re hungry. They keep finding a different they keep testing it. When they keep getting another one design and asking me for designs, they’re asking they’re looking around 8:00 AM. Where can I get my next inspiration? Give me some tips. Give me some tricks. They’re hungry for it. Where’s the good guys? I’ll get something to run twenty or thirty and it’s fine. And then on the lower rung of that, you got people have got one design and they will try everything to make that one design.

    [00:15:48.960] – Speaker 1

    So yeah.

    [00:15:50.310] – Speaker 2

    So yeah, it will sell no matter what. That’s the way that Maritsa Maritsa it. So. You should be able to get good yourself, but you can’t just get good alone. You need a you know, if you’re going you need a you need a good keyboard. You can’t do on the old Commodore 64. You need some equipment. You need a low latency. So, Aidan, these are low latency option. He will get you good.

    [00:16:15.150] – Speaker 2

    If you can’t get good yourself, either Nanana will get you good. They will make you good. We’ve got a free Facebook outscores that will get you good. Join the group. You’re getting better, you’re getting warmer, you’re getting good. Engage in the group, share. We’re all there to support even me and. Getgood best thing could get designs, get winning, get ready for Q4. It’s coming, as I say, I think as a television show there’s a Christmas coming.

    [00:16:38.340] – Speaker 2

    Forget Christmas, Kiefer is coming. Yeah. And that’s much more important than the winter because Q4 is going to be big this year. It’s going to be the biggest. It always is. It always is the biggest Q4 ever because each year e-commerce is growing. Spreading is spreading and spreading and spreading. And we have ready for you and some closing words.

    [00:16:59.750] – Speaker 1

    All I want to just said is it’s been out there a second pair of eyes on a design that you’ve personally made always, always helps. Right. This is a shameless brag, but I’m not afraid to shamelessly do it. I have helped people make thousands of pounds. They’ve given me a design idea and I’ve said, I don’t want to do this. And I’ve done one to one or two tweaks, depending on what niche they’re looking into doing to help them.

    [00:17:24.540] – Speaker 1

    And it’s made them a ton of cash. I’m here all day. This is my day job, so I welcome mine to you guys to message me, say I am thinking of running this, would you think and I will give you the God’s honest truth, right. If it’s great, I’ll tell you this. Great. It needs work. I’ll tell you what kind of work it needs to get better. You can find me in the Facebook group in the description of those items.

    [00:17:48.860] – Speaker 1

    I might look like a nice chap and maybe he has a dog, is nice to his dog. But if you come to him with a design that isn’t going to cut it, Adrian will probably tell you you’ll stay right. This is the changes that you’ve got to make. And he has driven the success of many, many, many sellers on on Moteefe. And that’s why he’s a customer success manager alongside Anna, who’s in the group and ready to help.

    [00:18:14.390] – Speaker 1

    So designs, designs, designs, connect with us if you can’t get good will get you. Good idea then Anana. And a lot of eyes there and Adana either nanana will get you good. We will here to support the number one and print on demand platform for e-commerce. Completely free.

    [00:18:36.440] – Speaker 1

    Oh yes. Oh yes.

    [00:18:38.570] – Speaker 2

    Excellent. Well thank you all very much. And I’m the host with the most. Thank you very much. And some closing words and some final inspiration for all of the boys and girls out there in POD land.

    [00:18:50.960] – Speaker 1

    The hard work you’ve put in now will pay. Thank you for consistency, designs, designs, designs. Don’t test one design, test three designs at a time. Do it. That’s it. That’s what I got to say about that. Thank you very much for joining us. Guys, I will reply to your comments shortly. And I look forward to chat with you in the group to take our guys. But why aren’t you?

    Do you design yourself? Or is it better to use a designer?


    Thomas: Well, it’s always good if you know the basics of how to use design software so that you can make little adjustments to the designs. And yes, if you are just using fairly simple text based designs, you should be able to learn to use a program like PhotoShop and Illustrator within 10 or 20 hours of messing around with it to the level of, you know, getting some text onto a t shirt, however, really, if you want to do this long term and you want to test a lot of designs and really scale up your business and also free yourself up to do other things, you know, like live streams with Aidan, then you want to get and find a designer to do all of this stuff with you, for you, in fact.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that you can just expect them to deliver all of these things without telling them what you want. You’re still going to have to brief them. You’re going to have to work with them. You’re going to have to say, hey, Mr. Designer, this design that you gave me, it didn’t sell. But this design, which was very similar for, you know, very similar messaging, but different colours, different different layout, different font, maybe this is what’s working in this niche.

    Can we have more like this? Less like that. So there is a period of working together to try to find a style that resonates with your niche and it will be different. So fishermen are going to want to have different things, different things, different design styles, different styles, different designs, different fonts, different messages are going to work in the fishing niche vs. the Mother’s Day niche or the Father’s Day niche. So it’s not like there’s just one thing like, oh, you must use this font and you must use these colours because every single niche is going to be different.

    Aidan: OK. When Hillary in the chat said, yeah, livestreams with Aidan, she said a solid niche indeed! Thank you, Hillary.  It is a solid niche.

    Thomas: A little niche, a little niche, but a beautiful one.

    But yeah, don’t copy this niche. Go find your own niches out there. And we also had a comment saying, Thomas, fishermen, I don’t know who who that person is referring to. But yeah, any questions on POD designs guys, feel free to comment. And a quick self plug here. Right. So if you guys are watching over on YouTube, you’ll find in the description below a link to our Moteefe global Facebook group where you can find me, you can find Flor, you can find Ana, basically.

    And we help all the sellers find success from translations if they want to scale into other countries tips and tricks on Facebook, how to upload a design that’s finished. We help with that with some designs that are showing it initial success. We can even help you get them redesigned in other languages to really scale and take over the world. So definitely join the group if you were new to all of this. We have a free Moteefe ads course and it doesn’t just go through ads, it goes through anything and everything.

    How to get started from step one is that twenty nine? So take that. 

    Thomas: Twenty nine? Twenty nine steps.

    Aidan: Who knows! Twenty nine steps. Yep.  Go and count them. And in the comments, prove me wrong.

    Thomas: Not the twenty nine steps. It was a different, a different number, a different number of steps.

    What design styles work best?


    Aidan: I’ll have to go look at it straight after but I’ll check it out. Please do the Moteefe ads course, join the group. Message me and I’ll be happy to help. So good question from Hillary when it comes to designs, what styles work best for you? Cartoon, realism, abstract? To be honest. Simple is good.

    Thomas: Simple is good. Simple is good. Yes. If you’re selling to fairly serious fishing types, farmers, you know that that kind of men, really, and their men, adult men, then cartoon styles are probably wants to stay away from. If you are going to put an illustration of a fish on something, if you think sort of a 19th century gentleman, amateur style illustrations of the beasts rather than anime style illustrations or sort of along the, I don’t want to say the word or else we’ll get striked but the theme park in Florida style ones, big eyes, you know, that kind of thing. 

    You want to stay away from that unless you’re targeting to people that maybe appreciate that. So maybe honour that kind of an illustration. Obviously always be original. Don’t just copy. But that kind of an illustrative style. If a father was buying something for a daughter might be appropriate for that kind of thing, but not maybe for a grandfather biker that wouldn’t really want sort of a pony on a bike or a unicorn on a bike.

    I mean, maybe they would. There’s always someone out there. But in general, I would go for a little grittier, 1950s and 1960s tattoo style of illustrative work for bikers in general, notwithstanding their age or gender. Whereas, you know, large eyed illustrations.

    Aidan: Anime 

    Thomas: You said you said, I know you’re into that item, 

    Aidan: Everyone needs a vice. That might be mine. Good stuff. So I think we’re looking good. There’s no more questions in the chat as of yet Thomas. They’re all just smashing their keyboard. And on that, you should also smash the like and subscribe button if you are on YouTube can’t forget those.

    What NOT to do when creating your design


    Thomas: Make sure also that your designs can be printed. Well, so don’t use glitter effects, don’t use, don’t make don’t have sort of light shining out of when somebody’s views something on a screen, the screens backlit, it’s projecting light out when they print it flat on a T-shirt. You don’t want to disappoint your buyers because they think it’s going to have a neon glow or anything like that. So don’t use any transparencies. If you want a glowing effect or like text that’s got sort of a glow around it, then you want to you want to do that in a different way.

    Don’t use a transparency layer at all with anything you want, everything 100 percent on or off so that it will print well, don’t make it don’t make a glitter effect or make a any kind of lighting based effect on anything that you sell. Because in the end, yeah, it might look good on screen, but when it prints, everyone’s going to be disappointed. So stay completely away from anything like that. Glasses are always not these type. The ones you drink from drinking glasses with light shining through them, don’t you know, don’t do it.

    You don’t need to do that. Know your audience. Keep everything sustainable in terms of artwork, legitimate artwork that you’re allowed to sell. By contrast, always high contrast, vibrant colours and big readable words when you put them on there. Yes, in some niches can go you can put a lot of words out there, but still keep it readable. There’s no point in having A’s that look like O’s or whatever, like some of these weird fonts that nobody can read easily.

    Readability, readability, readability is the number one thing across everything, and that’s it. You just keep on testing work with a designer, as Aidan quite correctly say, work with a designer and work with that design as well. Don’t just you’re not buying a designer, but design is lot like a a bag of coffee beans. You can’t just get a designer and blend it up and all of a sudden you’ve got great stuff. Now you have to work with them because they will need to be guided, briefed and taken along the journey as well.

    Give them feedback and find somebody that you can work with. Ideally, in the end, you’re paying them a monthly fee like they’re working for you for a set amount of artwork every month. And you’re just that encourages you to keep filling up their inbox with new stuff and it makes a commitment to them. And then if you start making money, give them a little bit more, give them more designs, give them more money. It’s it’s it’s a win win.

    And after you’ve worked with somebody for six months or a year, they don’t need to ask. It’s just, oh, that’s in that niche bank, you’ve got something that, you know that’s going to be selling very well from the beginning. So there we are. Aidan, why don’t you wrap it up?

    Aidan: So thank you to everyone who’s tuned in. We will be back next week on Thursday at 5pm GMT for our next episode. We’ll keep you posted what that will be. And if you do want to get started on print on demand, making money from home, making a little side hustle, and then check out the description and the links in the description Moteefe group, you can find me, Thomas, Ana, Flor, everyone. All the success team to help you.

    You’ve got any tips and tricks, anything, any questions about set stuff up, whatever, where they’re for you. Secondly, don’t know where get started? Moteefe ads course. It’s there in the description. That’s your first step. 

    Thomas: Oh no,

    Aidan: If you’re not sure it’s in the description. So I’ll see you guys all in the Facebook group. It must be directly. And you see Thomas either in the group or next week. Thank you very much every.

    Thomas: Thank you.