Translating your campaign: how to use the Facebook Ads Translation Guide

Translating your campaign: how to use the Facebook Ads Translation Guide

Translating your campaign: how to use the Facebook Ads Translation Guide

Facebook ads translation guide: Moteefe Blog header illustration tion

The Facebook Ads Translation Guide: reach a whole new audience

Translate your successful campaigns into another language, and you’ll reach a lucrative, untapped audience.  It’s a very effective way to scale up, and surprisingly enough, it requires very little added effort.

Not many people are able to speak multiple languages fluently, and finding a reliable and accurate translation can be difficult.  That’s why Moteefe has created a guide to help the community out.  The new Facebook Ads Translation Guide contains commonly used phrases for marketing a campaign.  It’s been designed to help you reach European markets and send your sales sky-high!

Facebook Ads Translation Guide: the details

Our guide provides sellers with translations in 13 different languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish and Czech.

It covers common phrases targeted towards your audience regarding ads, campaigns and retargeting.  Some of the phrases available include:


  • For bigger sizes, select the S to 5XL option.

  • Click the GREEN BUTTON to select your size and style

Putting the Facebook Ads Translation Guide to use

After downloading the PDF file, use the steps below to help you translate the phrases. 

Select your language

Select the required language by clicking on the flag of the country that speaks the language you are seeking.  Alternatively, you can scroll through the guide.

Copy the text

Select text and Copy:

Windows: CTRL + C 

Mac: CMD + C

Paste the text

Paste into your campaign:

Windows: CTR + V

Mac: CMD + V

The benefits of translating your campaign

Facebook Ads Translation Guide: three examples of T-shirts with German messaging

Ultimately, by offering your products in another language, you will be opening the door to a new demographic.  As a result, a new audience is available to purchase your products.  With an increased pool of targeted customers, this move can greatly increase the number of sales you make.

The potential for selling Print on Demand in European markets is huge.  A lot of sellers focus their marketing towards the USA and overlook Europe.  This means that there is a lot less competition in the European Print on Demand market. You can see this reflected in the cost of advertising.  Your budget will go much further in Europe, letting you run more ads and reach more people.

Translating your successful campaigns will put you on the road to building your very own, global Print on Demand business.

For more information about other opportunities in the Print on Demand industry, check out our blog post
Selling Print on Demand in Europe: challenges and opportunities.

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team are here to help you maximize your potential with Moteefe. If you need additional support with anything mentioned above, contact us using the details below and we’ll be happy to help. You can also join the Moteefe x Marcazo Global Facebook group which hosts a great community of sellers, with tools and resources for you to use all completely free. Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

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 – Success Manager
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How to create a White Label store with a custom domain

How to create a White Label store with a custom domain

How to create a White Label store with a custom domain

Here at Moteefe you have the option to create your very own While Label store. This means you can use your own domain name and customize the store with your very own header and logo. They are easy to set up and come with a range of exclusive features and products only available to White Label store owners. Showcasing your Print on Demand products in this way will help legitimize your business and speak directly to your buyers. Sounds good? let’s take a look at how to set it up for your store…

The White Label Store

“White label” refers to a fully supported product or service that is made by one company but sold by another. 

White label stores give brands and individuals the power to sell their Print on Demand products using the Moteefe fulfillment infrastructure, but with a fully customizable front end. This process not only looks great for the buyer but allows sellers such as yourself to develop your brand and take full ownership of the storefront. Moteefe allows you to update product visibility on your White Label Store by categorizing your products into collections. You can add and remove or update products from your store at any time. 

Connecting a custom Domain

Although the Moteefe store provides sellers with a standard Moteefe store domain link, purchasing your own personal domain gives you true ownership of your brand and boosts your credibility in the eyes of the buyer. It indicates that the seller has taken additional steps towards building their business and reflects a more professional approach. Having your own website gives legitimacy to your business and purchasing a domain can cost as little as a couple of dollars a year! It’s definitely worth the investment. A custom domain name is:

Better for your buyers
A simple domain is much easier to remember than a domain containing suffixes from a hosting site. It is easier for you and your customers to type in as opposed to;

Better for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Including keywords in your domain name can help with search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords are crucial for business because they help drive traffic to your products. The more relevant your name, the higher you rank according to Google. The higher your Google ranking, the more traffic (as potential buyers) you will gain on your website

Connecting your domain to your Moteefe storefront: The Step-by-Step guide

Step 1

Purchase your domain on a domain name registrar.
These sites vary from country to country so we recommend that you Google one to see which registrar offers the best rates.  Some popular choices are, GoDaddy or BlueHost.

Step 2

Log into your Moteefe account and go to your Dashboard. Then click on the Stores tab

Step 3

Hover over the store that you want to attach the domain.  Now, click on the Domains symbol.

Step 4

A form will appear.  Fill out the form with the information of your purchased domain. Insert your Moteefe store name. Now, insert your custom domain name. Click Save & Continue.

Step 5

Log in to the domain registrar e.g GoDaddy and select your new domain for configuration. 

Step 6

look for the DNS Management section. Now you will need to change the Nameservers. Click Change

Step 7

Enter the new nameserver details in the boxes shown below. You can find them on the Moteefe Dashboard. These details have also been sent to you via Email. Be sure to click Save

All done! Please note it can take up to 48 hours to activate your new domain.

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team is here to help you maximize your potential with Moteefe. If you need additional support with connecting your domain to your White Label Store please contact our Seller Success Managers via the details below. Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager
Ana Sousa – Success Manager
Support in English from 09am – 1800 BST (UK)

The TikTok Ads Targeting Guide

The TikTok Ads Targeting Guide

The TikTok Ads Targeting Guide

Tik Tok ads targeting allows users to direct their adverts towards specific groups. This will allow you to fine-tune your advert’s reach and target groups with specific interests, characteristics, and behaviors online. You can define this targeting during the ad group creation process. Let’s take a closer look at how this works…

How does specific targeting work?

The Tik Tok Ads Manager supports the following criteria for group-specific targeting:



Create a Lookalike or Custom Audience (Customer file, Engagement, App Activity, Website Traffic)



Exclude Lookalike or Custom Audiences


Male, Female


13–17, 18–24, 25–34, 35–44, 45–54, 55+


Country/Region > State/Province

Select a Designated Marketing Area (DMA) when targeting the United States


Delivery to users based on app language


Target users based on the videos they’re interested in


Target users based on how they’ve interacted with videos


Target users based on how they’ve interacted with creators


Connection Type

Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G

Operating System

iOS and Android

Operation System Version

Deliver ads to users based on software version. E.g. iOS 10.0 or above, Android 4.0 or above

Device Model

Deliver ads to users based on user’s device model

Device Price

Deliver ads to users based on device pricing, ranging from no limit to $1000+


Deliver ads to users based on mobile phone carriers

Interest Targeting

A user’s interest is determined by the way they behave relating to different content types. This content may include videos, ads, articles, pages and so on.

How does Interest Targeting work?

Tik Tok Ads measures how users interact with this content through views, clicks, downloads, and other specific actions. When a user’s interaction with a particular category of interest is high, for example, ‘gaming’ – (perhaps they regularly watch gaming videos or click on gaming ads), their profile will be associated with this interest for future advertising purposes.

Tik Tok Ads allows you to select ‘interest categories’ under the targeting module. When creating an ad group, your advert will target specific users whose profiles match your particular interest category.

Fine-tuning your adverts to target by interest can dramatically improve your ad delivery accuracy. Let’s take a look at how we can categorize interest targeting in two ways:

Product Characteristics

You can choose the interest you want to target based on product characteristics. For example, if you’re going to promote a Moteefe T-Shirt, you should select ‘Apparel and Accessories’ from the drop-down menu as shown below:

Use Cases:

You can select the interest based on use cases. For example, if you promote a “Moteefe Vacation T-shirt” and think that users who travel may have a particular interest in buying a Moteefe Vacation T-shirt, you can select the interest “Travel”.

For example, when you choose the interests, “Travel”, “Apparel & Accessories” and “Pets”, Tiktok will show your ad to users who are interested in “Travel” or ” Apparel & Accessories ” or “Pets”. Please note that when you select more than one interest, the target audience is users who meet only one individual criterion. So be sure to choose the interest which matches your target group the most.

Behavior Targeting

Behaviour Targeting allows you to deliver ads based on a user’s recent in-app behaviour on TikTok. While interest targeting focuses on a user’s long-term content consumption, behaviour targeting focuses on a user’s recent interactions with content. 

1. Video-related Behavior

Tik Tok Ads also allows you to target users who have watched a video to the end, liked, commented, or shared.

Note: The video-related behaviour that we can capture is limited to their engagement (video completion, like, comment, share) with the organic video content in the past 7 or 15 days.

Step-by-Step Video-related targeting

Step 1: Select your desired user behavior and content category:

Step 2: Search for the content Category you want to target:

Step 3: Determine the look-back time, seven days or 15 days:

Creator Following Actions

You can target users who follow certain types of Creators on TikTok or have viewed the homepage of certain kinds of Creators on the platform.

Step-by-Step Tik-Tok Creators

Step 1: Click on Add Behaviors: Creator Interactions

Step 2: Check the box to select your desired interaction type. TikTok provides two kinds of engagements under Creator Following Actions.

Following: You can target users that follow specific types (s) of creators.
Viewed Homepage: You can target users who have viewed the profile pages of creators’ specific type(s) in the last 30 days.

Step 3: Select your desired audience categories:

Differences between Interest Targeting and Behavior Targeting

Behavior Targeting

Interest Targeting

Feature Logic

Based on user behavior Predicted through machine learning based on long-term past behavior and critical indicators

Time Frame

Recent (7/15 days) Remote

User Behaviour

Tracked Behaviour General Behaviour


Organic Content Organic and Paid Content

Advertiser Type

Hands-on Hands-off
Q4 is here. Let’s #GoMakeIt

Q4 is here. Let’s #GoMakeIt

Q4 is here. Let’s #GoMakeIt

October 01 2021 marks the first day of the quarter with the biggest selling potential in Print and Demand and beyond – Q4. It’s finally arrived and we’re excited to see what new milestones our sellers can reach this year! This year’s Christmas Contest is underway, the seasonal Ugly Sweaters are coming to life and the party season is just around the corner. If you’re an experienced seller in POD or wishing to make your first sale this Q4 – You’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at some key dates and the Moteefe winter product offering…

Start your targeting early for the best chance of success during this competitive quarter. Yes other sellers and platforms may well be selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters but be sure to test a design and move onto the next if it doesn’t show promise early on. The key to this as with many other things in life is perseverance. Want to get started but don’t know how? We have some Halloween designs totally free to download, so why not start with the next big holiday arriving in under 30 days.

The Q4 Calendar

Here’s our Calendar highlighting the huge Print on Demand opportunities coming over the next three months. In ecommerce everyday’s a celebration but be sure to bookmark this page to remind yourself to start testing your designs well ahead of these key dates:

Statistics: Americans spent a huge $8.8 billion on Halloween in 2019 and the average shopper spends $400 on Black Friday. Green Monday takes the hotspot for the biggest sales day in December. The United Kingdom saw an increase of 30% in online shopping sales during 2020, and Spain a huge 75%

Which products work best during Q4?

Here at Moteefe, we have a range of on-trend winter products to keep your buyers warm this coming winter. But Print on Demand isn’t just apparel, cushions are another fantastic seller at this time of year, and make brilliant personalized gifts for Christmas.

Mugs and canvases are also great for custom text and are popular across a wide range of age groups. Alongside the Christmas Contest, we’re also running our Wall Art Contest should your penchant be Home accessories this year.

Hoodies and sweaters are products you can sell at a higher price point, and if there’s a time of year where buyers are most willing to part with their cash it certainly is Q4.

For more information on how to price your products then watch this video from our Print on Demand experts who themselves, are no strangers to selling big during this quarter.

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team are here to help you maximise your potential with Moteefe. Perhaps you have an idea but need design inspiration, or a concept that’s selling well but you want to get translated to try in a different market this Q4. We have lots of resources to support your success so get in touch and let’s #GoMakeIt

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager
Ana Sousa – Success Manager
Support in English from 09am – 1800 BST (UK)

Using the Custom Text tool for animal lovers

Using the Custom Text tool for animal lovers

Using the Custom Text tool for animal lovers

During the past year, the number of pet owners worldwide has increased massively, possibly contributed to by the global pandemic and people spending more time at home, 30% of pet owners in the USA increased their annual spend on their pets last year v. 2019. 

The United Kingdom also saw similar growth in ownership of our fluffy friends, with a huge 10% increase in pet ownership. 2020 has been the year that has truly accelerated the growing trend of animal accessory purchasing, and this in itself presents a huge opportunity for eCommerce. 

The niche of pet ownership in its own right has produced great sales opportunities for passionate animal lovers of all kinds. It’s no secret that dog and cat owners will talk about their pets at almost every opportunity, and at Moteefe we think it’s time to capitalize on that demographic with a range of awesome print on demand products!

Which pets work best with custom text?

Dogs win the top spot as the most popular pet across the world, and the domesticated feline the cat follows closely behind. 12% of pet owners keep fish, which is a wide niche that can generate a variety of sub-niches for more pod opportunities. The more you study about an animal and the behaviors of its owner, the more print on demand campaign ideas will come to the surface. A tropical aquarium enthusiast may be interested in a particular area of the hobby, such as breeding or aquascaping and the dog lover may have a keen interest in The dachshund – more commonly known as the sausage dog

Dogs and cats are a solid favorite and a wonderful way to pair any design is with Moteefe’s custom text tool. The proud owner of five bunny rabbits, also known as the local bunny cuddler, would certainly enjoy a custom text T-Shirt as a birthday gift

Custom text products add that extra level of personalization which is perfect for any animal lover who wants to broadcast their affection for their pet. You can include the owner, pet’s name, or both in any design.

How to launch an animal-themed custom text campaign

1. Head over to and create a new campaign. Upload your custom text-ready design and wait for Moteefe to load its magic!

2. You’ll see a variety of products here. Choose your favorite product to start with, and click the green button Edit

3. Position your artwork with enough room for your custom text field to fit nicely.
Note: You can change the color for the purposes of the mockup and also add more colour options of your product for buyers

4. To test what your buyer’s name may look like with your design, it’s a good idea to type a name in the box Customisable Text 1.

In the Custom Text window anything you type here will appear as live text on your product. You can choose from several alignment options and adjust the size of the text. Moteefe offers a wide variety of fonts to choose for the custom text field and it’s a good idea to test out options that work well with your design before moving onto the next step. You can also upload your own font here (perhaps the same font as in your original design) but make sure you are uploading a .TTF (True Type font file)

5. Once you are happy with your custom text font, style and color click on the preview slider to see the finished product

6. Slide over to Edit to check all of the details before moving on to finalising your campaign. In the custom text window, write ‘Your Name’ here to make the custom text option as clear as possible to your buyers.

7. Your design looks great. Now, let’s go back to products where you’ll be able to add additional products to your campaign. Be sure to check your design and custom text are positioned correctly on each new product added.

8. You’re all set up. Click save and continue and follow fill in all the necessary fields before launching your new campaign. It’s a good idea to mention that this product supports custom text somewhere in the description to get people excited!

Help and support

We hope you’ve been inspired by this tutorial and should you need further support our Customer Succes team are always happy to help. 

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager
Ana Sousa – Success Manager
Support in English from 11am – 02am BST (UK)

Moteefe Live: How to scale 10 POD sales to 100

Moteefe Live: How to scale 10 POD sales to 100

Moteefe Live: How to scale 10 POD sales to 100

The Print on Demand industry is a fast-paced industry.  When you’re first starting out, it’s exciting to see customers purchasing your products.  Every sale means more money in your bank account.  So, how do you increase the amount of sales that you get?  When you start seeing a steady stream of sales, the next step is to start scaling.  In this week’s live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell talk about strategies sellers can take to scale their Print on Demand campaigns to make more sales. 

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly livestreams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

Some of the topics they cover include:

Some of the topics they cover include: 

  • 00:55 – You need designs
  • 03:48 – Find the winners
  • 08:00 – UTM tracking
  • 13:00 – Stay consistent
Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

You need designs

You need designs. It’s a simple numbers game at this point, the more designs you test, the more winners you’re going to find.

You got a few sales here, a few sales there, but you’re not really making a great impact. Winners will stand out. And so you need to keep testing. You need to say to yourself, “I’m going to test X amount of designs every single week.”  Stay disciplined and keep testing new designs until you find some winners.

Find the winners

What makes a winner?  There are a ton of variables to consider that make up a winning design.  Contrast, readability, and reliability all help. 

Contrast – You need something that stands out. So you want high contrast designs. What does that mean? You have light text on a dark T-shirt. You have light, dark text on a lighter T-shirt.

Readability – If buyers can’t read it, they won’t want to buy it. Big print sells. That’s what you want. You want to get it in front of him. You don’t need fancy designs with pictures and all of this kind of thing. You don’t need to be an illustrator. You just need to get a design out there. Yes, images can help, but not if it means reducing the size of the text.

Relatability – Your niche target should be specific but niche enough for there to be a market for it.  Do your research and see what terms are popular within your niche.

UTM tracking

You should look at using UTM tag tracking to attribute your sales. There’s plenty out there. Moteefe allows this. Facebook allows this on an ad level, not on an ad site level. So each individual ad you can have a UTM tag and you can track that right through to the Moteefe dashboard, into the analytics tab on each campaign. And you can see which ad set is delivering the sale.

Stay consistent

Consistency is key.  We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Test, test, test.  Ultimately, the only way to know what works and what doesn’t is through trial and error.  Keep testing new strategies until you come across something that works for you. 

When you’re doing anything entrepreneurial, you have to have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.
Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

All you need is an idea. You upload your idea, you drive traffic to that idea.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.580] – Aidan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Moteefe, and this week we’re going to be talking about how to scale 10 POD sales all the way up to 100. And I’m joined by none other than Mr. Thomas gentleman sold more than a few thousand sales T-shirts, mugs, you name it. Hi, Thomas. How are you?

[00:00:22.010] – Thomas

I’m good. I’m hello, everybody. Yes. So how do you take your sales from a reasonable but you know, not great. 10 all the way up to 100. That’s the topic. So we’re talking. About really ads here, organic strategies can work, but it’s all about Facebook ads, so there is, of course, as we often mention, free Facebook ads. Cool. So step one is to have a look at that course so I won’t go over everything that’s in that course.

You need designs

[00:00:55.620] – Thomas

What we talk about today is how it’s done, what you should do. So you’ve made some sales, you’ve sold something, maybe profitably, maybe not. But you’ve got your first 10 sales under your belt and you want to go to 100 sales. Well. You need designs. It’s a simple numbers game at this point, the more designs you test we’ve said this before, the more designs you test, the more winners you’re going to find, the things that hold people back where you’ve got something that’s selling a little bit.

[00:01:24.140] – Thomas

You got a few sales here, a few sales there, but you’re not really making a great impact. Winners will stand out. And so you need to keep testing. You need to say to yourself, right, I’m going to test X amount of designs every single week, whether that’s 20, 30, five, 10, three, eight, nine, whatever. And stick to doing that every single week, no matter what, and that’s how you can start to find the winners.

[00:01:56.150] – Thomas

There are thousands, millions of designs out there, ideas out there already that you can take inspiration from. Yeah, and it’s just a matter of finding some inspiration from somewhere and then coming up with a whole lot of design ideas off the back of that and then testing, testing, testing, testing. I can’t emphasize how much this is a numbers game. If you test 100 designs, you are far more likely to find one winning design than if you only plan to test five or give up after three.

[00:02:26.060] – Thomas

So a lot of people, they’ll get a few sales from one design break even, or maybe even slightly behind where they need to be. And then they’ll maybe test one more than that doesn’t. And then they’ll start to just give up or that isn’t the way to do it. You have to realize that millions upon millions upon millions of people are out there in the audiences on Facebook and they are buying. There were buyers in every market all the time, every day.

[00:02:53.810] – Thomas

People are buying from Facebook ads of all sorts of print on demand products from Moteefe and. You can be one of the people that sending them those people, those product, those people products is just a matter of persistence and testing. Obviously, there’s slightly more to it than that. But really, on a very basic level, the more you test, the more likely you are to find those winners that will be able to take you forward.

[00:03:22.770] – Aidan

Yeah, and I think it’s a very common story in my in my day to day job is on message a seller. How’s it going? Going on and I’m stuck. It is 20 is 10, 20 sort of mark accomplishable. And I’ll say I’ll say one question. Have you noticed any new designs lately? More common they’re not. The answer is no. Well, you know, you can’t can’t expect to get 10 winners if you don’t go find the first.

Find the winners

[00:03:48.690] – Aidan


[00:03:49.860] – Thomas

Well, that’s it. So we were talking about how you get from 10 sales to 100 sales, total sales. But if you want to go from 10 sales a day to 100 sales a day, then you do need to find winners. And what makes a winner? Readability of the text. If they can’t read it, they won’t want to buy it. You need something that stands out. So you want high contrast designs. What does that mean?

[00:04:12.720] – Thomas

You have light text on a dark T-shirt. You have light, dark text on a lighter T-shirt, high contrast designs, big print sales, big letters, big, big letters. That’s what you want. You want to get it in front of him. You don’t need fancy designs with pictures and all of this kind of thing. You don’t need to be an illustrator. You just need to get a design out there. Yes, images can help, but not if it means reducing the size of the text.

[00:04:40.050] – Thomas

It’s mainly the message that sells. It’s almost always the message that sells. The image or images or style is only really just to tie into the Nasch. You do not need an advanced illustration to make a sale. When you come to things like ugly Christmas sweaters, then yes, the the the actual design starts to become more important than the message. But for all intents and purposes, it’s the message, the text, the writing, the words that sells.

[00:05:11.130] – Thomas

And you must make sure that you get those high contrast so people can read them, keep the font big enough so people can read it and really just get it out in front of people. Zoom in on your ad. Don’t have that. Have the teacher or in the background. You want to fill the whole screen as much screen real estate as you’ve got with the actual design and just get it in front of people and just keep on testing. Now, if you’ve got something that’s ticking over making some sales, you want to make sure there is a winner.

[00:05:37.230] – Thomas

So you should always be testing other stuff to see if anything will have better traction. And then it’s just a matter of duplicating the ads. And finding new targets, they can be look alike audiences, they can be new targets, they can be you can take the design and maybe the designs in the fishing nation. Maybe you can transfer the same design idea into the nation or another nation, or you can translate it into another language. Obviously, you need new design to do that.

[00:06:06.020] – Thomas

And you just keep on pushing forward if you. Can’t get beyond a few sales a day, then watch the ads, of course, and just keep testing and testing and testing and just be very brutal in what you try to sell. Don’t waste time. Don’t waste money on stuff that’s just breakeven or worse or just making a few sales. The next idea could be the one selling 50, 60, 70, 80 a day. And to get to 100 a day, if you have four designs that are selling 25 a day, which is only one an hour, not a particularly high number, then you’ve got your sales a day.

[00:06:43.190] – Thomas

And of course, you can push on above that to hundreds of sales a day. Some people do this. At that point. It becomes really you’re looking at how much money you made yesterday or in the last 24 hours and how much money you’re spending. Yet you’re not really managing that so much on a per ads level anymore because sales will be coming in from shares. It becomes more and more difficult to manage your ad spend. So really there you’re just looking at two figures, what you what you made and what you spend.

[00:07:17.120] – Thomas

And as long as what you made is outstripping what you spent by 15 to 20 percent or above that, then you’re good to continue to add. But yes, it does become more difficult to manage individual assets at those levels, although it’s still possible, because sometimes you’re not sure exactly where the money is coming in from. And of course, when you’re running retargeting, which is key to all of this, it’s sometimes difficult to work out what exactly is going on, where the you might have one asset, for example, a lot of people are clicking on and that’s where all the retargeting you a lot of those people don’t buy from the original asset, but then they buy from retargeting.

UTM tracking

[00:07:57.170] – Thomas

So it does become more complicated at that point. You should look at using UTM tag tracking to attribute your sales. There’s plenty out there. Moteefe allows this. Facebook allows this on the on an ad level, not on an ad site level. So each individual ad you can have a UTM tag and you can track that right through to the Moteefe dashboard, into the analytics tab on each campaign. And you can see which ad set is delivering the sale.

[00:08:28.150] – Thomas

So this also solves the iOS fourteen point five tracking issue. You’ll be able to see exactly which ads is working for each ad. So if you’re going to go big, you will need to go to those lengths at this stage to be able to really manage your ad spend anyway. But probably above 50 or 100 miles a day, you’re going to need to go down into each headset and put UTM tags on and be able to track that back. Obviously, you use a slightly different nutmeg for each advert so that you know exactly where the sales are coming in from.

[00:09:01.170] – Aidan


[00:09:02.120] – Aidan

That makes sense. Makes sense. And I just want to remind everyone, you are not alone, like Thomas mentioned, in terms of, say you had a good design chance, good traction, but you want to bulk up those numbers, message me, message out in the group and what do this will help you get that design translated and to be designed so you can you can try that that you can try in France, you can try and Belgium try it.

[00:09:27.530] – Aidan

In Germany, I could read off more countries, but I won’t be a stranger. You’re not alone. Please message mail and it will be more than happy to help you to get that, get the money feel safe in date.

[00:09:42.180] – Thomas

So, yes, again, just to reiterate, testing is key. There’s a free Facebook course in the description of the video and you can join the Moteefe Facebook group where Aiden and Anna will be able to help you along and get you going. UTM text just you can Google that anywhere. How to do that? It’s pretty clear on Facebook, on every single ad, it will allow you to put UTM tag. That’s when you want to scout, when you wanted to scale really back or just if you’re having general tracking problems trying to work out which ad is generating you your sales, you can do that.

[00:10:15.110] – Thomas

And Moteefe has a Google Analytics integration as well that would be able to show you where the sales are coming from on a UTM basis. So definitely check that out. And that really is it. It’s not an overly complicated thing to do. It’s just very simple rules. The hard part, of course, is actually doing it. So, yes, I think, oh, I was expecting an hour long training video. You don’t need an hour long training video because you just need to test and test and test and test, find the winners and then push the winners out vertically and horizontally, meaning in duplicating the ads, it’s changing the targeting change to new interest marketing use look alike audiences, split the genders, split the country, split the regions or everything that you can do within that to split it up.

[00:11:06.080] – Thomas

And then. It’s just a question of how many designs you can run at once, and then when you really start pushing, it’s a question of how you manage your ad spend at scale, which does become tricky, and then using your tags to do that. So it is as complicated and also as easy as that.

[00:11:26.930] – Aidan

Yeah, I think something you said to me was that Thomas is the best way to sort of get this level is to have set yourself a target or a goal of testing at least eight, you know, five designs, 10 designs per week and not going outside of that. And that way, you consistently making progress. It’s getting better as well.

[00:11:46.610] – Thomas

With that spend if you want to make it. If you if you want to make. A thousand dollars a day, then what do you what what are you likely to have to spend 100 dollars a day?

[00:11:56.860] – Thomas

What are you likely to have to spend on ads? The the higher you scale, the smaller percentage of return you’re probably going to get just on the management of the spaces. So, for instance, if you spent, I don’t know, five hundred dollars a day and you make five hundred dollars in profit, well, you’re doing you’re doing very well. That’s that’s achievable with balance, certain with certain designs. But if you want to really push far past that, I mean, an example would be if you spent, you know, ten thousand dollars on ads in a day, which is a lot I’ve never spent that much.

[00:12:31.090] – Thomas

But then you were earning two thousand a day. You’re still earning that’s still a 20 percent return. Obviously, you get your ten thousand back as well. I don’t spend ten thousand a day on ads and I only get 2000 back unless you really like the shareholders of Facebook. But yeah, that’s at scale. The kind of numbers that you start to be thinking about when you’re really, really pushing extremely hard is it’s about percentage of return versus spend.

Stay consistent

[00:13:03.860] – Aidan

Yeah, I want to to dangle the carrot because it will give people a peek behind the curtain. So slim. How can they sell it every day? And those sellers are out there and there’s many of them who are doing in the hundreds of sales per week. Right. And I’ve seen people actually get to that point within three months. Right. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but the thing that separates them from other people is a super consistent is the guy they set themself a go with this POD besides a week and they stick it and not deterred.

[00:13:33.610] – Aidan

They don’t second guess themselves. It’s a case of it is profitable. It isn’t. And that. Yeah, yeah. As simple as that.

[00:13:43.820] – Thomas

Indeed. So as I say, do check out the the, the group, join the group and the course and just keep testing just to keep testing. Follow these very simple rules to begin with and you will be good. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep it simple, keep doing the same things but just more of them. The things are pretty simple to do. Find ideas, get a design made from those ideas, and then test them as cheaply as you can with Facebook.

[00:14:14.620] – Thomas

Find the winners and then try to sell them. And if they don’t sell. Move on quickly. Don’t bog yourself down in something that’s break even or worse, and I’m going to I’m going to say so now. I may regret, but I’m going to say it. If you guys if someone out there has got a niche and they’re doing, say, 10, 20 s, but they’re stuck for design ideas, message me. And I hope you come up with some ideas, a few ideas to get the ball rolling, because it’s a very common thing.

[00:14:43.990] – Aidan

People say to me, Aidan, Oh, I’m doing well, I’m selling 30, 40, ten, maybe, you know, designs a week, but I just can’t come up with any ideas. It’s not an excuse and I’m more than happy to take you through some cool websites. So different tips and tricks to spin things and make some good, good designs, great and original ideas that will make you some money and date.

[00:15:06.880] – Thomas

Well, OK, excellent. Thank you very much, Aidan. Thanks, everybody out there. We’ll be back next week with another exciting POD update. So. See you next week.

[00:15:20.090] – Aidan

Guys, stay safe. Have a great weekend. Yes, we want to see investment guys like.