The Christmas Contest 2021

The Christmas Contest 2021

It’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for: Moteefe’s Q4 Contest is back for 2021. With 9 levels of cash prizes up for grabs, you won’t want to miss getting involved in our highly anticipated contest. Aim for the stars, and this holiday season may well bring the gift you’ve been waiting for!

2021’s contest will begin at 00:00 am (GMT) on Friday, October 01, and runs until 23:59 (GMT) on Thursday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve). That’s a whopping 107 days to climb up the levels and reach Masterful status with Moteefe and get your hands on that $150,000 prize.

Below is a breakdown of each level and how many sales you’ll need to make to win:

Level 1: Sell 200 units and win $20

Level 2: Sell 1,000 units and win $250

Level 3: Sell 5,000 units and win $2,500

Level 4: Sell 10,000 units and win $7,500

Level 5: Sell 15,000 units and win $15,000

Level 6: Sell 25,000 units and win $25,000

Level 7: Sell 40,000 units and win $40,000

Level 8: Sell 75,000 units and win $112,500

Level 9: Sell 100,000 units and win $150,000

Tips and tricks to help you sell and win big

Plan well ahead to take advantage of Q4’s promising events and see what Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year twist you can put on your existing best sellers.

Halloween is just around the corner, and to help you get into the spooky selling season we’ve put together 8 unique POD designs completely free to download. We’re also offering plenty of other great #PODReady designs that can be adapted to fit the selling opportunities within Q4 and don’t forget our seller success team are available to help you along the way.

Don’t be dismayed if things are a little slow to start. Dedicate some of your social media budgets to small-spend Facebook engagement ads and test out what products work best for you in different markets. If you start testing now, you’ve got time to concentrate on promoting your best sellers once you know what’s working. For more on how to measure your success with your campaigns, watch this video from our Print on Demand experts over on our YouTube channel. 

You might also want to consider putting a slightly bigger spend on your social media advertising budget and fine-tuning your target audiences by event and product. 

We wish you every success in this year’s contest and we can’t wait to see what great designs you bring to the Market with Moteefe! #GoMakeIt

Using the Custom Text tool for animal lovers

Using the Custom Text tool for animal lovers

Using the Custom Text tool for animal lovers

During the past year, the number of pet owners worldwide has increased massively, possibly contributed to by the global pandemic and people spending more time at home, 30% of pet owners in the USA increased their annual spend on their pets last year v. 2019. 

The United Kingdom also saw similar growth in ownership of our fluffy friends, with a huge 10% increase in pet ownership. 2020 has been the year that has truly accelerated the growing trend of animal accessory purchasing, and this in itself presents a huge opportunity for eCommerce. 

The niche of pet ownership in its own right has produced great sales opportunities for passionate animal lovers of all kinds. It’s no secret that dog and cat owners will talk about their pets at almost every opportunity, and at Moteefe we think it’s time to capitalize on that demographic with a range of awesome print on demand products!

Which pets work best with custom text?

Dogs win the top spot as the most popular pet across the world, and the domesticated feline the cat follows closely behind. 12% of pet owners keep fish, which is a wide niche that can generate a variety of sub-niches for more pod opportunities. The more you study about an animal and the behaviors of its owner, the more print on demand campaign ideas will come to the surface. A tropical aquarium enthusiast may be interested in a particular area of the hobby, such as breeding or aquascaping and the dog lover may have a keen interest in The dachshund – more commonly known as the sausage dog

Dogs and cats are a solid favorite and a wonderful way to pair any design is with Moteefe’s custom text tool. The proud owner of five bunny rabbits, also known as the local bunny cuddler, would certainly enjoy a custom text T-Shirt as a birthday gift

Custom text products add that extra level of personalization which is perfect for any animal lover who wants to broadcast their affection for their pet. You can include the owner, pet’s name, or both in any design.

How to launch an animal-themed custom text campaign

1. Head over to and create a new campaign. Upload your custom text-ready design and wait for Moteefe to load its magic!

2. You’ll see a variety of products here. Choose your favorite product to start with, and click the green button Edit

3. Position your artwork with enough room for your custom text field to fit nicely.
Note: You can change the color for the purposes of the mockup and also add more colour options of your product for buyers

4. To test what your buyer’s name may look like with your design, it’s a good idea to type a name in the box Customisable Text 1.

In the Custom Text window anything you type here will appear as live text on your product. You can choose from several alignment options and adjust the size of the text. Moteefe offers a wide variety of fonts to choose for the custom text field and it’s a good idea to test out options that work well with your design before moving onto the next step. You can also upload your own font here (perhaps the same font as in your original design) but make sure you are uploading a .TTF (True Type font file)

5. Once you are happy with your custom text font, style and color click on the preview slider to see the finished product

6. Slide over to Edit to check all of the details before moving on to finalising your campaign. In the custom text window, write ‘Your Name’ here to make the custom text option as clear as possible to your buyers.

7. Your design looks great. Now, let’s go back to products where you’ll be able to add additional products to your campaign. Be sure to check your design and custom text are positioned correctly on each new product added.

8. You’re all set up. Click save and continue and follow fill in all the necessary fields before launching your new campaign. It’s a good idea to mention that this product supports custom text somewhere in the description to get people excited!

Help and support

We hope you’ve been inspired by this tutorial and should you need further support our Customer Succes team are always happy to help. 

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager
Ana Sousa – Success Manager
Support in English from 11am – 02am BST (UK)

The Pinterest Integration Guide

The Pinterest Integration Guide

The Pinterest Integration Guide

Moteefe is happy to announce that our white-label store Pinterest integration is now available for all of our content creators, and that includes you! To get started with this excellent sales tool, all you’ll need is a white label store.

Why do we recommend adding Pinterest to your arsenal of marketing tools? ​​The Moteefe Pinterest integration allows the tracking of all “buyer-side” events through white label stores. The monitoring of these events enables tracking, optimization, and re-engagement of both visitors and buyers.

How much do you want to pin on your board per day?
A lot. Ten, twenty, thirty pins a day is not too many. The internet loves content. You want to add value – look for the interesting photos, the funny stuff people in your niche would want to see.

Thomas Gentleman

Pinterest integration checklist

  1. Have a Moteefe account — Sign up here.
  2. Own a domain name
  3. Link your domain to your Moteefe store
  4. Have Pinterest account

Complete this form for access

Pinterest Tracking & Domain verification setup

To advertise on Pinterest, you will need to have your domain verified by Pinterest and your Pinterest tags implemented on your Moteefe white label store.

Pinterest allows you to build up an audience, a following. Yes, it takes time and you have to go out there and get it. With Moteefe’s excellent low base costs the selling potential through organic traffic alone is phenomenal

When you are verified on Pinterest, you will have a red check mark beside your account name and you will be able to display your full website URL right on your Pinterest profile (instead of leaving it hidden in the About section of your Pinterest page). This makes it easy for users to quickly learn more about your business and can even help you bring more leads to your site.

Setting up Pinterest Tracking

n Moteefe, you only need to provide your Pinterest Tag ID. You can extract this ID from the Pinterest Ad Account via following these steps:

1. Access and log in to your Advertising account.

2. On the top menu, access “Analytics → Conversion Insights.”

3. On the upcoming screen, Click “Install tag” below “Install the Pinterest Tag.”

4. On the options below, choose “Add code to website”. You should see a screen similar to the below:

5. From the screen, copy the numbers in red exclusively: those are your Pinterest tag ID.

6. On the following screen, you can choose to have Metadata enrichment active: this will allow the catalogue to be automatically uploaded with new product data in the product pages.

7. Access the stores section on your dashboard on Moteefe

8. Choose the store you want to add your tag from the store list and click the Pinterest icon as shown below:

9. On the pop-up window, paste your Tag ID and click “Save Settings.”

10. Note: Alternatively, you can also define your Pinterest Tag ID in User settings; remember that we apply the Tag ID defined in User Settings to all your activity by default. The same is valid for all other Social Media & Ad Platform channels.

If you wish to verify if your Pinterest Tag is firing correctly, you can do so by using the Pinterest Tag Helper Google Chrome extension.

Pinterest Domain Verification

To verify your domain on Pinterest using Moteefe, you’ll need to:

1. Access Pinterest’s Website Claim section
2. On “Claim”, choose Websites and select “Claim” on the right
3. Click the text below “Add HTML Tag” to copy to your clipboard on the subsequent pop-up. Leave this link open as you’ll need it for later.

4. On a new tab, access your Moteefe Dashboard’s Stores section, and on the store, choose the “Domain Verification” option.

5. Follow the instructions by pasting the appropriate section of the tag. I.e. for the example above, we require only the part between the brackets, after the content= key so, if the full tag is as below.

<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”2938b55da7f6492828f54235f8bda5db”/>

We’ll require the following portion exclusively to be pasted.


6. After pasting, click “Save and Continue.”

7. Go back to Pinterest’s Website Claim section, and on the screen displayed in 3. , Click Continue.

8. Domain verification will now proceed on Pinterest’s side, and you’re all set!

Please note: In some regions, Pinterest supports product catalogs that are populated and enriched automatically. Moteefe has assessed overall format compatibility, so the Feed is Pinterest-compatible.

Tips for selling in September and firing up for Q4

Tips for selling in September and firing up for Q4

Tips for selling in September and firing up for Q4

The summer months are cooling off and September is the perfect time to start testing those Christmas designs.  It’s a new season and although Christmas might seem far away, it’s time to start finalising your designs and testing  for your best shot at selling big during Q4!  As the nights are drawing in and more people are spending time at home, Moteefe is running an awesome wall art contest with cash bonuses.  More on that later. ut For now, take a moment to reflect on some challenges you’ve faced throughout the last few months and how you can tackle them ahead of the biggest quarter in Print on Demand.

World Beard Day: September 04 2021

One September event coming up is World Beard Day.  Facial hair has made a comeback, and this day is perfect for anyone who loves to celebrate their beard growing abilities! The pandemic may have contributed to this trend, with more people staying at home and social distancing measures in place – but the ‘clean and tidy’ beard is a look proudly upkept by millions of men across the world.  With regular grooming, washing and oiling all part of the gentleman’s beard care regime, we can think of a few good ways to celebrate the bearded man with a range of Moteefe products…

Men with well kept beards are often proud of them, and there’s a sense of community for men who do a good job of grooming. Dads, brothers, and uncles are all good target groups for this hairy niche. When creating your design, don’t forget, adding an element of humour is always a good idea.

Posters or canvases are a great product right now that would suit the beard niche ahead of World Beard Day.  Think of places within the home that a bearded male may reside or the spot where he does his grooming. The possibilities are endless!

The Moteefe Wall art contest 2021

Here at Moteefe, we offer canvases and posters of all sizes and we want you to take part in this year’s Moteefe Wall Art contest! So how does it work? To get you started selling click here to fill out our form for some great #podready artwork.

  • Promotion 1: Sell 50 canvases and receive $100. Sell 100 canvases and receive $250. 
  • Promotion 2: Sell 50 posters and receive $100. Sell 100 posters and receive $250. 

Before our price drop, selling 100 large portrait canvases at $59.00 in the USA would have generated a $2,890 profit. But right now we’re offering our canvases at a lower base cost. Now, selling 100 large ones at the same price will generate a whopping $3,439, that’s an increase of $539. So what are you waiting for?!  

Families are great for wall art. Children’s rooms, gaming, sport – specific activities a child enjoys work well. Add the Personalize feature leaving room for the child’s name with our custom text tool. You can use the colour dropper to match the colour of your custom text area to the original design!

Thomas Gentleman

Niche spotlight

If none of these September dates are of interest to you, be sure to keep updated with our blogs and social media for our Niche spotlight.  Each week our Niche Spotlight will focus on one great niche from the Design Bundle giveaway and explore some opportunities for you to take straight into your next Moteefe campaign. The fresh artwork drop becomes available here each month.  Follow us on Instagram and be sure to check our stories for cool insights. 

This week the spotlight is on hiking, the healthy hobby most popular in the United States, which saw a 171% increase in hikers during 2021.  Get your hands on 7 Hiking designs absolutely free.

Remember, to capitalise on these National Holiday dates such as World Beard Day, it is important to start marketing your product lines early!  Market weeks, or even months in advance so your target audience has time to purchase and receive their products before these dates come around.  Once you have decided which niche groups and upcoming events you want to target, it’s up to you to market your products to the masses.

Luckily, Moteefe has a ton of free resources available to help you succeed with your Print on Demand journey!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Spotify where we upload a new PODCast every week

Now is the time to launch some new seasonal lines! Seasonal sales can help keep profits flowing all year round. We can’t wait to see what you come up with…


Happy selling! 

Team Moteefe 

Moteefe Live: How to scale 10 POD sales to 100

Moteefe Live: How to scale 10 POD sales to 100

Moteefe Live: How to scale 10 POD sales to 100

The Print on Demand industry is a fast-paced industry.  When you’re first starting out, it’s exciting to see customers purchasing your products.  Every sale means more money in your bank account.  So, how do you increase the amount of sales that you get?  When you start seeing a steady stream of sales, the next step is to start scaling.  In this week’s live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell talk about strategies sellers can take to scale their Print on Demand campaigns to make more sales. 

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly livestreams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

Some of the topics they cover include:

Some of the topics they cover include: 

  • 00:55 – You need designs
  • 03:48 – Find the winners
  • 08:00 – UTM tracking
  • 13:00 – Stay consistent
Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

You need designs

You need designs. It’s a simple numbers game at this point, the more designs you test, the more winners you’re going to find.

You got a few sales here, a few sales there, but you’re not really making a great impact. Winners will stand out. And so you need to keep testing. You need to say to yourself, “I’m going to test X amount of designs every single week.”  Stay disciplined and keep testing new designs until you find some winners.

Find the winners

What makes a winner?  There are a ton of variables to consider that make up a winning design.  Contrast, readability, and reliability all help. 

Contrast – You need something that stands out. So you want high contrast designs. What does that mean? You have light text on a dark T-shirt. You have light, dark text on a lighter T-shirt.

Readability – If buyers can’t read it, they won’t want to buy it. Big print sells. That’s what you want. You want to get it in front of him. You don’t need fancy designs with pictures and all of this kind of thing. You don’t need to be an illustrator. You just need to get a design out there. Yes, images can help, but not if it means reducing the size of the text.

Relatability – Your niche target should be specific but niche enough for there to be a market for it.  Do your research and see what terms are popular within your niche.

UTM tracking

You should look at using UTM tag tracking to attribute your sales. There’s plenty out there. Moteefe allows this. Facebook allows this on an ad level, not on an ad site level. So each individual ad you can have a UTM tag and you can track that right through to the Moteefe dashboard, into the analytics tab on each campaign. And you can see which ad set is delivering the sale.

Stay consistent

Consistency is key.  We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Test, test, test.  Ultimately, the only way to know what works and what doesn’t is through trial and error.  Keep testing new strategies until you come across something that works for you. 

When you’re doing anything entrepreneurial, you have to have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.
Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

All you need is an idea. You upload your idea, you drive traffic to that idea.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.580] – Aidan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Moteefe, and this week we’re going to be talking about how to scale 10 POD sales all the way up to 100. And I’m joined by none other than Mr. Thomas gentleman sold more than a few thousand sales T-shirts, mugs, you name it. Hi, Thomas. How are you?

[00:00:22.010] – Thomas

I’m good. I’m hello, everybody. Yes. So how do you take your sales from a reasonable but you know, not great. 10 all the way up to 100. That’s the topic. So we’re talking. About really ads here, organic strategies can work, but it’s all about Facebook ads, so there is, of course, as we often mention, free Facebook ads. Cool. So step one is to have a look at that course so I won’t go over everything that’s in that course.

You need designs

[00:00:55.620] – Thomas

What we talk about today is how it’s done, what you should do. So you’ve made some sales, you’ve sold something, maybe profitably, maybe not. But you’ve got your first 10 sales under your belt and you want to go to 100 sales. Well. You need designs. It’s a simple numbers game at this point, the more designs you test we’ve said this before, the more designs you test, the more winners you’re going to find, the things that hold people back where you’ve got something that’s selling a little bit.

[00:01:24.140] – Thomas

You got a few sales here, a few sales there, but you’re not really making a great impact. Winners will stand out. And so you need to keep testing. You need to say to yourself, right, I’m going to test X amount of designs every single week, whether that’s 20, 30, five, 10, three, eight, nine, whatever. And stick to doing that every single week, no matter what, and that’s how you can start to find the winners.

[00:01:56.150] – Thomas

There are thousands, millions of designs out there, ideas out there already that you can take inspiration from. Yeah, and it’s just a matter of finding some inspiration from somewhere and then coming up with a whole lot of design ideas off the back of that and then testing, testing, testing, testing. I can’t emphasize how much this is a numbers game. If you test 100 designs, you are far more likely to find one winning design than if you only plan to test five or give up after three.

[00:02:26.060] – Thomas

So a lot of people, they’ll get a few sales from one design break even, or maybe even slightly behind where they need to be. And then they’ll maybe test one more than that doesn’t. And then they’ll start to just give up or that isn’t the way to do it. You have to realize that millions upon millions upon millions of people are out there in the audiences on Facebook and they are buying. There were buyers in every market all the time, every day.

[00:02:53.810] – Thomas

People are buying from Facebook ads of all sorts of print on demand products from Moteefe and. You can be one of the people that sending them those people, those product, those people products is just a matter of persistence and testing. Obviously, there’s slightly more to it than that. But really, on a very basic level, the more you test, the more likely you are to find those winners that will be able to take you forward.

[00:03:22.770] – Aidan

Yeah, and I think it’s a very common story in my in my day to day job is on message a seller. How’s it going? Going on and I’m stuck. It is 20 is 10, 20 sort of mark accomplishable. And I’ll say I’ll say one question. Have you noticed any new designs lately? More common they’re not. The answer is no. Well, you know, you can’t can’t expect to get 10 winners if you don’t go find the first.

Find the winners

[00:03:48.690] – Aidan


[00:03:49.860] – Thomas

Well, that’s it. So we were talking about how you get from 10 sales to 100 sales, total sales. But if you want to go from 10 sales a day to 100 sales a day, then you do need to find winners. And what makes a winner? Readability of the text. If they can’t read it, they won’t want to buy it. You need something that stands out. So you want high contrast designs. What does that mean?

[00:04:12.720] – Thomas

You have light text on a dark T-shirt. You have light, dark text on a lighter T-shirt, high contrast designs, big print sales, big letters, big, big letters. That’s what you want. You want to get it in front of him. You don’t need fancy designs with pictures and all of this kind of thing. You don’t need to be an illustrator. You just need to get a design out there. Yes, images can help, but not if it means reducing the size of the text.

[00:04:40.050] – Thomas

It’s mainly the message that sells. It’s almost always the message that sells. The image or images or style is only really just to tie into the Nasch. You do not need an advanced illustration to make a sale. When you come to things like ugly Christmas sweaters, then yes, the the the actual design starts to become more important than the message. But for all intents and purposes, it’s the message, the text, the writing, the words that sells.

[00:05:11.130] – Thomas

And you must make sure that you get those high contrast so people can read them, keep the font big enough so people can read it and really just get it out in front of people. Zoom in on your ad. Don’t have that. Have the teacher or in the background. You want to fill the whole screen as much screen real estate as you’ve got with the actual design and just get it in front of people and just keep on testing. Now, if you’ve got something that’s ticking over making some sales, you want to make sure there is a winner.

[00:05:37.230] – Thomas

So you should always be testing other stuff to see if anything will have better traction. And then it’s just a matter of duplicating the ads. And finding new targets, they can be look alike audiences, they can be new targets, they can be you can take the design and maybe the designs in the fishing nation. Maybe you can transfer the same design idea into the nation or another nation, or you can translate it into another language. Obviously, you need new design to do that.

[00:06:06.020] – Thomas

And you just keep on pushing forward if you. Can’t get beyond a few sales a day, then watch the ads, of course, and just keep testing and testing and testing and just be very brutal in what you try to sell. Don’t waste time. Don’t waste money on stuff that’s just breakeven or worse or just making a few sales. The next idea could be the one selling 50, 60, 70, 80 a day. And to get to 100 a day, if you have four designs that are selling 25 a day, which is only one an hour, not a particularly high number, then you’ve got your sales a day.

[00:06:43.190] – Thomas

And of course, you can push on above that to hundreds of sales a day. Some people do this. At that point. It becomes really you’re looking at how much money you made yesterday or in the last 24 hours and how much money you’re spending. Yet you’re not really managing that so much on a per ads level anymore because sales will be coming in from shares. It becomes more and more difficult to manage your ad spend. So really there you’re just looking at two figures, what you what you made and what you spend.

[00:07:17.120] – Thomas

And as long as what you made is outstripping what you spent by 15 to 20 percent or above that, then you’re good to continue to add. But yes, it does become more difficult to manage individual assets at those levels, although it’s still possible, because sometimes you’re not sure exactly where the money is coming in from. And of course, when you’re running retargeting, which is key to all of this, it’s sometimes difficult to work out what exactly is going on, where the you might have one asset, for example, a lot of people are clicking on and that’s where all the retargeting you a lot of those people don’t buy from the original asset, but then they buy from retargeting.

UTM tracking

[00:07:57.170] – Thomas

So it does become more complicated at that point. You should look at using UTM tag tracking to attribute your sales. There’s plenty out there. Moteefe allows this. Facebook allows this on the on an ad level, not on an ad site level. So each individual ad you can have a UTM tag and you can track that right through to the Moteefe dashboard, into the analytics tab on each campaign. And you can see which ad set is delivering the sale.

[00:08:28.150] – Thomas

So this also solves the iOS fourteen point five tracking issue. You’ll be able to see exactly which ads is working for each ad. So if you’re going to go big, you will need to go to those lengths at this stage to be able to really manage your ad spend anyway. But probably above 50 or 100 miles a day, you’re going to need to go down into each headset and put UTM tags on and be able to track that back. Obviously, you use a slightly different nutmeg for each advert so that you know exactly where the sales are coming in from.

[00:09:01.170] – Aidan


[00:09:02.120] – Aidan

That makes sense. Makes sense. And I just want to remind everyone, you are not alone, like Thomas mentioned, in terms of, say you had a good design chance, good traction, but you want to bulk up those numbers, message me, message out in the group and what do this will help you get that design translated and to be designed so you can you can try that that you can try in France, you can try and Belgium try it.

[00:09:27.530] – Aidan

In Germany, I could read off more countries, but I won’t be a stranger. You’re not alone. Please message mail and it will be more than happy to help you to get that, get the money feel safe in date.

[00:09:42.180] – Thomas

So, yes, again, just to reiterate, testing is key. There’s a free Facebook course in the description of the video and you can join the Moteefe Facebook group where Aiden and Anna will be able to help you along and get you going. UTM text just you can Google that anywhere. How to do that? It’s pretty clear on Facebook, on every single ad, it will allow you to put UTM tag. That’s when you want to scout, when you wanted to scale really back or just if you’re having general tracking problems trying to work out which ad is generating you your sales, you can do that.

[00:10:15.110] – Thomas

And Moteefe has a Google Analytics integration as well that would be able to show you where the sales are coming from on a UTM basis. So definitely check that out. And that really is it. It’s not an overly complicated thing to do. It’s just very simple rules. The hard part, of course, is actually doing it. So, yes, I think, oh, I was expecting an hour long training video. You don’t need an hour long training video because you just need to test and test and test and test, find the winners and then push the winners out vertically and horizontally, meaning in duplicating the ads, it’s changing the targeting change to new interest marketing use look alike audiences, split the genders, split the country, split the regions or everything that you can do within that to split it up.

[00:11:06.080] – Thomas

And then. It’s just a question of how many designs you can run at once, and then when you really start pushing, it’s a question of how you manage your ad spend at scale, which does become tricky, and then using your tags to do that. So it is as complicated and also as easy as that.

[00:11:26.930] – Aidan

Yeah, I think something you said to me was that Thomas is the best way to sort of get this level is to have set yourself a target or a goal of testing at least eight, you know, five designs, 10 designs per week and not going outside of that. And that way, you consistently making progress. It’s getting better as well.

[00:11:46.610] – Thomas

With that spend if you want to make it. If you if you want to make. A thousand dollars a day, then what do you what what are you likely to have to spend 100 dollars a day?

[00:11:56.860] – Thomas

What are you likely to have to spend on ads? The the higher you scale, the smaller percentage of return you’re probably going to get just on the management of the spaces. So, for instance, if you spent, I don’t know, five hundred dollars a day and you make five hundred dollars in profit, well, you’re doing you’re doing very well. That’s that’s achievable with balance, certain with certain designs. But if you want to really push far past that, I mean, an example would be if you spent, you know, ten thousand dollars on ads in a day, which is a lot I’ve never spent that much.

[00:12:31.090] – Thomas

But then you were earning two thousand a day. You’re still earning that’s still a 20 percent return. Obviously, you get your ten thousand back as well. I don’t spend ten thousand a day on ads and I only get 2000 back unless you really like the shareholders of Facebook. But yeah, that’s at scale. The kind of numbers that you start to be thinking about when you’re really, really pushing extremely hard is it’s about percentage of return versus spend.

Stay consistent

[00:13:03.860] – Aidan

Yeah, I want to to dangle the carrot because it will give people a peek behind the curtain. So slim. How can they sell it every day? And those sellers are out there and there’s many of them who are doing in the hundreds of sales per week. Right. And I’ve seen people actually get to that point within three months. Right. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but the thing that separates them from other people is a super consistent is the guy they set themself a go with this POD besides a week and they stick it and not deterred.

[00:13:33.610] – Aidan

They don’t second guess themselves. It’s a case of it is profitable. It isn’t. And that. Yeah, yeah. As simple as that.

[00:13:43.820] – Thomas

Indeed. So as I say, do check out the the, the group, join the group and the course and just keep testing just to keep testing. Follow these very simple rules to begin with and you will be good. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep it simple, keep doing the same things but just more of them. The things are pretty simple to do. Find ideas, get a design made from those ideas, and then test them as cheaply as you can with Facebook.

[00:14:14.620] – Thomas

Find the winners and then try to sell them. And if they don’t sell. Move on quickly. Don’t bog yourself down in something that’s break even or worse, and I’m going to I’m going to say so now. I may regret, but I’m going to say it. If you guys if someone out there has got a niche and they’re doing, say, 10, 20 s, but they’re stuck for design ideas, message me. And I hope you come up with some ideas, a few ideas to get the ball rolling, because it’s a very common thing.

[00:14:43.990] – Aidan

People say to me, Aidan, Oh, I’m doing well, I’m selling 30, 40, ten, maybe, you know, designs a week, but I just can’t come up with any ideas. It’s not an excuse and I’m more than happy to take you through some cool websites. So different tips and tricks to spin things and make some good, good designs, great and original ideas that will make you some money and date.

[00:15:06.880] – Thomas

Well, OK, excellent. Thank you very much, Aidan. Thanks, everybody out there. We’ll be back next week with another exciting POD update. So. See you next week.

[00:15:20.090] – Aidan

Guys, stay safe. Have a great weekend. Yes, we want to see investment guys like.

Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Moteefe Live: Evergreen POD niches – learn what to sell right now

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas are some of the most popular seasonal events that can help you massively increase your POD sales. However, it’s important to not rely on these times of year to excel in the POD industry. Having good evergreen campaigns that run 24/7 allows you to have some extra money all year long.  In the previous live stream, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell talk about evergreen POD niches that sellers should be selling right now. 

Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

Some of the topics they cover include:

  • 00:20 – What is an evergreen niche?
  • 02:42 – The family niche
  • 05:07 – Zodiac and Astrology
  • 07:40 – Pets
  • 10:45 – Health & Wellness
  • 12:10 – Model Making
  • 12:44 – Arts & Crafts
  • 14:50 – Music
  • 17:15 – Professions
  • 18:50 – Religion
Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

What is an evergreen niche?

An evergreen niche is a niche that allows you to sell your Print on Demand products all year round.  Although many sellers tend to create new campaigns around holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, it’s important to have evergreen campaigns so that you can bring in revenue all year long.  Most hobbies, interests, and occupations fall under this category.

The family niche

With Mother’s Day being one of the most profitable times of year for POD sellers, it makes sense to create campaigns targeted at family members.  Birthdays are taking place year-round and family members are always in need of a custom gift.  Some relationships to consider include mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, children and more!  And don’t forget about the step and half relationships! 

Zodiac signs and Astrology

“My sun sign is Sagittarius but my rising is in Capricorn and my moon is in Gemini.”  People that are into astrology are really into astrology.  This interest has a passionate audience, making it a great niche to test all year long.  One massive benefit when pursuing this niche is the fact that it’s easy to create targeted ads since you can target based on birthdays!  

Health and Wellness

Cross fitters, bodybuilders, yoga lovers and more!  Fitness is a great niche to consider since health isn’t just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle.  Clever, relatable gym tees are a popular item worn when working out.  Be sure to take a look on Pintrest for some design inspiration if you’re struggling to come up with your own.

When you’re doing anything entrepreneurial, you have to have a bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.
Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:
  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.
You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!
All you need is an idea. You upload your idea, you drive traffic to that idea.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.790] – Aidan

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Moteefe YouTube, and this week we are talking about Evergreen POD Danishes and what to sell right now. As always, in each and every week, I’m joined by none other than Mr. Thomas Gentleman, one of our top sellers over here on a Moteefe. How are you, Thomas?

What is an evergreen niche?

[00:00:21.470] – Thomas

Yeah, I’m good. Hello, everyone. Yesterday’s topic is evergreen niches. What you can sell right now. And what can you sell right now? And you evergreen niche. And what is an evergreen niche? Well, an Evergreen niche isn’t is a niche that lasts throughout the year. A constant a constant niche. So we’ve got our big events throughout the year, Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day again in another country, Mothers’ Day, Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, lots of different Mother’s Day, Father’s Day’s numerous and everywhere big, big events that people target.

[00:00:54.830] – Thomas

Of course, Christmas. Christmas is the one coming up to Q4 with Moteefe Moteefe dot com ready for you for free account. Please do head over. Check us out. If you’ve never sold POD before, I’ve got a free Facebook ads course completely free in the description of this video. So do check it out down there and put it down to the description. It’s not just he’s not telling me to to. Duck down the description, so that’s down there.

[00:01:23.120] – Thomas

So if you never saw before, do check it out, it’s well worth it. So you’ve got seasonal big events that you can push forward and you can sell in all different types of niches for those events. So if somebody happens to be doing whatever you can that into the event. But yes, there are some issues, some things that will make sales all the way through the year. And that’s what this is about, because we’re in August, we were a little bit we’re past Mother’s Day.

[00:01:44.690] – Thomas

We’re past Father’s Day, the next really big event. You’ve got Halloween and all this stuff, but the next big event is going to be Christmas. And that’s a long way away. Nobody wants to make sales just then. So what are you going to do between now and when Christmas really starts to kick off? And, you know, you should be testing your ugly Christmas sweater designs in all niches, every niche from the 1st of September with five dollar assets on Facebook.

[00:02:08.890] – Thomas

Let’s check again my course to find out exactly how to do that. So you should be starting to begin your testing for Christmas in September, which is only four or five weeks away at this point. It’s just around the corner. Remember remember Guy Fawkes Night in September? Remember, remember? Anyway, I won’t give you the full thing, but there’s fireworks tonight in the U.K. by fireworks night. You, in fact, in November, not September, but you should you should be ramping up.

The family niche

[00:02:35.690] – Thomas

So evergreen, evergreen, evergreen. That’s what you want to concentrate on. Now, every so evergreen issues are things that last throughout the year. So a great evergreen is always the family name. They are constantly having children. I tried to tell them not to, but they do continue to have children all of the time. They get married, they get divorced, divorced, a big niche. So divorce, of course, being a marriage, being, of course, the leading cause of divorce, if you didn’t know.

[00:03:04.020] – Thomas

So they are in this niche. They’re having children, children consisting of a couple of varieties, boys and girls normally. And you can target this. You can you can monetise this. Marriages, relationships, people getting engaged, people being in love, falling in love. One doesn’t make the rational decision to be in love. That’s why it’s called falling in love. Anyway, check out the philosopher Slovo for more information on exactly that turmoil. But yes, so family name is huge.

[00:03:37.610] – Thomas

All of the relationships. So you’ve got grandparents, parents, children, brothers, sisters, aunties. There’s so many of them. Yeah, so many of them. This is why you have to buy a big turkey a Christmas to feed all of these people that you’re related to, Loosley or otherwise. So best auntie in the world, worst auntie in the world, best uncle in the world, worst uncle in the world, that kind of thing.

[00:04:01.940] – Thomas

Or bad influence, I should say worst, not worse yet

[00:04:05.750] – Aidan

Apparently. Classic that I’ve seen bandied around a lot is Okayest sister. Well it’s OK forever. And it’s funny, you know.

[00:04:16.160] – Thomas

Barely passable aunt and of course that house, P.G. Woodhouse, the probably the funniest English author of the twentieth century, reminds us that aunts aren’t gentlemen anyway. So family niche all of those things. Perennial evergreen make sales now. Lots of relationships, people having babies, new mom, new dad, new baby, new sister, new brother, new one to A.A. Auntie, new uncle, new grandparent.

[00:04:47.780] – Thomas

New Grand Mother. Grandpa, grandma is acceptable as well man. Not my thing, but some people do refer to their grandparents as nans. Regrettable as that is. Aidan give me another evergreen niche that we can dive right into in the into the doldrums of August when people are moving around. What are people up to that we can we can for

Zodiac signs and Astrology

[00:05:11.210] – Aidan

A bit of a curve. But given an unexpected one, Zodiac’s and astrology.

[00:05:17.180] – Thomas

Zodiac’s or Zodiac signs people are into Zodiac signs and this is astrology.

[00:05:23.870] – Thomas

So tarot cards, mysticism, that kind of thing is a popular a popular niche bit of as Ric Flair of WW fame or WWE fame say a bit of woo for you out there. Yes, it’s very popular. People believe passionately in these things. I don’t saying whether that’s rational or not, but it’s a great name to make sales into.

[00:05:51.110] – Aidan

So I really like about it though, is when when everyone’s reading in the back of the newspaper, the Zodiac sign, I’m an Aquarius guy, so just put it out there. It’s got a personal attachment to it’s my Zodiac sign. And I think that that really comes true when you’re doing it. It’s both. That’s my team.

[00:06:10.910] – Thomas

That’s it. So you can tie this into relationships. Imagine if you had you are my. You can have a design that and a whole store built with all the different combinations of Zodiac signs, you know this Aquarius loves this Libra. And it goes on the list goes on of all of the different types of Zodiac signs, you could even have a custom text field where you target somebody by their birthmarks. How do you do that? People have birthdays and you can target by birthday, but you target by Zodiac sign instead, and then you leave the other star sign blank.

[00:06:49.240] – Thomas

There’s a lot going on.

[00:06:51.030] – Aidan

Well, you can look into Target in my horoscope, right.

[00:06:54.090] – Thomas

But that’s the same thing.

[00:06:55.380] – Aidan

Or it may look different when you click on your suggestions.

[00:07:01.170] – Thomas

I think you can target people by having a birthday in the next 60 days or something like this. I forget the exact targeting, but there are there are various things that you can do there to try to target them. Or you could just target with the whole store of Zodiac signed designs. I think that worked well on cushions or mugs. Of course, most popular white mugs are really hot right now.

[00:07:25.590] – Thomas

I wouldn’t yes, black mugs are better in the winter. Come to them in a few months time. But white mugs right now in the summer are proving very popular. Great products, great product. The white mugs that Moteefe Moteefe dot com have got Aidan another evergreen. They should not have gone evergreen. I was going to make a joke, but I make too many as we are.

[00:07:48.330] – Aidan


[00:07:49.740] – Thomas


[00:07:51.630] – Aidan

Dogs, cats, goldfish, trout. You name it.

[00:07:54.930] – Thomas

Trout. My pet, my pet trout. My pet trout.

[00:08:00.570] – Aidan

Koi fish.

[00:08:01.800] – Thomas

You’re being a bit coy about the pet name. Yes. OK, so pets. Yes, but let’s move away from the dogs and cats are always popular. New dogs, new cats. People continue to purchase and acquire these these animals. That’s a good niche, almost like almost family niche. The way that people treat their pets either has a pet of some four legged variety that is very fond of. But let’s look beyond your standard pets.

[00:08:31.530] – Thomas

People keep all sorts of pets. So reptiles, I’ve always said you’d have to be a bit cold blooded to keep a reptile, but that’s another issue. So reptiles, snakes, frogs, iguanas, geckos, rattlesnakes, rattlesnakes, some people even keep cockroaches as pets.

[00:08:57.880] – Thomas

And these bugs, arachnids and not actually reptiles, but yes, all those pets. So it’s worth broadening your horizons to find some evergreen some evergreen pet species out there. Yeah, definitely.

[00:09:11.760] – Aidan

Well, I would say about the dog niche, though, is look into the different breeds because different people who buy it and people just get stuck with buying the same breed and just go down that route. For example, I’ve got a Boston terrier. I will get another Boston terrier. It’s people that like red sweaters and they only get Red says. And they are this truly super passionate. When you get into those breed specific dog owners, some people like this dog could a Rhodesian ridge back.

[00:09:40.410] – Aidan

Thomas, it’s huge and the people swear by them.

[00:09:44.940] – Thomas

Surely it should be a Zimbabwean ridgeback.

[00:09:50.810] – Aidan

Hey, I don’t come up with the names.

[00:09:53.360] – Thomas

OK, fair enough. Oh, well, we’re not accepting that rebrand then, so, OK, pets, pets, pets, pets are great. And horses don’t forget horses. People love a horse. They love a horse. I love owning horses. Spend a lot of money in the horse. Niche You have to have a horse. You have to have a stable. You have to have a stable boy or girl unless you do it yourself.

[00:10:13.890] – Thomas

But I recommend having a stable boy or girl to do it for you, riding around on the horses, taking care of the horses and we want to show off that they own a horse. Definitely a good one. Designs on the back of a shirt would be good for that. Similar designs to the motorbike niche where you see some designs there could transfer over to the the horse niche.

[00:10:34.700] – Aidan

With the horses you have feed them more than a dog and you have to buy them shoes.

[00:10:39.590] – Thomas

Yes, you have to feed them. You have to. Yes indeed. You have to have them. Yes. Footwear. So what else have we got and what’s on your your list of ideas. This rattle through.

Health and Wellness

[00:10:51.260] – Aidan

Health and wellbeing, a.k.a. Jean. Right. Getting fitter, getting stronger across the body, building you name it. Yoga, Pilates. You hot yoga we do in a hot room is that they do yoga.

[00:11:05.420] – Thomas

I believe they call that.

[00:11:06.200] – Aidan

Yes. Yes. Thank you. It’s a it’s a strong one and it’s people are passionate about it to the point where they change their diet to make sure they get better at it.

[00:11:15.890] – Thomas

That’s it. People have such themselves. Fitness is a good niche. Running, racing, rowing, running, jumping, cycling, cycling. Yes. Pastime. Not a sport.

[00:11:28.610] – Aidan


[00:11:29.510] – Thomas

Running, you know. Yes. In that thing that they do every four years that we won’t mention because we don’t want to mention it. But yeah, people do that. But you know, it’s not really, really a sport was it. It’s you know, it’s a pastime and activity but definitely a niche and a strong evergreen, strong evergreen. Although most people of course just signed up for a gym and they never actually turn up after a month, which is why they charge you for a twelve month membership as a minimum.

[00:11:57.470] – Thomas

So but yes, definitely good body building and all of that stuff. I don’t know. What else have we got on the amazing list of evergreen niches for ourselves, but bit a different model making model, making very passionate audiences model, making model, making a great thing because they’re already spending money in the knees to acquire the models. And definitely people are very passionate about that. It’s a good niche if you’ve never made anything yourself by hand. I do recommend drawing.

[00:12:28.730] – Thomas

It’s satisfying to see the product of your labour at the end of the day. Not that I’m into anything other than print on demand. Of course.

[00:12:39.680] – Aidan

Of course. Of course. From another one. But we’re going into the more of the pass time zone that arrives just well for you. So next of past times need could be so in so many different types. So there’s a lot of more mature people you love to sit at home. And so and we are going to be soon approaching the winter months. They’re going to be selling a lot more.

[00:13:02.470] – Thomas

I’m sewing, knitting, cross stitch, that kind of thing. Arts and crafts, shall we say, arts and crafts, not the arts and crafts movement. Google is if you don’t know, I’m not a big fan of the arts and crafts movement. I prefer Barkhouse style design. But anyway, up to you. The actual arts and crafts can be good. They will candlestick making, whatever. All very interesting carving, sculpting, pottery. Model making.

[00:13:34.170] – Speaker 2

Well, these are all these are all things that people can do all throughout the year, so they’re all accidents to target. And a lot of these people we think are thinking of, you know, I mean, even if they had thought of these designs, I bet they haven’t come to you. And you can reach out and honour our customer success managers in our Facebook group, which is linked in the description next to my Facebook ads course just down there, I was pointing furiously at the link and I will help you get these design ideas translated into other languages like German, French, Italian.

[00:14:05.670] – Aidan

So we may have the best you may have the best ever knitting design idea in the world. I’m happy to help you make that. Not only that, once you’ve conquered the United Kingdom, what you’ve conquered USA in English and we’ll get it translated into German, translated to Swedish, translated into French. And then that way you can take over all these countries.

[00:14:26.650] – Thomas

As as the one you can move through Germany, into Holland, Belgium, France, very effectively with Aidan’s help dominate dominate Europe all across the way with Aidan’s translation service, of course, they’re in the group.

[00:14:43.860] – Thomas

So definitely think about it. And have we got a couple more?

[00:14:48.090] – Aidan

We do.

[00:14:49.920] – Thomas

What have we got?


[00:14:50.960] – Aidan

Let’s let’s move on to sort of a past. No, not really. Music genres or people to pay said musical instruments. Right. Very passionate and example of big a violin. Violins go for a hell of a lot of money and very hard to hard to play. It can be pretty passionate that keeping up that.

[00:15:07.800] – Thomas

Yes. So violins or the playing of violins, classical music in instruments like. Thanks, very popular. It can be, it can be, we prefer to say violin playing, but yes, it can be called fiddling. It’s very popular. If you’ve never listened to any violin music and you want to get started. Check out anything by Paganini. Played well. Should get you going. It’s the most difficult music to play. I think of anything at all and played correctly is quite amazing to listen to.

[00:15:43.160] – Thomas

So if you’ve never listened to classical music to check out anything written by Paganini, he’s not around anymore to play himself. But apparently it was quite the thing to see him do it, although no recordings exist anyway. But yes, musical instruments to playing a musical instrument. So not only classical music, but we all know that friend that can’t wait to get out the guitar and play, you know, even though we all tried to stop him and make our excuses, as soon as he leaves the room to retrieve the instrument, harmonica’s mouth organs, as they’re sometimes known, people will play those and also genres of music.

[00:16:17.230] – Thomas

So this country music, of course, absolutely fantastic, fantastic genre of music. The Country Music niche people, you know, there’ll be T-shirts out there, this country girl, this country boy, and you can tie that in. Of course, they trademark free. You have to say trademark free. So you talk about the niche, not about individual artists, but country music itself or rock music. This this rocker, this this this roller rocking and rolling, that kind of thing will work.

[00:16:47.320] – Thomas

Well, jazz music. I’m not a fan of jazz music myself, but if you are, then I play those three types of music anyway. We won’t get into that now. All very strongly. She’s very, very strong. She’s so both the listening to and the playing of different types of music and different instruments can definitely b, b, b, b a great niche to get into.

[00:17:12.430] – Aidan

Yeah, definitely. Hone in on an instrument, hone in on a genre. Next one, professions.

[00:17:19.690] – Thomas

Professions. People tend to work all year round.

[00:17:22.690] – Aidan

Yes, they do.

[00:17:23.270] – Thomas

So they are by definition evergreen that the man, the myth, the dentist, the man, the myth, the lawyer, the man, the myth, the the women, the myth, the dentists, the women, the myth, the whatever, whatever the profession is definitely strong. The nurse, the you what you want to go for professions that people are more likely to tell you that they do in the first thirty seconds of meeting them rather than things that they might not tell you about.

[00:17:51.970] – Thomas

So people truck driving in America, United States and the US of a truck driving is a big thing. People are proud. They often are owner operators of their own rigs. I think they called them. And that that that’s that’s that’s quite a big niche. But if you’re doing something sort of mundane, like shop worker or not, that there’s anything that we shop workers, shops need workers and workers need shops. So not looking down on those professions at all, but people might not be quite as passionate to say that they work in retail as they do if they were an astronaut or a veterinarian, veterinarian or a professional.

[00:18:34.950] – Aidan

Call centre agent.

[00:18:37.250] – Thomas

Salesman. Hatmaker, candlestick maker, so, yes, professions, high, passionate professions, always good, great overdeck, great niche. Give us one more to close this out, because I think people have got the general gist of this and they’ll be able to carry this forward and find some fantastic evergreen niches for themselves now that we’ve given them this inspiration.

[00:18:58.700] – Aidan

Last one. I mean, you could potentially look at sort of religion, Christianity, maybe if you’re very passionate about it.

[00:19:05.560] – Thomas

Yes, yes, yes, Christianity in the United States, if you talk in the United States, say even Europe, quite popular, quite a popular niche, very popular, in fact, persistent evergreen probably.

[00:19:22.750] – Thomas

Yes, yes, indeed.

[00:19:24.430] – Aidan

And the one thing I wanted to talk segway into is you guys, the top sellers are the top guys that we work with Moteefe. They have they have their amazing sales performances through these mothers these days, farmer’s days. But if you look at the consistency when they’re working on these everlasting at the great niches, that’s where the real money comes from, is the consistent sales that trickle in 10 day, 20 a day, because over time these people are doubling their jobs.

[00:19:55.180] – Aidan

They could quit their jobs tomorrow because of this. That’s where the real money see people day in and day out her own in two to three to four times the money they do in their day job through consistent evergreen sales from these other niches. So that’s the one thing I wanted to really and strongly is if you find something that can last you for all year round and then you have a bit of a bump bumper Christmas, great day that we ran consistent sales where you’re really going to see the the difference in your bank balance when you check the numbers there.

[00:20:25.590] – Thomas

That’s a slow and steady build wins the race. That’s what you want to look for. You want to look for these the these types of niches. You can have multiple. Evergreen niches where you just chipping away five, 10, 15 cells die in each stage, four or five of them today a day will definitely drive your success. So to wrap it up, Evergreen niches, the niches that you can settle throughout the year, there’s lots of different ones out there.

[00:20:52.440] – Thomas

Try the family, try products like Moteefe cushion, check out Moteefe dot com. Join the Moteefe Global Group, link in the description. Join my free Facebook course, link in the description and of course, open an account at Moteefe dot com. No one print on demand platform for e-commerce where you can use such great features as custom text, where you can personalise these items, the buyers, you can have a custom textfield your buyers will be able to enter their name, what their pets name or their the name of their iguana or the whatever their auntie.

[00:21:26.210] – Thomas

If they must, if they must. And that really drives buyer engagement. So this is great ecommerce features that we give to you completely free and we have custom domain stores was a custom domain store. I hear you ask, you buy a domain name, you open a store at Moteefe and you link that domain name to your Moteefe store. Thus that store becomes my store dot com, your store, dot com, whatever you’ve chosen. So you can have branding all the way through the buyer experience.

[00:21:56.510] – Thomas

OK, Aidan, I think that brings us to the end of this evergreen.

[00:22:02.600] – Aidan

We will be back next week with another exciting installment. And so until then, take care and stay safe. Good bye, everyone.

[00:22:10.220] – Thomas

Excellent. Thanks, everyone. See you next week.