Moteefe POD Webinar

Moteefe POD Webinar

Moteefe POD Webinar

Join Moteefe in the Print on Demand E-commerce Revolution

Moteefe offers its users a zero cost, no risk entry into the exciting world of print on demand.  Moteefe’s has a global supply network and an amazing POD product range. Moteefe enables everyone to start their e-commerce journey or to progress even further as an online entrepreneur. 

Head over to Moteefe and launch a campaign today.

Please also join us in our Facebook group where that you will be able to find a vibrant community of sellers and more videos from us that will help to guide you through your print on demand journey.


Moteefe POD Webinar




When Moteefe was founded in 2016, our mission was to help bring fresh, relevant designs to market.

Since then we’ve empowered thousands of merchants and creators with a platform that helps them get products to market in minutes. Your ideas are the lifeblood of what we do. And what delights us the most is when sellers use our platform combined with their creativity to spin up a campaign and find a hit with their customers. The way that this can power a new business so quickly and easily for you, as well as giving your customers what they want, is why we founded Moteefe.

Although this works really well almost all of the time, we sometimes hear of merchants that choose not to put in the hard work. They cheat and use designs that don’t belong to them. This isn’t why we built Moteefe. Ripping off other brands’ designs doesn’t make business sense. It damages the reputation of the merchandise and eCommerce industries. Most importantly, it destroys consumer trust.

We want to make it clear that we do not tolerate such behaviour and always take swift action to remove such campaigns and stores immediately.

Moteefe does not allow anyone to sell products which infringe the rights of other creators. We have a clearly defined set of procedures – including cancelling campaigns – if we believe the rights of the creatives whose work we celebrate has been infringed by a third party.

Anyone with a concern about a design can email us at and we will review it quickly. We do this because it’s the right thing to do and because we want to maintain trust in Moteefe, our seller community and the wider merchandise industry.


Time after time, customers that buy from our merchants’ stores tell us they bought the product because it’s unique. The most successful merchants engage their customer bases who keep coming back, time after time, to buy products with the latest designs.

We also see a strong correlation on our platform between the uniqueness of a design and conversion rate of traffic seeing it, and the price people are willing to pay. As a merchant, the more unique your designs, the more money you’ll make.

That’s what Moteefe is about. But rather than having to find a mall, find a store, fit out the store, hire staff, and manufacture your products – all you have to do it design, upload and go. Simple.


To those merchants who refuse to listen, we have a simple message: we won’t tolerate stealing designs and we will continue to act quickly to take them down; if you use your talents more wisely, your customers (and your own profits) will reward you.

To everyone else – the vast majority of our amazing seller community – thank you for your creativity and innovation. We love supporting you and look forward to long and fruitful partnerships as you sell smartly, profitably and ethically.

Moteefe POD Webinar

Moteefe Summer Contest 2020

Moteefe Summer Contest 2020

The Moteefe Summer contest is back

The Moteefe Summer contest is back with prizes ranging from $100 up to $120,000. The contest runs for 60 days, from 19 June 2020 to 17 August 2020.

Breakdown of the prize levels

Breakdown of different prize levels

Sell 250 units and win $100

Sell 500 units and win $200

Sell 1000 units and win $500

Sell 3000 units and win $1,500

Sell 5000 units and win $3,000

Sell 10,000 units and win $7,000

Sell 25,000 units and win $20,000

Sell 50,000 units and win $50,000

Sell 100,000 units and win $120,000

The number of units you need to sell per day to reach each level

How many units will you need to sell per day to reach each level?

You will need to sell 4.2 units per day to reach level 1 and win $100

You will need to sell 8.3 units per day to reach level 2 and win $200

You will need to sell 16.7 units per day to reach level 3 and win $500

You will need to sell 50 units per day to reach level 4 and win $1,500

You will need to sell 83.3 units per day to reach level 5 and win $3,000

You will need to sell 166.7 units per day to reach level 6 and win $7,000

You will need to sell 416.7 units per day to reach level 7 and win $20,000

You will need to sell 833.3 units per day to reach level 8 and win $50,000

You will need to sell 1666.7 units per day to reach level 9 and win $120,000

Since the contest will be running in summer, selling T-shirts, tank tops and mugs should be your focus.

If you haven’t already opened a Moteefe account, now is the time to sign up and start selling. Good luck.

Sign up here:


Moteefe POD Webinar

Marcazo Summer Contest 2020

Marcazo Summer Contest 2020

Marcazo Summer Contest April 30 to June 30 2020

We are proud to announce that the annual Marcazo Summer Contest will begin on April 30.  This is a truly exciting opportunity to win some amazing cash prizes.  The contest will run until June 30, giving you plenty of time to hit those higher levels.

Two massive events are happening in Brazil. During this time, both mothers day, which is on 10 May and Brazilian Valentine’s Day, which unusually is on June 12 both represent massive opportunities to make a real impact in the market.

If you’re not already selling in Brazil. This is the perfect time to begin. We recommend that you translate your winning designs into Brazilian Portuguese, and start testing immediately.  We have a free translation service.  Just email the text that you wish to have translated to

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook group, please join.  We are always sharing important information there and we have a weekly live stream covering a range of topics from Facebook advertising to print-on-demand tips and tricks.

Good luck in the contest.

Moteefe & Marcazo