Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update: Postponed Delivery Areas in Italy

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update: Postponed Delivery Areas in Italy

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update: Postponed Delivery Areas in Italy

Temporary delivery restrictions

This page will be updated as the situation changes.

All of our production facilities continue to operate as normal and we are continuing to produce your orders within 3-4 working days across our manufacturing sites in Europe, the US, and Brazil.

We are monitoring last-mile delivery services and performance across all affected areas to ensure there are also no disruptions to delivery timelines. Ensuring this is in the best interest of your business, and customer. Specifically, we are in touch with the last-mile delivery services in areas that are in lockdown, and where delivery has been temporarily disrupted.

As we can not guarantee the quality and speed of delivery that we as a business adhere to, we have decided to implement temporary delivery restrictions in regions that are in lock-down.

This applies only to a small number of cities/zip codes as you can see below. We will continue to keep you updated if any changes should occur. For now, please avoid marketing to end customers in the affected regions listed below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Postponed delivery areas in Italy:

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Carnival is the most awaited time of the year in Brazil, and it’s just around the corner! It starts on the 21st of February, and it lasts for five days!  The streets of Brazil get full of people, music, and dancing, as millions travel from all around the world to be part of this fantastic festival! It’s also known for its Samba parades and the astonishing float cars! The most well-known celebrations take place in Rio de Janeiro, where over two million people gather this time of year. And by the way, Brazilians spell it ‘Carnaval’, not Carnival ;). 

Customized Merchandise

Well, there are several themes you can decide to adopt as your creating your carnival merch! We advise you to make your apparel colorful and catchy! Include the word ‘Carnaval’, the year 2020, samba dancers, costumes, Rio de Janeiro’s skyline… The sky is the limit! 

Everyone celebrates Carnival in Brazil, from adults to tiny babies! You could even create customized onesies that babies can wear to their first Carnival ever!

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