Moteefe Live: The Hidden POD Sales Formula

Moteefe Live: The Hidden POD Sales Formula

Moteefe Live: The Hidden POD Sales Formula

There are certain strategies sellers can use when it comes to creating and marketing their Print on Demand products. In this week’s live stream, POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell share the hidden POD sales formula that has helped them succeed in the POD industry.

Some of the topics they cover include: 

  • 01:20 – Find a high passion niche 
  • 05:55 – Use personalized text 
  • 07:47 – Create readable artwork
  • 10:54 – Test, test, test!

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

Find a high passion niche

Find an interest that inspires and motivates a group of people.  Though many hobbies and activities are considered niches, they may not be considered a high passion niche.  Cooking and exercising can be a chore for many people.  However, cooking can be a high passion niche if you are targeting chefs.  Exercising can be a high passion niche if you niche down to activities like power lifting, cross fit, or cycling.  

Use personalized text

When creating phrases for your design, don’t use generic phrases and statements.  Instead, try incorporating more pronouns like “I” or “me”.  Using first-person pronouns helps make the phrasing a bit more personal to the wearer.  Instead of “I” or “me,” you can also use specific occupations or familial roles.

Create readable artwork

The next stage is artwork that’s readable. Although there may be a market for quick hand drawn art, it’s better to create digital art work designed specifically for POD. It is important that the design is clear, large and legible to the human eye. Based on our sellers’ experiences, the buyers that tend to buy POD products are usually a little bit older. This means you need to create designs that include big text that can be easily read.

Test, test, test!

 Testing is the only way to determine what does and does not work, so might as well use this as a learning opportunity.

“So what’s a high passion, niche? Well, cooking is a high passion, niche. Cooking is a chore. Hoovering is not a high passion. It’s a chore, ironing is a chore. But being a chef, if you’re a chef or a sous chef, lots of different types of chef out there, then that’s a high passion.”

Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

Contrast is important to make the design stand out—Pop.

— Thomas Gentleman

Full transcription

[00:00:01.040] – Aidan

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s Live Stream. We were talking about the POD hidden sales formula, where we’re going to be talking with none other than Thomas Johnson about this formula and how you can use it to increase your sales. Tell us, how are you?

[00:00:18.950] – Thomas

I’m good. And hello, everybody out there. I hope you’re doing well. Yes. So welcome to our weekly show, where we take you through the the journey of selling POD products with Moteefe So the hidden the hidden formula, the secret formula, secret sauce, whatever you want to call it, and our secret sauce is just catch up, there is really something here. So what makes the difference? What what do you need to do?

[00:00:50.390] – Thomas

What do you need to put together to formulate to actually generate sales in 2021 with POD? It’s quite simple, but often overlooked. You need to put a design. In front of the right people where that design will resonate and they will buy it now, there’s a few steps here. The first thing that you need to do is to find buyers. Now, everybody buy something that you want, people that are passionate enough about what you’re going to be selling them or what they’re already doing.

Find a high passion niche

[00:01:23.920] – Thomas

But when you put something in front of them, you interrupt their flow as they scroll through on social media and they see your ad or wherever they see your advert that they’re going to stop that, click on your ad, go through, make a purchase. So you need to find people that are extremely passionate about what they’re doing, love what they’re doing, want to show it off, want to walk around with a shirt on that talks about what they do or a mug that says what they’re doing on it and really represent publicly their interest.

[00:02:03.400] – Thomas

So what’s a high passion, niche? Well, cooking is a high passion, niche. Cooking is a chore. Hoovering is not a high passion. It’s a chore, ironing is a chore. But being a chef, if you’re a chef, chef, a sous chef, lots of different types of chef out there, then that’s a high passion. This is your profession is something that people tend to be passionate about. Not all chefs are as rich as the TV chefs are.

[00:02:39.680] – Thomas

It’s actually, for most chefs, something that they’re doing because they love to cook and they love to be in the environment of a kitchen and money, although important. So they too can eat is not their primary focus. Their primary focus is that they’re doing it for the love of doing it. And they’re the kind of people that when they are not in the kitchen or maybe when they are in the kitchen as well, when they’re not in the kitchen, they will want to walk around with a design or a product with a design on that product to show off to the rest of the world.

[00:03:14.300] – Thomas

That their chef. Yeah. Does that make sense?

[00:03:19.230] – Aidan

That makes perfect sense, and it’s and it’s getting something from it and it hits home and it just clicks and resonates with them. So like, sorry, as we talk about this and I every now I have I have designs pop up in my head and it. Could you talk about money? Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy you sharp knives because head chefs and chefs love sharp knives. That could be something that hits home and resonates with them.

[00:03:46.380] – Aidan

What would you think? And maybe box that’s in the maybe box. The man, the Mr. Sous Chef, I don’t know something. Whatever it is. The point is that you found you identify people that want to buy. That will be. Will be buyers in the end, so there’s no point in designing, even if it’s a great idea and it would really resonate with the people that are doing that particular thing. Now, you might of course, this is a big plan out there.

[00:04:13.960] – Aidan

There will be some people to want to buy a shirt that says I love ironing the the man, the myth, the collar starcher. But on the whole. No, no, no, no. So you want to find a high passion niche that’s big enough to support a bit of scaling as well. So there’s lots of things out there that will be high passion, ideally. Have a look. If you’re looking for a new niche, you’re looking for something to sell.

[00:04:44.110] – Aidan

Have a look around and see what you think is already selling. Because, you know, if it’s already working for somebody else, there’s a good chance that you can sell into that same niche. I hear a lot of talk about saturated niches, this nation’s saturated, etc. It’s not saturated, is big and it’s popular and people are buying. That’s why people are making more designs for it. Unsaturated niches at this point is that on the whole, probably aren’t going to be great for you now.

[00:05:09.370] – Aidan

There will always be niche niches, little niches that you can tap into. You know, this is print on demand with Moteefe. There is a demand for certain things that you could be flexible with and have some hyper targeting and get into some small groups. But really, you want to try and concentrate on the higher passion stuff, the higher content. Bikers love biking. They wear t shirts as well. Accounts that might live like biking, but they’re going to wear a t shirt.

[00:05:35.800] – Aidan

Maybe not. They won’t. Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t. Who knows? It’s 2021, all sorts of wild stuff going on. Some people aren’t even wearing ties. Who who knew this could happen? So. Yeah, so. Hyper hyper targeting works, but basically it’s still got to be high passion, so you take the high passion, you find something that’s high passion. Now you’ve got to put an offer in front of them.

Use personalized text

[00:06:00.530] – Aidan

You’ve got to come up with an idea that’s going to work. Words that people like to buy on their products are not cooking is wonderful or being a chef is wonderful. Have you ever considered being a chef? Thank you to all the chefs out there. That isn’t what the key is to tie into them personally. This guy loves preparing broccoli. I know this guy loves being a chef. This guy at World’s greatest chef, world’s number one chef, father, hero, sous chef, legend, that’s the kind of stuff that people want to walk around in.

[00:06:41.450] – Aidan

All I want for Christmas is a chopping board. This is the kind of stuff that because it ties it into the I into them, it’s not general about the thing. It’s my eye and my my children. My my favourite daughter bought me a T-shirt. Her name is Aiden, but is not a girl’s name. Well, maybe it’s who knows. It doesn’t matter. You get the point. That’s the kind of stuff that ties it in then if you can add personalisation in that name.

[00:07:10.670] – Aidan

So world’s greatest chef, my favourite daughter Anna told me. So that ties in to the nation and at that layer of personalisation. So now you’ve got high, high passion and an idea, a design idea with me, my I, i those words, that self identifying words or words that identify closely with a loved one, a relative, a friend, very, very good for this kind of thing. Always works no better.

Create readable artwork

[00:07:42.980] – Aidan

It’s quite a powerful triple combo. Yeah. You can go ahead and boom, you’ve got high passion, nature of what they’re into and what they’re about. Self identity, how they perceive their self image. I might and then use adding if you are adding a relation. Yeah. Brother, sister, mother, daughter, whatever. And adding like an emotional connection and emotional ties. Well to.

[00:08:04.850] – Thomas

Yeah. So that’s obviously you’re going to need good artwork. The next stage is artwork that’s readable. Right. Not a hand drawn thing that no one can read. People are scrolling through social media. People are moving through the internet. Hyper warp speed. Yeah. Mind engage, make it so as they say. So they are going through 100 miles an hour. Imagine how many million miles of news feeds get scrolled every day. You have to stand out.

[00:08:33.590] – Thomas

You have to be readable. People that buy a little bit older. Some of those people are a little myopic. That means that they have to wear glasses because they’re short sighted. Not everybody that’s short sighted will admit that they need glasses or have glasses on hand. So you want to remember that accessibility. Imagine that you’re designing for somebody that can’t really say that. Slightly squinted. That’s the kind of readability that the text, big words, big, beautiful words.

[00:09:02.900] – Aidan

So in terms of using that for an area, it’s not about using half, it’s about making the most of it.

[00:09:08.990] – Thomas

That’s it. A few words big that are readable are better than the perfectly formed two hundred words that no one’s ever going to be able to say or small text, a big, beautiful words and then high contrast so you can see accessibility. You you wouldn’t put a grey box on a grey background and then expect people to be able to click on that box. You want high contrast. So if you’ve got a dark coloured shirt, use light coloured text, use some high light colours like yellow on dark blue works very well that just draw draw you in maybe a heart, a red also that helps with just some visibility.

[00:09:49.740] – Thomas

It stands out if you’re designing something that’s going onto a light product. Dark, dark text. Black, dark blue, dark, dark, green, dark, dark, dark. By contrast, you want to get the contrast right up. Then when you take that product, when you take that image and you put it onto a mock up, take the mock up into Photoshop, don’t just leave the mock up and push the contrast up a little bit.

[00:10:16.370] – Thomas

Now, you still want it to be representative of the final design. This is just you know, you don’t overdo it. You’re gonna blow it right out. You don’t want to make push the saturation up. So people are expecting some shining, backlit, glowing Taisha that’s going to light up the room when they walk in, although some buyers will do. Be careful about that, avoid glitter, avoid those kinds of effects. That’s all. No good.

Test, test, test!

[00:10:42.350] – Thomas

So high contrast. Mock up, good, mock up, you want to zoom right in on the mock up, so you’ve got the text if it’s a sharp bang, right, filling the whole screen bang all the way wherever we are. Fill it up. You can zoom in. 20 percent tax roll has been removed by Facebook. Still might charge you a little bit more for ads with higher tax levels. Just make sure it’s readable. Just make sure it’s readable.

[00:11:07.020] – Thomas

So do take it in Photoshop. Push a contrast up a little bit. You can take the vibrance up a tiny bit, but don’t overdo it because you do want a good representation of the product and then is just about testing. If you’ve got a good design, you can test for three, four or five dollars. Where do they find out that half the time, Facebook ads and the free free Moteefe Facebook ads course, which you can find in the YouTube link description for YouTube or on the Facebook group, you can actually go to Moteefe DOT school and there’s the course there.

[00:11:42.330] – Thomas

Or if even you struggle with that, if you own Facebook group, message me and I’ll give you all the links and more whatever you need.

[00:11:49.680] – Thomas

W w w dot Moteefe dot school, not dot com. After that, that’s these new high level domains, top level domains. So we are living in the future.

[00:12:00.570] – Thomas

We are living in the future and it’s powered by print on demand with Moteefe. That is the future, the future of production and the future of all things. E-commerce is the demand meeting the demand with the production. So that of course, with Moteefe you don’t have to have a lot of stock. It’s a beautiful, beautiful business model. You come up with an idea, so you’ve got all of these things. Do you have to print 500 T-shirts?

[00:12:25.890] – Thomas

Do you have to pay us any money? No, you don’t have to do anything. We only produce we only print when the demand has come in. When the order comes in, then we make it especially for the seller, for the buyer, for your buyer, print it, send it directly to them through our worldwide network of production facilities dotted strategically around close to the major buyer locations. So if your buyer orders in Coventry, Colorado or any other city that I can’t think of Copenhagen.

[00:12:58.800] – Thomas

Yeah, always pick an easier letter than that. But anyway, Cologne straight from the production facility to their door in the minimum amount of time, cutting down on the delivery time, the carbon impact, if you will, if you’re into that kind of thing and some of you are of of the delivery and of the production. No warehousing. And that means that. As much as the profit, as much of that can be passed on to from from us to our users, and you can also keep your your prices down for your buyers, it’s a wonderful way to do business.

[00:13:37.450] – Thomas

It works fantastically well. We have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of users from all around the world making money in this way online.

[00:13:50.150] – Aidan

And fantastic, if you shout, I’ll get back to all of your comments later today. No doubt there’s some really good comments about Marcus. Earlier when I mentioned my design, he liked it, said, you know, there are people who like to design ideas as we see every day with some of the things that our users upload. There is no accounting for taste.

[00:14:16.550] – Aidan

Who knows? This is it. Until you test it. You don’t know. You don’t know. It could be the greatest thing ever. This is it. So this is why testing for three, four or five dollars is important. And you might take that design, do three or four different versions of it, upload it, get it out, find that it does. Well, it does. Okay. You might you might want to come up with the next version of that three different slightly different pieces of text, test, test, test.

[00:14:40.770] – Aidan

You can test for two, three, four or five dollars a design even in the United States, which is one of the more expensive locations to sell, celebrate, but a great market. We encourage people to definitely run everywhere. I, Aidan, has access. If you’re sitting on Moteefe, you can contact Aidin or Anna are the customer success manager and drive your sales through the roof. How how you ask? Because your design would almost certainly be in at least in one language.

[00:15:13.340] – Aidan

One language I would have thought not to. Maybe you’ve got something out there with the crossover, but one language and that’s setting. So you’ve got to in English are setting in the United States. It’s selling well, it’s doing well. How do you scale you contact out and you say, Aidin, it’s winning is beautiful. Let’s go. And ADA will give you a translation of that design in lots of different languages. Lots. How many? A lot more than you could possibly probably need, but definitely all worth a go.

[00:15:42.950] – Aidan

And for the top sellers out there, we have a design service tailored for you if you’re doing really well, super well. Not only that, we will also help you with your artwork. I’m going to say help you, I mean, directly give you artwork, but only for stuff that obviously we can’t extend that to everyone on Earth. So you will have to be doing well first with a particular design. But we are here to support and if you’re stuck for design inspiration, we have in the group how many designs in our give away paquet over four.

[00:16:11.570] – Aidan

I think it is about 44, if I remember correctly. So it’s a pleasure. And not only that, that PAC had the dopiest funds so you could tweak change into it like with so that forty could be four hundred. It depends on your creativity.

[00:16:26.520] – Thomas

Indeed, indeed it does. All available in our group, our Facebook group. Join the group or join Go there, sign up, create an account, log in to the platform at the top you’ll see a little message, click on the message, click on the link in the message and you’ll be taken through. And there’s all kinds of special resources for our users, record sellers, because we they’re not just users, because they sell.

[00:16:50.720] – Thomas

So they sellers in that link. And that’s it. That’s that’s the secret formula. You, me and Moteefe.

[00:16:58.490] – Aidan

And I would like to say I have see obviously working so closely with and the good the good top sellers, I have to say some things that they are extremely successful. I would never have dreamt that that design would be the one that sold that many, but it hits those free buttons. It’s it’s something of self-importance, as I might. Well, then it’s a high passion, right. Something that person does or and or and it ties into an emotional tug or an emotional pull.

[00:17:32.090] – Aidan

Right. As someone said, if it makes him cry, it makes good by to Phoenix that something they’re passionate about as well. It’s just a formula for success.

[00:17:43.430] – Thomas

Try winning. Try winning last year. That’s the formula that you went through. Three things and you win that. This is how you do it. This is how you come up. And the other thing is. You’ve got to be determined. You’ve got to keep on going, you’ve got to keep on testing. You can’t test who designs and then say, oh, does it work? This is no, no, no. You have to be determined.

[00:18:04.440] – Thomas

You can methodically move through the designs. You’ll get better. You’ll start to understand the target, the people that you’re targeting. You’ll understand the numbers that you’re getting in from wherever you’re running new ads, better as you as you test and test and test and test and test to stonner. And no doubt, when the different types of ads within Facebook ads manager or within the Facebook ads platform, one of them is an engagement ad used to be called a PPA or post page engagement ad.

[00:18:32.760] – Thomas

And it’s a simple ad if you’re asking Facebook to go out there and get you like reactions now, reactions and reactions in 2021, if you will, reactions, reactions likes angry faces, smiley faces, all of that other stuff, care, whatever you’ve got in their reactions, comments and shares. What’s most important, comments and shares. You want to see a ton of comments and shares and don’t please don’t. Please stop now. Please stop immediately testing one design with seven different engagement ads.

[00:19:07.380] – Thomas

That’s not the point. That’s not the point. You take a broad target, 500000 to two million, maybe three million people. You test three, four or five dollars for a day. You let it run for a day and you’re looking for comments and shares. Comments and shares. Yes, of course. You want to see a low cost per engagement, you know, at 25 cents is no good. But if you’re getting comments and shares that stick in the comments, if the comments are saying this is the worst that I’ve ever seen, they’re probably not going to buy it.

[00:19:34.170] – Thomas

If the comments are I want this, I love this tiger tagging, Uncle Bob, Auntie Matilda, whatever, then that’s what that’s what you’re looking for. It’s a test. It’s not seven, eight, nine. Trying to find the target. No, you do the target testing later. You do the broad. If you’re in fishing, you pick. Angling is a big niche. It’s bigger than I’m probably saying that the numbers should be. You put an engagement ad out.

[00:20:00.960] – Thomas

There you go, 25 years, 25 to 54 years old and you let it run for a day. You look at the results, comments and shares, comments and shares and a lot of them in the group. You’ll see some of my results from some different types of engagement ads that I’ve run. And you will see what a lot of comments and shares look like. And I’m not talking about one comment and two shares. It’s not a lot, is it?

[00:20:27.480] – Thomas

It’s not a lot. That’s none. That’s as good as none. So you want to see an awful lot. And when you see that, then you can move on. Old explained in the free ads course. But do watch it and actually obey the rules because they are important. You don’t want to just spend money. This is the point. You do what you want, but the more money that you save in testing, if those seven ads that you were running at five dollars each, you could have tested seven designs for the same price.

[00:20:52.860] – Thomas

And that’s what you should have done. One design at a time, one test per page engagement. When you’re starting out, you can do more later on, but you don’t need to let it run for 24 hours. That means you can test how many in a week? Seven designs in a week. One day, because you start one, the next day, you stop that, you look at the results, is it going to conversion or not?

[00:21:11.570] – Thomas

No, that one’s no good enough comments and shares. Move on. Move, move, move on. Move on. In 30 days, you tested 32 times for hardly anything at all. Yes, of course, there is going to be some money that you will pick up the old sale from from adverts like this. But really what you’re doing is testing, testing, testing, testing, testing.

[00:21:29.300] – Aidan

Yeah. And I think that is for our for some of us, sort of a consistent sell as they fall in the trap of of they find a few good designs and they stop or they slow down and testing more new stuff. Now that’s the biggest mistake a lot of people make is keep finding more stuff to test. Don’t get don’t get lazy, keep testing, because that’s that’s how the super supercell is born, is because they’ve gone and found themselves 10, 20 winning designs and they’re just consistently selling the and they keep testing their own stuff.

[00:22:04.400] – Thomas

That’s it. That’s it. You just keep on testing. And on that, I think the half a half hour mark. So I think, you know, what to do is go to You make an account, you create an account, you log in, you go to the dashboard, as we call it. There’s a link there with lots of resources. You join the group, you message Aidin. We’re here to help you Moteefe free, free to use.

[00:22:29.060] – Thomas

So the only way that we’re successful is if you’re successful. So if you sell, we’re happy. And if we’re happy, you’re happy. Everybody’s happy. So we’re here to support you doing that. Aiden and Anna are available in the group. They are our customer success managers and they will guide you as they have with hundreds and hundreds of other people just like you towards the success in the print on demand world with Moteefe.

[00:22:56.180] – Aidan

Oh, yes. Oh yes. And take care, guys. Have a great weekend. And they will be back next week and see the.

[00:23:03.910] – Thomas

Indeed. And John, a final note. Don’t don’t go out and enjoy the sun and have a barbecue this weekend. And if you get thinking of being creative and coming up with designs and and make sure that you’re successful, yes. You can have dinner. Quick, quick run out onto the grill, throw a couple of hamburgers on there or whatever you should. So vegan burgers in 2021, whatever, whatever you do. But you want to get back and spend at least three or four hours this weekend, if not longer, thinking about how you’re going to be successful in print on demand because hard work now pays off in the future.

[00:23:40.520] – Aidan

Yeah, and if you stuck Friday’s my door open message me.

[00:23:44.360] – Thomas

Well, not is it literally open Aden. Where do you less. He’s in the ground. Was ready to help. Oh I know what he means. I’m playing with him. OK, well thank you very much. And we will see you next week with another installment of of our. YouTube phenomenon.

[00:24:03.760] – Aidan

Yes, oh, yes, guys. Take care, bye bye.


Do you design yourself? Or is it better to use a designer?


Thomas: Well, it’s always good if you know the basics of how to use design software so that you can make little adjustments to the designs. And yes, if you are just using fairly simple text based designs, you should be able to learn to use a program like PhotoShop and Illustrator within 10 or 20 hours of messing around with it to the level of, you know, getting some text onto a t shirt, however, really, if you want to do this long term and you want to test a lot of designs and really scale up your business and also free yourself up to do other things, you know, like live streams with Aidan, then you want to get and find a designer to do all of this stuff with you, for you, in fact.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you can just expect them to deliver all of these things without telling them what you want. You’re still going to have to brief them. You’re going to have to work with them. You’re going to have to say, hey, Mr. Designer, this design that you gave me, it didn’t sell. But this design, which was very similar for, you know, very similar messaging, but different colours, different different layout, different font, maybe this is what’s working in this niche.

Can we have more like this? Less like that. So there is a period of working together to try to find a style that resonates with your niche and it will be different. So fishermen are going to want to have different things, different things, different design styles, different styles, different designs, different fonts, different messages are going to work in the fishing niche vs. the Mother’s Day niche or the Father’s Day niche. So it’s not like there’s just one thing like, oh, you must use this font and you must use these colours because every single niche is going to be different.

Aidan: OK. When Hillary in the chat said, yeah, livestreams with Aidan, she said a solid niche indeed! Thank you, Hillary.  It is a solid niche.

Thomas: A little niche, a little niche, but a beautiful one.

But yeah, don’t copy this niche. Go find your own niches out there. And we also had a comment saying, Thomas, fishermen, I don’t know who who that person is referring to. But yeah, any questions on POD designs guys, feel free to comment. And a quick self plug here. Right. So if you guys are watching over on YouTube, you’ll find in the description below a link to our Moteefe global Facebook group where you can find me, you can find Flor, you can find Ana, basically.

And we help all the sellers find success from translations if they want to scale into other countries tips and tricks on Facebook, how to upload a design that’s finished. We help with that with some designs that are showing it initial success. We can even help you get them redesigned in other languages to really scale and take over the world. So definitely join the group if you were new to all of this. We have a free Moteefe ads course and it doesn’t just go through ads, it goes through anything and everything.

How to get started from step one is that twenty nine? So take that. 

Thomas: Twenty nine? Twenty nine steps.

Aidan: Who knows! Twenty nine steps. Yep.  Go and count them. And in the comments, prove me wrong.

Thomas: Not the twenty nine steps. It was a different, a different number, a different number of steps.

What design styles work best?


Aidan: I’ll have to go look at it straight after but I’ll check it out. Please do the Moteefe ads course, join the group. Message me and I’ll be happy to help. So good question from Hillary when it comes to designs, what styles work best for you? Cartoon, realism, abstract? To be honest. Simple is good.

Thomas: Simple is good. Simple is good. Yes. If you’re selling to fairly serious fishing types, farmers, you know that that kind of men, really, and their men, adult men, then cartoon styles are probably wants to stay away from. If you are going to put an illustration of a fish on something, if you think sort of a 19th century gentleman, amateur style illustrations of the beasts rather than anime style illustrations or sort of along the, I don’t want to say the word or else we’ll get striked but the theme park in Florida style ones, big eyes, you know, that kind of thing. 

You want to stay away from that unless you’re targeting to people that maybe appreciate that. So maybe honour that kind of an illustration. Obviously always be original. Don’t just copy. But that kind of an illustrative style. If a father was buying something for a daughter might be appropriate for that kind of thing, but not maybe for a grandfather biker that wouldn’t really want sort of a pony on a bike or a unicorn on a bike.

I mean, maybe they would. There’s always someone out there. But in general, I would go for a little grittier, 1950s and 1960s tattoo style of illustrative work for bikers in general, notwithstanding their age or gender. Whereas, you know, large eyed illustrations.

Aidan: Anime 

Thomas: You said you said, I know you’re into that item, 

Aidan: Everyone needs a vice. That might be mine. Good stuff. So I think we’re looking good. There’s no more questions in the chat as of yet Thomas. They’re all just smashing their keyboard. And on that, you should also smash the like and subscribe button if you are on YouTube can’t forget those.

What NOT to do when creating your design


Thomas: Make sure also that your designs can be printed. Well, so don’t use glitter effects, don’t use, don’t make don’t have sort of light shining out of when somebody’s views something on a screen, the screens backlit, it’s projecting light out when they print it flat on a T-shirt. You don’t want to disappoint your buyers because they think it’s going to have a neon glow or anything like that. So don’t use any transparencies. If you want a glowing effect or like text that’s got sort of a glow around it, then you want to you want to do that in a different way.

Don’t use a transparency layer at all with anything you want, everything 100 percent on or off so that it will print well, don’t make it don’t make a glitter effect or make a any kind of lighting based effect on anything that you sell. Because in the end, yeah, it might look good on screen, but when it prints, everyone’s going to be disappointed. So stay completely away from anything like that. Glasses are always not these type. The ones you drink from drinking glasses with light shining through them, don’t you know, don’t do it.

You don’t need to do that. Know your audience. Keep everything sustainable in terms of artwork, legitimate artwork that you’re allowed to sell. By contrast, always high contrast, vibrant colours and big readable words when you put them on there. Yes, in some niches can go you can put a lot of words out there, but still keep it readable. There’s no point in having A’s that look like O’s or whatever, like some of these weird fonts that nobody can read easily.

Readability, readability, readability is the number one thing across everything, and that’s it. You just keep on testing work with a designer, as Aidan quite correctly say, work with a designer and work with that design as well. Don’t just you’re not buying a designer, but design is lot like a a bag of coffee beans. You can’t just get a designer and blend it up and all of a sudden you’ve got great stuff. Now you have to work with them because they will need to be guided, briefed and taken along the journey as well.

Give them feedback and find somebody that you can work with. Ideally, in the end, you’re paying them a monthly fee like they’re working for you for a set amount of artwork every month. And you’re just that encourages you to keep filling up their inbox with new stuff and it makes a commitment to them. And then if you start making money, give them a little bit more, give them more designs, give them more money. It’s it’s it’s a win win.

And after you’ve worked with somebody for six months or a year, they don’t need to ask. It’s just, oh, that’s in that niche bank, you’ve got something that, you know that’s going to be selling very well from the beginning. So there we are. Aidan, why don’t you wrap it up?

Aidan: So thank you to everyone who’s tuned in. We will be back next week on Thursday at 5pm GMT for our next episode. We’ll keep you posted what that will be. And if you do want to get started on print on demand, making money from home, making a little side hustle, and then check out the description and the links in the description Moteefe group, you can find me, Thomas, Ana, Flor, everyone. All the success team to help you.

You’ve got any tips and tricks, anything, any questions about set stuff up, whatever, where they’re for you. Secondly, don’t know where get started? Moteefe ads course. It’s there in the description. That’s your first step. 

Thomas: Oh no,

Aidan: If you’re not sure it’s in the description. So I’ll see you guys all in the Facebook group. It must be directly. And you see Thomas either in the group or next week. Thank you very much every.

Thomas: Thank you.


Moteefe Live: Selling in Summer: POD Design Ideas

Moteefe Live: Selling in Summer: POD Design Ideas

Moteefe Live: Selling in Summer: POD Design Ideas

The sun is out which means summer is here!  Tank tops and t-shirts are hot items for the warmer seasons.  Now is the time to adjust your campaigns and tailor them for the summer time.  There are a lot of POD opportunities to take advantage of.  

In this week’s live stream, Print on Demand experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell go through some POD design ideas that are perfect for the summer. 

Some of the topics they cover include: 


  • 01:12 – Why Summer? 
  • 02:10 – Camping and other outdoor related niches 
  • 04:45 – BBQing and other grilling related niches
  • 09:16 – Beach and other water related niches
  • 11:00 – More summer related niches

Don’t have 20 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

Why Summer?

Although creating new campaigns on national events is a great way to boost your revenue, these events only take up a single day out of the calendar year.  Instead, it’s a good idea to test out a seasonal campaign.  Since seasons tend to stick around for three months out of the year, this allows you to sell these POD designs for much longer.  Check out the full list here

Camping and other outdoor related niches

Camping is a popular activity during the summertime.  Plus, it’s a time where people take part in other outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, swimming and more!  There are a ton of other sub niches to take advantage of.  It is vital that you consider the type of people who go camping.  People can go family camping, camping with their friends, or even camping alone. 

BBQing and other grilling related niches

Outdoor grilling is a massively popular activity during the summer.  Barbecues and smoking meats seemingly have a cult following so it makes sense to try and target this audience during this time.  It is also hugely popular in Australia, however, it’s important to note that it is Wintertime for them since they are in the Southern hemisphere.  Australian summer is in Decemeber, so keep this in mind when you are running your Christmas campaigns.

More summer related niches

For Aidan’s full list of summer niches, take a look at our recent blog post Summer campaign niche ideas for Print on Demand.

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

Full Transcription

[00:00:01.720] – Speaker 1

Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s live stream when it’s all about selling in summer. We’re going to be going over POD design ideas, niches, things you want to focus on to make the most out of summer and make the most saves. Hi, Thomas. Thanks for joining us this week as as you are here every week. How are you?

[00:00:20.470] – Speaker 2

I’m good. And hello, everyone. Yes, summer is often overlooked when it comes to sales of big events. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and the summer months are often overlooked. But if you hit the right product, then you can definitely drive some tremendous sales in summer and don’t miss the opportunity to do so.

[00:00:44.710] – Speaker 1

Yes, and I’m sorry to hear that, is that it? Well, thank you very much and see you in autumn, which is also nice, though. So why summer? What’s going on in summer? So you don’t need to sell to an event. You don’t need to sell when it’s just for Christmas or just for Father’s Day, just for Mother’s Day. You can sell some designs that are nice targeted that people will want to wear in summer.

Why Summer?


So you can highlight the differences between, you know, they’re on a very basic level, probably probably somebody owns the rights to this one. But sun’s out, guns out, which is, you know, sort of summery and as basic as you can get. And at the end of the day, as basic as you can get, is where you want to start with your print on demand ideas. You really want to get to the point you don’t want to.

[00:01:36.000] – Speaker 1

Wait to get the impact, so there’s plenty of things that people do in the summer, more than they do in the winter. Now, they might do them in the winter, but these are these are more summertime niches that you can target where people would be out participating or in or around doing the activities rather than they might not be doing them as much in the winter. So aid and give us a give us a summer. A summer niche.

Camping and other outdoor related niches

[00:02:08.590] – Speaker 1


[00:02:11.770] – Speaker 2

Camping, so camping all year round, but a lot more people do it in the summer as opposed to the winter.

[00:02:18.340] – Speaker 2

Well, yes, because in the winter you may well have issues with exposure, not that kind of exposure or publicity exposure, but as in perishing of the aforementioned exposure, because it gets rather cold and you only protected of canvas. Is that what the kids are using for camping now? When I was in the Scouts, it was very much deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep canvas tents. But probably there’s some modern materials out there that will protect you from even the most arctic of conditions.

[00:02:47.560] – Speaker 2

However, at some point you must leave the tent and then you are in nature, which is always an unfortunate place to find oneself. So camping. Great Southern family camping for all the family, parents go camping with their children. Not many people go camping alone, although maybe they do. But if you’re camping alone, do you really need a T-shirt? Probably not, but maybe you do. But camping is definitely a big thing. And how do put where do people camp?

[00:03:16.770] – Speaker 2

How do they get there? What do they do? What what are they doing when they get there? When you get out into the wilderness, the great outdoors, what what would you do when you were there? And apart from seek help immediately and return to civilisation?

[00:03:30.600] – Speaker 1

I don’t know. Maybe I would go hiking or even just maybe fishing. Next to a lake of camp, next to Lake and do some fishing, fly fishing. Who knows?

[00:03:44.060] – Speaker 2

Fly fishing by the river rather than anything else. Yes, by the lake. By the river. And for sustenance to sustain yourself, you might have a campfire. Campfires are always popular. So you’ve got camping or fishing, camping and hiking, camping and campfires, cooking on a campfire. So there’s lots of imagery, ideas that you can combine into a camping T-shirt or camping map. Do you take camping? Probably wouldn’t take them camping. I think they use little maybe wood.

[00:04:17.570] – Speaker 2

Depends how good camping your camping is camping, of course, being glamorous, camping for the uninitiated to such things. That’s where you want to camp. But you would prefer to be in a five star hotel. niche No. Well, what else have you got under the.

[00:04:35.300] – Speaker 1

I’m just I just done that. I mean, the old camping on an open fire or on a fire.

[00:04:40.760] – Speaker 2

On an open fire, that that is some high risk of open fire cooking on an open fire. Sorry.

[00:04:47.570] – Speaker 2

Excuse me, ladies. Sterner stuff than I am.

BBQing and other grilling related niches

[00:04:50.120] – Speaker 1

Some other people would call that barbecuing, which again, huge needs. You said in prior air, prior life is a big. So if you mix the two grilling, do you think that grilling, grilling, not not the thing that you put on your teeth. This is preparing food outside over open coals or gas. I think some people use gas coals, cooking for the family. A definitely a great summer. We’re here in the United Kingdom. And as soon as it stops raining, drizzling for even the very fraction of a second a weekend, people are rushing out to to start a fire, to to throw some frozen sausages and other other bits on their big in Australia.

[00:05:29.660] – Speaker 1

Although, of course, one must remember that it’s actually winter in Australia, in summer in the northern hemisphere. So we mustn’t be too focussed on the northern hemisphere. But then if you have got a good barbecuing thing, I’m sure in Australia they give it the they give barbecuing a good a good try at any time of the year. I think they say it’s a national pastime, so. When you’re looking at what what what’s in combination with that niche, think about the the family, so that is barbecuing shirts or daddy’s grilling shirts or steaming, steaming sitting, smoking or steaming smoking, smoking meats, smoking meats.

[00:06:10.210] – Speaker 1

Of course, it wasn’t Zukerberg was needed. It was smoking. So promoted by the zerk, as is known, smoking meats, very popular. Have you ever smoked some meat IDN?

[00:06:26.350] – Speaker 1

No, I mean it is.

[00:06:28.510] – Speaker 2

I’ve indeed so it is delicious and it’s something else to consider. So try and hone this in on always. You know, with Moteefe you have personalisation, custom text you can add on so you can have someone’s name over the names of the children. Of course, don’t grill your children. That would be outrageous. But you can add that to the shirt. You can make a joke out of it. And that is grilling shirt. Mommy’s grilling shirt.

[00:06:52.990] – Speaker 2

I don’t disturb on the back. I’m busy grilling.

[00:06:56.890] – Speaker 1

I did have a bit of a brainwave, a bit of a light bulb moment. As you said, it’s been done before Sunset Gonzales. It’s probably, you know. And then what about sons out? Moms out?

[00:07:08.710] – Speaker 2

What about sons out? Bunz out. The good with the Bundaberg bomb, obviously, as this is a family show, that’s it is pretty good. I think we can all agree that it is so, yes, sun’s out, buns out with the barbecue there. Please use it if you my fears, 93 percent as normal. So please send over the profits.

[00:07:35.780] – Speaker 1

Yeah, that’s that’s the excuse. It’s where do people go on holiday and then what do people do on those.

[00:07:42.050] – Speaker 2

They go well what’s what’s the what’s the sublime objects of ideology. What are they what are they really trying to get to? Is one really going to the camp because you want to be in the forest or you’re trying to escape the day to day? If you were living in the forest, maybe you’d have a holiday in the city. It’s it’s about escapism. It’s about a change. A change is as good as a rest. People used to go and things were busman’s holiday, which was where you would continue working but in another profession for a couple of weeks.

[00:08:14.720] – Speaker 2

Although, you know, I’m not sure how the people in the past felt about having a non-professional bus driver for a fortnight. But anyway, it was back in the day when you could get away with such things. So why are people doing that? Are people really wanting to eat that burnt burger that their father’s prepared, or is it just that they get to go outside and and do something different and there’s a whole atmosphere around it? I think that’s more to do with it.

[00:08:40.250] – Speaker 2

So if you can if you can get down to that and I do like that, sun’s out, buns out with a couple of burger buns on it, I think that that would be pretty strong, maybe already done.

Beach and other water related niches

[00:08:51.340] – Speaker 1

I think you’ve hit the nail on the they say it’s the why they why people go on holiday rides to unwind is to get away from it. So if you can make that into the messaging and maybe the activity, the nature, whatever you want. Right. And I want to bring up another location and then all the other things that you could do to the beach, people go to the beach and be popular. And then things that you do, beach water skiing, you could be sunbathing, you do sand castle building and then tie into the family.

[00:09:23.120] – Speaker 1

There’s tons of ways you can get it.

[00:09:25.490] – Speaker 2

You could have always thought of the beaches. You’ve got all of the life on the shore with the trees and you’ve got all of the life in the sea. And then you’ve got this area of beach with everyone laid out with nothing, no visible life other than the people that are on holiday. Always found it a little odd, but yes, people do love to lie on the beach to get out there and to. To sunbathe to. I was going to say inhale the rays, but I want the right to catch the rays, jet skiing, windsurfing, surfing, scuba diving, scuba diving or snorkelling, I think more on the beach.

[00:10:00.740] – Speaker 2

Yeah, yeah. I think there’s not many people that turn up at the beach with the flippers on it and the tank could start wading out, although good luck to them if they are. I think there’s more of a sort of but certainly a coastal activity. Yeah, certainly a coastal activity. Definitely scuba diving in my time. If you have a scuba dive dadin.

[00:10:18.550] – Speaker 1

I have indeed. And I scuba dive dived at the Great Barrier Reef.

[00:10:24.280] – Speaker 2

Where they are. And I mean, there’s no need to ever do it again after you’ve done it there.

[00:10:29.830] – Speaker 1

So that’s the one and only time I’ve ever done it.

[00:10:32.680] – Speaker 2

Yeah, well, I see you smashed it. So what else have we got a for for a summer niche.

[00:10:43.600] – Speaker 1

I mean, it’s all about one where they’re going and what they’re doing when they’re there, and if I was to reel off a few, just a quick fire. Sailing at his home, I prepared early, I’ll be completely honest, you know, we hadn’t noticed. I thought you just felt like an object that you like to muse over and come up with ideas at the side rather than out of the screen.

[00:11:04.510] – Speaker 1

The people in the Bay Beach. Right. Yachting people believe I know if they’ve got a yacht, they probably buy a t shirt. Right. Enough money. You’ve got windsurfing, jet skiing, surfing. And I mean, if you were to move back towards the camping, you got bike rides, mountain biking, rambling or mountain climbing.

[00:11:25.450] – Speaker 2

We certainly do a lot of that on this show. I think rambling that is rambling. So tennis people hit balls over a net in summer. I’ve heard that’s the thing. Tennis is tennis is a thing. Tennis is a bit of a racket, though, don’t you think? Yeah. Yeah. So that’s that’s a that’s a tennis idea. So tennis is a pretty good one. So outdoor activities are fishing. So there’s certain fish that are in season as well.

[00:11:54.890] – Speaker 2

Is that the right word or not in season, but you can catch or over some of those fishing seasons. So check locally for which fish people are fishing for attempting to catch in different locations. And you can maybe try something around that, all sorts of things, any kind of an outdoor sport.

[00:12:18.940] – Speaker 1

It’s just for amateurs. Would you say that sea fishing may be more popular in the summer months?

[00:12:25.710] – Speaker 2

Well, you know, your average C fishermans, probably a hardy individual that can that’s out there a little bit more often than not. But yes, I would say that any is probably I’m not sure how big sea fishing is. I think in the United States, in some areas it’s quite big. But if you are confronted, say you are living up on the north east of England, if you’re confronted by the North Sea every morning, you might think best of it.

[00:12:50.510] – Speaker 1

Yeah, so, again, it depends on in.

[00:12:54.390] – Speaker 2

Indeed, indeed, if you round sort of the tropics or, you know, the fact that kind of area might be a bit might be the Gulf of Mexico might be a bit more appealing than than the Bering Sea, but who knows?

[00:13:09.780] – Speaker 1

Yes, I found so that bonds are still falling, that may well be the winner of a day so far is if you’ve got any comments or this is the first video you’ve watched, you’ve never seen anyone ever seen a video on YouTube before? Well, this is the Internet. Everybody, you can upload your own videos. People can watch them if you want to get started. You want to start making some money on the side. And some say was going to link to all of this is in the description where you find a link to our Facebook group.

[00:13:39.420] – Speaker 1

We can check with other like minded sellers. Not only that, myself and my other fellow account manager and is there. And there’s also links to a Moteefe Facebook ads guide where you can learn how to do this for free, completely for free.

[00:13:54.000] – Speaker 2

Now, what about all the people that are watching this and thinking, why are they talking about ideas? What what’s going on here? How maybe you want to give a little introduction to what we actually do and why we’re talking about niche marketing and designs for summer?

[00:14:15.270] – Speaker 1

Yeah. So the whole reason we’re talking about niche marketing and designs for summer is event based knishes and things as they’re coming up or getting popular is proving super successful with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and when things shift from season to season. So from and into Christmas Christmas items to go crazy as we’re moving into summer is something to be thankful.

[00:14:40.960] – Speaker 2

Didn’t say and so focussed on on the end result here that I think we we need to take a step back. So this is what we’re talking about here is print on demand, which is a production way of producing a printed design, a design that’s printed on maybe it’s a t shirt, maybe it’s a hoodie, maybe it’s a tank top or singlet, as they’re sometimes known as a mug, a cushion, that kind of thing when the demand comes in.

[00:15:07.650] – Speaker 2

So you don’t need any stock. So you can come up with one of these ideas for a particular summer activity, get a design prepared for a few dollars or do it yourself. Some of these just simple text designs. Sun’s out, guns out, pretty simple. And upload it to Moteefe dotcom Moteefes, an end to end print on demand solution where anyone can open an account it’s completely free to use. Upload your artwork, select the products that you want to sell with the artwork on it, and then drive traffic to that product that you’ve created or group of products with that design on it.

[00:15:46.260] – Speaker 2

We also allow you to buy a domain name and link that to a store again, completely free. No charge, no monthly charge, no anything. The more you sell through us, the better we do. So we’re here to support your success. Aiden and Anna, who is on this call? Both success, manages customer success, manages your customer. And we take a very small percentage, a very small cut of your sale price, which you can set yourself and you drive traffic.

[00:16:15.720] – Speaker 2

You can do that through Facebook ads. As items already mentioned. There’s a link in the description to explain to you exactly how you can test the product with Facebook ads for as little as two, three, four or five dollars up to you, a full course all the way, not just testing, but all the way through to generating sales and scaling a design that’s doing well. So that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re talking about all of these things.

[00:16:41.040] – Speaker 2

And it’s a great site income, not really a passive income, but it’s a site income. It’s a way of generating some extra money. A lot of people are using this as a majority or if not all of their income as well. And if you’re just starting out, we’ve got a Facebook group where you can connect with us. I’m in there. Aden’s in there and is in there are success managers, lots of other members of staff. Even our CEO is in there and available to take questions.

[00:17:10.320] – Speaker 2

So that’s that’s that’s that’s what we’re talking about. That’s why we’re here. And if you really want to drive up over the summer, your your sales with my. If we have. Editable text fields that you can add to your designs so you can you can you can leave a field that says your name and then the buyer, the person that you send in comes in and they can add their name. And that level of personalisation really can make the difference between a sale and not a sale.

[00:17:36.950] – Speaker 2

And also, we say that you can charge a higher retail price for those products. So that’s why we’re here. That’s what we’re doing. Anything else to add to that?

[00:17:46.310] – Speaker 1

I think you summed up from top to bottom, and it’s almost like wherever your buyer is, we have a worldwide production network. So if your buyer orders in Germany or France or the United Kingdom, we have a printing location, a production location very close to that buyer so that they get a localised quick production. So we’re not shipped in from another continent into another continent. We try to localise and in the United States, we’ve got multiple facilities in Europe.

[00:18:19.640] – Speaker 1

Across Europe, we’ve got multiple facilities. So we try to wherever the order comes in from to route that order to the closest possible location to that buyer so that they get the best possible experience I had. And sorry, I cut you off Gafoor and then I’ve lost my train of thought, but I was basically to say. In that Facebook group, you can find me and say if you’ve found something or design and just give a little bit ahead, that’s shown to military success.

[00:18:48.260] – Speaker 1

So you’ve got a few cells and you think it. All right will be great. If I could take over the world of this this windsurfing design, this turns out Bunzl grilling design and then I can get that translated and redesigned in whatever language you desire. The German, France, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian. I’ll get that done for you. French, even French.

[00:19:13.820] – Speaker 2

I would love not France, even French. But yes, OK, I’ve, I think I think you get the point, you get the picture to join us. I join Adan’s Ministry of success, as we’re calling it, as he preaches the POD lifestyle in the group as all of you. And we will be back next week with another exciting edition of the Moteefe weekly live stream where we cover. Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out it up.

[00:19:42.380] – Speaker 1

Thank you very much and have a great weekend.

[00:19:44.900] – Speaker 2

Thank you very much.

Summer campaign niche ideas for Print on Demand

Summer campaign niche ideas for Print on Demand

Summer campaign niche ideas for Print on Demand

The sun is out which means it’s time for turning up the heat with some Summertime POD designs with Moteefe.  A new season has indeed arrived and there’s no better time than the present to start testing those summertime niches. Our team has compiled a decent list of ideas that you can test out for yourself. Read more to get inspired…

Why you should launch a new campaign for the summer

Although creating new campaigns on national events is a great way to boost your revenue, these events only take up a single day out of the calendar year.  Instead, it’s a good idea to test out a seasonal campaign.  Since seasons tend to stick around for three months out of the year, this allows you to sell these POD designs for much longer. 

With Christmas and Mother’s Day being some of the biggest Print on Demand opportunities during the year, launching a new summer campaign is a great way to boost sales during the slower seasons.  Plus, this gives you a chance to test out a new niche and audience.  Testing is the only way to determine what does and does not work, so might as well use this as a learning opportunity.

Summer niches

There are a lot of hobbies available for testing.  In fact, you don’t necessarily need to focus on a summer niche in the summer.  However, it does help since hobbyists may want to show off their custom merchandise while taking part in their favorite activities.  Not sure what hobbies to try?  Check out the list below:









Water skiing

Kayaking / Canoeing






Bike Rides



Horseback riding


Open Water Swimming

Bird watching

Scuba Diving

Rock climbing/bouldering





Road tripping


Smoking Meats



Jet Skis





Download our free design templates

To get started on these new niches, you will need to create a design. As part of our promise to help our sellers on their journey to selling success, our team has created a ton of customizable, seasonal designs that are completely free to download and use in your next Moteefe campaign. The best part? We also provide the PhotoShop file should you wise to change it, this is great for sellers that have a bit of design experience and want to tailor the designs to their own personal style or audience. 

There are a ton of designs around Father’s Day, music, barbecuing and more!  For those happy with the artwork, download the PNG and get started selling!

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team is here to help you maximize your potential with Moteefe. If you need additional support with any details discussed in this blogpost, please contact our team using the details below and they will be happy to help. Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

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Moteefe Live: Moteefe’s Print on Demand design giveaway

Moteefe Live: Moteefe’s Print on Demand design giveaway

Moteefe Live: Moteefe’s Print on Demand design giveaway

Launching a new campaign on Moteefe only requires one thing—a design. Coming up with designs can sometimes be the hardest task when launching your Print on Demand business. Fortunately, our team has created a ton of FREE customizable designs for sellers like you to use!

In this week’s live stream, Moteefe gives sellers a ton of free designs to use for their next campaign. With over 20 designs available in a variety of different niches, Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell go through the designs, explain why you should use them, and how you can customize them to your target audience.

Some of the topics they cover include: 

  • 01:35 – Where to download our free designs
  • 03:56 – Customizing and translating the designs
  • 08:20 – All about cushions

Don’t have 20 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of what you missed:

Where can I download the free designs?

You can download the designs here.  There are over 20 designs to choose from in various niches including fathers, sand castles, triathlons and more. With Father’s day only a few weeks away (June 20), now would be a great time to take advantage of the free designs and launch a few more campaigns.  

Customizing and translating the designs

The design files are available in PhotoShop files which allows you to customize the appearance to your niche and audience’s tastes.  Additionally, we recommend you translate the designs to other languages so that your products can be targeted to other countries and cultural groups.  If you need help translating, reach out to our Success Managers on Facebook.  They will be more than happy to help!

All about cushions

Cushions are great selling products since many buyers aren’t aware of the average price of a cushion.  This allows you to set higher profit margins on a low-cost item.  With clothes, some people may not know sizing, but with cushions, sizing doesn’t matter as much.  All sizes are perfect for any household.  It make. a great add-on item to offer in your white label store and it’s a home accessory that can always be purchased as a gift!

If you are a native English speaker with the U.K., if you speak French first, start with France. If you speak German, first, start with Germany. Germany is the number one. So wherever you start, the next thing that you should be focussing on or indeed the first thing that you should be focussing on is Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany.

Thomas Gentleman

Learn more

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

  • Moteefe School – A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.
  • Moteefe Live streams – Moteefe’s YouTube channel features live streams every Thursday with POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell.
  • Facebook Ads Translation Guide – A downloadable PDF containing common phrases in multiple languages for marketing purposes.

You can watch the full live stream on YouTube or read the transcription below.  Want to be notified next time we go live?  Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!

FREE Custom #PODReady designs

FREE Custom #PODReady designs

FREE Custom #PODReady designs

Launching a new campaign on Moteefe only requires a couple of things. The most important thing you’ll need—a design. Coming up with designs can sometimes be the hardest task when launching your Print on Demand business. Fortunately, our design team has created a ton of unique designs totally ready to upload into your next Print on Demand campaign. With over over 100 designs in several niches available for download, our collection keeps on growing so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates! 

The two minute Tutorial

  1. Download a design here (or all of them and save them for later)!
  2. Log into your Moteefe account. You can also create an account here if you haven’t yet signed up – it’s totally free!
  3. Click “Create Your Campaign”
  4. Upload the Png. It’s ready for printing!
  5. Select your favorite products and edit the details of your campaign
  6. Publish!

That’s it! The design files are available in PNG format which are ready to upload straight into your Moteefe campaign. Should you want to change the design there’s also the PSD file available for download too.

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team is here to help you maximize your potential with the Moteefe platform. If you need additional support with creating designs or perhaps expert advice on making a design idea come to life you can contact our team below. Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager
Ana Sousa – Success Manager
Support in English from 09am – 1800 BST (UK)