Product Feature: The Moteefe Canvas

Feb 7, 2022 | English, Uncategorized

Naked walls are a thing of the past! as Wall Art and decorative home products continue to rise in popularity, The Moteefe canvas comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions to cater to a wide range of niche groups. Made from hand-crafted and hand-stretched canvas material, on high-quality FSC-certified real wooden frames, your artwork is designed to shine with certified HP latex printing ink.

With Portrait, landscape, and square sizing options to choose from, the Canvas also includes an easy-to-mount wall hanger set with screws to make the home assembly experience smooth and easy.

Product details

The Moteefe canvas is available in both Portrait and Landscape orientation with Large, Medium and Small size options. There’s also a square canvas in either Medium or small. Check out the visual print area for each size and orientation in centimeters below:


Large: 50 x 75cm
Medium: 40 x 60cm
Small: 20 x 30cm


Large: 75 x 50cm
Medium: 60 x 40cm
Small: 30 x 20cm


Medium: 60 x 60cm
Small: 40 x 40cm

Product features

  • Hand-crafted and hand-stretched canvas on high-quality FSC-certified real wooden frames

  • Certified HP latex ink

  • Includes easy-to-mount wall hanger set with screws

Free Mockup kit

Top Tip: Our canvases support a vibrant print, and full-bleed patterns or images work great. Sentimental messages as gift items have great potential for canvases, and why not add a custom text field for extra POD personalization

Help and support

Our Customer Success Team are here to help you maximize your potential with Moteefe. If you need additional support with anything mentioned above, contact us using the details below and we’ll be happy to help. You can also join the Moteefe x Marcazo Global Facebook group which hosts a great community of sellers, with tools and resources for you to use all completely free. Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

Contact details

Aidan Kessell – Success Manager
Support in English from 09am – 06pm BST (UK)