The ultimate POD Cushion Guide: Valentine’s Edition

Jan 4, 2022 | English, Products & Features, Tips

2022 is looking to be a huge year for the sale of print on demand cushions. As the product offering in POD widens, people’s expectations for more imaginative and personal designs are on the rise. Imagine the possibilities…

Using the design template

We have created an artwork template to help you export your cushion artwork files quickly and easily. The template is set up at 300dpi so when you export your files you know they’ll be at the correct printing resolution. Save the Photoshop file template to your computer and keep using it every time you launch another cushion campaign. Let’s run through the process together…

Step 01

Moteefe has two cushion sizes available. Choose between the SQUARE or RECTANGLE Artwork template and open the Photoshop file on your computer. Check out the proportions of the cushions available on the Moteefe platform here on our blogpost

Step 02

Upon opening the Photoshop file, navigate to the HIDE ME folder in the layers tab and use the eye to turn off the visibility of this layer. You’ll need to also turn off the layer Your Artwork Here

Step 03

This is where the fun starts! Start designing within the boundaries of this canvas, or drag in your artwork to fit this print space. We’re using some cushion artwork to demonstrate below:

If you are placing a Png or a photo into this template file be sure to hold the option key whilst resizing within the canvas to maintain the original proportions of the image and avoid stretching. Try to maximise the use of the space so your print file will be as large as possible. You can adjust accordingly within the Moteefe builder when you upload the artwork to your campaign. 

Step 04

Once you’re happy with the design and the positioning of your artwork within the canvas, you are ready to export your png file for print. Go to File > Export > Export As…

Step 05

Now you’ll see the export window in which you can check the format (PNG) image size. and more details. Make sure Convert to sRGB is checked. You’re now ready to export your print file, so click the Blue Export button to save to your computer

Step 06

Great work! Now your print-ready png file is ready to upload into your campaign on the Moteefe platform and share with the world!

The Moteefe  cushion PSD Mockup

Not only have we created an awesome template to help make your creative process easy and accurate – Our design team has created a Photoshop file with real lifestyle scenes so you can showcase your cushion designs in real life environments. Hyper realistic and easy to use

To access and download this mockup file, you’ll need to click here to submit your email address. In doing so, this will subscribe you to occasional emails from us with awesome free cushion artwork for use exclusively on the Moteefe platform.

Valentine’s Cushion Designs

Our Customer Success Team are here to help you maximize your potential with Moteefe. If you need additional support with anything mentioned above, contact us using the details below and we’ll be happy to help. You can also join the Moteefe x Marcazo Global Facebook group which hosts a great community of sellers, with tools and resources for you to use all completely free. Together, let’s #GoMakeIt

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