Campaign budget optimisation (CBO) has been available as a way of constructing your Facebook advertising campaigns for some time now. Facebook was even considering making it mandatory. That means it would have been the only way that you could have launched a Facebook ads campaign. Facebook marketers have wondered whether campaign budget optimisation is right for them and whether running CBO’s for testing campaigns can work.

It’s important to point out that every marketer will have different experiences with their campaigns, whether they are CBO campaigns or not. When selling print on demand products, the most crucial factor is the design, not the advert and not the campaign’s structure within Facebook. Nothing in this article will make a design that nobody wants to buy start selling.

This post will cover several different structures for running adverts on Facebook. However, every advertiser will have different results, and nothing is guaranteed. The only way to succeed is to test, test and test some more. In the end, you have to find a formula and campaign structure that works for you. Some advertisers will set much higher initial budgets than others, and each niche will have dramatically different results.