Moteefe Live: Selling Print on Demand Products for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is coming up which means people will be looking for presents to showcase their appreciation for their dads.  Although homemade gifts are sentimental, quality clothing and accessories with funny messages are always a hit during these times.  Launching a Father’s Day Print on Demand campaign can help out your customers that are looking for some cool gifts to get for the father figures in their life.  

In this week’s live stream, POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell explain how to sell Print on Demand products for Father’s Day.

Check out the timestamps below to see what you need to know when it comes to creating your own Print on Demand business:

  • 00:52​ – Father’s Day around the world 
  • 02:47​ – What is a father? And which types of fathers should you be targeting?
  • 04:05​ – How to scale your Father’s Day sales 
  • 05:12​ – How to run ads for Father’s Day
  • 07:55​ – Niches to consider

Selling Print on Demand Products for Father’s Day summary

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of the main points:

Father’s Day around the world

Although most countries may celebrate Father’s Day on June 20th, Father’s Day dates vary all over the world.  Here are some to remember: 

  • March 19 – Italy, Portugal, Spain 
  • May 13 – Germany 
  • June 5 – Denmark 
  • June 6 – Lithuania and Switzerland 
  • June 13 – Austria and Belgium 
  • June 20 – Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine, UK, USA 
  • June 23 – Poland 
  • August 8 – Brazil 
  • September 5 – Australia and New Zealand 
  • October 3 – Luxembourg 
  • November 14 – Finland, Norway, Sweden

What is a father? And which types of fathers should you be targeting?

A father is a man in relation to his child or children. Keep in mind that a grandfather is often an overlooked father figure that also deserves love and appreciation on Father’s Day.

How to scale your Father’s Day sales

Try to be funny. Funny works for Father’s Day. Adding personalization can also drastically help.  For example, adding in blanks on your design to allow the addition of children’s names makes your design more personal to the buyer.  An example would be, “World’s Greatest Dad according to [ADD CHILDREN’S NAMES HERE]”

How to run ads for Father’s Day

Start off by creating engagement ads.  If you start to get a lot of engagement, increase your ad spend.  Start testing out your variables and interests and then use retargeting ads to retarget those that have engaged with your previous ads over the last seven days.  Your goal is to get people tagging their friends and family members. 

Niches to consider

Any interest can be considered for a Father’s Day campaign.  Additionally, you don’t have to combine Father’s Day with your niche.  People will be purchasing gifts for their dads regardless if it incorporates Father’s Day text. Some popular niches to consider include fishing, barbecuing, gardening, and cars.

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Selling Print on Demand Products for Father’s Day: full transcript

A: Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this week’s live stream, where we’re all talking about Father’s Day and everything about it and what it means to print on demand and what it means to you guys selling on Moteefe. As always, as every week, I’m joined by none other than Mr. Thomas Gentlemen. Thomas, how are you?

T: Thank you, Aidan.I’m good. I hope everyone’s doing well out there in POD land. That’s what we’re calling it now.

Yes. Father’s Day, day of the Father. So why is this such a big opportunity? Oh, it’s a little bit like Mother’s Day. But for Father’s. Father’s love, things like mugs just trying out, it’s a great opportunity to get some mug designs, especially with some custom text, tea, coffee, that kind of thing. Think about think about those angles that you can come at it from. Personalisation, as always, is key with Father’s Day.

Father’s Day around the world


T: But first off, Aidan’s going to take us through where is where and when Father’s Day is. There’s a few dates here that are mostly in June. Aren’t they Aidan? That’s what we’re saying.

A: Yeah, yeah, that’s the common theme amongst the countries in the world. So to start off, 5th of June is Father’s Day in Denmark, 6th of June, you got Lithuania and Switzerland, 13th of June. You’ve got Austria and Belgium, 20th June. Here we go. You’ve got Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine, U.K., and, of course, USA. 23rd of June, you have Poland a couple of days, just after three days, just after the 8th of August, you’ve got Brazil.

So for all you Marcazo sellers, that’s the day for you to to get going in. Yes. What’s the crunch time right there? Fifth of September, you’ve got Australia and New Zealand, third of October, Luxembourg, and lastly, the fourteenth of November, Finland, Norway and Sweden. So definitely an opportunity if you find a winner in the USA or Germany. So then get that translated and run into those countries.

T:Amazing, so there’s some really big, big buyer locations out there, some smaller buyer locations as well, and this gives you an opportunity to find a design that works in one region and then scale it out massively across all of these other countries into different languages across the globe.

So there’s hundreds of millions of people here to be targeted, hundreds of millions of fathers. I think that’s fair to say. Europe, US. So you’ve got the whole lot huge opportunity, one of the biggest occasions of the year and really gets the summer going in the right way. We’re fairly early on now, so you have got time to get your designs ready, start testing, start bringing your ideas in, getting the artwork ready, get everything ready to go for Father’s Day.

What is a father? And which types of fathers should you be targeting?


T: It’s going to be massive. So what what is a father and what what how do you how does one become a father? 

A: Well, it’s uhh…

T: Not the whole process. Not the whole process.

A: That’s maybe a subject for another live stream. A long life stream potentially, but a father. Everyone’s got parents. Most people have one of these fathers. But the one thing I want to add here, right, grandfathers are also fathers.

A lot of people forget about grandfathers 

T: Often overlooked. So, yes, to become a father, you have to have a child. So so it’s it’s quite prominent. It’s quite a big thing. There are a lot of people out there that could be classified as a father and father’s love to receive gifts. When I look at Father’s Day and the opportunity is a massive opportunity with Moteefe, use a white label store, you can even have a special white label store spun up just for Father’s Day.

Or if you’ve got an existing store with Moteefe, you can have a collection. So you’ve got your main store and then you can have another tab and you can call that Father’s Day in whatever language you’re running the store. Then you’ve got your Father’s Day products. You could even have a tap for Father’s Day shirts, Father’s Day mugs, Father’s Day pillows. So what kind of thing what how how would you come up at this for Father’s Day? This is what I would do.

How to scale your Father’s Day sales


T: I would look for funny greeting card messages or greeting card messages or Father’s Day greeting card messages. Try to be funny. Funny works for Father’s Day. That’s what you want. So you want something that’s personalised, something that’s personalisable, something that it’s easy to understand where you can add the children’s names in at the bottom, “the world’s greatest father according to___.” And then the children’s names or, “the world’s okayest father,” then the children’s names.  the the world’s greatest father, the world’s the world’s greatest father, and also accused fishermen, according to Aidan and Thomas or whoever the yeah, the the the children are.  You have that as a personalised section. 

How to run ads for Father’s Day


T: So there’s a big a big range. You can as I say, you can tie into any niche. All niches are going to have people in it that are going to be wanting to buy the for their fathers or their fathers already in the niche. So it can be massive. The other thing here is that engagement ads can work really well. You don’t necessarily have to run a conversion ad. So what you can do is you run an engagement ad, you get if you’re gaining a lot of engagement, ramp up the ad, spend on the on the engagement ad, split it into new interests, and then use a retargeting ad for everybody that’s engaged with your Facebook page over the last seven, while three days, seven days, 14 days, 21 days, 28 days, you can go right up until you’ve got that whole window covered.

And then all of those people that are commenting, lightening your engagement ads, you can hit back with a retargeting ad. It’s it’s a really great way of doing it. And it could be very, very successful, especially around things like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, because you’ll get people tagging their sisters, taking their brother or their siblings that covers everyone, their aunts, uncles, mothers will be taking children and fathers. All sorts of tagging will be going on.

If you’ve got a design that is that is that is going to sell. So run your ads on. As I say, with Father’s Day and Mother’s Day ads, the engagement ads can be great. And you’re looking for ads when you’re testing if you’re just testing a. A chess design or a fishing design in normally, without having it tied into a date like this, then the level of engagement that you’re going to get is going to be one thing with these, you should be seeing a level of engagement, a number of shares, comments, likes, and all of that should be much higher.

So you want to raise the bar on what you’re thinking is going to be working. You want something where a lot, tons and tons of people are sharing because think about it, they see this. If it’s good, the chances that they’re going to want to share it with somebody else is so much higher. If I’m super interested in badminton, which I’m not. But if I was super, nothing against badminton, just putting it out there. If I was super interested in badminton, you serve me an ad on badminton. Well, maybe none of my friends play badminton. I know it’s a bit difficult to play badminton on your own, but still, it’s an example. Maybe no one in my family likes badminton. Maybe it’s just me. So who am I going to share it with? My shirt to my own page. But that would be about it. My my own timeline with something like this, this is where you get you should be seeing a huge volume of shares, comments, and like so when you are testing again, make sure that you’re testing a lot.

Niches to consider


T: You can test for two, three, four dollars, test a lot of designs, and then pick the top ones to run conversion ads, too, because you should be seeing a tremendous amount of engagement on these adverts if you’re getting it right.

A: That makes a hell of a lot of sense, and I think I think sub niching is definitely the way to go, right? Well, I’ve seen many, many sellers in the last two years who’ve killed it with very simple designs.

But then what they’ve got a lot of the successful because they see something that’s worked very, very well for such a broad. So like, “this awesome dad belongs to___” and you’ve got the customer and then they’ve tied a niche to it as well, right? And then, for example, I know my dad likes Formula One. Bang, I know that I’ll be then sharing that with my mum, my brother, and that’s how it’s really going to get that engagement up, isn’t it?

T: Absolutely. And it’s it’s tying it to a niche. But also you’ve got the general audience so you can go after you can do it without just a general message about being a father that is a niche itself. So there’s a couple of angles that you can go to here. It can work in all niches. It does work in all niches. But also, if you get something that’s working in a niche, maybe you can remove the niche angle and then run it out to see if you can get everybody to buying it.

Because it is massive. It’s a massive occasion. The products that I would go after, t-shirts, definitely funny t-shirts will always be a winner. T shirts are a staple of the industry. Everyone owns t-shirts, everyone wears t-shirts. They don’t need an instruction manual. Everybody everybody works out what a t-shirts for you put it on. It’s got a funny message on it. It’s a good product. Everyone loves them. But also mugs, as I mentioned, cushions as well.

So this chair is reserved for a fisherman. This chair is reserved for whatever that kind of thing can work, tied in with a Father’s Day message into it. And also, it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to have a Father’s Day message on it, it can just be a gift for somebody on Father’s Day, so, you know, no one could examine it.

A: A cool example would literally be dad’s chair. In a cool font.  Something simple like that.

T: Yep. Yep. That’s it. Reserved for dad’s chair, something like that. Couple of sellers have messaged me in the past with Mother’s Day designs where they’ve got world’s greatest mom and then they’ve got the name at the top. Now, for me, that doesn’t work because you don’t call your mother by her name. Maybe you do. Hey, I’m not casting shade, whatever, however you want to do it, but that’s not normally the way to do it.

So the the personalisation element here is to add the children’s names to the design. That’s where the angle comes in, you might be able to find another angle to bring in for personalisation, but I would stay away from adding the father’s name or having a name field for the father. Unless it’s not about Father’s Day, it’s just a general design in that name. So, like, I don’t know, personalise name world’s greatest fisherman might work, but not world’s greatest father.

That just is weird.

A: Yeah, I’ve seen I’ve seen it on that. That could go well with something like this is basically some call him Ian or Fred, I just call him boss. I call him Dad or something like that.

T: Oh that could work. Yeah. Yeah. Then then you can tie that in to someone called. Yes, to Thomas, to someone I’m called professor. I don’t know whatever Dr. Yes. And then in the end. But the most important people call me Father, dad, dad, dad, dad.  Yeah, I don’t know I’ll have to ask my son. I’m not sure he calls me. I’ve got a good idea, but I can’t really hear when he does it.

A: Fair enough. And also, any questions, guys? I want to pose anything, anything? 

T: The first thing is smash up the likes comment.

A: Let’s hit the Subscribe button if you haven’t, because we do this every Thursday and only that in the description. If you are on YouTube, you can find a link to the Moteefe Facebook group where you can find me. You can ask me for things like translation requests. And if you are a top seller and you have something with showing some great initial success, I can even help you designs. Not only that, if you’re just getting started, you’re new to the channel, you’re new to this print on demand is making money on the site with a free Moteefe for Facebook ads course that is literally taking you from a beginner to running your first ad in a genocide income going.

So definitely check out the description of OK, guys. No questions as of yet, oversaturated niche ideas, if you message me on Facebook, I will send you a list of of niche ideas for you to run for. 

T: No niche.  No niche is oversaturated. There are some where people have had success in the past and some people haven’t had success in the past. There are niches where people aren’t buyers, that there’s not many buyers in the niche. But believe me, if you get a good enough design and you put it in front of the right people, no matter what niche it is, even the ones that are so-called saturated like cats, it’s going to be a saturated niche. I guarantee you that people are selling thousands, thousands of products today to people that are cat owners and they will be tomorrow and they will be in six months.

Yes. That means that you’ve got to be you’ve got to have a really good design. But that’s why we’re here. That’s why you’re watching this, because you’re the kind of person that’s prepared to watch a video like this. You’re going to be committed to it. You’re going to test, as I already said, there’s a Facebook ads course, that will teach you how to test the design on Facebook with Facebook ads for less than five dollars.

In fact, you can probably get away with testing for two or three dollars. And that means you can test ten designs for twenty, thirty dollars within one of those ten designs. You’re going to have some designs that work well and some with designs that don’t work so well, the ones that work better. Then you start to try and make sales with them. Be inventive, be you, don’t copy other people, use them for inspiration. But sure, if you’re going to be if you’re going to be the kind of person that just looks around and does an Amazon search or search and some marketplace for the top selling cat designs, and then you just take that design, make a small tweak to it and then try and sell it again.

It might work, but if you look at look at what makes a great design and then come up with a new idea and a new way of doing it or a better design, improve something, add value, add your own spin to it, use custom text personalisation and bring it to life. Absolutely. Even in the highly so-called saturated niches, you will make sales.

A: No, definitely. I mean, there’s been an example of this for me this week. And I would say that the phrase here is there’s no over-saturated niches is just poor designs, right? Either one of a beautiful Moteefe’s sellers went for something in the cat niche. I always steer clear from the cat niche just because so many people do it. So if you go after it. But his design rocketed. Good design. That’s the only difference. And it hadn’t been done before. So, yeah, completely agree.

You can go into these bigger niches that everyone’s in and you can still kill it as long as the designs again it’s the core , the core root of all this is a good design. 

T: Absolutely. So gardening’s kicking off now. A lot of fathers like gardening, gardening. People say, oh, it’s over—. No, it’s not oversaturated. You can test cheap. You’re not, you don’t have to run a million dollar ad campaign to find out something is going to work. You don’t have to print anything first. You don’t have to have any stock, any inventory. That’s the beauty of Moteefe. So don’t let yourself don’t don’t let you put yourself off from doing something.

If you think something is the case, well, find out. 

A: Yeah. 

T: And the way to find out is to test. And it’s super cheap to test. Doesn’t cost a lot. That’s the way to do it. Then, if it doesn’t work, it’s probably still the design, but that they are just for clarification. They are easier niches than, some niches are easier to sell into than other niches. But if you look at, say, the cat niche, look at the size of it, that seller now, scale that design to all of the cat owners across the globe, he’s got the first mover advantage.

He can get the ad spend behind it early on and start smashing it in all of these areas, all of these different countries, regions and languages, which is how you can really scale the design. And then, yeah, at some point in the future, it will start sailing off. But then he’ll come out with the next five or six designs to test. And that’s what the game is. That’s how you do it.

A: Oh, he goes instead of doing it in the languages he can do in the pits. So instead of getting all the different cats, all the different dogs with the different iguanas or the different parrots, you know, the list goes on. And I think I wanted to mention there, you know, what else that’s like to do in the garden, Thomas? 

T: Oh, I wouldn’t like to say… 

A: Barbecuing. 

T: Oh, barbecue. Barbecuing, yes.

A: It’s starting to slightly slightly gets sunny here in England, so that’s definitely going to be a common theme for a lot of people.

T: It is. The old barbecue. Number one griller, something like this. There’s there’s a whole load that you can do around that. And it’s big. It’s big in all countries, I think. Not all countries, but all of these countries. So you’ve got a lot of room to scale it out. OK, so now’s the time. It’s Father’s Day is coming. Mother’s Day is about to pass. Congratulations to everyone. Absolutely smashed it with Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day designs at Moteefe.

It’s great to see. Now it’s Father’s Day. Now’s the time to start preparing. This weekend is a great opportunity to get your 50, 30, 40, whatever, however many number of ideas that you’re going to come up with and start getting those made into the designs. And then you can always start testing. As I say, two or three dollars watch the course, you can start early, start the testing. If people say, oh, it’s not Father’s Day yet, that’s fine.

You can really target them later. Perfect. But you’ll find out which designs are going to work and which designs aren’t going to work. And also put there’s a tip somewhere on the design or on the on the advert when the Father’s Day is because people don’t know. So it’s good to remind them. So you say, put the date so I wouldn’t put it as the first line. But, you know, on the third or fourth line, on the Facebook ad.

So you want the you want the description first, like my father loved this or my father can’t stop laughing. My dad, whatever. However you have your roll, then the link on the next line and then like two lines leave a gap, then the next line. So you get that same you see more, remember, Father’s Day is on the and they do change it for each day, for each area. And then people at least know where it is and they know then it’s coming up and that they should do something about it.

A: Yeah, no, it’s a really good call to action. That’s strong, strong.

T: It’s a little bit of urgency. Not really a call to action. The call to action would be more like click here. But anyway, let’s not get into let’s not let’s not get into that right. Everybody share this video with at least 400 friends, like, subscribe twice, create another account and then like subscribe again, hit like, share, comment six times. And we’ll see you next week.

A: We’ll see you next week, guys. And I look forward to chatting with you all in the Facebook group. Take care until next week. Bye, guys.

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Happy selling! Team Moteefe