Moteefe Weekly Live Stream​ – Start an online t-shirt business at home with Print On Demand

Apr 26, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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During peak pandemic, many people have attempted to launch their own online businesses to make some extra money during these uncertain times.  With Print on Demand, it’s never been easier to start an e-commerce business at home. What is POD? And why should you use Moteefe to help you launch your first POD business? 

In this week’s live stream, POD experts Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell explain how you can start your own online Print on Demand t-shirt business at home.

Check out the timestamps below to see what you need to know when it comes to creating your own Print on Demand business:

  • 01:10​ – What is Print on Demand? 
  • 04:22​ – What is Moteefe? 
  • 10:17​ – Driving traffic to your campaign – Facebook ads 
  • 16:58​ – Driving traffic to your campaign – Free traffic 
  • 24:04​ – How to set your goals 
  • 26:04​ – White Label Stores & Custom Text 

Start an online t-shirt business at home FREE (step-by-step tutorial) with Print On Demand summary

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of the main points:

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is a business process where a supplier creates custom products on a per-order basis.  This allows entrepreneurs to monetize their creativity without having to deal with the logistical side of running a business.  

What is Moteefe?

Moteefe is a Print on Demand platform dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and enabling creatives to bring their ideas to life.  Brands and retailers of all sizes can create and offer unique and personalized merchandisable products to their audience within minutes.  We do this through eliminating barriers to the e-commerce industry by taking care of production, delivery and customer service.

Driving traffic to your campaign with Facebook ads

There are two main ways, two main ways to drive traffic to your campaigns: free traffic and paid traffic. With Facebook, you add your Facebook pixel to a campaign which allows you to track your key performance indicators to get a better understanding of your numbers.  Enroll in our free Facebook ads course to learn more about using Facebook ads to promote your POD campaigns.

Driving traffic to your campaign – Free traffic

If you don’t have the budget to pay for advertising, do the work and build yourself an audience.  Create an active Facebook or Instagram page and grow your online presence in a niche subject.  The more fans you get, the more potential customers you have.

Set yourself goals

Create goals for yourself to gauge your own performance.  Don’t be discouraged if you do not hit your goals.  In fact, failing to meet your own expectations allows you to reflect on what you’re doing wrong and adjust your strategy.

If you are still aiming to increase your POD knowledge, use our free resources to help you increase sales in your POD business:

A free 13-video Teachable course taught by POD expert Thomas Gentleman.  The course takes you through the process of how to create original POD designs, advertise your product and use Facebook Ads.

Join our community Facebook group and connect with active sellers who are keen to share their experiences and knowledge on all things POD.

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Start an online t-shirt business at home FREE (step-by-step tutorial) with Print on Demand: full transcript

A: Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome. I’m joined by Thomas, as always, and we’re going to be going through starting a print on Demand T-shirt business at home. Hi, Thomas, how are you?

T: Hello Aidan, I’m good. Thanks, everyone, for joining. So, yes, the big opportunity is starting a passive semi passive income business at home for free with print on demand. And not not everything is passive about it. But once you’re set up and running, then you do see the sales coming in when you have got periods where you’re not as active. So it’s sort of semi passive income and that’s using print on demand through the Moteefe platform

And this is really a huge opportunity for lots of people all around the world. Lots of different users from all over the world are using Moteefe to make some pretty amazing sales. Aidan is one of our customer success managers at Moteefe, and he helps guide sellers through this process. So to begin with, Aidan, what is print on demand?

What is Print on Demand?


A: What is print on demand? So print demand is put put simply, if you do in a traditional sense, you know, when you go to a shop and you buy a product is there it’s all been made by someone and it’s there for you to go and buy the print on demand is when you buy. It is then made on demand. So the benefit of having it that way around in that business model is and put simply, you don’t have to buy the stock or the inventory or invest money into those things. You only invest money into those things once they’re purchased.

T: So you could say that print on demand was almost like mining the shirt as that’s a popular thing at the moment, that you’re bringing it into life at the point of demand. That’s the on demand part. So the print we have an item, a product that we are going to sell. If you’ve worked out a design that you want to put on it or there’s a design that already exists, a customer comes in, they say, yes, I must have that.

I want to buy that. They go through, they put their payment details in Moteefe handles all of that. You don’t have to put your paper details or your stripe details up. Their Moteefe handles all of that and pays you out. But they put their card information or link to their paper or many other ways that you’ve got to pay on Moteefe. Lots of options. And then as soon as Moteefe receives that order, then the item is printed as soon as it’s demanded.

So there’s no great warehouses full of your designs ready to be to be sent out if you don’t make any sales. It doesn’t cost you anything. But as soon as you make a sale, the item is produced, then shipped out in a timely manner through Moteefe’s worldwide localised production network. So the items are not only don’t they exist beforehand, but because they don’t exist before the order comes in. If your customer orders, for example, in Italy, then we’ve got a production facility in Italy that will produce the shirt there, package it up and send it out to the customer. If we were just doing it the old fashioned way and the way you described it, there are people going to shops.

Sounds like something of a boomer with those ancient history stuff down that set. So you don’t have to have a physical location. You don’t have to have any staff. You don’t have to have anything more than an idea and a way to drive people to a Web page, a custom domain. We have custom domains that Moteefe you can buy a branded domain name, link it to a Moteefe store and drive your customers there. But you can, you don’t have to have any, there’s no overheads.

You go straight into a store. They go straight into a store. Excuse me. If they order, then we produce it. That’s what print on demand is printed quite accurately on demand.

A: Yeah. So if you’d say, all right, that’s print on demand. So we’re not paying for any overheads. It’s not like having a shop where you’ve got to pay for a shop assistant to sell the item or to get paid to keep the lights on in the shop or even the rent for the shop. It’s literally all done online, no overheads. 

What is Moteefe?


A: So how does Moteefe tie into this? So Moteefe potential is an end to end print on demand solution and where, as Thomas rightly went over a few of the points, all the shopping logistics is there.

And we’ve got a global print network so spanning, spanning the world. But say, for example, you had a customer in and on the west side of America. We wouldn’t just ship it from the east and we’d get it to the closest fulfilment centre and then ship it from there, which is two things. One, it decreases the time it takes for it to ship to them. And it reduces the shipping cost, so both of these are passed on to the customer, which then makes it even more effective.

T: Well, yes, both are passed on to the customer at this point in this case, the customer isn’t the person that bought the shirt. The customer is you. The person selling the shirt. You’re our customer. Which is why Aidan is a Moteefe customer success manager, managing your success with Moteefe. So all of our sellers have access to Adain or Ana or Flor, our three customer success managers, and they will help you along your journey so you can reach out to them.

You can join our Facebook group. There’ll be a link hanging around this video somewhere to the Facebook group. You can then come in and message them directly and connect with them and they will guide you to success. That’s what we do. So we know what print on demand is. We know what the benefits are. We reduce carbon footprint. It reduces costs. It reduces all of that stuff. It also means that you can be much nimbler to the market.

So if you have an idea in the morning, I think that this idea would sell to fishermen in France. You can get that design made. And we also offer a design service free. No charge for our top tier sellers. So not to everybody. But if you’re watching this video, you can reach out to us. If the design is good enough and we connect with you, then we will consider. Consider if you’ve got a good brief providing you with your first piece of artwork on the Moteefe platform to get you going on your journey towards success.

So you’ve got your artwork. As I say, you can get that for free through us. There’ll be a link. Connect with Aidan or Flor or Anna.

And so you’ve got that now. You upload its Moteefe, you select the products that you’ve got. Now, we’ve got a lot of products on Moteefe’s that you can choose from. We’ve got all sorts of things from sweatshirts to hoodies to tank tops to shirts to mugs, a whole array of cushions as well. You select the product that you want to put the design on, select some variables, how many colours you want to have, set the price yourself so you can set the price to anything that you want to maximise your profit.

A: Our base price is our base prices for it our base prices for its price for a T-shirt looking around at six dollars around six dollars.

T: Just under six dollars in some regions, just over six dollars in other I think five something to about six something that’s that’s, that’s incredible. So you can say you could set a twenty four. Ninety five, you could set at nineteen ninety five, you can set your profit to whatever you think you need to cover the cost of your paid advertising or the time that you’re putting into it or to try to maximise your return.

So now you’ve got that, you add a title. So super cool French fishing t-shirt, you might want to translate that into French. You might want to only have the idea in English and want that translated into French. Well, guess what? One of our customer success managers will be able to do that for you as well. We do. We run a free translation service for our sailors, send aid in the idea that you’ve got. We’ll get it translated into lots of European languages or lots of languages.

Don’t have to be European and. Even get you the design, so you’ve got your design, you give it a title, you select the you are the URL, the slug, the sort of the thing that you see at the top of your browser that you can you can select that you put a description in, you put some variables. We’ve got an up sell feature where a same product from from a product, from the same with the same design on it, you can offer a discount.

So a great way to do this is if you’re selling a hoodie or a t shirt is the main product, a piece of apparel, a top. You can get the same design put on a mark and now things are starting to open back up again. That becomes more powerful because people can buy the marks. So they’ve got the T-shirt, but maybe they can’t wear the t-shirt to work. Now they’re going back into the city office after everything that’s been going on.

And they can take their marketing with them and show off the fact that they are a fisherman and they’re in France and they’ve got this design that super connects with them. So that’s one option that we’ve also got a cross sale feature. So we have a system of tagging where you can select multiple designs. What then when they’re collected onto what we call a campaign? So that’s your your one product, if you will. But it’s actually your one design.

That’s the one under one a euro. And then you can select some other products with different designs or the same design up to with a system of tagging. And those would also be shown in the cart when people are buying stuff to really push your aof your average order value. That is to say you’re not just trying to sell 1 product, so you want to sell 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 products per checkout.

That’s how you really start to make some significant profits. So we’ve got all of that optimised. Ready to go. You just set up click right and bang. You’ve got your URL ready to drive your buyers to and where do we think that people should be looking to drive traffic to their to the URL? And where’s the best places to acquire buyers out there right now in the market?

Driving traffic to your campaign – Facebook ads


A: Well, the easy, easy answer would be to wherever the nature of the audience with targeted lives. Right. And when I say lives is where they could be, Facebook groups or Facebook would be a is probably the top place to go. And then you’ve also got other groups and you could go into free traffic. Instagram, there’s hundreds of channels of ways that you can drive traffic to the main.

T: So there are there are two main ways, two main ways to drive traffic to your campaigns. You have free traffic and you have paid traffic. If you’re using pay traffic, then I recommend that you use the use Facebook. Facebook ads are a great way to start. We’ve got a fully integrated solution with Facebook. You add your Facebook pixel to a campaign as well. Say a campaign is just your design on more than one product, on a campaign at Moteefe.

You put your Facebook pixel on there or into your store, you can link the pixel into your store. So all of the campaigns in that store have got the Facebook pixel so you can optimise for conversions and do your tracking and drive traffic. This is a great way to do it. And guess what? We have a completely free Facebook page course. There’ll be another link for that somewhere around. It’s completely free. It’s, of course, that I made myself don’t know who I am.

My name’s Thomas. I work at my teeth, but before working at my teeth, I think it’s fair to say that I was one of the top sellers on the platform. I’ve been selling print on demand products myself since 2015, 2016, which seems a long time ago now, but I hope isn’t that far away. And I’ve made a very, very detailed course on specifically driving traffic to campaigns at Moteefe with Facebook ads. And many people, I think we’ve had hundreds, if not maybe even a thousand or thousands of people sign up for that cause.

Now they’re seeing great success. And I’ve had some really good feedback. So thank you to everybody that signed up and sent me a message of thanks. More than happy to help out and get that going for you.

A: To put it and put it very clearly, Thomas has sold a hell of a lot of products online and with the course. Okay. Yes, he is a pretty expert, but it’s made for beginners. Right? So don’t be worried. It’ll be of oh, maybe that course is a bit too extreme for me. It’s made with beginners in mind. It’s got something there for everyone. So if you’ve never even opened a Facebook account or run a single ad, it’s fine.

It’s the best place to start. And instead of teaching yourself how to do it, it’s much better to go for a course and guided along the way because there’s a lot of different variables that you can change and tweak on Facebook. So getting a hand-held guide through that course is essential. So I definitely recommend to click on the link, which will be finding in and around wherever you are seeing this video.

T: Indeed. So, yes, in that course there is a one of the methods that I show is all the way through as I can, quite correctly says from beginner all the way through, from beginner to advanced, you will find ways to test pod designs with Moteefe and a white label store custom domain store on Motty for just five dollars, even three dollars a day. Early testing to filter out the ideas that are going to work or maybe not work. And they see that very, very cheaply.

So again, the whole model here with Moteefe and Facebook ads and the course is all set up to almost anyone, no matter how much money you’ve you’ve got access to, you know, you don’t have to start a thousand dollars a day or a hundred dollars a day or fifty dollars a day. Really, this is testing for three to five dollars a day. It’s all in the course. The link is around the video somewhere. Do check it out.

It’s it’s I think it’s great, but I work because I made it. But others also think so. And some of those I’m not paying to say that. So that’s is definitely there. So you’ve got you’ve got that. Then you’ve got another way. You’ve got the the other module, the free traffic model. So what types of people item would be able to benefit from free traffic. Where what, what would they have already to, to be able to drive with free traffic.

A: A big audience. So and if you’re running, for example, a big fishing page on Instagram or even if you’re not already running one, you can always start growing one, right. And this is where the barrier to entry to really get get this side has to get this project moving really starts. You don’t need an initial investment to really kick it off. There’s been hundreds, if not thousands of people out there said, I’m going to give this a go.

They’ve started an Instagram page or Facebook group or a blog or you name it. And over time they’ve added content, added value and then gained a following and then monetised it by offering the products at Moteefe.

T: Absolutely. So if you are starting out so that you don’t want to run advertising or you you’re put off by it, you’re not ready for that yet, but you just want to try out, you know. Okay, I could see that this can be valuable here. And remember, just selling one a day without advertising, one share a day. If you’re making ten dollars from Russia, in fact, you’ll probably make more than that. But even if you set your your budget low.

But so 10 to 15 dollars. But just for the sake of mass. Ten dollars a day every day, seven shirts a week. If that’s your first time then you’re talking about seventy dollars a week. Well, seventy dollars a week is you know, that is a lot of money when you compound that over a year on an asset that you’re growing, selling people something that they want this, you know, ten dollars a day. But if you pull that out, we’re talking about, you know, the sun never sets on on POD, the sun never sets on Moteefe.

We’re global. We’re there 24/7, 365 days a year, every four years, 366 days a year. Shout out to the leap years out there. So we we’re there. It’s there all the time. So that’s one day. Seventy dollars a week. Now that for some people, that’s life changing money. For other people, that may be a little bit extra, something nice, a night out, a meal or whatever. But you can see how from even just the small start, just to get that that that rolling, that it can become something big.

Driving traffic to your campaign – Free traffic


T: So. If you have if you don’t run ads, you don’t have any existing assets, if you don’t have a big page or anything, start building them, start an Instagram account on a subject that you think people would be interested in, not only interested in, but also they’d maybe buy some products related to that. So I’ve sold a lot of fishing products. You can all start a fishing page if you want. I would suggest that you look for other things that will work really well.

Stay away from controversial issues, because that’s not the way that things are going. And as someone once said, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way things are going, so. You can grow an Instagram account really good. It’s very. Find things that will add value, they can be Meems, they can be quotes, they can be all sorts of things that relate to that subject, grow the account first. Don’t just open an Instagram account and then start flooding it with different products to sell, grow the account, add value, connect with the people that are there.

It’s called social media. It’s not called selling media. So be social, engage with people, show interest, talk to them, ask them how their fishing trip was, maybe go fishing yourself. If it’s yoga, start doing yoga, talk about it. It’s 5am. I just got up. I’m doing my whatever yoga thing are you doing. Yours be social growing. And then over time, as it starts to grow every so often, just drop in a picture of one of the designs that you’re doing.

Have your link in your description link to something like a linked tree where you can have links to various things. One of them being your you might want to start writing a blog about it. You might want to link to that. One of them can be to your Moteefe white label store that you’ve opened with a few designs in it. Another way is once you’ve got that going, you can invite people, you can say, hey, now we’ve got a Facebook group, Instagram won’t mind that because they link to Facebook and Facebook are really driving groups home.

Now it’s moving away from pages and into into groups. You can have a public group there and drive people into that group and the group. The beautiful thing about a group is we have a group ourselves and it’s great to see thousands of people interacting with each other, adding value, helping each other out. And that group grows organically. People post. We don’t have to put all of the content in there. Of course, we do put content in there and we do engage.

But people talk to each other. They become friends, they help each other. They post things that they think will be relevant to other people. And that’s what you can build. And now you’re building these communities. So I do encourage everybody out there, even if they’re not ready to start selling POD, to start thinking about ways to grow little communities, online, little groups, little collectives. And and then once you’re at a certain level, then, you know, you give the group a 20 percent discount earlier on a 10 percent discount, free shipping, little bonuses, first access.

But remember to keep engaging with the people and don’t just sell to them 24/7 because that would that would put them off and just just start slowly, build slowly. And then, as I say, if you haven’t got anything, your first objective is to sell seven shirts a week, which is between 10 and 15 dollars profit, probably more like fifteen dollars profit per shirt. And that begins to be quite a substantial amount of money. Now, if you’re interested in something else, maybe you’ve got an investment strategy out there that’s a great way to dollar cost averaging to one of these crypto coins or a stock or the S&P 500 or your retirement fund.

You know, if you just look at it like that, then over time, if you’re twenty years old, you do this for ten years, that that starts to accumulate and obviously everything can grow. And once you get that feeling for your first sale a day, then you’re going to be like, OK, how do I get to sales a day now? Five sales a day now. Ten sales a day, ten hours a day of fifteen dollars is and 150 dollars a day for just ten sales.

That’s just ten sale, so, you know, we’ve got to tell you that some people don’t vote for sending hundreds, hundreds, not just 100 or 200, hundreds and hundreds of products a day. Now, I’m not going to say that everybody’s going to be able to do that or everybody would want to have that type of success to make that level of commitment. But that is the possibility. That is what people are doing. And you can be a part of that with my teeth and just leave that.

A: That’s the beauty of social media at present, is when you’re running these groups in these pages, the more often the more content you put into it, it’s a compounding effect. It grows bigger. And then when it grows bigger, more people see it and more people see it, more people join. So initially, if you can get one, one sale a week, once sale a day, if you keep at it over time, in six months, it’s not uncommon to see free sales a day.

You keep doing that for four years. It’s not uncommon to see 30 sales per day. And then you’ve literally got an asset then that can stick with you forever. 

T: Absolutely. And you can grow more assets. You can use a virtual assistant a value to help you run these things, or you’ve got to be as the owner. You can bring in moderators sometimes the group, if it’s a big group and it’s about a really popular subject, people who step up to be a moderator, depending on how many sales you’re making, you might want to even cut them in for a piece of the action. You can go live as and I are now.

You can do all sorts of things, rich engagement. You can do everything. And if you’re trying to sell into Europe or the US and you’re not from one of those areas and you’re thinking our language is a problem, language is a barrier, it’s really not. Google has a great translation service. You’re putting out very simple messages. You’re not explaining to people how to catch a fish they already know you’re not doing. You don’t have to do a walk through of these things.

We’re talking about, memes. We’re talking about articles that may be relevant to them. We’re talking about things where they where you would add value. I mean, great, if you’re if you’re if you’re pretty nimble down the back nine and you know, you know, the difference between a sandwich and the pitching iron, then you might want to start a golf channel or a golf a golf group and then link in poddy to that over time. And that’s another thing that you can consider.

But you don’t have to be an expert or be from the area or even be first in that language to be able to begin this. We see people from all around the world adding value to other communities, even though they’re not a part of that community themselves, and that there can be a really big win for people.

A: And that’s that’s the beauty of the Internet. Right. If you’re not super clued up on a subject to an easier topic online, there’s hundreds of articles you can read. There’s all the information to teach yourself whether you like. So don’t let, “oh, I know nothing about that niche or that that audience to be a blocker.” The only real blocker here is limiting beliefs in your imagination. Right. That’s it. So I certainly recommend going on Wikipedia and finding something people are passionate about.

How to set your goals


T: Absolutely. So I’m going to quickly thank you for all of your time. If you’re still watching now, then that’s a good sign that shows that you’re putting in a commitment to yourself. So a couple of things here. You should be setting yourself goals and you should be failing to hit those goals. And you shouldn’t be disappointed if you’re setting goals in your life and you’re always setting those goals, you haven’t been ambitious enough. If you fall short of your goals, that doesn’t mean that you fail.

That means that you’ve set a goal that is realistic, that is pushing yourself. That was designed to be said that you don’t have to set a goal to make yourself a cup of tea or to get dressed in the morning, you know, unless you’ve got something that’s restricting you from being able to do that. And that might be a lofty goal for you. But if you’re if you’re looking at realistic things that you want to achieve, you want to you want to push yourself.

And if you fall 50 percent short of your goal, that really should be something that you should be okay with. If you only get five percent towards your goal, then you might have been pushing too hard or not trying hard enough. So really make sure that you set goals. So I said one sale a day. That could be that seven hours a week. That could be a first goal for, say, your second month, your third month.

But after that, you want to say, right, I want to do fifty sales a week. And then if you get twenty five, OK, that you want to aim for fifty because if you aim for twenty five you might get twelve. I aim for 100 sales a day, you might get fifty eight for fifty, twenty five. So it is important one to set goals that you think are going to be a challenge to get to and also not to beat yourself up.

Be upset if you don’t get that. That’s the whole point of it. Don’t get confused between goals. A normal day to day living. You know, your your goals shouldn’t shouldn’t be they shouldn’t be basic goals. They should be really things that push you and make you think about how you’re going to achieve them. And the real thing about having a goal is that it makes you change what you’re doing to get there. If you’re doing thirty sales a day and your goal is thirty three sales a day, you’re not changing anything, you’re not you’re not pushing yourself, you’re just a little at work. Another 15 minutes to run an extra ad, increase your budget by five percent. So I really encourage people to set goals. So that’s the first thing set a goal. 

White Label Stores & Custom Text


T: Definitely use Moteefe. Head to, open an account. You need a white label store, which means that you need to buy a custom domain name.

So you’ve got to pick a name, something that you’re interested in. I do encourage you to have one domain per niche link that up. And if you’re using Facebook, then there’s a couple of little steps on the back end that you’ve got to do with Facebook where you verify your domain. And I have a business manager that’s some off platform stuff. They’re pretty easy to do. There’s loads of guides out there for that. Once you’ve once you’ve got all verified with Facebook on your own, your Moteefe white label store you’ve got to come up with some designs.

So you go around, you type in funny, whatever, t-shirt and you look for inspiration, look around for inspiration, don’t copy, don’t copy, don’t steal. But if you find it, if you find something that you think is funny that might set in your niche, it doesn’t even have to be in your name. Now you get it redesigned. As I said, we’ve got a free design service. If you’re watching this video, reach out to Aidan and we can talk about how we can help you and drive you towards success.

We’ve got so you’ve got an idea. One of my shirts that sold before said that the carp, which is a type of fish, are calling not is calling because it’s plural. That’s another thing you need to check when you do these things. Just make sure you’ve got the English right. We’ve got a translation service, so we’ll help there. So the carp are calling and I must go, for fisherman. I saw a similar design from years ago with a completely different message on it, and I switched it up, I was like, OK, they’re interested in mountaineering or whatever it was, I’m going to switch it to fishermen.

So it’s you switch things in and you switch things out. You don’t have to be always original. But as I say, don’t copy other people’s stuff. Always check things like trademark and copyright. We’ve got terms and conditions you won’t get away with that at Moteefe so, so don’t try. But if there’s lots of people running what we call clean campaigns, original ideas, I’ve been doing it for years and you just you just take something and put your own twist on it.

Like a greeting card. You might have a greeting card with a message in it. Those types of messages, love messages were absolutely fantastic on our own pillows and something I haven’t covered yet. We’ve got a custom text feature on Moteefe, meaning that you can have personalisation. So what’s better than that? You can buy something with somebody’s name on it. So I could have a shirt for Aidan. Aidan, he’s a he has a he has a pet and I could have to: Aidan from the pet’s name, Marco is his pet.

We won’t go there right now. To Aidan from Marco. That can be a personalised. Both of those words can be personalised. You can be it can be a cushion. It can be whatever you could. I think it has a dog. It could be a cushion to Aidan from Marco. Get off my chair. You reverse it. You make it funny. You put the dog’s name first rather than the human’s name first. And you see already we’ve got the idea for something there.

So personalisation does make it personal. That’s another key thing from Print on Demand. There’s no way that we could have done this before because you would have had to print every variation of name with every variation of pet name and go through a whole library of them and have an entire section of the country just for storage.

A: And that’s that’s a whole wealth of opportunity that you’ve just have to put this things and think about it. It’s not about imitating. It’s about innovating. OK, and this is this is it. There’s so many top selling T-shirts, POD designs that have been done before, but none of them have been converted or all mixed up with a custom text element. So that in itself, there’s tons of opportunity out there that are just waiting for people to find and test and to to make money.

And it’s it’s really that simple. It’s the imagination. When you find it, you’ve just got to go and find it. That’s it.

T: So you’ve got your account, you’ve got your white label store, you’ve linked it, you verified it. You’re coming up with ideas, you know how to research ideas. You just go around. There’s lots of marketplaces out there rich with ideas. You put your own spin on it. You do one version with, one version without custom text, you hit my Facebook outscores link. Somewhere around the video, you find out how to test something for just five dollars.

You start building your community. So even if you’re running Facebook ads, you might as well still be building these communities. Nothing like free sales, nothing like free sales at all. And over time, you put a couple of years into this, they could become very, very, very big, very, very quickly. It’s very surprising, organic reach that you can get in some of these things even still now. So you’re running ads, you’ve got a way of cheaply testing.

And then as you progress on, you can reach out to Aidan, Ana and Flor, our customer success managers will help you along your journey and you’ll be well on your way down the road to your print on demand goals that you shouldn’t achieve, but you should fall just short of and then you should set newer, more ambitious goals to push yourself on. Yeah.

A: And it just it just to reinforce that, that in the Facebook group, where me, Flor, and Ana and it’s literally our jobs to ensure you find success on the Moteefe platform. It’s our jobs. So message me anytime a day and I’ll get back to you and a will and flow. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to literally do that, ensure that you find success in the Moteefe platform. We’ll do our utmost to help. 


Europe – our recommended market


T: Absolutely. And if you’re looking for which markets to sell in the top, the top markets like Europe see huge opportunity because there’s less competition for ads, there’s less competition for that. There’s been less print on demand. There’s just less historically going on there. People are lazy. People always target the United States because it’s bigger. So you can take these designs that have sold in other countries, translate them, redesign them, run them in the top five countries in Europe, very simply, the top five countries to Germany.

But you can target the whole of the of Europe, such as Germany, but you can target the whole of Europe with an ad that’s targeted towards the German language. The Netherlands is an excellent market society, smaller country, but full of buyers does very well. Great market. The United Kingdom is always been always will be a great market. So a lot of fishing shows. United Kingdom and where else are we we’ve got Italy, Italy is a great market, lower conversion rate, but much cheaper.

So still a great market. Don’t be put off by the fact that the conversion rate is a little bit less there, that the that’s just across the board in ecom.. Not special to Moteefe. You get more clicks, but you get the clicks are a lot cheaper, so it can be very profitable. I’ve sold a lot of sweatshirts, especially in winter, obviously in the north of Italy where it gets a little chilly. I think they even ski in the north of Italy.

In fact, Aidan was once a ski lift in Italy for a year.

A: Yeah, I was skiing in Italy for every year. Yeah, yeah. It was good. It was cold. You definitely wouldn’t leave the the house, the bar or the flat year end without a jumper, that’s for sure.

T: There you are. And so north of Italy is great. All of the other Scandinavian countries are super great, super great. They love buying all smaller countries, but you can target them individually. So Sweden, Denmark, Norway, really, really strong. Big markets, of course, the United States, of course, Canada, everybody’s doing that. Be a bit different. Target Europe. That’s why I would start majority, 80, 90 percent of my sales have come from the European market.

And Moteefe has got production facilities scattered all over Europe. So don’t worry about Brexit. We’ve got localised production in the EU so your customers won’t have to worry about customs charges. And we’re developing those those networks to cope with that and growing and growing our product base within the European Union so that everybody gets their products in a timely fashion.

A: And I’m just going to comment on something you said a little while ago, you said and that they would need to do the translations. That’s true. But you don’t, you just message me and I’ll do them for you. There is no barrier from not scaling into another country any more. We’ve taken that away to literally message. If you’ve got something that’s doing crazy good in the US, in Canada, in English, right, message me, get it translated to Germany, then you can do all the German speakers across Europe and across the world.

T: Yes, Aidan is the universal translate the Moteefe version of the universal translator, the device. So, OK, we’re at the end of of this video and thank you all for watching. Do do do. Open your mouth account, connect with Aidan and join our group. Watch our course. Have a chat with Aidan, Howard or Flor or Anna. They will help you. They’re all great. They’ve been doing this for a long time. They know what works.

They can, they will really drive you on to success. There’s no point in me saying any of this because it’s a, Moteefe is a free platform unless you’re going to be successful. That’s the whole point. If there’s no subscription, we’re not going to say, “ah, you’ve got to pay $29.99 a month to speak to Aidan.” And now, we’re not going to do that. We’re not going to say, are you. You’ve got to pay this for that.

Or now white label stores of this much we’re not doing any of that is so completely free. We are successful because the people that use our platform are successful, so we wouldn’t be here unless it works and Aidan wouldn’t be a customer success manager unless he knew how to drive people to success. I don’t think it’s impossible to reach out. We’re here to help. No man is an island. That is a saying, I think, and. Let’s do it.

A: Your win is our win. And just to wrap it up, in the description, wherever you see in this video, you’re going to see a link to the Moteefe Facebook ads course done by yours truly, Mr. Thomas Gentlemen. And you can see a link to the Facebook group, which I highly recommend and get involved in. That’s where you’re going to find me. That’s we’re going to see, you know, posts all about print on demand three or four a week, if not more.

It varies. We do loads. And then you can find me, Ana and Flor. Right. And then you can get your translation requests and get design requests and you get scaling right. That one sale a day and soon stacks up. That definitely does. Thank you very much for going through this first time. I think this is going to help a lot of people.

T: I hope so. And I hope to see you in the group soon. I’m also active in the group. And if you got a Facebook ads question and you’re selling on my team for a design question or you want to run the design past me, I’m in that group. Get posting, get going, get joining and let’s do this.

A: So look forward to speaking to you all soon guys and have a great day. Take care. 

T: Thank you.


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Happy selling! Team Moteefe