Moteefe Live: Mother’s Day USA can be bigger than Christmas

Mar 22, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

Although mothers should be appreciated 365 days a year, you should especially be grateful for them on Mother’s Day.  This year, May 9 is the day when most countries spend a bit of extra time and effort celebrating their mothers.  Moteefe has all of the tips and tricks you need to know when launching a Mother’s Day USA campaign.  

This week’s live stream covers all of the fundamentals you need to know when launching a Mother’s Day USA product line. Some of the topics discussed include: 

  • 00:35​ – Countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on May 09 
  • 02:24​ – Why Mother’s Day USA is such a huge opportunity 
  • 04:43​ – Cushions: an ideal gift 
  • 07:50​ – Mother’s Day T-shirts 
  • 09:07​ – Messaging 
  • 11:02​ – You get out what you put in 
  • 14:04​ – Mother’s Day USA is huge: facts and figures 
  • 15:05​ – How to get your designs translated 
  • 17:13​ – Pet mums 
  • 18:51​ – When and how to start 
  • 20:13​ – Targeting 
  • 22:11​ – Why you need to sell on Moteefe

Mother’s Day USA can be bigger than Christmas: the key takeaways

Don’t have 30 minutes to spare?  Here’s a summary of the main points:

Who celebrates Mother’s Day on May 9?

Although some countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different days, the second Sunday of May is the most widely celebrated date. There are 97 countries that celebrate on this day.  Some include the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Greenland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Cuba, Croatia, Brazil, Italy, and a whole lot more.  Check online for the full list of countries.

Mother’s Day USA facts and figures

In 2019, Americans spent $25 billion on Mother’s Day! Which is up from the whopping $23.1 billion in 2018. It’s also worth noting that there are 40 million Spanish speaking Americans in the USA, presenting an opportunity for sellers to target with a translated design.

Mother’s Day gift options

Cushions and T-shirts are the ideal gifts. Be sure to add varied T-shirt options like v-necks, crewnecks, and also the unisex T-shirt.  Cushions are also great gift ideas since they can be sold at a higher price point.  Lighter coloured and white cushions tend to sell best.

Adding custom text

Personalisation is important when running a Mother’s Day campaign.  One thing to note: “If it makes them cry, it makes them buy.”

Targeting niche moms

Although you can target the regular mom, there are also grandmothers, first-time mothers, pet moms and more!  Consider the various moms out there and adjust your Facebook ads accordingly. Some dog and cat owners may not have human babies, but they do consider themselves a mother if they have a fur baby.

Why you need to sell on Moteefe

Our platform offers globalized and localized production, low base costs, and 24/7 seller support. If you have a design that you want translated, our team can help you with that. If you have any questions or general inquiries, please feel free to reach out to our team or join our Facebook group for assistance.

For more on Mother’s Day, be sure to check out Moteefe’s Ultimate Guide to Print on Demand Mother’s Day Presents.

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Mother’s Day USA can be bigger than Christmas: full transcript


A: Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week’s live stream where we will be going over Mother’s Day, yet again, for a whole new batch of countries and explaining how, this day, this event can be bigger than Christmas believe it or not. As always, I’m joined by none other than Thomas Gentleman.  Thomas hiya, how are you?

T: Aidan, I’m great, thanks. Hello, everybody out there. And indeed, Mother’s Day comes, well, well, about seven times a year, it seems, at this rate. But this is a Mother’s Day for a different set of mothers. These are the American mothers, and which other countries also celebrate on this date Aidan? Let’s get a handle on where we’re where going to.

A: So we are talking the mothers that contribute to these countries on the 9th of May. OK, so United States, Germany, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Greenland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Cuba, Croatia, Brazil, a few Marcazo sellers there in Brazil, tons.  All right.  We’ve also got Ukraine on there as well. So it’s a big Mother’s Day.  It’s the biggest one.  Yeah, all of them.

T: The biggest Mother’s Day, not necessarily the biggest mothers, but the biggest Mother’s Day, this is a huge, huge event.  So you should have all been testing if you have been listening to the show, you would have been testing your designs for this event in the U.K. market, which is a great market.  And we hope that you did well there.  We know that said, a certain section of our sellers embraced Mother’s Day and really went after it.

And that’s fantastic, great to see, great to see the results and well done to everybody that really pushed hard for Mother’s Day and now Mother’s Day USA. That’s the big one. What date do Canadians do Mother’s Day? Was that out on the list?

A: Well, let’s just have a look. 

T: Question mark over Canada, but United States…

A: Yes, Canada is included in there, and also forgot to shout out that Italy is on there too.

Why Mother’s Day is such a huge opportunity


T: So it’s big. It’s going to be big now. Mother’s Day, it can be bigger than Christmas. It’s a huge sales event, and we have a lot of people unable to travel around, there’s a lot of new babies knocking around.

Now you’ve got mothers of human children. Their own offspring or offspring they have acquired of the human variety. And you also have mothers of pets, as we covered before. So there is an angle of first first Mother’s Day or mother of dragons, cats, that kind of angle coming in. So first Mother’s Day. It’s huge. It’s been a year, tens of thousands of births within a year, hundreds of thousands of births within a year. 

So that’s one angle. So you’ve got the baby onesie angle. Thank you, Mommy, for my first Mother’s Day or the ideas around that. Do a little bit of research. Those personalised onesies can be absolutely massive. So you wouldn’t necessarily think babies products for Mother’s Day, but pretty much a pre-qualification to be a mother is the acquisition of a baby somehow having one, adopting one, getting one, a baby, is what’s needed to become a mother.

So there’s a big focus on babies. Certainly the first year of the big year. There’s a there’s a massive angle there. Again, personalization Moteefe with our global supply chain and localised production. We’ve got baby onesies, baby T-shirts.

Kid’s hoodies.  It’s more for kids than babies. But, you know, if you’ve got a particularly large baby, then a child’s, I think my son probably would have only ever gone into a child’s T-shirt anyway. 

So do consider this as an angle with the personalization can be really, really huge, bigger than Christmas, because Christmas, everybody buys something for someone. But now we’re talking about a direct connection. This is all about the mother, all about the child, so that personalization angle can really be huge here.

Cushions: an ideal gift


T: And of course, then you’ve got the the run of the mill, the normal mothers of the adult children where people are buying things for those. So you then you’ve got the fantastic… what are they called Aidan? You put them on the chair… cushions! Cushions, pillows. We have square cushions, rectangular cushions, personalized, really, really great products. We see some huge crazy numbers. Aidan, how crazy the numbers and.

 A: Insane, crazy. And the reason why we say this is it’s one of these things that you can go anywhere in the house, everyone’s got somewhere to put it. Not only that, the sort of margin, the prices you can set, that you can set anywhere between £20 to $30, maybe even higher, depending on the design right? Especially if you add like, as Thomas had mentioned, custom parts of it, customized things, custom text on the pillow.  You could then start charging anywhere between $25 – $35 as we talk about the U.S.

T: Yes, $29.99.  $29.95, $34.99?  Can you? Can you? Yes, you can.

A: People have! 

T: They have everybody knows the price of a T-shirt.

Now they have covered this before. But you stop somebody in the street, how much is a T-shirt?  They’re going to give you a ballpark figure. But when it comes to a personalized cushion. Nobody nobody knows where the price point is, you make the price. Don’t, don’t be put off by by thinking that you have to go cheap, no matter what price you set these products at, someone’s always going to be in the comments.

Oh it’s $12.99 and it’s too expensive. I always buy $9.99! You’re always going to get that. Don’t let that distract you, only worry about the conversion rate. And yes, with these types of items… Aidan wants to speak but I’m not going to let him.

A: I do.  I wanted to mention when it comes to the price of a cushion with a custom text message designed and printed on demand for your mother, you can’t put a price on that Thomas.

T: Oh, he’s right. It’s a great intervention there from a sedentary position from Aidan.

Yes. You can’t put a price on that. I like that. I like that a lot. And of course, Aidan, what do they say about personalization of Mother’s Day and buying intent?

 A: Well, with if it’s emotional and it makes them cry. It makes them buy.

T: Indeed. And whoever said that certainly, certainly was right. A man of distinction, probably. So huge event.

There’s so many ways that you can approach this. So many angles, so many different ways that you can do it. Yes, you could even go to grandma route a little bit. I know it’s not officially like a grandma’s day, but they’re like basically double mothers as well. They could have been called double mother, double mother or grandmother.

A: There’s a design there! Happy Mother’s Day. Double mother. Insert your double mother’s name there. Maybe 

T: Sounds offensive, but it isn’t. I like it. It can work that. There’s a whole plethora, a lot of designs out there in this niche and so many ways to come at it. T-shirts, T-shirts are always a thing. 

A: Yes.

Mother’s Day T-shirts


T: If you’re going to do it, if you’re going to do a T-shirt campaign for Mother’s Day, we have women’s T-shirts. We have V-neck.  Non v-neck, I forget what they’re called, but the standard T-shirt.

A: Crewneck.

T: Crewneck for that, but also I would include a…, they’re quite shaped. Aren’t they Aidan?  Quick shapely.  I would also if you if you’re going to put up a campaign for this.  I would include a unisex T-shirt because they’re a little less shapely.

And you know, who is to say who isn’t isn’t a mother these days.  Certainly not us.  So include a unisex T-shirt.  We have a unisex as a separate category in case somebody wants something a little bit looser fitting, a little bit looser fitting than just the standard V-neck women’s or the crewnecks that we have, do consider those options.  Colours, dark colours always work.  Well, I always do, because you get that high contrast of the light design on it.



T: Yes. However, for the cushions, we are seeing the lighter coloured cushions of white cushions, just the standard white cushion with darker text on it. So it stands out, white cushion, black text, a couple of hearts, that kind of thing.  Really sloppy greeting card style message.  This is what you want to have.  Personalized, personalized, personalized.

A: And if you look at any gift shop, greeting card shop anywhere in the world.  Right, there’s always that those shelves that sell the awards for the world’s best mother. And everyone’s got the world’s best mother and they say that product is sold in all shops and especially sell out for that.  Just make that for a cushion.  Well, this world’s best mother belongs to, bang there’s your cushion, but you’ve given it to them on a beautiful Facebook ad which is more convenient than leaving the house.

T: And that’s what it’s all about, convenience and not leaving the house, as we all know, that’s the keys now to everything. 

A: The key is you don’t need your keys.  You can stay indoors.

T: I would be lost to find my keys.  Don’t work.  Anyway, back to Mother’s Day.  This is this is really going to be another amazing event this year.  Last year, the numbers, the numbers, Aidan, there were so many numbers.  We lost track of the numbers.  We couldn’t, we couldn’t even see the numbers.  At one point, things were ramping up right to that event.  It was absolutely crazy.  Certainly, I would say the biggest sales event in history last year, maybe Q4, Christmas just beat it out.

But certainly for some sellers there, they definitely did better at Mother’s Day in the USA than they did at Christmas.

You get out what you put in


A: It was insane at this time last year.  Some of the sellers that I work very closely with, they were seeing, they were hitting personal best for how many they were getting in a week.  And we’re not talking one or two people, I’m talking in the tens of people, dozens of people were hitting things in their stride.  And it all comes down to the hard work they’re putting.  They’re testing and finding those designs in the first place.  Right.  There’s no, there’s no silver bullet or magic formula.

They put the work in then, they took the money out as payouts. 

T: That’s it.  There is no easy money.

You get in.  You take out what you put in.  And this is like any other any other business.  Yes, you have it’s a very low barrier to entry.  Yes.  You can do it from anywhere in the world.  Yes, you can.  You you don’t have to commit to 12 hours every day.  You can be flexible with your own time.  But certainly the more you put into it, the more time the more research, the more thought, the more care and the more determination that you show, the more that you’re going to get out of it.

In the end, I think that that plays out right across our users, our sellers. We see that the the people that make the commitment and they say, well, if these guys or girls are making money, then I can be just like them as well, not getting put off by little pitfalls that come along.  And that’s where the mind set comes in.  So that’s what we should have called it.  Mother’s Day mindset.  Bit of an alliteration.

But that’s what, that’s what you’ve got to focus on.  There are going to be fortunes made but not lost because of the low barrier entry this Mother’s Day.  And to be part of that, to get in, to get going and keep that perseverance and determination and find success.  Aidan’s here to help you.

A: Yeah, I’m very much here to help.

T: I was going to give you a shout out, but you won’t let me, Anna, on some fantastic work.

We’re working with our sellers, really bringing them along.  She’s here also. Well, she’s not here, but she’s here in spirit.  To help to help you find success.  And Aidan, I’m waffling on give me give me some numbers.  Give me some Mother’s Day numbers. 

A: Before we get to those numbers, I wanted to make one point.  I get it.  I have had this conversation a few times with people messaging me, they say, “Aidan, I’m struggling to find a Mother’s Day design.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  Nothing seems to be working.”  Then I go in and I say, “How many times have you tested?”

Three.  Four.  Well, the only difference between you and some of the biggest sellers is they’ve done eight, ten.  There’s no difference in the strategy.  What you’re doing is just the amount of how much you put into it.  It’s the amount of work in it.  And in terms of numbers, and I don’t know which numbers are allowed to disclose…

T: How much was spent in Mother’s Day USA last year?  Not our numbers, are our numbers are private.

A: Let me find that. 

T: It’s on page 73 of your detailed presentation and meeting notes that we had before this. 

A: No data is better than the latest data, right? 

T: Oh, the latest.  He’s going to get it hot off Google. He hasn’t even muted for this. That’s how he wants you to feel immersed in the experience.

Mother’s Day is huge: facts and figures 


A: It keeps the authenticity rolling.  Right.  And so I can safely say that in the US, over $25 billion was spent. 

T: Oooh $25 billion dollars.

A: Over.  Over.  Over and so that’s quite a lot of money.

T: And I believe 40 million people in the United States, often overlooked, you know, what language do they speak, 40 million people in the United States?

A: They speak American.  Do they not?

T: They don’t speak American.  40 million people speak Spanish.  Spanish in the United States. So ,40 million people.  I think the population of the US, somewhere around 330, 350 million people, and 40 million of those speak Spanish.

So that’s, you know, more than 10 per cent speak Spanish.  So don’t overlook that

How to get your designs translated


T: In Canada, they speak English, of course, part of the commonwealth, but also French in Quebec, which you know, try that.

A: Thomas, if I, if I wanted to, if I had a winning design in English or American, how could I get it translated to Spanish, how could I do that?

T: There isn’t an American, there’s only English.

But yes, if you had if you have a design in American, I would like to see it.  But yes. How would you what if it was me Aidan?  I would message you and say, “Can you get my, this design translated please?  What would you say?

A: Yes, Thomas.  I will get a translated for you as soon as humanly possible and that goes to anyone else who’s watching this.  If they… join our Facebook group, you can find me there and I’m doing that half of the posts alongside Ana.  You scroll down, you find me and that goes for anyone watching.  If you’ve got any good design that shows some real promise, message me what language you want it in and I’ll get you the translation ready for you to get up there and get selling.

T: Indeed.  And we should also, as we shouted out Ana a couple of times, we should also say that we have a new member to our seller success team here at Moteefe to our sales engine. Flor, she’s come across to to help drive the success of our of our users that we call sellers. The team’s growing and we’re all here pretty much 24/7, aren’t we, Aidan?

A: You are, yes.  Yes, we are.  We are. 

T: You got out of it. 

A: We’ve got a couple of shout outs I want to do very quickly.  If that’s okay with you Thomas.

T: Do them very slowly. 

A: OK, I won’t do them too slowly. I won’t bore people too much to tears.  So Deepak has said hello, Thomas sir, and Aidan.  Hey Deepak.  It’s good to have you with us.  Hi Yousef.  Marcus, as always, loving the comments.  Hey Hillary.  Tons of people.

Pet mums


A: You guys, if you got any questions, fire away and we’ll get to them in due course. I did want to mention one thing that you touched upon at the very start of this week’s episode, which is about dog moms and cat mums for Mother’s Day.  I didn’t think it was a thing.  And I’ve mentioned this before, but it most certainly is.  So as you know, and I may speak about this maybe too much on our online forums, me and my partner, I have a dog and she turns me on the UK Mother’s Day and says, “Has our dog gotten me anything for Mother’s Day?” 

So now it’s an expectation for pet owners to do this.  So it is a thing, it’s worth testing. 

T: I bet you’re in the doghouse.  Anyway, so

A: Brilliant.  Very good.

T: Thank you.  It is a thing.  So the anthropomorphising of these of these pets and turning it into a mini person to replace the babies it’s a thing, it’s a big thing and it’s a huge market.  So you’ve got not only human babies, but doggie babies.  Oh well, we won’t go down that road.

We’ve got pets.  Concentrate on the pet owners, especially that first year.  It’s a big deal.  People love it.  There’s if you think twenty-five billion spent on Mother’s Day is a lot, they’re just talking about Mother’s Day for mothers.  When you include the pets, the pets is huge.  Who knows how much you spent on pet gifts every year and pet-related merchandising. It’s, it’s massive. People in general treat animals extremely well and lavish gifts upon them

When and how to start 


T: So don’t overlook it. Get out there, do some research. And when should you start, Aidan? When should you start testing. The audiences are dying to know, is it now, next week? Two weeks from now?

A: Now it’s that quote we like to quote most weeks, the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time to start is now. Not today, now.

T: This weekend is the weekend. It’s going to set you up for success. You want to by Monday, have four or five design ideas either already designed and ready to run or at least the designs solid. Ready to go, ready to get designed, if not ten. I would aim for ten. But you probably if you’ve got limited design results, get that down to three to four that you want to actually get design and get them out, get those age launched as soon next week as possible.

So launch the ads on might be a Tuesday or Wednesday next week and then start testing and driving free Facebook ads course in the comments probably. And that’s that, that’s how to get it on. Yeah.

A: Mick also said good day, says good day.  Good day, Mick.  Question is Mick, how many designs have you got ready to test?  Do we need some more?  Let me know. Let’s get that rolling.

T: Aidan, jump on a call with you, Mick and get you rocking and a rolling for Mother’s Day.

A: Oh yeah. More than happy to do that.



A: When it comes to targeting Thomas, is that something we should potentially cover? I know you mentioned first time mothers that is a thing you can do on Facebook.

T: You can, you can, you can target first-time mothers. There’s a general family niche that I see people targeting.  You have to test.  You have to test.  It’s the design with the targeting.  So get the age ranges right.  You probably don’t want to go too high, but you’re going to have to play with it.  You’re going to have to play with the targeting.  If I say target this one thing there is a target family.  A lot of people are going to be targeting family.

There’s probably from memory.  There’s another target that says Mother’s Day, any family events, family this, family that, anything to do with that.  There’s websites to do with being a mother.  There’s baby products, that kind of thing that you can target, and possibly some schools, maybe universities, who knows what will and won’t work.

But I guarantee that there’s a lot you’re talking about a whole great area of people that are going to have a mother that they want to buy gifts for.  So I think you can go fairly broad here.  If you tie into a niche, it always works well.  So mothers, if you’re running a fishing page, those people have wives, girlfriends. mothers, brothers, that kind of thing.

And there’s there’ll be an angle around that, I believe that the old…

A: An angle around?

T: Hah! The wit’s spreading.  Sorry, Aidan, I don’t know if you’ve caught it from me, the fishing widow was a funny one without being somebody that’s, you know, lost their partner or husband to something. 

Why you need to sell on Moteefe


T: But then in this case, fishing. There we are.  So Aidan, sum it up.  Give them the high-low.  Why should they be selling?  Why should they be selling on Moteefe?  You say it this week.  I always cover it, but Aidan knows the platform as well.

A: So, top to bottom.  You need to start selling, you need to start testing.  Now you need those four or ten designs ready and rolling by Monday.  The latest.  And the reason for it is there’s a hell of a lot of money to be taken.  As mentioned, there’s over $25 billion spent in the US and Mother’s Day, just a small slice of that could go a long way in your pocket.  We all know that.  It can go a long way in my pocket. And yeah, if you don’t get tested, get launching, you’re going to lose out.

T: Indeed, and why Moteefe, Aidan?

A: Why Moteefe? Why?  I’ll tell you why, we have a global network and with local fulfilment.  So say, for example, you were selling in the US, if they are on the left side of the US, it gets produced on the left of the US. 

So the shipping times are not only cheaper.  They are quicker to your customer.

T: Haha, sorry sorry.  So the left side of the US where they speak American.

A: East. West. Yes. The left. The West. Yes. Oh not that left.

T: Not just the left or just. I just wonder which side is the left. 

A: Yeah, OK, I get the pun there.  Knowing that, as I did mention there are a hell of a lot more countries where it’s Mother’s Day right?  You’ve got Germany, you’ve got Italy.  Some of these biggest selling designs in the US are going to be super, super saturated.  So if you take them, put them into German and Italian, put them in Danish, put them in Croatian.

Right. It’s going to be a lot easier for you and you’re going to get a lot cheaper and value out of it.  Right.  So it’s definitely a huge opportunity.  And if you’re not going to take part, you’re going to be sitting on the sidelines and you could be missing out. And there’s going to be a lot of people in the potentially in the Facebook group who we’re going to be showing off and bragging.

T: You don’t want to miss the mother of all sales events, Mother’s Day, USA.  And why would you want to sell on Moteefe?  Yes, all of those things that Aidan mentioned. But also we have white label store solutions so you can buy a custom domain name link it to a Moteefe store.  Start driving traffic there. It’s got your own brands.  You could even spin up one, just especially for Mother’s Day, fishing mothers, whatever mothers, double mothers, whatever you like.

Put that in, get those sales going and brand it.  Make it yours, make you feel good. It’s a great event.  Get going now.  This weekend’s the key to success.  Aidan, let’s wrap it up.

A: We’ll wrap it up.  And I’m going to say two things from our lovely comments section.  How do we go about getting designs translated, please?

People can message me, simply message me or Ana Sousa, also in the Facebook group, and we’ll help you with that.  Right. 

T: You have to be selling on Moteefe, though.  We’re not going to translate your latest novel for you.  So all of the people that sent in those requests, sorry, but it’s it’s got you’ve got to be a seller on Moteefe and it’s got to be one of our designs. 

A: Yeah.  And the last thing we have a lovely comment from Mick, as always, said just another manic Mumsday.  Put that on a t-shirt.  Put it on a cushion! 

T: That’s my funday. 

A: And on that guys, we wish you a lovely weekend.  Thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next Thursday where we will have another non-stop, action-packed, live stream for you guys. 

T: Next week, next week’s show.  Next week’s show is going to be the mother of all shows and with Aidan and myself, so don’t miss next week, it’s big.  We’re not going to tell you what it is yet, but it won’t be about Mother’s Day for a change.

A: All right. Cool. Guys.  Take care.  Bye bye.

T: Thank you. 

P.S. Don’t forget to tune in every Thursday for weekly live streams with Thomas and Aidan where they discuss all things Print on Demand!


Happy selling!

Team Moteefe