King’s Day campaign ideas for Print on Demand

Mar 18, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

King’s day: line illustration of a crown

It’s a birthday party and everyone’s invited!  King’s Day is when the Dutch celebrate the birthday of their king. King Willem Alexander was born on 27 April and so there are many parties, flea markets and, of course, the king himself visits one or several cities with his family.  As every new event arrives, another POD opportunity opens up.  Read on to see what you need to know when it comes to launching your King’s Day POD campaign!

Incorporate King’s Day themes into your niches

The national holiday marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.  In 2020 King’s Day was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Cities and towns weren’t able to take part in the regular festivities since we all had to stay indoors to save ourselves from the virus.  With King’s Day quickly coming up, it looks like the world will be spending another King’s Day inside.  Many people will be looking for ways to spruce up their homes to take part in the celebration.  

This is a great time to revamp any niche lines you have and incorporate some King’s Day themes.  Why start fresh when you don’t have to?  Be sure to have orange clothing options available since that is the main color worn on King’s Day.  

If you have yet to launch a Print on Demand campaign, now would be the time to start testing out different niches.  If you need some help, check out how you can use Pinterest to help you find a niche audience and help you sell your Print on Demand products.

Widen your audience

This special day is primarily celebrated in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, however, there are a few other regions that take part in the festivities.  Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten, constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, also celebrate the day.  Additionally, if you really want to pinpoint all Dutch people, you can try advertising in other regions in Europe since many Europeans tend to live across borders.

Choosing your inventory

Orange everything!  Though there isn’t exactly a specific look needed to celebrate King’s Day, you must include orange options!  The Dutch royal family bears the name: House of Oranje. Because of this, Holland’s national color is orange. Now on King’s Day people wear orange clothes and even go as far as wearing orange wigs and orange makeup.  Whether you choose to sell T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, hoodies or more, make sure to include orange items in your line.  

And since King’s Day only comes around once a year, practical items should also be included in your product line.  A lot of people don’t tend to wear seasonal clothing year-round, but they will use something every day if it serves a purpose like mugs and cushions.  Both of these make great add-on items. And of course, don’t forget to add baby and children’s clothes to your line so they can join in on the fun!

King’s Day design ideas

As we mentioned before, you just have to add orange.  When designing your King’s Day designs, you can also include references to the Dutch royal family or orange bitter, the drink closely associated with the Dutch royal family.  Flea markets are another important part of King’s Day.  On King’s Day, many people will take part in selling items at local flea markets hosted in parks and streets since it is the one day a year where you are allowed to sell items without a permit.  In fact, some people even begin selling the night before!  

Hopefully, this has inspired you to revamp your last line to include a touch of King’s Day appreciation.  There are still a ton of other POD holiday opportunities coming up to take advantage of, for example, Mother’s Day.  For more information on launching and marketing your Print on Demand campaigns, check out our other posts on Moteefe Blog.

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