How to use the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool

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Running Facebook ads is one of the most common tactics sellers use when it comes to online advertising for products and services.  Facebook’s Pixel has been an excellent tool enabling businesses to track their conversions to ensure the effectiveness of their ads.  And now with the recent release of the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool, the integration for pixel events is easier than ever.  Not sure how it works?  Let’s take a look at how to set it up with our tutorial

What is the Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixels are analytical tools that allow users to track the effectiveness of their advertising by understanding the actions people take on their website.  Once a user adds a unique pixel to the pages of their site, they can see whether or not people are visiting their site and purchasing their products and/or services.  It basically acts as a tracking code.  To learn more about the Facebook Pixel and how to add it to your Moteefe store, check out our guide explaining everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel integration.

What are Pixel Events?

A pixel event is a modifier that adds details to the information sent to Facebook. Events allow Facebook to be notified that not only was a page visited, but a purchase, or other action, was completed.  Some of the standard pixel events include:

  • Add Payment Info

  • Add to Cart

  • Add to Wishlist

  • Complete Registration

  • Contact

  • Customize Product

  • Donate Find Location

  • Initiate Checkout

  • Lead

  • Purchase

  • Schedule

  • Search

  • Start

  • Trial

  • Submit Application

  • Subscribe

  • View Content

Pixel events allow you to connect your advertising efforts to a specific number of resulting conversions. Once Facebook collects this info, it also allows the advertiser to better optimize for a particular event.  Business page owners can alter their pixel code on specific pages of their websites to collect anonymous event information, however, the new event setup tool makes this easier without the need to code.

Using the Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool

The Event Setup Tool allows advertisers to add events based on page views or button clicks.  To do this, go to your Events Manager, click the Add Events drop-down and select From the Pixel.  If you have only just begun selling or you have just recently set up your custom domain, you will have to make a purchase on your store to enable events to show up.  Once the purchase has gone through, you can go ahead and cancel the order. 

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step

A new page will appear that allows you to use Facebook’s event setup tool.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 2

At this point, determine on what page the pixel event will occur, whether by viewing a URL or clicking a button.  Enter the URL for that page here in the available text box.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 3

Once you have filled in the text box with the URL, click Open Website.  A new window will appear that includes a Facebook dialogue at the top left.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 4

Any events that have already been created for this page will appear here.

Set up an event by URL

Users can set up a pixel event by URL.  For example, if a visitor loads a particular URL, this is a sign that a conversion is complete.  An example would be a Thank You page after a transaction has been complete.  This is an example of a page that users will likely only visit once.

Start off by clicking the Track a URL button.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 5

Select an event that has occurred once a person visits this URL.  You can select from the dropdown list available.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 6

You can choose to track the entire URL or a portion of the URL. 

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 7

URL Equals limits the qualified URLs to a single URL while URL Contains could result in multiple qualified URLs.

Once you have completed the form, click Confirm.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 8

That’s it!  You will now see that event listed.

Set up an Event by Button Click

To begin, click Track New Button.

Now, some sections appear highlighted to showcase the links and buttons that would qualify.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 9

The areas you select will allow Facebook to begin reporting on events whenever a visitor clicks it.  Once selected, you will be asked to connect that click to an event.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 10

Select and event and then click Confirm.  If completed properly, the event will be listed under Events on this Page.

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 11

Once you’re finished, click Finish Setup.

Review your events, and if you are happy, click Finish.  You will receive a notification that your event setup is complete!

Facebook pixel event setup tool: step 12

Click the Test Events to test your events. 

We hope this has helped you get a better understanding of these new functions. As Facebook continues to update its platform, we want to make sure that Moteefe sellers are using it to its fullest potential.

And for those that are still a bit confused when it comes to creating and managing Facebook ads, check out Moteefe School, our free online Facebook ads course for Print on Demand entrepreneurs.

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