April national holidays for Print on Demand campaigns

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New holidays are being made all the time — there are now more and more new ideas for campaigns.  It is always important to look ahead to the calendar year for if you want to create seasonal lines to generate more profit.  These upcoming April national holidays are opportunities for sellers to test out new lines and make some more money throughout the calendar year.  Not sure what’s coming up?  Check out these April national holidays for Print on Demand campaigns!

According to the National Holiday Calendar, every day is a day for celebration!  Depending on where you live, there is usually something to be celebrated.  Some of the more unique days being celebrated in April include National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, National Caramel Day and National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!  Although not all of these events are globally recognized, many of them target a specific niche that could be a potential niche audience that content creators can target.  But if you aren’t in the market to sell to a completely different audience and want to focus on the more globally recognized holidays, check out the list of upcoming April national days below: 

April national holidays

April 1 – Q2 begins

April 1 – April Fools

April 2 – Easter Good Friday (Christian)

April 4 – Easter Sunday

April 5 – Easter Monday 

April 10 – National Siblings Day 

April 10 – Golfer’s Day 

April 11 – National Pet Day

April 12 – Beginning of Ramadan 

April 14 – National Dolphin Day 

April 16 – Save the Elephant Day 

April 17 – Husband Appreciation Day 

April 19 – Patriot’s Day (U.S.) 

April 22 – Earth Day (U.S.) 

April 23 – St George’s Day

April 27 – King’s Day (The Netherlands) 

April 30 – Easter Good Friday (Greek Orthodox)

Keep in mind that these are the dates of the national holidays.  It is important to start marketing your lines weeks, or even months, in advance so your target audience has time to purchase and receive their products prior to these dates.  The dates below may help remind you to start advertising for the days ahead for events taking place in May and June. 

  • April 3 – 4 weeks to Labour Day, International Workers’ Day, and  May Day (May 1)

  • April 6 – 4 week to National Star Wars Day (May 4)

  • April 7 – 4 weeks until Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

  • April 11 4 weeks to Mother’s Day (May 9)

  • April 17 8 weeks to Queen’s Official Birthday (U.K) (June 12)

  • April 25 8 weeks to Father’s Day (June 20)

April national holidays: calendar

If you need help with launching these new lines you can check out our blogs on how to launch a line for International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.   And with Father’s Day coming up in June, we highly recommend you check out our blog post on Father’s Day design ideas for Print on Demand

But if none of these recommended dates inspire you to start your next seasonal line, check out the National Day Calendar for other oddly specific national holidays.  It is also a great resource for brainstorming new niche audiences.  As we all know, our content creators thrive when they manage to find a passionate group of people to target.  If you are new to POD and you have been targeting a broad and general audience, you may want to learn more about the importance of finding and targeting a niche audience.  Skim through the National Day Calendar to get some inspiration for your next Print on Demand design.  You can also try using Pinterest to find a niche and help sell your products

Whatever resource you use, seasonal lines can help keep your profits flowing all year round.  We hope your next line is a major hit

April national holidays

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