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Feb 23, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Tips

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As part of its recent package of updates, Facebook is now placing a limit on the amount of conversion events that you can run. What does this mean? Well in short, it’s crucial that you prioritize your Facebook events as soon as possible. Let’s look at how it’s done. 

So, Some users may have already received a message like this:

“This event hasn’t been set up on any of your domains. Once Apple begins enforcing their new iOS 14 requirements, ad sets optimizing for **EVENT NAME** will be paused unless you change your available events in Events Manager.”

Prioritize your Facebook events: warning message

In response to the iOS 14 data tracking prompt, Facebook has implemented a limit of eight events for optimization. If you have received the message above, it may mean you have attempted to optimize for an event that falls outside of your primary eight or and you have not yet configured your eight events. Fortunately, we can help you resolve this issue.

What is the eight-limit event?

The eight-limit event means that you will only be allowed to optimize for one of eight different events per domain. This refers to the conversion event you select within your ad set when using the Conversions objective.

Prioritize your Facebook events: conversion

Since this applies to each domain, this means Facebook users can have a single pixel on multiple domains and optimize for eight different events on each domain. When it comes to reports and customizing columns, it is believed that users will be able to continue to include events outside of the primary eight. For users who opt out of the iOS 14 tracking prompt, reporting will be incomplete, however, Facebook has allegedly reported they will perform modeling to attempt to fill in the blanks.

How to prioritize your Facebook events

Navigate to Web Event Configurations. Within the Events Manager, select Aggregated Event Measurement

Prioritize your Facebook events: Aggregated Event Measurement

After clicking Configure Web Events, you will be redirected to Web Event Configurations.

Prioritize your Facebook events: Web Event Configurations

Domain verification

Web events on this page will be organized by domain. In the second column you will see three messages: Domain Verified, Owned by another business and Verify Domain.

Prioritize your Facebook events: Domain Verified
Prioritize your Facebook events: verify your domain

You must verify your domain before configuring your events. 

Prioritize your eight events

To view the events currently assigned to a verified domain, you can click to expand the entry in Web Event Configurations.

Prioritize your Facebook events: event examples

Though Facebook will automatically rank your events for you, you can – and should – manually edit this yourself. Once you click to edit your list, you will receive a warning before you proceed.  Before you proceed, remember changes can and will result in your ad sets pausing.

Prioritize your Facebook events: warning

You have the ability to re-order your events to your personal preference. It is suggested to have your Purchase event be the highest rank, however, you can order the events to your priorities. Also, keep in mind that if you want to use Value Optimization, that alone will take up four events slots.

Prioritize your Facebook events: edit your events: value sets

Here’s an example of an optimally ordered event list:

Prioritize your Facebook events: edit your events: optimally prioritized events

Remember, once the iOS 14 data tracking prompt goes live, the eight events rule will take place—making you unable to optimize for an event outside of your primary eight. Any ad sets outside your main eight that are currently running will be turned off.

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