Easter campaign ideas for Print on Demand

Feb 9, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Tips

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The Easter bunny is coming to town!  With Easter on the way, it’s time to dye some eggs, eat some chocolate mini eggs and prepare for another seasonal Print on Demand campaign.  Not sure where to start?  Read our Easter campaign ideas and put them to use in your next Print on Demand venture.

Incorporate Easter campaign ideas into your niches

There’s no point starting from scratch if you don’t have to!  For content creators that already have a few niche lines, repurpose those lines by incorporating a bit of Easter into them.  This allows you to target your current audience with the seasonal line, making it easier to get sales.  Targeting a group of people that are already fans of your work can increase your chance of making sales in this new Easter line.  

For sellers that have yet to start their own line, check out how you can use Pinterest to help you find a niche audience and help you sell your Print on Demand products and if you aren’t a fan of Easter but you still want to launch a new seasonal campaign, check out our March calendar for other Print on Demand selling opportunities.

Widen your audience

Christians all over the world celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.  However, that doesn’t mean this day is exclusive to Christian people.  Christian or not, nowadays, everyone seems to take part in the Easter festivities since there are activities that aren’t necessarily religious.  Usually, Easter is associated with dying and decorating eggs, hiding them in the backyard and getting a visit from the famous Easter bunny.  Plus, it’s a chance to eat some yummy chocolate. 

Unsurprisingly, regions with a large Christian population celebrate Easter more than others.  In Spain, Easter is known as Semana Santa, or Holy Week, and is observed for an entire seven days on the Iberian peninsula.  Other areas that celebrate the holiday include the United States of America, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia are more.  This year, Easter takes place on Sunday, April 4, which means you should be preparing your Easter Print on Demand campaign now.

Choosing your inventory

Easter campaign ideas: product examples

Although there are a lot of bunnies, eggs, and baskets, there isn’t exactly a specific outfit required for the day.  A standard graphic T-shirt is the perfect item to show off when you’re ready to hunt some Easter eggs.  To give your product line some more variety, content creators should also include hoodies, sweaters and other clothing in their campaign.  You should add clothing options for customers of all ages: adults, children and babies.  For add-on items, mugs and cushions are a safe choice since practical everyday items like these can still be used all year round. 

Easter design ideas

Easter campaign ideas: mother and child product examples

There are a lot of great symbols that you can incorporate to give your design a bit of Easter flair.  Check out the list of ideas below for some Easter campaign ideas:

  • Colors: white and pastels

  • Images: Easter bunny, decorated eggs, chocolate, children in bunny ears, weaved baskets, baby chicks, cross, Jesus

Hopefully, this has inspired you to revamp your last line to include a touch of Easter spirit!  There are still a ton of other POD holiday opportunities coming up to take advantage of.  Check out our blogs on how to launch a line for April Fool’s Day, International Women’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

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