April Fool’s Day campaign ideas for Print on Demand

Feb 5, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Tips

April Fools Day: blog header

Who’s ready for some prank wars?  April Fool’s Day is on the way which means it’s time to cover your toilet in saran wrap, pour some flour in your roommate’s hair dryer and freeze your boyfriend’s keys in a block of ice.  It’s the one time of year when it is socially acceptable to be a bit of a jerk for the sake of the season—but it’s all in good fun, of course.  As every new event arrives, another POD opportunity opens up.  April Fool’s Day merchandise is a great way to get into the joking spirit!

Incorporate April Fool’s Day themes into your niches

For any content creators that are already selling Print on Demand to a specific niche, keep it up.  Instead of creating a completely new April Fool’s Day design, incorporate April Fool’s Day ideas into your established niche.  That way, you can target your current audience with the seasonal line.  This may make it easier to get sales since you will be targeting a group of people that are already fans of your previous work.

But if you have yet to launch a Print on Demand campaign, now would be the time to start testing out different niches.  If you need some help, check out how you can use Pinterest to help you find a niche audience and help you sell your Print on Demand products.

Widen your audience

April Fools’ Day may be an unofficial holiday but it’s celebrated everywhere. According to History.com, it dates back to 1582, when France switched from the Julian calendar, a calendar where the new year began around April 1, to the Gregorian calendar.  People who didn’t realize the calendar switch were teased and called, “April Fools.”

Now, everybody is in on the joke! People all over the world are playing practical jokes on their friends and family members on this particular day.  Although most countries are familiar with April Fool’s Day, there seems to be more pranking going on in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Nordic countries, Ukraine, Lebanon, and Israel. However, the United States has also been more active with pranking over the years so it would be worthwhile to target your ads there as well.  Remember to increase your advertising budget weeks in advance to give people time to get their stock in time.

Choosing your inventory

There isn’t exactly a specific uniform or outfit needed to celebrate April Fool’s Day so the standard T-shirt is the perfect item to include in your line.  In addition to T-shirts, sellers should consider including hoodies, sweaters and other clothing in their line.  While, mugs and cushions are always great add-on items.  It’s always a good idea to include practical everyday items like cushions and mugs since they can still be used all year round.  And of course, don’t forget to add baby and children’s clothes in your line so they can join in on the fun!

April Fool’s Day design ideas

Anything referencing practical jokes would be a good idea for an April Fool’s Day campaign.  Or, you could always create “misprints.”  Flip your regular design upside down so that your customers can give their friends “misprinted mugs” as a April Fool’s Day joke!

  • Misprint concepts: Flipped image, wrong colors, typos
  • Images: clowns, banana peel, jester, jester hat
  • Phrases: Anti-jokes

Hopefully, this has inspired you to revamp your last line to include a touch of April Fool’s Day humor!  There are still a ton of other POD holiday opportunities coming up to take advantage of.  Check out our blogs on how to launch a line for International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Carnival.

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Good luck with the prank wars!

Team Moteefe