The best Q1 Print on Demand products: how winter lines can boost your sales

Jan 20, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Tips

best q1 print on demand products: product examples

At this early stage of the new year, it’s still chilly out there.  The cold weather is set to stay for a few more months which means now is the perfect time to focus on giving your customers what they want—winter products that warm up the cold Q1 months.  Check out our advice below on the best Q1 Print on Demand products to boost your sales this quarter!

The best Q1 Print on Demand products: winter lines

Sunny season won’t be here for a while which means there is still plenty of demand for winter products.  If your 2021 resolution is to succeed in the Print on Demand industry, you will want to do what you can and boost sales in Q1 to set the tone for the rest of the year.  Adding winter products to your online store is a great way to get a head start on your goals!  In fact, according to a market analysis report by Grandview Research, the global winter wear market size was valued at USD 268.3 billion in 2018—and it is expected to grow in the upcoming years.  Not sure what else to add in your store this winter season? Check out the list below.

Winter clothing

Hoodies, crewnecks, zip-up sweaters, long sleeve T-shirts and basically anything that can keep you warm, should be items included in your store.  Though T-shirts are a popular choice year-round, it is important to limit the amount of summer clothing in your store.  Known as the paradox of choice, offering too many options isn’t always a good thing.  Eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce anxiety for shoppers, making it easier for them to pick something and move on.  The items listed earlier also command higher price points, resulting in more potential profit for you!

Children’s products

Children’s products sell well throughout the year, which is why it’s so surprising that this group is often neglected.  Babies, toddlers and kids of all sizes need warmth too!  Many people online are usually purchasing for themselves, but with the addition of children’s clothing present, it can act as a reminder to purchase for their kids, nieces, nephews, or any other children in their lives.  Since children’s attire is usually more affordable than adult clothing, it acts as a great add-on item during checkout.  Moteefe has a variety of baby and kids clothing available to choose from such as children’s hoodies, sweatshirts and babygrows!


These items are great all-year round.  Also considered a fantastic add-on item, Moteefe offers three different types of mugs: white, black and the magic mug – a mug that changes color once hot water is added to it.  Perfect for tea, coffee and hot chocolate, these items are especially popular during this time of year and are definitely among the best Q1 Print on Demand products.

best q1 print on demand products: product examples


With the pandemic seemingly sticking around for a while, cushions are a year-round product that can create a comfy and cheery environment for your home.  These items are a hit during times when people are spending lots of hours indoors.  Plus, with Valentine’s Day nearing, comfy cushions help create the perfect, romantic environment for you and your significant other.  Available in either a square or rectangular shape, our cushions also come in a variety of colors for everyone.

Face covers

The newest product on the platform: face covers.  The world did not anticipate that an item like face cover would become the norm in society, but this seems to be the new reality.  These items are a hot product during the colder months due to the flu season, so it is a good idea to add it to your line of products to keep your customers safe throughout 2021.  At the moment, face covers can be sold individually or in packs of three. 


These products are a high-value item that can often be sold at a higher price point, making them one of the best Q1 Print on Demand products out there.  Art is an item strictly for appearances and people are willing to pay top dollar for quality artwork. Partner up with a digital artist or graphic designer and together, you two can sell canvases at a premium price.  Though this item is a great way to boost sales in Q1, it can also be sold all year round. Unsure how to price and promote these canvases? Check out a previous livestream where POD professionals Thomas Gentleman and Aidan Kessell share advice on how to sell high-value products. 


A cheaper alternative to a canvas is a good quality poster. Though not as durable as a canvas print, posters are a great budget option for customers who want artwork at a more affordable price tag. Now available in sizes A1- A4, posters are also an excellent item to have in your store throughout the year.

Custom text

Don’t forget to add the custom text feature to all of your products!

Adding custom text is a great feature for both the buyer and seller.  Not only does the customer get a unique, one-of-a-kind product but this feature also helps increase sales for the seller.  Customization allows you to increase your profits.  According to a study by Deloitte, 36% of consumers would consider buying customized products or services.  Additionally, one in five of these consumers are willing to pay 20% more for a personalized or exclusive product.

If you are unfamiliar with the custom text tool, read all about it here on Moteefe Academy.

We hope these items can help bring more sales to your store this Q1!  As we are still early in the year, there is a ton of room for improvement and growth.  Don’t be afraid to take risks early in the year to see what works and what doesn’t.  If you are still new to the POD industry, take advantage of all the resources Moteefe has to offer.

For more information on selling, marketing and all things POD related, check out the rest of the articles on Moteefe Academy.  And if you want to watch more helpful POD live streams and be a part of a growing community of POD sellers, join Moteefe x Marcazo Global on Facebook!  Hope to see you there. 

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