St. Patrick’s Day campaign ideas for Print on Demand

Jan 17, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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Bring out the beer and music, St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  The holiday was originally created to mark and observe the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland but it has now turned into a celebration of Irish culture.  To celebrate, the day is filled with parades, food, music, dancing and of course, a lot of green beer.  It’s a joyous occasion for all!  There is a large population of people who take part of St. Patrick’s Day celebration which is why it’s the perfect time to launch another new campaign dedicated to the holiday. 

Incorporate St. Patrick’s Day themes into your niches

Instead of starting from scratch, use what you already have.  If you already found success in an established niche, incorporate St. Patrick’s Day themes in your designs.  Offer green products, throw in a Leprechaun or add a punny line!  

If you are still new to the POD industry and still haven’t found a niche to target, check out our previous posts explaining how you can use Pinterest to help you find a niche audience and help you sell your Print on Demand products

But for those who are POD professionals, don’t forget to increase your advertising budget!  St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty extraordinary day and a lot of people tend to go all out during this time of year. 

Widen your audience

Irish people from all over the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Australia, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Montserrat will be celebrating the occasion on March 17th this yearHowever, in one Canadian province, Newfoundland and Labrador, residents there will be celebrating it on March 15th (the nearest Monday to March 17th). 

If you decide to target specific regions, sellers may have better luck focusing on areas where it’s a public holiday: Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Montserrat.  These areas may have a larger Irish community, resulting in a stronger sense of Irish diaspora. 

Choosing your inventory

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Green is the national color of Ireland and you’ll find it everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day so include green apparel in your St. Patrick’s POD line.  In addition to T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and other clothing, mugs and cushions are always great add-ons to include.  Cushions create the perfect vibe for an indoor celebration while mugs are practical for everyday use.  A lot of beer drinking is done during St. Patrick’s Day, and while mugs may not be the go-to drinking device for the hoppy beverage, it can still get the job done.  And of course, don’t forget to add baby and children’s clothes in your line to avoid them getting pinched as well!

St. Patrick’s Day design ideas

Mother's Day design ideas: design examples on a hoodie, tote bag and T-shirt

There are a lot of colors and images to use for St. Paddy’s day POD products. Here are a few suggestions if you need some help coming up with original designs:

Colors: green, green and green!
Images: leprechauns, pot of gold, beer, Irish flag, shamrock

Hopefully this has inspired you to revamp your last line to include a touch of Irish charm! For more information on launching and marketing your Print on Demand campaigns, check out our other blogs on Moteefe Blog.

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