Carnival design ideas for Print on Demand

Jan 12, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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The parade may be postponed, but Carnival 2021 is still a great opportunity for POD sellers.  Read on for Carnival design ideas and launch a new campaign today. 

Although the event originated in Brazil to mark the beginning of Lent, festivities take place all over the world.  Many cities outside of Brazil may refer to the Carnival celebration as Mardi Gras.  Carnival is a great opportunity for sellers who want to try out a new market. 

This year, the annual festival was scheduled to begin on February 12 and run until midday February 17th (Ash Wednesday).  Parades have now been postponed due to pandemic restrictions, with organizers hoping to resurrect the festivities in July.  While the public celebrations won’t be taking place as in years gone by, people will still be keen to celebrate Carnival in some capacity.  Launching a Carnival-themed campaign is a great way to help bring the celebration into your buyer’s homes and give them some joy in a difficult year.

Incorporate Carnival themes into your niche

If you have already launched a successful campaign in the past, recycle it. Using a campaign that has already worked in the past will ensure that there is a demographic of people that may already be interested in your new Carnival line. If you haven’t launched a campaign yet, check out some of our niches of the week such as veganism and skiing.

Existing campaigns can be revived during this time of year.  Get your campaigns live now so that your products will arrive at your buyers’ doorstep in time for their Carnival celebrations, and consider increasing your advertising budget.

Widen your audience

Rio de Janeiro may host the biggest Carnival celebration in the world, but there are lots of other cities that celebrate the occasion too.  According to Carnivaland, some of the biggest Carnival celebrations out there can be found in Italy, the US, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, Spain, Canada, Bolivia, France and Switzerland.

If you have only been targeting specific regions, consider widening your audience by testing out designs in other parts of the world that take part in this event.

Choosing your inventory

Carnival design ideas: tote bag and T-shirt design examples

Carnival vibes are always bright, vibrant and extra.  People usually wear extravagant costumes and (sometimes skimpy) outfits, so cover-ups such as hoodies and sweatshirts and T-shirts with bright designs are great items to include in your store.  When it comes to accessories, tote bags and necklaces are great add-on items.  These items can add a bit of extra flair to a reveller’s outfit. 

Carnival design ideas

There are a ton of lovely images that you can use for your Carnival designs. But if you need some help coming up with a design, consider the following ideas:


  • Colors: all the colors! Choose bright vivid colors and avoid pastels and muted tones. 

  • Images: Samba dancer, feathers, confetti, beads, music notes, Brazilian flag, masks
Carnival design ideas: T-shirts and babygrow examples

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