Valentine’s Day campaign ideas for Print on Demand

Jan 8, 2021 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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Love is in the air and Cupid is coming to town!  It’s time to start preparing your Valentine’s Day campaign ideas.  Valentine’s Day is on the way which means people are getting ready to showcase their love to their friends, family and significant others.  While some people may choose to pick up some flowers and chocolates for their loved ones, there are a ton of people who like to give their partners something a little more unique.  This year is unlike any other, with pandemic-related travel restrictions keeping people from spending time together physically.  As we saw with Christmas, this will likely result in a boost in the number of people buying and sending products online.  With so much spending and gifting, launching and promoting new POD designs in time for Valentine’s Day is essential for anyone who is serious about driving sales.

Valentine’s Day campaign ideas: personalized mug

Incorporate Valentine’s Days themes into your niches

Although you can create generic designs revolving around this day dedicated to love, everyone else will be doing that too.  Instead, incorporate Valentine’s Day themes into a design or campaign that you’ve already launched.  Fusing your new Valentine’s Day designs into campaigns that have already had success will give them a better chance of reaching interested buyers.  For instance, if you have run high-selling campaigns targeted towards skiers or vegans, create Valentine’s Day designs that are geared towards these audiences and include them in your existing skiing and vegan campaigns.  Consider reviving past successful campaigns and adding new Valentine’s Day ideas.  You should also think about increasing your advertising budget for this special occasion – Valentine’s Day is a big deal in the POD world.

Widen your audience

Although many holidays seem to only be celebrated in certain countries, Valentine’s Day is one celebration that is recognized almost globally.  Although it is not considered an observation that gives you a day off from work, it is a day to celebrate love.  According to History.comcountries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia all take part in Valentine’s Day.  In fact, in Great Britain, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since the 17th century!

If you have only been targeting specific regions, consider widening your audience by testing out your Valentine’s Day campaign ideas in other parts of the world.

Choosing your inventory

When it comes to choosing the products for your Valentine’s Day campaign ideas, items such as mugs, blankets and pillows can set the tone for a cute, romantic movie night in.   Not only are these gifts useful, but since these items are generally kept at home, they allow your partner to be reminded every day of your love for them.

Across Europe and North America, February the 14th is a chilly time of year.  Use the chill factor to your advantage by putting your Valentine’s Day designs on hoodies and sweaters.  Combined with the fact that people are keen to buy products that will keep them warm throughout Q1, the higher selling price that these garments demand could see your start-of-year profits turn from red to green.

Valentine’s Day campaign ideas: design

There are a ton of lovely images that you can use for your Valentine’s Day designs.  But if you need some help coming up with a design, consider the following ideas:


  • Colors: white, red, pink 
  • Images: Cupid, hearts, kisses, couples, teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, candles, bows and arrows
Valentine’s Day campaign ideas: example prroducts

Singles Awareness Day

It’s important not to forget single people at this time of year.  Single Awareness Day is celebrated on February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day, while Galentine’s Day is on the 13th of February.  These unofficial celebrations are all about embracing your single status and living it up!  If couples can have their own day, why can’t single people?  This is a great opportunity to launch a campaign dedicated to all the single ladies (and men) out there. 

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