POD inspiration: January national holidays

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January national holidays

Even though peak holiday season usually occurs during the Winter season (think Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the January national holidays of New Year’s Day and Scotland’s Burns Night), every day is a holiday. From National Hangover Day (January 1) to National Champagne Day (December 31), there is literally something to celebrate every single day of the year.

Although not all of these events are globally recognized, many of them target a specific niche that could potentially be a profitable niche for some audiences. But when it comes to celebrating certain holidays worldwide, most of the general public are familiar with seasonal holidays and events like New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day etc. Here are a few January national holidays and observances that are on the horizon: 

January national holidays

January national holidays

January 01:  New Year’s Day

January 04: World Braille Day

                     National Spaghetti Day (United States)

January 06:  Epiphany (La galette des rois)

January 07:  Orthodox Christmas

                      International Programmer’s Day

January 10:   Baptism of The Lord

January 14:   Orthodox New Year

January 18:   Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20:  Inauguration Day

                     Penguin Awareness Day (United States)

January 21:   National Hugging Day

January 25:  Burns Night 

January 26:  Australia Day

January 27:  Chocolate Cake Day

January 27 – 28: Tu B’Shevat 

If you are someone that prefers to celebrate every day, check out the National Day Calendar for some oddly specific national holidays. There are days that celebrate food items like spaghetti, shortbread, and even beans! Although most Print on Demand niche markets may be a lifestyle such as veganism or a hobby such as skiing, popular food items can also have a marketable audience. Nowadays, there seems to be a fan base for everything. Skim through the National Day Calendar to get some inspiration for your next Print on Demand campaign and start creating designs for upcoming January national holidays.

Happy selling!

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