Making Halloween happen: Launching a Halloween campaign amidst a pandemic

Oct 19, 2020 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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Launching a Halloween campaign is one way to help keep the spooky season alive.  As the pandemic continues, social distancing has become the new norm.  This has altered traditional customs and events like holidays, birthdays and more.  Spooky season is here but this year, trick-or-treating and partying may not be possible—but that should not stop people from getting into the Halloween spirit.

Launching a Halloween campaign

Group activities have come to a halt, but the Halloween environment still lives on.  Launching a Halloween Print on Demand campaign can still be successful since there are many people who love this time of year—even if they can’t celebrate with their friends.  Use these tricks to help generate a prosperous Halloween campaign.

Incorporate Halloween into your niche

Although sellers can create generic designs revolving around Halloween, everyone else will be doing that too.  Instead, incorporate Halloween into a design/campaign that you’ve already launched.  Using a successful campaign in the past will ensure that there is a demographic of people that may already be interested in your Halloween product line.  If you haven’t launched a campaign yet, some niches you can try include fishing, politics and sports fans.

Target North America 

Halloween may be a globally recognized event, but it’s a much bigger deal in western countries like the United States of America and Canada than it is to other countries around the world.  Since North Americans are a bit more obsessed with spooky season, it may be more beneficial to sellers to target ads in those specific regions.  Don’t believe us?  According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent $8.8 billion on Halloween in 2019, with the average American spending $82.26.  Men spent a bit more than women—$96.13 compared to $76.92.

Choosing your inventory

When choosing which products to include in your store, consider hoodies and children’s attire.  Although people of all ages enjoy celebrating Halloween, the younger demographic is definitely more enthusiastic during this season.  Plus, new parents love to get in the spirit by dressing their young ones up in adorable spooky gear.  

That being said, don’t forget about adult clothing.  As Halloween falls in the chilly Autumn season, hoodies are an excellent addition to your store.  Throwing on a themed hoodie is any easy way for people to take part in the Halloween festivities while keeping themselves warm.

Other than clothes, general decor and accessories are always a good upsell item.  Masks are a great item for Halloween—especially during flu season.  Cushion covers and mugs also make fantastic decorative pieces for people wanting to liven up their homes and join in on the festivities.  And don’t forget tote bags as these can be used as a trick-or-treat bag for children.

Halloween campaign design ideas

There are a ton of spooky images that you can use for your Halloween designs. But if you need some help coming up with a design, consider the following ideas:

  • Colors: black, orange, red
  • Characters: witches, werewolves, vampires, zombies, Frankenstein’s monster, mummies, ghosts, aliens, clowns, skeletons
  • Animals: black cats, spiders, bats
  • Items: broomsticks, tombstones, spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, candy

For more information on getting into the Halloween spirit, check out Moteefe’s Ultimate Holiday Guide: Halloween.

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Happy Halloween! 

Team Moteefe