Q4 heroes: Print on Demand products that will send your sales sky high

Oct 7, 2020 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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The Print on Demand products that you need to focus on for Q4

Discover the Print on Demand products, the ‘Q4 heroes’, that are set to fly off the shelves this quarter, as well as the best ways to promote them.

Challenges can be opportunities in disguise

The global health crisis has caused shopping strips and malls across the globe to empty.  While there’s no denying that this year has been hard on everyone, 2020 offers a silver lining to those of us in the e-commerce industry.  As the streets empty and the realisation dawns that we may not be able to see all of our loved ones this Christmas, more and more money is being spent online. 

Online shopping and the Print on Demand industry in particular, are experiencing high growth.  People are not able to be as mobile as they have been in the past.  This is something that is definitely worth keeping in mind when you are designing your Print on Demand products.  The majority of gifts in Q4 2020 are likely to be bought and sent online.

Moteefe is working hard to support its sellers

This is a real opportunity for Moteefe’s sellers.  And the platform is ready to push to make it your most profitable year yet.  Moteefe has increased its number of production centres with new locations in Germany, Poland, Italy and Holland.  As a result, this year’s last delivery deadline dates will be very close to Christmas, giving you more time to capitalize on the gifting season.

Moteefe has also integrated new Print on Demand white-label manufacturers and reduced the average production time down to 1.8 working days.  Buyer feedback has hit a high of 4.9 out of 5 and a very important product has been added to the catalogue: face covers are now available on Moteefe.

The key Print on Demand product for Q4

Q4 officially began on October 1.  For most sellers, there will be one product that will really drive up their sales in the last quarter of the year.  Alongside your other steady niches, make sure you are offering ugly Christmas sweaters.  From October to the end of December, they are extremely popular and they will also give you a healthy profit margin.  Don’t overlook children’s ugly Christmas sweaters.  Along with mugs, they make excellent upsell items.

Custom text and ugly Christmas sweaters are a powerful combination.  It is very important to make sure that the text on your products is easily readable.  If you are using a model to advertise your product, zoom in on the text so that your potential customers can read it.  People scroll through Facebook at a high speed and your product risks being overlooked if your message is not instantly clear.  Even the most engaging message won’t be bought if it can’t be read.

Design inspiration

Take inspiration from your successful niches designs for ugly Christmas sweaters.  Sometimes all you need to transform a design into a Christmas sweater is to include a Santa hat or put an old-fashioned stitch border around it.  Try to find a new, untapped audience by recreating successful past designs with a Christmas twist and then translating them into European languages.  For example, you could test a Christmas version of ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legend’ in Polish or German.

As well as creating designs for your specific niches, try to create an ugly Christmas sweater that has mass appeal.

If you want serious results, collaborate with a reasonably-priced designer. Hire them on a monthly basis and send them new ideas every week. It will take perseverance to find winning designs, but they are out there. The beauty of Print on Demand is that you can test lots of ideas without committing to a big inventory spend.

Get a white label store and a custom domain

To make the most of Q4, you need to get a White Label Store with a custom domain. This will give you access to your customer’s emails and allow you to send them remarketing emails throughout the quarter and beyond. If you make a sale in October, you stand a good chance of being able to capitalize further on it by squeezing out another purchase in November and December. It will also help you build a long-term business.

Promote your products with Facebook ads

Some good news

Promoting your Print on Demand products with Facebook advertising is now far easier than before, thanks to the recent removal of the ‘under 20% text’ rule for images. However be aware, it is still possible to get flagged up for violating the rule if there is too much text on the overlay.

Each good product deserves its own Facebook ad. But be aware that some things just will not sell as well through ‘interruption marketing’ such as Facebook ads. On the other hand, these same items may sell well as cross-sells or upsells in your store as customers tend to buy more when in a browsing mood. Test and see what works best and remove items that are not selling from your store. They can distract customers from items that are actually selling by offering too much choice (‘paralysis of analysis’).


When it comes to Facebook advertising, start slowly and then scale up hard once you find a winner.  You can run test ads on Facebook for just a couple of dollars.  You will generally see what is working and what is not very fast and you can turn off underperforming ads quickly.  Look out for Page Post Engagement (PPE) ads at 30% and conversion ads at 9-10% to find your winning designs.  Aim to start scaling up your ads in October if you haven’t already.

Even PPE test ads that only reach 15% may bring you sales through shares and likes.  Bear in mind that audiences in different countries behave differently.  For example, the UK shares more than the USA but clicks less. 

PPE ads can provide you with a valuable engagement audience that lasts for 365 days.  Run PPE ads to your engagement audience as a group and try to get as many of them as possible to like your product so that you can keep them in your list and retarget them for Christmas.  This work will stand to you as you can retarget throughout the year with new, evergreen niche products and compound your sales in the long term. 

Run retargeting ads for 30 days so that you run through at least one pay cycle.

Sell in Europe

While you can’t ignore the size of the market in the USA, you should also be targeting your ads in Europe this Q4.  European markets have a much lower cost per mille (CPM) in Facebook advertising and the market is far less competitive.  Look at selling in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Poland among others.  Customers are very digitally engaged in these countries and you will find large markets and low competition.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also strong markets with less competition than the USA.

Target individual languages worldwide to find profitable diaspora populations.  But be careful to check the content of your products beforehand as certain countries will not allow advertising on some topics (alcohol in the Middle East and mental health in the UK).

To help you run your ads in Europe, Moteefe has put together a handy Facebook Ads Translations Guide.

Moteefe Winter Contest

Don’t forget that Moteefe’s Winter Contest is now running until December 31. Every sale you make until that date will count towards a big prize.

Moteefe has a unique program to help its top sellers get the most out of the platform. If your designs have had proven success, contact Aidan Kessell or Ana Sousa on the Moteefe x Marcazo Global Facebook Group and ask about Direct Account Management.

Team Moteefe