Translating your campaign: how to use the Facebook Ads Translation Guide

Oct 1, 2020 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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The Facebook Ads Translation Guide: reach a whole new audience

Translate your successful campaigns into another language, and you’ll reach a lucrative, untapped audience.  It’s a very effective way to scale up, and surprisingly enough, it requires very little added effort.

Not many people are able to speak multiple languages fluently, and finding a reliable and accurate translation can be difficult.  That’s why Moteefe has created a guide to help the community out.  The new Facebook Ads Translation Guide contains commonly used phrases for marketing a campaign.  It’s been designed to help you reach European markets and send your sales sky-high!

Facebook Ads Translation Guide: the details

Our guide provides sellers with translations in 13 different languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Polish and Czech.

It covers common phrases targeted towards your audience regarding ads, campaigns and retargeting.  Some of the phrases available include:

  • For bigger sizes, select the S to 5XL option.
  • Click the GREEN BUTTON to select your size and style

Download the PDF now to see the rest of the translated phrases included in the guide.

Putting the Facebook Ads Translation Guide to use

After downloading the PDF file, use the steps below to help you translate the phrases. 

Select your language

Select the required language by clicking on the flag of the country that speaks the language you are seeking.  Alternatively, you can scroll through the guide.

Copy the text

Select text and Copy:

Windows: CTRL + C 

Mac: CMD + C

Paste the text

Paste into your campaign:

Windows: CTR + V

Mac: CMD + V

The benefits of translating your campaign

Facebook Ads Translation Guide: three examples of T-shirts with German messaging

Ultimately, by offering your products in another language, you will be opening the door to a new demographic.  As a result, a new audience is available to purchase your products.  With an increased pool of targeted customers, this move can greatly increase the number of sales you make.

The potential for selling Print on Demand in European markets is huge.  A lot of sellers focus their marketing towards the USA and overlook Europe.  This means that there is a lot less competition in the European Print on Demand market. You can see this reflected in the cost of advertising.  Your budget will go much further in Europe, letting you run more ads and reach more people.

Translating your successful campaigns will put you on the road to building your very own, global Print on Demand business.

For more information about other opportunities in the Print on Demand industry, check out our blog post Selling Print on Demand in Europe: challenges and opportunities.


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