Print on Demand face covers are now available on Moteefe

Sep 28, 2020 | Blog, English, Features, Products, Products & Features, Tips

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Add Print on Demand face covers to your store today

It’s the essential product you have been waiting for: Print on Demand face covers are now available for all sellers!  Previously under beta release, Moteefe’s face covers have experienced an enormous wave of popularity.  Top sellers have already sold thousands.  There is a real opportunity for every seller to grow their profits by featuring this crucial sanitary product.

Face covers are now compulsory in public spaces in most countries and look to be a firm fixture for the foreseeable future.  Set to be the best-selling product for Q4 2020 and beyond, it is unlikely that custom face covers will be going out of fashion anytime soon. 

Print on Demand face covers are an ideal blank canvas for your designs, and there are endless ways to customize them.  Read on to discover more about Moteefe’s latest product.

Print on Demand face covers

Print on Demand face covers: the details

Light and comfortable, Moteefe’s face covers are safe to wash and reuse.  This makes them a sustainable and economical alternative to single-use face covers.  Moteefe’s custom face covers are made from soft and breathable fabric and look fantastic when printed with your unique designs.

Base prices

Moteefe’s face covers come as both single items and packs of three.  The base cost for single face covers is $7.99 in the United States and $6.49 in Europe, with a recommended selling price of $11.99.  Packs of three will cost $15.99 in the United States and $13.99 in Europe.  Moteefe recommends pricing these at $32.99.

The low cost of Moteefe’s custom face covers makes them an excellent choice for an upsell item.  The likelihood that buyers will purchase multiple face covers means that you stand to make a handsome profit by adding them to your store catalogue.

Size and colour

Moteefe’s face covers come in one, universal size that fits all.  The blank items are unisex, but you can use your artwork to appeal to different audiences. 

Design inspiration 

While custom text is not yet available for face covers, there are infinite ways that you can design them.  Their small size and low cost make them ideal for Christmas stocking fillers.  Why not upload a seasonal design and spread some festive cheer? You could also look at ways of incorporating them into Halloween costumes.  For example, print them with skeleton jaws or toothless grin designs for a fuss-free alternative to face paint.  From sleek and sophisticated to light-hearted fun, the possibilities are limitless.

Add Moteefe’s Print on Demand face covers to your store today and help your buyers stay safe and fashionable wherever they go.

Team Moteefe