Moteefe Print on Demand Winter Contest 2020

Sep 3, 2020 | Contests, English

The Moteefe Print on Demand Winter Contest is back

It’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for: Moteefe’s Print on Demand Winter Contest is back, complete with supercharged prizes and multiple levels

This winter, there are some ridiculously great prizes up for grabs at every level. Top tier sellers will be competing for the ultra-flash BMW i8 2020 sports car, the slick Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4Matic 2020 four-wheel drive coupe and the racy VINFAST LUX a.20. Winners can choose to take home the physical prize on offer at their level or walk away with the equivalent in cash (that’s a spectacular sum of $150,000, $10,0000 and $50,000 respectively for the top three prizes). The fourth prize comes in the form of a luxury Rolex watch or a handsome bundle of notes totalling $20,000

2020’s contest will begin at 00:00 am (GMT) on Tuesday, September 15 and run until 23:59 pm (GMT) on Thursday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve). That’s a whopping 107 days to climb up the levels and stake your claim to that BMW. 

12 incredible prize levels

The 2020 Moteefe Print on Demand Winter Contest will feature 12 tiers with prizes at each level, starting from $50 in cash for selling 250 units and stretching all the way up to the incredible BMW i8 2020 or $150,000 for selling 100,000 units.

The number of units you need to sell every day to reach each level

How many units will you need to sell per day to reach each level? Here’s what you should be aiming to hit by the close of each day:

  • Sell 2.4 units per day to reach level 1 and win $50 
  • Sell 4.7 units per day to reach level 2 and win $150 or 2 days team building trip (VN only)
  • Sell 9.4 units per day to reach level 3 and win $350 or a Smart TV Samsung 
  • Sell 23.4 units per day to reach level 4 and win $1,000 or an iPhone 12 Pro 
  • Sell 46.8 units per day to reach level 5 and win $2500 or a 7 day trip to Korea or Japan for 2 people 
  • Sell 74.8 units per day to reach level 6 and win $4500 or a Honda SH 125i 2020 ABS moped
  • Sell 93.5 units per day to reach level 7 and win $6000 or an iMac Pro 2020
  • 15,000 You will need to sell 140.2 units per day to reach level 8 and win $10,000 or a 7 day trip to the EU for 2 people
  • Sell 233.7 units per day to reach level 9 and win $20,000 or a Rolex watch 
  • Sell 467.3 units per day to reach level 10 and win $50,000 or a VINFAST LUX A2.0 SUV 
  • Sell 701 units per day to reach level 11 and win $100,000 or a Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4Matic 2020 
  • Sell 934.6 units per day to reach level 12 and win $150,000 or a BMW i8 2020 (UK) 

Tips and tricks to help you sell and win big

Start now

Plan well ahead to take advantage of Q4’s awesome events and see what Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year twist you can put on your existing best sellers.

Don’t be dismayed if things are a little slow to start. Dedicate some of your social media budgets to small-spend Facebook engagement ads and test out what products work best for you in different markets. If you start now, you’ve got loads of time to concentrate on promoting your best sellers once you know what they are.

You might also want to consider putting a slightly bigger spend on your social media advertising budget and fine-tuning your target audiences by event and product. 

Custom name stores

You’ll need a custom name store to start building up your email lists and remarketing to your buyers at each Q4 event. This will help you capitalise on every sale and drive your momentum forward and into those top-level prize tiers of the Moteefe Print on Demand Winter Contest. If you haven’t already got a custom name store, set one up now.

Temperature check

The clue is in the competition name. Think about where your customers are based and what the weather is going to be like there in the next three and a half months. Suppose your buyers are in North America, Europe or Russia. In that case, it’s going to get pretty cold out there, so consider making sweatshirts and hoodies your primary offering and upselling lighter items like T-shirts and vests. Mugs and cosy home decor items such as cushions should do quite well too. Some parts of Asia will be cooling down also, but light apparel should still sell well. Buyers in Australia and New Zealand will be experiencing their summer, so opt for hot-weather products and include some summer themes.

Get expert advice

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook group, join now. You’ll get access to a whole world of expert knowledge to help make your campaigns a success. 

Good luck,

Team Moteefe