When Moteefe was founded in 2016, our mission was to help bring fresh, relevant designs to market.

Since then we’ve empowered thousands of merchants and creators with a platform that helps them get products to market in minutes. Your ideas are the lifeblood of what we do. And what delights us the most is when sellers use our platform combined with their creativity to spin up a campaign and find a hit with their customers. The way that this can power a new business so quickly and easily for you, as well as giving your customers what they want, is why we founded Moteefe. 

Although this works really well almost all of the time, we sometimes hear of merchants that choose not to put in the hard work. They cheat and use designs that don’t belong to them. This isn’t why we built Moteefe. Ripping off other brands’ designs doesn’t make business sense. It damages the reputation of the merchandise and eCommerce industries. Most importantly, it destroys consumer trust.

We want to make it clear that we do not tolerate such behaviour and always take swift action to remove such campaigns and stores immediately.

Moteefe does not allow anyone to sell products which infringe the rights of other creators. We have a clearly defined set of procedures – including cancelling campaigns – if we believe the rights of the creatives whose work we celebrate has been infringed by a third party.

Anyone with a concern about a design can email us at legal@moteefe.com and we will review it quickly. We do this because it’s the right thing to do and because we want to maintain trust in Moteefe, our seller community and the wider merchandise industry.