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The AOV boosting upsell module is now optional!

To make its platform as user-friendly as possible, Moteefe made its upsell module optional! From now on, unless you select a product on the last page of the campaign builder, no upsell module will be displayed on the cart when a buyer is making a purchase.

Check out this GIF – it shows how to activate this feature, and what it will look to your buyers. 

alt="Optional behavior for the upsell module on Moteefe"


If you wish, from now on you can choose to display only the upsell feature, or the cross-sell, or even both! It’s 100% up to you!

Using these types of pre-discounts is undoubtedly an added value to both the buyer and to yourself: buyers will tend to make a purchase more often, which will increase the number of sales you make! We advise you to use these fantastic tools if you want to prosper in Print-on-Demand.


Head over to and launch your newest campaign. We are always working on new features we want to make 2020 the best year in Print-on-Demand yet!

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