Moteefe and Marcazo launch an improved cross-sell feature

Jan 14, 2020 | Blog, English, Features, Products & Features

Have you been feeling a tingle that makes you want to boost your sales even further? Our new cross-sell feature will for sure help you achieve the results you’re wishing for, and it’s now available on two levels which we will explain below. 

Cross-sell in the cart 

This level of cross-sell is absolutely new to these two Print-on-Demand platforms. When your buyers are ready to checkout and purchase one of your products, your best selling items within the same collection of the chosen product will be displayed on the bottom of the page, right before you make the payment. 

Email cross-sell

This level of the feature has been active on our platforms since last July and hasn’t suffered any alterations. In the confirmation email that buyers receive, the 4 best selling items within the same collection of the purchased product may be displayed, with a discount set by you (up to 20%).

How to activate it

Don’t worry, it’s super simple to start using this feature, and you’re the one deciding if you want to activate it for your campaigns on not! While on the last page of your campaign builder called ‘Launch Campaign’, you’ll have the option to activate the cross-sell. If you do, both levels of the feature will be activated, and a discount set by you will be applied only to the email cross-sell. But remember, only your campaigns within the same collection can be featured in cross-sell!

Reasons to use it

From now on, every time a buyer purchases one of your items, they will also be tempted to buy other great products, with exclusive discounts!

And that’s it! Super simple right? Cross-sell is a fantastic tool to drive your buyers to purchase more items, while doing their original purchase and even later on. This feature will increase the probability of you making sales with Print-on-Demand and boost your profit!

To launch a great new campaign and to test out cross-sell, visit or!

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