Baby onesies are now available at Marcazo!

Jan 14, 2020 | Blog, 🔶Marcazo, English

The cutest piece of apparel in the market is now available at Marcazo! That’s right, I’m talking about baby onesies!

Who can resist this product? We’re sure your buyers won’t be able to, especially if it has your own creative design printed on it! Brazil will fall head over heels with baby onesies printed on demand. 

Get inspired

Baby apparel can be a hoot for both the parents and for the baby itself, years later when looking at old pictures! Here are some ideas you can use to get inspired.

Thrive with custom text

Do you know what would make a onesie even better? If your buyers could personalize it! With our custom text tool you can now decide to leave blank spaces in your designs for your buyers to customize with words of their desire. You set the theme, like names or kinships, and they complete it in the way that best suits them.
Customized items are in and driving the highest numbers of sales. Our custom text tool will allow you to create the best onesies and really thrive in Brazil!

Are you ready to create the cutest customized apparel in Brazil with the best Print-on-Demand platform in the market? What are you waiting for? Just head over to marcazo and launch your latest campaign!

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