How to Test a New Design with Facebook Ads

Dec 30, 2019 | Blog, English, Homepage, Tips, Tips & Contests

When you have a design that you think can be a winner, you should test it out with different Facebook ads, and this is how you should do it: 

  1. background that is relevant to your niche! For instance, if you are running a design for pilots put an image of an aircraft or airport in the background. If you are selling to people that like camping, a campfire makes a fantastic backdrop.The image size should be 1200 pixels wide by 1500 pixels tall. You can also use 1200 x 1200 or 1000 x 1000.

  2. After you have the image you will need to create a new engagement campaign in Facebook ads manager. This is different from the normal conversion campaign that will be used to drive sales. You can of course get sales from an engagement campaign, but that is not the purpose of this test! We want to test the design with the audience as cheaply as possible, so that we can test multiple designs without blowing away your budget.

  3. Under the ad set tab in the new campaign, you can select the targeting that you wish to use for the advert. We suggest that you use reasonably broad targets of at least 100,000 people, preferably 500,000 and above. But don’t go too broad though, as audiences of tens of millions may produce a poor test.

  4. Set the budget for your advert at five dollars per day. Set the advert to run only on mobile devices and in Facebook’s News Feed. 
  5. Now create the advert in the ad section under your new campaign. The text can be quite simple. Here are some examples:


“Grab this for (niche name) item                                                                                                     Order here ⇒”


  1. Use the image that you have already created for the advert and now you are ready to publish the ad! After the ad has been published it will start delivering, and when the ad has spent four dollars you can check the cost of engagement. This is a fantastic metric to know whether the design is resonating with the audience!

If your cost of engagement is over $0.10 then you may want to try a different image for the advert, or even a different design. However, if you have link clicks at under one dollar so if you’ve let it spend four dollars, you should have four link clicks or more. It’s worth testing as a conversion add optimized for purchases.

If your engagement ad has a cost per engagement of under between $0.07-$0.10 check the cost per link, click again if they are under one dollar each, it may be worth testing. If you are getting link clicks for less than $0.50 which after four dollars of spend will be eight link clicks, then definitely try running a conversion ad.

If you have a cost per engagement of less than $0.07 per engagement, then you definitely want to move over to conversion adverts, especially if your link clicks are less than $0.50.

After the test is complete you can turn off the engagement ad set!

So what are you waiting for? Create new campaigns at and start testing out your ads right away!

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