5 Simple steps to create a great white label store

Dec 13, 2019 | Blog, English, Homepage, Tips, Tips & Contests

At Moteefe you have the option to create your own while label branded store! This means you can use your own domain name and customize the store with your own header, logo and text, which will give you the opportunity to speak directly to your buyers. 

In this article we will teach you 5 simple steps to create a perfect white label store!

1. Start by selecting a domain name

This name should be relevant to your niche, something they can identify and relate with. 

2. Create a logo and header image and upload them to the store

The logo and the banner may also be connected to your niche! Just make sure you make them memorable!

3. Write an introductory paragraph

Type out a paragraph introducing your store and its main themes. It must act as a connection between you and your buyers! When you’re done put this on your stools homepage.

4. Add your products to the store 

When adding the products you’ve picked, remember not to add an overwhelming amount of products, as they should be visible and memorable!  After a while you should remove any product which hasn’t been purchased. And remember: less is more here!

5. Select products as best sellers

Best seller products on your store are highlighted, therefore people are more inclined to buy them! But you don’t want to overuse this feature, so you shouldn’t select more than 4-8 items. Click here to learn how to do it.

White label stores also allow you to have access to your buyers’ email addresses, which can be downloaded and uploaded into an email marketing platform, giving you the ability to maximize the lifetime value of each of your buyers.

If you’re not sure how to create your own White Label Store, click here to learn all the necessary steps!

Now you are all set to start driving traffic to your new white label store on Moteefe. Just head to www.moteefe.com and get started right away! 

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