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Pre-discounted prices

People everywhere are attracted to discounts and to the idea that they are making a smart purchase, and all sellers must use this mindset in their advantage! 

Moteefe has several discount features which sellers can offer their buyers! In this article we will talk about each one of them and how you can use them to allure more buyers and increase your number of sales! 

When you activate the pre-discounted price feature, your buyers will automatically see each product as if they are on sale, and therefore there’s a much higher chance they’ll buy it! 

Check out this tutorial to learn how to do it:

Upsell on add-to-cart

This feature is a bit different than the pre-discounted prices. You can choose one of the products you created with your campaign and give your buyers a discount when they add it to their carts! It’s the easiest way to increase sales!

Watch this video to learn how to activate this amazing feature:

Cross-sell in email

If your email cross-sell feature is on, the confirmation emails buyers receive after they purchase one of your products will include suggestions of other items from different campaigns of yours (from the same collection or best sellers), with a discount, which is also set by you! 

The Moteefe team created this video to show you how to use it:

Free shipping

The Free Shipping strategy is when the standard shipping cost is covered by the seller and the buyer only has to pay the price of the product itself. Sellers should note that express delivery is not available to be offered for free, and if free standard shipping is offered the buyer cannot select to have express delivery. 

To offer free shipping you just have to go to your dashboard, click on the ‘Discounts’ tab that shows on all campaigns and select free shipping. A code will be added to the end of the campaign URL. This new full URL will need to shared and clicked on by buyers to activate this type of discount. 

There are two main ways to use this discount code. You can offer free shipping to all buyers the first time they click on the campaign (you can try raising your prices to cover the cost). It can also be used as a discount for retargeting people that have clicked on the campaign before as an extra incentive to make a purchase.

Value coupon

Moteefe also offers a percentage discount up to 20% off. This can be setup in the same way and used as outlined above.

One way sellers can try to maximize profit is to offer no discount upfront to first time viewers of your campaign, then offer 5% off to all people that viewed it in the past day. Then offer 10% off to all viewers in the past 3 days and so on. Sellers can exclude people that viewed it in the past day from people that viewed it in the past 3 days in Facebook Ads Manager using Custom Audiences. 

These are all the discount strategies you can apply right away in order to increase your sales before Christmas! What are you waiting for to apply them to your campaigns at

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