Meet our organic seller Jono!

Dec 5, 2019 | Blog, English, Homepage, Tips, Tips & Contests

There are several ways of selling with Moteefe! Many people believe working with paid advertising is mandatory, but we have witnessed several cases in which organic traffic had led to thousands of sales and thousands in profit!

We’re here today to introduce to you Jono, one of our most successful organic sellers, who has been selling with us for two months. In the past 30 days he has sold over 2500 units, making over £33,000! Isn’t it amazing?

Jono runs a very popular Instagram page, Made in Poor Taste, which has over one million followers! He bases his merchandise designs on memes which have been extremely popular with his community of followers.

When Jono decided to get into the Print-on-Demand business, it literally took him a couple of hours to find a designer, send him the brief of what he wanted his designs to look like, upload them onto our platform and start selling! 

This happened on a Friday afternoon and by Monday he had sold over 250 units, which translated to over £3,000 in profit, purely from organic reach! Our account manager Aidan contacted him, they met up, and together they came up with new ideas for designs! 

“After working with Jono I saw a huge potential in helping him learn how to run his own ads, and after a few screen sharing sessions he has sold an additional 100 units via Facebook ads, using a pixel placed on his organic posts to help create the perfect audience to target” Aidan said. 

“Since I started flirting with the idea of selling merch on my meme page, Aidan and the Moteefe team have been incredible. Explaining every marginal detail and being available to chat pretty much 24/7 has meant I’ve gone from a complete e-commerce novice to selling 3,000 units organically a month! I highly recommend Moteefe for people just starting to experiment with e-commerce, but also veterans! The pricing and analytics, including the payout mechanism, are absolutely top notch. Will be working together for years to come I’m sure!” expressed Jono!

You can also have a similar experience to Jono’s! Just go to, upload your design and start selling! And remember, our dedicated team is here to help you throughout the entire process, regardless if you’re a newbie or an experienced seller!

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