Black Friday & Cyber Monday Giveaway

Nov 26, 2019 | Blog, Contests, 🔶Marcazo, English, Homepage, Other Contests

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and Moteefe & Marcazo have great news for you: a brand new giveaway

All buyers who make purchases between the 29th of November and 2nd of December GMT will automatically be entered into a draw, to win their order for free! On the 3rd of December we will draw 100 winners (50 purchases made on and 50 purchases made on, and they will get the value of their order fully refunded!

Don’t worry, this will not impact your profit at all! 🙂 

This giveaway is a great way for you to drive even bigger sales during these three days, right before the big holiday season! 

IMPORTANT: Do NOT promote this giveaway on your Facebook ads, as there’s a high possibility you’ll have your account blocked, and that will ruin your Q4! 

This is what your buyers will see when purchasing one of your products:

What are you waiting for? This brand new giveaway will help you further skyrocket your sales this holiday season! Launch your latest campaign at or/and at!

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