How to optimize your Facebook ads’ images and descriptions

Nov 19, 2019 | English, Homepage, Sales

Facebook ads’ images

When promoting your designs on Facebook, you need to make sure that you create the best news feed ads! We’re here today to let you in on all the tips to deliver great ads, by optimizing both the descriptions and the images!

Here’s a list with important tips and tricks to create the best images for your ads:

  • To show off your design is the central goal of the ad! Make sure it’s well visible and don’t include too much text (check out the text to image ratio here)!
  • Use high resolution images
  • If your ad’s CPMs have been decreasing for a while (a fortnight or a month) try giving the image a fresh new look!
  • Use the recommended aspect ratio for each placement. See aspect ratios supported by placements.

A lot of sellers also ask us what images they should use on their Facebook ads. Well, the truth is there’s no right answer, as it will depend on who your target is and your final goal. The best strategy is A/B testing – to try out different types of images on your ads and see which one your audience engages the most with – this way you can understand which one works best, and focus on doing similar ones from then on!

Facebook ads’ descriptions

When you include the link to your Moteefe store in an ad, you have the option to add a description, which will be shown dynamically on Facebook’s news feed – it will only be shown if your ad is likely to appeal to the person seeing it (this only applies to ads using the single media ad format, and which appear on Facebook’s news feed, it does not apply to dynamic creative ads). 

This feature can help improve the performance of your ads! For example, some people are more likely to take an action, such as making a purchase, when they see the price of an item directly in an ad. Others are more likely to make a purchase when they see the price only after interacting with the ad. Facebook will decide whether or not to show your description based on what it thinks will impact each person the most, and cause them to take a meaningful action! 

As some people may not see the description at all, you should only include in it non-essential information! Put all the essential information in the headline, such as shipping information, detailed product information (type of material, product dimensions, etc), ratings, reviews, or your return policy.

Here’s some advice on how to make the best out of your descriptions: 

  • Start off by engaging with your audience: “Look amazing on Christmas’ Eve in this sweatshirt!
  • KISS – Keep it straight and simple! Use straight to the point sentences, which are easy for your buyers to understand
  • End the description with a call-to-action, convincing your audience to purchase your product!
  • Facebook also has a list of tips to create the greatest ads. Check it out here!

And here’s our final advice to guarantee your buyers always have the best ad experience while scrolling down on their Facebook’s news feed: always verify what your ads will look like for your customers, both on Desktop and Mobile, here!

What are you waiting for? Go to, launch your latest campaign and promote it on Facebook with these amazing ad tips!

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