Product Feature – Wall Art

Oct 24, 2019 | English

Have you ever entered someone’s home and noticed they do not have paintings decorating their walls? Normally it’s due to how extremely expensive it is to purchase this type of product, so people end up with naked walls. But thanks to Moteefe, this will never have to happen again!

You can now print your amazing designs onto our different types of canvases and sell them on your own Moteefe store! As there’s such a high demand for wall art, we’re certain that selling these much desired items will boost your sales!

We have different shapes of canvases available – portrait, landscape and squared- and also different sizes – small, medium and large. These start off at US$18.2 for small canvases, US$23.4 for medium sized canvases, and US$35.1 for the largest ones. As you can guess, the recommended selling prices do vary, between US$40 and US$60 depending on the size of the canvas itself, but you can for sure withdraw a very high profit from each sale! 

Moteefe’s Custom Text feature is also available on canvases, which means that your customers may edit the text on their own products before purchasing them, in different fonts and colors! People can customize canvases with their names, their own relatable inspiring sentences, or anything else which is related to them, only limited by your creativity and imagination! This feature will make people’s homes even more personal! 

Go ahead and be as creative and inspiring as possible, as these items will literally impact people’s homes! Below you can find some ideas of cool designs for you to get inspired, in order to create the coolest wall art in the market:

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