13 Benefits of Print on Demand E-commerce Solutions

Oct 17, 2019 | English

Selling print on demand t-shirts, hoodies, and hats are one of the fastest ways to start a profitable e-commerce business. Unlike many other traditional dropshipping business structures, print on demand services often have great products to choose from at prices that allow a business owner to make money. Not only that, print on demand technology has made it simple to create new designs and get orders out the door.

Customers want designer products, fast delivery, and great service. When you partner with print on demand providers for your e-commerce store, you must consider all of these. Fortunately, you won’t have to search far to find a great provider for your custom inventory needs.

If you have been looking for a reason to start your next print on demand e-commerce website, here are 13 advantages that should get you moving:

1. Product Customization

Whether you want to create a whole new brand of fun t-shirts for kids or simply want a way to let your customers buy swag that helps build your brand, print on demand is the best solution for custom shirts. As long as you are using high-quality images, you can build an entire store with different images, hashtags, and slogans. Literally, the only limit is your imagination and the quality of your artwork.

Make sure you are using images created with 300 dpi or better and don’t have too many details for smaller print sections such as hats or t-shirt pockets. You can choose a digital print or embroidery for most hats and logos, giving you and your customers higher-end options for specialized designs.

2. High-Quality Prints

Many print on demand suppliers are known for their high-quality brands. While you may decide to offer a lower-costing brand such as Haynes, you will also have access to top t-shirt brands, athletic gear, and dress shirts such as American Apparel. This gives your buyers the confidence in knowing they are buying something that is comfortable when they wear it and will stand up to normal wear and tear.

Print on demand custom shirts have evolved from the cheap swap meet quality and are truly something your customers will want to wear. These aren’t the t-shirts saved for laundry day; people will feel good wearing your designs and the apparel itself.

3. Easy Set-Up

Print on demand drop shipping is one of the easiest online stores to establish. Once you have your e-commerce platform set up with Shopify or one of the other solutions, all you need to do is start an account with your print on demand shirts provider and link your store to your account. Plugins make this fast without any hassles.

Once you have your account established with the POD dropshipping company, upload your designs and select the apparel you want to sell. Multiple colors and sizing are automatically displayed so customers have ample options to get exactly what they want. Best of all is the automation. When someone buys a t-shirt or hoodie, the link to the POD supplier is made with the order details and the purchase. You don’t need to do another thing except monitor things for customer service excellence.

4. Low Entry Point for Businesses

There is nothing better than being able to sell products without having to buy inventory. Seriously. If you are a new business with limited capital, selling custom shirts without having a garage filled with unsold inventory is a boost to your confidence and helps you test the market to see what your customers really love.

While there are slightly better profit margins for print on demand products compared to having a full run of shirts, the reduced overhead is what really lowers your risk. You can always do a separate run later of your most popular items when you are able to fund that expenditure without significant financial risk.

5. Easy Business Branding Add-On

Businesses need good branding and nothing makes branding easier than t-shirts with your logo and custom images. If you are already in business and have a website, you have absolutely nothing to lose by adding a print on demand t-shirt store. Make them fun giveaways or just a way to show your company pride.

Service providers such as personal trainers should never be working with clients in another company’s brand. Build your own brand with clever ideas and inspiration so your clients will want to be your best advertising campaign by wearing your designer products and swag.

6. Hands-Off Fulfillment and Dropshipping

The less a new website owner has to do when it comes to order fulfillment, the fewer things are liable to go wrong. This is one of the biggest advantages of demand order processing; customers buy and then the fulfillment center produces the product and ships it with one of the various shipping options.

Everything from the order processing, payment, production, and fulfillment is taken care of so that those new to e-commerce platforms can focus on testing ideas, marketing, and building a brand. Print on demand shirts allows you to remove yourself from most of the operations component to focus on what will really grow the business.

7. Easy to Scale

Start with one product and grow to one hundred or just start with 100 in the first place. Of course, you need to have the business and marketing strategy to properly manage and sell various products, but the many options in apparel allow you to grow at will. Niche marketing can target certain products such as trucker hats to the right demographic while other products might target other customer profiles.

No matter how you decide to start, you will have ample ways to scale and grow your custom shirts, hats, and hoodies company. Do some market testing and monitor your results to remove items that just aren’t selling, but expand as you find products that easily sell on-demand.

8. Inexpensive Design Services

Not feeling very artistic? Don’t have a designer to whip up some great new ways to use fonts? With print on demand drop shipping partners, you no longer need to worry about this. Just about every print to order company will have a team of designers ready to tackle your next custom shirts project.

Best of all, the designers will create the right images that work best on apparel. It happens all too often that product customization doesn’t turn out the way a website owner hoped simply because the artwork wasn’t designed to translate into embroidery thread or use the colors available for digital printing. For a minimal cost, you can get the perfect images made for your hats, hoodies, and t-shirts online store.

9. Quick Turnaround

When you get drop ship products from China, you always have the question in the back of your mind as to how long the order will get fulfilled and delivered. Shipping options are crazy with most Chinese wholesale suppliers and sometimes take weeks, if not longer. Print on demand (POD) can boast fast turnaround times, often fulfilling orders on the same day.

With 24-hour POD print solutions that get shipped and in the hands of customers often within a week, website owners are able to make the buying experience trustworthy. This leads to positive reviews, more referrals, and repeat business. Best of all, the website owner doesn’t need to pay extra for this. Print on demand worldwide is a competitive field and these companies know that they need to service website owners properly with tons of inventory, great printing, and fast service.

10. Customer Service

Unlike product suppliers such as Aliexpress, print on demand companies have excellent customer service. With chat, email, and even the old-fashioned phone, you can get the service you need to make sure you are delivering the best in product customization to your buyers.

As an e-commerce store, you are only as good as your reputation to deliver what you sell in a timely and correct fashion. Access to real humans that can help you troubleshoot problems quickly, often in real-time. You won’t find this with other drop ship China resources.

11. Updated Print Technology

Long gone are the days of screen-printing contraptions that were big, messy, and took a lot of time to set up the artwork. Digital technology has made uploading a variety of graphics simple. Print tech no longer needs to have one logo set up for an entire run. Textile printers are constantly improving the detail and color combinations available.

When you use a print on demand drop shipping partner, you don’t need to worry about upgrading the technology because they are doing it behind the scenes. When you work with POD companies, you’ll find new products being released such as jewelry with custom engraving, all done at an affordable price and for you to sell on-demand.

12. Higher Profits than Other Dropshipping

Print on demand allows an e-commerce store to stock the virtual shelves without having to pay for the purchase and storage of stock. Not only does this eliminate a major operating expense, but is also a lower risk strategy for businesses. Additionally, the pricing of apparel at the wholesale level is reasonable and allows for higher margins.

T-shirt sales don’t need to be dropped to the lowest price because product customization is what consumers are buying, not the t-shirt they can get in a local store. This differentiates this type of dropshipping business from others where the products are always the same and everyone’s competing for the same sale.

13. Nearly Unlimited Inventory

Print on demand rarely has an issue with backorders on inventory because they are stocking such high volumes of popular products to fulfill among thousands of vendors. This is another differentiator for an e-commerce platform and online store to dropship products. When using vendors such as Aliexpress for other types of products, many website owners find themselves trying to locate inventory because distributors ran out of stock.

When you can’t fulfill orders, you lose money both on the order and also with the nick to your reputation for delivery good products on time. Print on demand solves this problem for e-commerce stores with ample inventory and product choices. Even if something is out of stock, something very similar is almost always available.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Print on Demand

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of a print on demand e-commerce platform. However, don’t let simplicity let you fall into the trap of thinking that it is easy. Like any online business, selling custom shirts requires a strategic game plan that considers pricing, marketing, branding, and service. Your print on demand partner can’t do it all for you.

Give yourself the opportunity for success by looking at other print on demand shirt companies and determine what works and doesn’t. Reach out to other e-commerce platform owners and mastermind with them about what works and what doesn’t to save yourself some of the most common newbie mistakes. The great thing about print on demand is businesses may be selling shirts but aren’t really competing because each brand is so unique. There are a lot of people willing to mentor and help you.

Order samples from companies to ensure you are happy with the products and customer service. Even go through the return process to see exactly what your customers will experience when sending back items that don’t fit or may have had a problem. Ascertain whether or not your return policy aligns with theirs as well.

At the end of the day, print on demand remains one of the best e-commerce business solutions a new website owner can do that won’t break the bank. Get started, see what products leap off the page, and expand from there.

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