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Oct 10, 2019 | Blog, English

Hoodies are commonly considered the go-to product when a seller wants to achieve bigger profits from Print-on-Demand, as they allow higher margins. They are indeed great for it, but they’re not the only product available which can help you achieve this goal!

Did you know we have a wide span of products which will bring you these higher margins you’re looking for? We’re here today to introduce you to all of them. 

*All the base costs mentioned in this article are in US$ and take into consideration the North American and ROW markets. You can check out the European base costs and other currencies here


As we already mentioned, most people, when in need to increase their profits from POD, resort to producing hoodies, and they’re right to do so, as hoodies are one of the most loved pieces of apparel!

We have 6 types of hoodies available on our portfolio: unisex and kids sweatshirts; women, unisex and kids hoodies; and unisex zip hoodies. Their base costs go from US$12 to US$17,99. These base costs will allow you to get a high margin of profit from each sale, as if you sell each item for the reasonable price of US$35, you will get at least US$17,01 in profit from each sale! 

Now’s the best time for you to invest in this type of apparel, as a cold weather is spreading around the North American and European markets! Take advantage of Hoodie Season and start investing in it today! 


Everyone likes to have cushions at home! Whether for decoration purposes, or just to sleep with, they’re a must have product at one’s house. And do you know what makes these products even better? When they are customized! 

Moteefe has cushions available in two formats: rectangular and squared, and the base costs are US$10 and US$9.09 respectively, and we recommend you sell them for around US$25! 

Have you tested out this product? What are you waiting for?


Jewelry is one of the most recent products in our portfolio! They are considered premium items, and make for the perfect gift during this Holiday Season! 

Base costs for these products vary between US$9 and US$10.5! We believe that an average, fair retail price is between US$25 and US$30, allowing you to profit up to twice the base cost! 

As jewelry just became available on Moteefe, there aren’t many sellers working with it yet, which gives you a much wider range for action! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Try it out now!


Towels are an extremely personal item, which makes customized towels the best, and essential to a person’s life! They can be used at home, at the beach, at the gym – all places where it’s highly important to have a distinctive towel, one that you know immediately it’s yours! 

The base cost for this great item is US$9.99, which if sold for US$25 gives you a margin of around US$15!


Don’t you know people who’ve been wanting to purchase paintings to decorate their own homes, but still haven’t due to the such expensive price? Tell them not to worry! You can provide the solution they need! 

At Moteefe you can print your most creative and inspiring designs onto canvases of different shapes – portrait, landscape and square – and sizes – small, medium and large. These start off at US$18.2 for small canvas, US$23.4 for medium sized canvas, and US$35.1 for the largest ones. As you can guess, the recommended selling prices do vary, between US$40 and US$60, depending on the size of the canvas itself. 

Don’t hesitate on impacting people’s homes, by creating the coolest wall art in the market! 

Leggings @ Marcazo

As was announced earlier this week leggings, the trendiest piece of apparel in Brazil, are now available at Marcazo

The base cost for your own customized leggings is R$90, so we recommend you sell them  for R$120~130! 

We really cannot wait to see how you’ll impact the Brazilian market with your great campaigns!

Now that you know all the products you can invest your time in, what are you waiting for to get the highest possible profit from selling at Moteefe? Launch your new campaign here!

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