Facebook Ads Product Feeds

Aug 28, 2019 | English

If you want to reach a broader audience or target a niche, you must be thinking about doing online advertisement – to which Facebook provides a very complete solution. However, there are various ad types for you to choose from and some related to online stores only. Now, Moteefe and Marcazo allow you to download stores and campaign data from Moteefe so you can upload it to Facebook to build ads that will boost your results, as catalogues. On your Moteefe dashboard, on the top of the page where all your campaigns are listed, you’ll find a button called “Download Catalogue”. Once you click on it, we’ll compile all data and e-mail you the file you should upload to Facebook. This may take up to 5min.

The best way to upload a catalogue on Facebook and go through the uploading flow is to take the following steps:

  • Access https://www.facebook.com/products
  • Click “Create Catalogue”
  • On the flow, choose “E-commerce” and click “Create”
  • Once created, click “View Catalogue”, which will be empty
  • Choose “Products” from the panel on the left
  • Click “Add Products” -> “Use Data feeds” and click Next
  • Choose “Upload once” and choose your relevant file.

Once Facebook validates the file format, simply choose “Next”. You should be greeted with a list of products, the catalogue was validated. Then you have a set of tools for you to improve your ads such as setting up your catalogue, how to display the ads and even manage what products should be placed on Facebook or Instagram.

If you want to scale your profits, we know online ads are an important way to reach out to your audience. With this feature, you can use Facebook Ads with your entire catalogue – We update it on a weekly basis only, at this moment; as a follow-up item we are developing now, this feed will update in 24hr periods once we complete the task – Happy selling!

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