How one seller sold 2355 products and made €13,000 from a single campaign in less than 10 days!

Aug 5, 2019 | English

When we launched the Custom Text feature we knew it was going to be a huge success and help sellers unlock tons of new opportunities, but we didn’t expect these kinds of results so quickly…

Well, we’re pleased that Daniele Di Nardo proved us wrong and went all out on the Custom Text opportunity! In this blog post, Daniele is going to share his approach that helped him sell 2355 units from a single campaign/design in less than 10 days!

Hey Daniele, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in Print-On-Demand? 

Daniele: Hi, of course … I am 39 nine years old and live in Naples, Italy (beautiful city). I always had a lot of interest in eCommerce and I had already tried to sell consumer electronics products online in 2008 but having had poor results I closed everything and did other things. In 2016 I accidentally came across the facebook group GCLE by Alessandro Kayed, whom I thank because he created something of great value, and after seeing his video courses I thought that Print on Demand was a great business opportunity so I started studying and testing until I got the first results. A few months ago I discovered Marcazo for print on demand in Brazil and I thought it was a huge market to take advantage of given the little competition. Brazil has very high growth margins with regards to e-commerce and Marcazo and a great opportunity to exploit this growth.

Congratulations on the recent winner, can you tell us how profitable this campaign was for you? What was your overall Conversion Rate etc? 

Daniele: This campaign was a great insight for Father’s Day in Brazil where people buy so much online for this occasion. To put it simply, I had an advertising expense of around € 12,000 and a profit of around € 25,000. So I made about €13,000 in pure profit. This campaigns had an amazing Conversion Rate so it was good to see. 

Can you share with us the niche and how you discovered this idea? 

Daniele: I’m sorry but I can’t share the niche :), I can only say that in this case, I take inspiration from the designs that generated many sales in America or Europe.

How did you know you had a winning design, and what made you decide to scale up? 

Daniele: As I said before, the idea came to me taking inspiration from some designs that had generated many sales both in America and in Europe. At this point, I tried to create a campaign of conversions on a specific audience that generated a lot of sales and from there I realized that I could scale the campaign on many other audiences.

Obviously, this campaign was done using the Custom Text feature, is it safe to say this new feature is a game-changer when it comes to selling Print-On-Demand products? 

Daniele: Absolutely yes, with the custom text function you can leverage even more on the pride of the people and make the designs super personalized and unique, and that’s what the Brazilians are looking for.

Would you recommend that other sellers start testing Custom Text campaigns? 

Daniele: Absolutely! People need to test custom text campaigns and do it soon before there is too much competition. This can make the difference between a few sales and thousands of sales.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Daniele: Brazil is a huge market for eCommerce and thanks to Marcazo it is now possible to sell there. I would recommend that other people test as much as possible and sooner or later they will find the winners

If you’d like to learn more about how to use the Custom text tool then check out our tutorial here:

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